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Missingno. Master 06-07-2019 08:05 PM

It was an interesting group currently making their way across Sunabā Beach that day- not a large one, but interesting nevertheless. A pair of Trainers were traversing the sandy shore hand in hand, these Trainers being Keith Masters and Willa Carnet. As for the Pokémon, the only ones out of their balls at the moment belonged to Keith, though Willa certainly had all hers on hand at the moment. Meowth, of course, was on Keith's shoulder as per usual.

Ahead of them all, however, was Cyanide, Keith's Umbreon, and riding on her back were a pair of Eevee she was proud to call her son and daughter. They were quite easy to tell apart- there was a subtle difference in where the tail fur changed color that could be used to discern the Eevee's gender. And in this case, there was also the minor detail that one of the Eevee was Shiny. This was Eon, Cyanide's daughter. The other Eevee, the one with the brown fur considered usual for the species, was the youngest of the bunch- this was Leo, Cyanide's son. And the whole family was there for the exact same reason- to visit Pom. And Keith hadn't visited Robin in a while, so naturally he was all for coming along as well. Willa had consented to come along as well, confessing herself interested in meeting another of Keith's friends.

"Alright, should be right about here," Keith stated, eyeing the cliffs intently. "And... aha! Yeah, right there," he said, almost unnecessarily, considering Cyanide was already making a Beedrilline for the door even as Keith was speaking. "Hey, Cyanide, take it easy, don't break down the door!" he added, for Cyanide had wheeled around and started kicking the door with her hind legs by way of knocking. She, of course, didn't break down the door, but considering how much she loved getting to see Pom, Keith wouldn't have put it past her. Indeed, she'd already stopped kicking by the time Keith and Willa caught up, and had turned back around to wait for the door to be answered.

EpicSquirtle 06-08-2019 01:43 AM

Anna sighed, slowly flicking through the various channels on the tv. Documentaries, reality shows, Pokeringer, murder mysteries. The young woman watched as each flickered by, remaining on the screen for only a few seconds before she tapped the "next channel" button.

"Are you actually going to watch anything?" Benny asked, speaking in perfect english. The Snover was getting rather fed up at the constant channel rotation. This had to have been the third or fourth time the ice type was seeing each show.

"Sew-Sewaddle." Leif murmured from his trainer's shoulder. And while Anna couldn't quite understand what he was saying, it wasn't hard to guess based on his tone.

"There's nothing good on is the problem." Anna grumbled. "I just...want to do something." She turned, glancing to the stairs in the corner of the room. "How long do you think she's going to be anyways?"

Benny shrugged. "Who really knows. She's been down there for a while now. Perhaps it would be best to check to make sure everything is all right?"

"I'll......give it a bit longer." Anna replied, sounding slightly disappointed in her own answer. "If she's not up here in five minutes though I swear I'll-"


Anna and her Pokemon glanced around, the sudden noise enough to interrupt the conversation they'd been having.

"Seems to be coming from outside." Benny turned to the door, just in time for another loud noise to escape from it.

The grass type specialist furrowed her brow, slowly rising from the couch. "Who could that be? Lukas?" No sooner had the words escaped her mouth did Anna let out a loud chuckle. No. Knowing her brother, he would let himself in, not even bothering to knock. Was it perhaps Owen then? Her father? What Anna definitely wasn't expecting as she swung open the door was two complete strangers, with an Umbreon, Meowth and two Eevee to boot.

Anna blinked, looking more then a little confused at the group before her. It was rare for Isshin village to get visitors, let alone people who came to a secret base such as this.

"Sewaddle?" Leif tilted his head, sharing his trainers confusion.

"Uhh...is there anything I can help you with?" Anna asked, trying her best to hide her bewilderment with a warm smile.

Missingno. Master 06-08-2019 01:56 AM

When the door swung open, Keith blinked in surprise, for the woman who answered the door was most decidedly not Robin. Her look of confusion was matched by Keith's, as well as Willa's once she realized that Keith was confused by this, while Meowth, Cyanide, Eon and Leo all looked as confused as this person's Sewaddle. She spoke up, asking if there was anything she could help them with, giving a warm smile to try and mask her confusion.

"Uh... is Robin here?" Keith asked. "I'm Keith, I'm a friend of hers. And this is my girlfriend, Willa," he added.

"Hello," Willa greeted Anna.

"Is... this a bad time?" Keith added.

EpicSquirtle 06-08-2019 02:28 AM

"Robin...." Anna repeated, almost forgetting her own friends name in the confusion. "Uhh..." She paused, glancing to the Snover at her side. Were these strangers someone she could trust? Whatever the answer, Benny couldn't tell her, though the Snover didn't seem exactly thrilled with the people at the door, based on the rather wary gaze he offered them. Keith. The name seemed slightly familiar to Anna...and yet...

"Licki! Lickitung!" A voice came from behind the young woman. Shortly after, a Lickitung came into view, a leftover fast food bag half draped over his head. The licking Pokemon was watching Keith rather closely, a knowing look in his eyes.

"Are you sure?" Benny asked, his attention now on the Lickitung.

"Tung. Lickitung Licki!" The normal type nodded.

"What is it Benny?" Anna tilted her head, ignoring the strangers for a moment.

"Shibo says that we can trust them. That they're telling the truth." The Snover translated.

"If you say so..." Anna murmured, turning back to the group.

"Keith and Willa you said?" The grass type specialist glanced to both trainers, her warm smile returning. "I'm Anna, a friend of Robin's as well. Robin..she should be out shortly. You can come in if you'd like." The young woman gestured to the inside of the secret base, taking a small step to the side as she did so.

Missingno. Master 06-08-2019 02:43 AM

The woman seemed skeptical, hesitant. Not that either Keith or Willa could blame her- she did, after all, only just meet them, and even if Robin had at any point mentioned Keith to this person, she wouldn't even have met Willa yet herself. Willa, meanwhile, looked quite understanding of Anna's skepticism, all too familiar with the unwillingness to take mere words at face value.

And then came a familiar sight. Keith grinned as they were greeted by the Lickitung he remembered seeing back at Albus's party. "Hey, Shibo," Keith greeted the Normal-type. And then came quite the shock- this woman's Snover could talk, just like Meowth could! And thank Arceus he could, too- he translated for Shibo, telling Anna that the Lickitung was vouching for the visitors. This, it seemed, was sufficient for Anna to believe them, for she introduced herself as another friend of Robin's, and invited them all inside. "Thanks very much," Keith smiled. "Nice to meet you, Anna."

"Indeed," agreed Willa as the group made their way inside.

Cyanide gave a small nod to Shibo as she and her kids made their way inside. She wasted no time in looking around, hoping to see any sign of Pom. Eon and Leo looked around as well, brimming with curiosity about this unfamiliar place and excitement at the prospect of seeing their dad again.

EpicSquirtle 06-08-2019 05:32 PM

Upon entering the secret base, the group may have noticed several boxes, piled in various corners of the room. At the table to their right sat an Emolga and Togedemaru, the two electric types playing what looked to be some sort of card game. The Emolga appeared to be losing, based on the frustrated expression the sky squirrel wore.

At the far end of the room, the guests could spot a large Wailmer doll. Perched atop the giant plush was a Mudkip, who glanced towards the newcomers with a sleepy expression.

On the tv to their left, the sounds of an announcer boomed. The show Anna had stopped on appeared to be some sort of battle royal, with four trainers taking part in one big match.

What the group wouldn't find, however, was Pom. The Ambipom was nowhere to be seen anywhere within the room. His trainer, Robin, also appeared to be absent. Perhaps they could be found on another floor?

"You can have a seat if you like, I'm sure Robin won't be..too long." Anna said, still sounding slightly hesitant as she glanced around the room. "Don't mind the mess there's....still things that need to unpacked."

Missingno. Master 06-08-2019 06:06 PM

Keith, Willa, and the Pokémon looked around as they entered. Keith could see a pair of familiar Pikaclones playing some sort of card game, at which the Emolga appeared to be losing. There were several boxes piled up in the corners, and there was a large Wailmer doll with a decidedly real Mudkip atop it. And there was a Battle Royal being shown on TV, a style of battle that was popular in Alola- basically a four-way Pokémon fight.

Cyanide, however, didn't give a Raticate's ass about any of this, because Pom wasn't among the many things she could see in the room. "Breon. Umbreon!" she said curtly to the humans before taking off for the stairs, with the intention of searching the house for the one reason she wanted to come here in the first place. Eon and Leo were still clinging to her back as she went.

Keith and Willa nodded and thanked Anna as they took seats before the TV. "It's fine," Keith assured Anna. "You should've seen my place when it was first being built. All sorts of delays and complications, had a little argument with supposedly qualified warp panel technicians from Silph, and... well, let's just say my Barbaracle's no longer allowed to drink Fiery Fizzybrew Beer," he chuckled.

Willa, meanwhile, looked around at all the boxes, then back at Anna. "Are you moving in?" she inquired.

At this time, the Fast Ball on Keith's belt burst open, allowing the Minun within to emerge. Anion looked around, and grinned as she spotted a certain Emolga. Slowly, stealthily, as noiselessly as a Crobat in flight, she came up behind him, then peered over his shoulder at his cards. "Whatcha playing?" she asked nonchalantly.

EpicSquirtle 06-09-2019 08:12 PM

Cyanide's search for Pom had barely started before it was put on hold. For when the Umbreon reached the bottom of the stairs, she'd notice a Luxio blocking the way forward! The spark Pokemon glanced up at the Umbreon and Eevee siblings, looking slightly confused. "Where are you all going in such a hurry? Wait...have we met before?" Lenna tilted her head, still blocking the way to the basement floors.
Anna nodded along as Keith recalled a time when his place was first under construction. She had never had any experience with having to install warp panels, but the young woman imagined such a task could be quite tricky.
"Sounds like quite the experience." Anna gave a half-hearted laugh. It was clear to see that she still wasn't a hundred percent sure of the guests before her.

"Sewaddle." Leif added, his eyes holding a slightly more curious look to them compared to that of Benny or his trainer.

While Anna remained slightly guarded around both Keith and Willa, nothing would have quite prepared her for the question about to be asked.

"W-what?!" Anna stammered at Willa's inquiry. Her face flushed red for several seconds as she shook her head hastily. "N-no! I..think you have the wrong idea! Why would-"

"Anna is simply visiting. She doesn't live too far from here." Benny interrupted, hoping his explanation would be enough to help move the conversation along.
Voltaire seemed to be concentrating rather closely on the game at hand. So much so that the Emolga simply didn't notice as Anion snuck up behind him. It wasn't until Anion asked what was being played that Voltaire responded, answering the Minun's question with a loud yelp! The Emolga threw his cards into the air, completely startled by the sudden presence behind him. He whipped around, his expression instantly softening as he realized just who it was.

"O-oh. Anion. I...didn't realize you were there." The Emolga rubbed at his head, looking rather sheepish. "When did you arrive? I would have thought a cuti-"

"Hello!" The Togedemaru behind Voltaire chirped, interrupting whatever cheesy line the Emolga was about to deliver. "I don't think we've met! Are you new around here?"

Missingno. Master 06-09-2019 08:41 PM

And just like that, Cyanide's search for Pom was... abruptly... put... on... hold. At the bottom of the stairs, a Luxio barred the way, and upon seeing them, asked where they were going in such a hurry. She wondered out loud whether they'd met before, but all the while, continued to block their path like a sleeping Snorlax.

Cyanide fought back the overwhelming urge to blast the Luxio out of her way- Robin specialized in Electric-types, so this was obviously one of Pom's teammates, and in any case, she seemed more genuinely curious than annoyingly suspicious, so the Umbreon figured that just reasoning with her would be sufficient. At least, she thought to herself, it better damn well be.

"Looking for Pom, considering visiting him's the whole reason we're here in the first place," Cyanide replied. "I'm guessing you're one of his teammates? Don't think we met before, no- the name's Cyanide, and these precious fluffballs here are my daughter Eon and my son Leo."

"Hi, miss Luxio lady!" smiled Eon. "What's your name?"

"Do you know where Dad is?" asked Leo.


For whatever reason, Anna was nowhere near ready to let her guard down around the guests, though she was extremely unprepared for Willa's seemingly simple question, face flushed redder than an Electrode's ass as she stammered out a rather unconvincing denial of the notion that she was moving in. Willa and Keith exchanged looks at this, looks in which each told the other that they seemed to be drawing the same conclusions here, then they turned back to Anna, as her Snover explained that Anna was simply visiting, that she didn't live far from here.

"I see," Willa responded. "I apologize for the question- I was merely wondering about all these boxes- they give the impression of one moving in, and from what Keith says, Robin's lived here for some time now. You can see how that might lead one to believe such things."

"Honestly, I'm wondering about all the boxes, myself," Keith said. "They definitely weren't here last time I was here." He gave a shrug following this- he and Willa were both fairly certain that Anna hadn't answered that question honestly, but he for one didn't intend to press the subject if it wasn't something Anna wanted discussed.


Anion's little stunt got quite the reaction out of Voltaire, and the Minun couldn't help but giggle at it. She grinned as Voltaire realized she was there, especially as he was about to turn this into an opportunity for some cheesy flattery. This, however, was interrupted by the other Pikaclone present, the Togedemaru with whom Anion was quite unfamiliar.

The Minun shook her head at the question. "I ain't Robin's, if that's what you're getting at," she responded. "The name's Anion- my Trainer's the dude with the hat over there," she added, gesturing in Keith's direction. "Just got here now, to answer your question, by the way," she added to the Emolga. "Soon as I realized where I was, knew I had to come outta my ball, say hi, and maybe startle you in the process," she smirked. "But yeah- I ain't got your name?" she added to the Togedemaru.

EpicSquirtle 06-12-2019 04:51 PM

The Luxio began to smile as she listened to the trio. "Cyanide, Eon and Leo, huh? Well it's nice to meet you." The spark Pokemon turned her gaze to Eon, opting to answer the shiny Eevee first. "I am Lenna, leader of the Isshin Super Awesome Assistance Guild! You just might have heard of us before!" The Luxio puffed out her chest in pride. "It is our duty to help all those in need, and as such I shall use the best of my abilities to help you."

The Luxio glanced around for a moment, before frowning as she focused on Leo. "I'm afraid I don't know where your dad is young one. But! I do happen to know where Pom is! He should be down on the bottom floor, just down the left hall. Or...that's where I last saw him." The spark Pokemon nods, having obviously not put two and two together. "I'm sure one of our members or myself can help find your dad though! Just give me a description and where he last was and I'll make sure to put the case on our bulletin board."
"The boxes....r-right." Anna chuckled nervously. "But Robin and I...we're just strictly friends. Not roommates. O-or anything else. Just friends."

"Real smooth." Leif shook his head. If the Sewaddle had the ability to facepalm, he definitely would.

Benny nodded in agreement with his teammate, though he opted not to translate the bug types words, instead turning back to the guests.

"My trainer and Robin actually returned from a trip not too long ago." The Snover explained. "Of course all the unpacking hasn't quite been done yet, I hope you don't mind too much."
Voltaire and Jack both glanced to Keith, wondering how they hadn't even registered the presence of the guests.

"Well..you certainly startled me alright." The Emolga chuckled, his eyes now scanning several of the cards that had scattered themselves across the table. "Just when I was winning too."

"Were not!" The Togedemaru exclaimed, turning to the Minun. "Don't listen to him, I had him on the ropes." His expression softened as he let out a small laugh. "I'm Jack by the way. It's good to meet you Anion."
The electric type paused, as if thinking. "Do Voltaire or I have to worry about a Plusle startling us soon? Or is that more of your thing?"

Missingno. Master 06-12-2019 05:23 PM

Cyanide looked distinctly unimpressed as Luxio went on about the Isshin Super Awesome Assistance Guild. Neither she nor her children had heard of this guild, but considering her apparent willingness to help them out, none of them were in any mood to argue with this.

Eon gave a laugh as Lenna stated that she didn't know where Leo's dad was, and then immediately went on to claim to know where Pom was. After telling them where she last saw Pom, she then asked Leo for a description of his dad and where he was last seen. Leo gave a chuckle. "He's tall, purple, has two tails with big hands on them, and he was last seen down on the bottom floor, just down the left hall. By you."

"Our daddy IS Pom, silly!" Eon giggled. "Thanks for your help!"

"Yeah, what she said," Cyanide nodded. "Appreciate the help," she added, before taking off to follow Lenna's directions. Bottom floor, down the left hall.


Anna chuckled nervously at their explanation, and explained that she and Robin were strictly friends. Just friends. Totally not roommates or anything else of the sort. Nope. Totally not. "...Right," Willa said with a nod.

"Yeah," added Keith. At that moment, Benny stated that Anna and Robin had actually returned from a trip fairly recently, and were still in the process of unpacking. About as convincing, in Keith's opinion, as Anna's highly specific denial, but again, he wasn't about to pry if Anna didn't want to talk about it. "I don't mind at all," he added to the Snover. "Like I said, I've had to deal with way worse myself."

"Yes, this is fine," Willa added. "I take it you're a Trainer?" she added, eyeing up the Sewaddle and Snover.


Anion grinned shamelessly as Voltaire stated that he'd certainly been startled by her. The Togedemaru was quick to shoot down the Emolga's claims to have been winning, before introducing himself as Jack. "Nice to meetcha, Jack," grinned Anion. However, after that, the Togedemaru asked if they had to worry about a Plusle startling them as well.

Anion frowned. "Seriously?" she demanded. "What, just because I'm a Minun, means I ought to have some Plusle by my side, like I'm just part of some matching set? The hell I am! Minun is a perfectly good species of Pokémon all by itself, and screw anyone who thinks otherwise!" The Minun was panting slightly following this sudden tirade. "Sorry, sorry," she sighed. "Just... kind of a sore subject with me. No, no Plusle to worry about, man."

EpicSquirtle 06-15-2019 06:58 PM

Luckily for Cyanide and her children, there were no more obstacles on their way to the apparent location of Pom. Down the left hall of the bottom floor...that would be where the battle arena was. Even before reaching the room, sounds of an ongoing battle could be heard all the way down the hall.

The trio would arrive in the room just in time to witness a Torchic leap into the air! With a cry, the chick Pokemon unleashed a storm of Embers from his beak! The red hot flames were aimed directly at his opponent, a very familiar looking Ambipom! Much too focused on the battle, Pom hadn't yet noticed Cyanide or the others, his sights fixed on the bits of fire quickly approaching!

Thinking fast, the normal type dashed forward, embers flying overhead as he brought his twin tails together, forming a ball of water between them. With a smirk on his face, Pom flung the sphere of water forward, causing the Torchic in front of him to cry out as the Water Pulse sent him crashing into the podium behind him.

"Cayenne, you've still got this!" An Axew exclaimed from the sidelines, hopping up and down as she continued to cheer for the Torchic.
"A trainer?" Anna questioned, sounding slightly confused, her mind completely scrambled after the previous topic. "Oh! Yes! Yes I am." She nods after a moment, causing the Sewaddle on her shoulder to let out a slightly exaggerated sigh.

"I haven't been at it for very long, but I already have a few I'm training to the best of my abilities." Anna smiled, taking the time to adjust the sunhat on her head. It seemed the change of topic was enough to put her at ease, if only slightly.
Jack's eyes widened considerably as Anion launched into a rant about Minun and Plusle. The Togedemaru turned to Voltaire, who gave him a simple shrug as the tirade continued.

"Look...I'm sorry." Jack apologized once the Minun had slowed down. "I..didn't realize that kind of thing bothered you. It's just...whenever I've seen a Minun, a Plusle ain't far behind. Like a Volbeat and Illumise."

"For what it's worth, I agree with you one hundred percent Anion." Voltaire grinned. "You're already perfect just as you are, no Plusle needed."

Missingno. Master 06-15-2019 07:33 PM

With no further obstacles, Cyanide finally found who she'd been looking for, and as she entered the room, her kids gave simultaneous awed gasps, for they were seeing their dad in a battle! Pom was dodging Cayenne's Ember and striking back with a super effective Water Pulse! Eon's eyes sparkled with admiration, taking note of how her dad used the move.

"Easy, you two," Cyanide whispered to her children, feeling them moving restlessly on her back. "Wait until after he's won. Watch and learn." Leo still shifted around restlessly, but stayed in place while Eon was more than happy to watch her father battle, still awed by that Water Pulse he'd used. And Cyanide simply watched the battle unfold, unable to conceal a genuine smile as she saw her man in action.


Anna seemed to be put at ease somewhat by the change of subject, as she explained that she was a Trainer, albeit somewhat new at it. Willa nodded as Anna explained she was training her few Pokémon to the best of her abilities. "That's all one can ask of a Trainer," she replied. "As for me... I left home to travel as a Trainer a few months ago, though I've had my first Pokémon for years before then."

"I've been a Trainer since I was 14," Keith replied. "Sometimes still seems like yesterday it was just me and Koffing arriving in Fizzytopia," he smiled.

"I know the feeling," Willa agreed, smiling. "The memory of catching Yanma is still very vivid for me." She turned her attention back to Anna. "What was your first Pokémon?" she inquired, glancing at the Snover and Sewaddle.


The pair of Pikaclones were taken aback by Anion's tirade, and once it died down, Jack apologized for the assumption, explaining what had let him to reach it. "Yeah, I know the story," Anion sighed. "Plusle and Minun. Plusle and Minun. Some people are just... 'ooh, I'd like to adopt this Minun, I really like her attitude, but I don't have a Plusle-' as if that was physically stopping any of them!" she exclaimed. "It's... it's fine, though," she added to Jack following this. "Really, I get it- if the stereotype's all you know, you come to expect it." She gave a small, grateful smile as Voltaire stated his complete agreement with her attitude. "Thanks," she murmured. "And I mean, I ain't even got anything against Plusle, I could just do without people assuming I oughta be paired with one. That's why I respect Keith so much- that dude gets it," she stated. "But yeah- I ain't come over here to bitch about stereotypes all day. What were you guys playing there?" she asked, glancing at the cards.

EpicSquirtle 06-17-2019 10:34 PM

It didn't take long for Cayenne to get back on his feet, the Torchic nearly bursting with energy as he ran down the battlefield, his beak glowing a bright white. Pom seemed unusually calm considering the circumstances, simply watching as the chick Pokemon grew closer and closer.

Finally, once Cayenne had come into range, Pom swung his tails at the Torchic, one after the other! Like an annoying Cutiefly, the chick Pokemon was swatted away by the powerful Double Hit! By this point Cayenne was looking more then a little annoyed as he sprung back off the ground.

"No fair no fair!" The chick Pokemon exclaimed as he started to jump up and down. For every attack the fire type threw at Pom, the Ambipom would easily avoid, or even counter with one of his own. It was no wonder the Torchic was irritated!

Finally, after hopping up and down several times, Cayenne Bounced high into the air, a determined cry escaping him as he sailed back downwards!

Unfortunately for Cayenne, Pom had been expecting such a maneuver, especially after all the jumping the Torchic had been doing. In preparation for the fire types descent, the hand on Pom's right tail curled up into the shape of a fist, and a harsh white light soon surrounded it.

After a few moments, Pom threw his tail forward, hooking the right side of Cayenne's body and sending the poor Torchic flying out of the arena from the force of the powerful Mega Punch!

The Axew cheering for Cayenne let out a shriek, for she had somehow managed to have been caught by the Torchic as he flew through the air! Together the two Pokemon crashed into one of the nearby couches, before tumbling to the ground.

Pom's eyes widened as he scaled the fence separating himself from his teammates.
"Are you two alright?" He asked, still completely clueless at the presence of three others in the room.
Anna nodded along as both Keith and Willa explained when they had become trainers. "It sounds like you both have a lot more experience then I do at all this." Anna continues to smile, though her voice holds a slight disappointment to it. Of all the trainers the grass type specialist knew, each had something over her. Whether it was experience, or in the case of her brother Lukas, a natural talent. Anna would be lying if she said it wasn't a little disheartening.

Before long the topic shifts slightly, to the first Pokemon each of them had met. And of course, which Pokemon Anna had met first.

"Well...it's...kind of complicated." Anna began, letting out a small chuckle. "I...technically owned a Torchic at one time, but I gave him away to someone who suited him better..." The young woman paused for a moment, her face slightly red as she seemed to recall something. "I consider Leif here to be my first Pokemon though. Robin actually helped me catch him." She finished, gesturing to the Sewaddle.

"Waddle." The grass type nodded, waving one of it's stubby legs to the guests.
Both Jack and Voltaire nodded once more as Anion continued to explain herself. Eventually the conversation turned to the game the two electric types had been playing before the Minun's arrival.

"We're playing crazy eights." Jack smiled. "I don't know if you've heard of it before."

"I can always teach you if you haven't." Voltaire offered, a sly smile stuck on his face. "It's really easy for the most part. But we...do have an extra house rule."

"Winner gets the pot!" Jack exclaimed, gesturing to the pile of tokens to the side of the table. "They're not worth actual pokedollars or anything like that though."

Voltaire nodded. "Just bragging rights really."

Missingno. Master 06-17-2019 11:11 PM

Pom's family continued to watch the battle unfold, and the Ambipom had a clear advantage over the Torchic. Everything Cayenne did, Pom was able to counter to perfection, eliciting admiring murmurs from his son and daughter, right down to blocking Bounce with a perfectly executed Mega Punch! This, however, sent Cayenne flying out of the arena, and the Axew who'd been cheering for him was quite forcibly brought along for the ride! The two of them crash-landed into a couch and then tumbled to the ground.

"Whoa!" Leo exclaimed. "Dad's amazing!"

"I told ya!" grinned Eon. And with that, the pair of Eevee jumped down off of Cyanide's back and dashed towards Pom. Cyanide ran after them, though wasn't in time to stop them from jumping up on the Ambipom. "DADDY~" squealed Eon. "That was so awesome, your Water Pulse is super strong-"

"You're amazing, Dad!" Leo chimed in. "That Torchic didn't stand a chance!"

"Alright, you two, take it easy," Cyanide smirked, approaching the trio of Normal-types. "Let him check on that Torchic and Axew, alright?"

"Alright, Mom," sighed Leo, jumping back down to the floor. Eon did likewise as well.

Cyanide nodded her approval, then smiled at Pom. "Hey," she greeted him.


Anna smiled as she remarked on how Keith and Willa had more experience than she did, but her voice betrayed a tinge of disappointment. Willa was quick to pick up on this. "Everybody starts somewhere," she said. "Even having had my Yanmega for as long as I have, I wouldn't dare call myself an especially experienced Trainer. Just today, in fact, was the first time I caught a Pokémon by my own doing- I caught Yanma with my mother's assistance and careful guidance, and Eelektross was a gift." As she spoke, she produced an Ultra Ball and opened it up, unleashing a Mawile into the room. "But this Mawile is the first Pokémon I've caught since coming to Fizzytopia," she stated."

"Maw..." murmured Mawile, eyeing up the Pokémon nearby, seemingly sizing them up.


Anion shrugged as Jack explained they were playing crazy eights, and grinned just as slyly as Voltaire offered to teach her. "I'd love that," she responded. "And hey, I've never been one to turn down a shot at bragging rights, so count me in," she added.

EpicSquirtle 07-13-2019 03:11 PM

While Pom was quite worried for his teammates, the Ambipom had only just begun to approach them when two Eevee jumped up onto him, stopping the normal type in his tracks. The twin tail Pokemon nearly tripped over himself at the sudden shift in weight, but managed to quickly stabilize himself.

"Eon....Leo." Pom couldn't help but grin at the presence of the two Eevee. "Since when did you two rascals get here?"

Pom continues to smile as his sights turn to Cyanide, Cayenne and Bagel the furthest things on his mind at the given moment. This is short lived however, for before the Ambipom can so much as respond to the Umbreon, Cayenne leaps up from off the ground, looking rather furious.

"That isn't fair! You're disqualified for cheating!" The Torchic exclaimed, failing to notice the extra company in the room.

Bagel on the other hand was much more observant. With a small smile on her face, the Axew waved to the trio, looking somewhat dizzy as she wobbled on her feet. "W-welcome."

Pom turned to his teammates, as if finally remembering them. Or Bagel, rather. The Ambipom didn't care to address Cayenne's accusations whatsoever. "I'd like you both to meet Cyanide, Eon and Leo." The twin tail Pokemon gestures to each of them. "My family."

"Whoa. You..have a family sir Pom?" The Axew's eyes widened as she scanned the guests over once more.

Cayenne's expression was also quick to change. From one of anger to something much more...cheerful. "Guests! I didn't even notice!" The Torchic chirps. "Sorry you had to see that. Is there anything I can get for you? A drink? A snack? Both?"
Anna listened carefully to Willa, watching as she revealed the first Pokemon she had caught by herself. A....Mawile? Anna eyed the steel type curiously. She had never seen such a Pokemon before, and only wished she had her Pokedex on her at that moment.

"I never knew such a Pokemon existed." The young woman murmured, continuing to watch the Mawile. "It looks really cool though..."
"Sew." Leif nodded in agreement, his eyes following his trainers.

At that moment the sounds of struggle erupted, seemingly coming from the flight of stairs across the room. And while the exact details of such a fight couldn't exactly be made out, it seemed that the commotion was growing closer by the second!

"That's...odd." Anna muttered, her attention on the Mawile completely broken.

"Maybe I should go check?" Benny suggested, looking to his trainer for approval.

This proved completely unnecessary, for a moment later the two individuals responsible for such a racket emerged. The first was the Lickitung that had greeted Keith and company before, Shibo. The second...was none other then Robin. With dark bags under her eyes, and a rather tired expression on her face, the electric type specialist had definitely seen better days. Wrapped around her right arm was Shibo's tongue, though Shibo quickly removed it as he looked to the trainers in the room.

"Lickitung!" The normal type beamed, looking pretty proud of himself as he gestured to his trainer.

Robin on the other hand, looked much less thrilled to be there, despite the fake smile that appeared on her face as she noticed the guests. Robin had never been good at lying, nor hiding her emotions, and this time was no different.

"Uhh...hello." She waved meekly, not daring to move from where she was standing.

"I invited Keith and Willa here in. I....hope that was alright." Anna frowned as she watched Robin, who made no attempt to answer her.
"Perfect." Voltaire continued to smile. "The rules are really simple, you'll have it down in no time."

"Of course there is one problem." Jack added. "In order to play we might need those cards you dropped Voltaire."

"Right..." The Emolga trailed off, his face slightly red as he remembered Anion scaring him. His eyes soon scanned the table, making note of what had once been his hand. As Voltaire began to collect the scattered cards, the sounds of fighting began to reach the table, causing the Emolga to stop collecting and turn to the stairs.

"Wonder what that's about." The Emolga wondered aloud.

"Bell and Cayenne if I had to guess." Jack turned to Anion. "Those two fight all the time, you'll get used to it."

A few moments later, and who emerged from the stairs was definitely not a Torchic and Mudkip, but Robin and Shibo. To this, both Voltaire and Jack grew wide eyed, the two electric types completely distracted from their game at this point.

"Never thought anyone would be able to get her out here, in front of company no less." Voltaire says, before glancing to Anion. "She's very picky with who she talks to these days, so this is something we don't really see." The Emolga explained.

Missingno. Master 07-13-2019 05:56 PM

Pom was caught off-guard by the sudden pouncing of his son and daughter, but was able to stay on his feet well enough regardless, grinning as he greeted his kids, asking when they got here. "We just got here now," smiled Eon. "Mommy said she was gonna drag Keith here if he wasn't gonna bring us to see you."

"I'd have helped, too," grinned Leo. "But we didn't even hafta, Keith was happy to bring us here."

After this, Pom turned to Cyanide, the two smiling at each other... for all of two seconds before Pom's teammates spoke up, drawing his attention. The Torchic wasn't all that thrilled about his recent flight, though once he noticed the guests, he cheered up quite quickly. The Axew, meanwhile, was in awe at the fact that Pom had a whole family.

At the notion of snacks, Leo's eyes lit up. "Ooh! Ya got any Tamato Berries?" asked the Eevee eagerly.

Cyanide gave a chuckle. "Leo, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times- eating a Tamato Berry will not teach you Flamethrower."

"I know that, Mom," insisted Leo. "I just like the spicy taste!"

"Yeah, and you wanna learn Flamethrower," teased Eon.

"Well, I mean, that too," agreed Leo. "I mean, you got Fire moves before I did, and you aren't even gonna evolve!"

"Heheh, well, I'm just that cool- ooh! OOH!" Eon exclaimed suddenly. "Daddy, Daddy, you gotta see, you gotta see these new moves I learned, they're so cool! Daddy, please, will you battle me?" she begged.


Mawile's glance became less wary once Anna remarked on how cool she looked. But before much else could be said, the sounds of a struggle could be heard coming up the stairs. Everyone present seemed quite alarmed by it, and as the source came into view, Keith could see that it was Shibo... and Robin! Keith got the feeling that Robin wasn't really feeling up to having company at the moment, between the fact that she had almost certainly fought hard against Shibo bringing her out here, and the tired look on her face. She gave a smile as she saw the guests, about as convincing and realistic as the smile scribbled on a Mimikyu's cloak.

"Hey, Robin," Keith greeted the Electric-type Trainer. "I, uh... hope we didn't come at a bad time," he added, sounding concerned. "This is my girlfriend Willa, by the way," he added.

"A pleasure to meet you, Robin," nodded Willa politely.


Anion gave a smirk and a chuckle as Voltaire was reminded of Anion startling him and causing him to drop the cards. "Eh, lemme help," offered the Minun. "It was me what that made ya drop 'em to begin with, it's only fair." And so she started gathering cards as well, though as with Voltaire, she stopped as she heard the fighting sounds. "The hell?" she murmured, just before Jack offered his opinion. His wrong opinion, as it turned out- far from their team's Torchic and Mudkip, it was the Lickitung and the Trainer herself. "Yowza," muttered Anion as she saw just how tired Robin looked. She looked over at Voltaire as he explained that Robin seemed to be very selective about who she so much as talked to these days. "Something don't sound right about all that," she stated. "Something going on with her? Plus, she looks friggin' exhausted, like she ain't slept in a week or something. She OK?"

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