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Missingno. Master 08-29-2017 02:01 AM

Luna's expression did not change as she perceived Robin's response. Because I know Keith, she replied simply. I know him well. Better than many are able to say. Certainly well enough that his ownership enabled me to evolve. She paused while Robin listened to Keith talking about his Banette, then continued. I do not break promises, the Swoobat continued. I have not told Keith a thing. That he chose to tell that particular story, I believe it to be pure coincidence. Regardless of why he chose to relate that story, however, I'm glad he did, for I think it illustrates the point I'm trying to make quite nicely. Keith Masters is not someone who can easily be made to hate someone, least of all someone he considers a good friend, such as you. He fell in love with the Banette who tried to kill him in 2012. After learning about the incident with your father in the Bar, he not only accepted that it was not your fault, but also hastened to stop you from killing yourself. And as he already mentioned, he has not only noticed your months-long absence, but has actively tried to find you. What I'm trying to say is, if ever there was a person you could entrust with the truth about yourself and not need to fear hatred, you are standing before him here and now. I would stake my pride as a Psychic-type on this.

"Thanks," Keith nodded as Robin called the story nice. "I got other stories about my other Pokémon, too, though if it's OK, I'd actually like to hear any stories you got about your Pokémon, Robin," he added.

"Gone?" Jack repeated. "What the... how'd that even happen? And, what, you can't find Jake either?"

"C-c-can I help in any w-way?" Aster piped up, sounding concerned.

Meowth followed Voltaire to a large room, one which seemed quite well suited for Pokémon battles. After checking to ensure they were alone with levels of paranoia that would make Ginny proud, the Emolga spoke up, first to tell Meowth that he was not to tell anyone who his source was, and second, that what he was about to learn was to be kept a secret from everyone, Keith included. Meowth immediately got the feeling that this would end up being something he'd want to tell Keith straightaway, but on the other hand, he really friggin' needed to know. "Alright, I agree," he relented.

EpicSquirtle 08-30-2017 01:53 AM

Just as Robin had predicted, Luna chimed in as the Electric type specialist called into question whether the Swoobat had gone behind her back.

After saying that she didn't break promises, Luna continued on with the point she was trying to make early. Though the Swoobat believed that Keith had picked the story by pure chance, it helped to demonstrate what Luna was trying to say.
Bringing up both the incident when the young woman had killed her father, or her suicide attempt four years ago, Luna pointed out that Keith had been there for her in both cases. The Poison type trainer had accepted that the murder wasn't Robin's fault, and was quick to stop her attempt to take her own life.
Even now, Keith had not only noticed her absence, but was even putting an effort into finding her.

Hearing these things put into perspective, it made Robin realize something. As much as she hated to admit it, Luna was right. Keith had done a lot for her, and had proven to be a good friend. But did she truly deserve it?
The only thing that she had really done for Keith, was create drama he didn't need to be involved in...or even causing him worry, as was the case now.

As these thoughts continued to drift in the Electric type trainer's mind, she turned her attention back to her conversation with Keith, only to catch the tail end of it.

Having two conversations going at once was certainly hard, and something the young woman had little experience at. If she wasn't neglecting what Keith had been saying, her conversation with Luna surely would have taken a back seat.

"Oh, umm...I'm sorry." Robin apologized. "I didn't quite catch that...I kind of spaced out for a moment. Sorry."

With that taken care of, Robin once again began to focus on what she was going to say to Luna.

You're right, I think Keith should know the truth. The young trainer thought.
But I don't think I can tell him. I'm too much of a coward it seems. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
"T-that's right." Hazel replied to Jack's questions. "It's....a long story on how we got split up though."

"B-but I don't think trying to find them....I don't think it'd be a great idea." The Jolteon added, this time addressing both Jack and Aster.
"Ok good." Voltaire nodded as Meowth agreed to his conditions.

"Well then...you were already on us about it earlier...so to start, yes, both Hazel and Tessa are the same ones you saw at your party." The Emolga whispered.
"Anyway, your real question...you asked if your trainers friend and Robin, if they were the same, yeah? Well..umm..." Voltaire trailed off, before clearing his throat.
"That's also true. They're the same person." The Emolga finished. "No I don't know how that exactly happened, Tessa only gave me the brief details."

"But now that you know, I thought I'd make you aware of something." Voltaire said, turning back to his normal volume.

"I have some friends....friends you wouldn't exactly want to meet in a dark alley. Should I hear you blabbed about anything you heard here, well, let's just say all nine of your lives might...disappear."

Missingno. Master 08-30-2017 02:21 AM

Robin would be able to hear the small sigh Luna thought in response to her own thoughts. She did agree that Keith ought to know, but also claimed to be too cowardly to be the one to tell him. She believed, as Luna could pick up on, that all she did was cause unnecessary drama or worry in Keith's life. Coward? Luna repeated telepathically. The way Keith tells the story of how you two infiltrated Hagane Labs, you don't sound like a coward. I believe "pretty awesome" were his exact words. And besides, even if all you did was cause him unnecessary drama and worry, which I sincerely doubt to be the case, you have here a perfect opportunity to stop his worrying, don't you? A pause. I think you do deserve a friend like Keith, she added. Like I said, I won't tell him. Not unless you want me to, but I think this is something he ought to hear from you.

Keith was a little puzzled, as well as a little concerned, as Robin apologetically claimed to have spaced out and missed his previous words. The last time this happened was when Luna was having a telepathic conversation with the person in question at the same time, but Luna almost never did that while Keith was talking to the person, not unless it was something the Swoobat deemed of vital importance. "It's fine," Keith replied, electing not to bring it up for the moment. "I was saying that I got a lot of stories about my Pokémon, and then I asked if you'd be willing to tell me the stories behind any of your Pokémon. I'd like to hear 'em."

"Not a good idea- wha- that don't make no sense," the Ditto stated. "If I got separated from Keith here, I'd be going nuts trying to reunite with the guy, and I don't even wanna know how Aster would deal with being separated from him. So, what, this Robin person's just your new Trainer now, and it's like Jake never existed or something? There's gotta be more to it then that, c'mon."

Meowth listened as Voltaire confirmed Meowth's suspicions. "I knew it!" Meowth declared as quietly as he could. "Dere was way too many coincidences pilin' up fer it all ta really be coincidence! And I knew Robin weren't dat surprised by my talkin'! Dat's why it was like she knew, cuz we met before!" Then, however, Voltaire gave a rather dark threat, making mention of friends of his, friends Meowth wouldn't want to tangle with. "Youse can spare me da mobster movie garbage," Meowth retorted. "I already promised I wouldn't tell, and I don't break promises dat easy. Speakin' o' which, I gots a Minun ta introduce ya to, don't I? But I will say dis," he added. "Even if I ain't da one ta tell him, someone's gotta fill Keith in on dis. Jake- er, Robin's his friend. I weren't lyin' earlier, da whole reason we ended up here was because we was out tryin' ta find Jake. Keith's worried about his friend, and I hate seein' him worried. And if yer tinkin' dis'll freak him out, I'd like ta point out his girlfriend's da Banette from da Halloween 2012 incident. He don't freak out easy." Meowth paused to take a breath. "I ain't gonna tell him, even if I did find yer threat ta be threatenin', but I stands by wat I said- if not me, den someone's gotta let him know. Now c'mon," he added, turning to leave the room. "Ya wanna meet Anion or not?"

EpicSquirtle 08-30-2017 12:52 PM

To try and prove that Robin wasn't a coward, Luna brought up how she and Keith had infiltrated Hagane Labs. According to the Swoobat, Keith had described the event as "pretty awesome".

While at the time, Robin could see why Keith would describe the raid as awesome, the mere mention of Team Catalyst left a bitter taste in her mouth. Not only that, but Sophie and Keith had been the two who managed to pull anything off.
The best thing she had done, was help in the battle against one of the Catalyst admins. Even then, Keith had to jump in to save the day when several of her Pokemon had been brainwashed. If anything, the story only helped further prove Robin's point, at least in her mind.

Luna continued, pointing out that even if the Electric type trainer was causing Keith needless drama and worry (something that the Swoobat doubted), that Robin had a perfect chance to stop his worrying.

I know but... Robin trailed off. Not a single excuse was coming to mind at that moment.

Instead, the young trainer turned her attention back to Keith, just as the Poison type specialist repeated what Robin had previously missed.

"A story about one of my Pokemon?" She questioned. "Umm, let think about that for a moment."

Racking her brain for a safe story she could tell Keith, the young trainer was left feeling stumped. Of the Pokemon she had available, none of them had any great stories..none that Robin could share to Keith, anyway. But one Pokemon kept popping into her head. Telpo.
Was it Luna's mention of Hagane Labs that prompted it? Or was it the Abra's recent sacrifice that kept him drifting in the young woman's mind?
Regardless, it didn't take long before Telpo's final words came rushing back to her. The Abra had wanted his trainer to inform Millicent of what had transpired, as well as to apologize to her. And to do that....she had to inform Keith as well right? She had to do this then.

Not just for Keith, but for Telpo and Millicent as well.

"Look Keith...I was umm...thinking maybe...I could tell you a story about myself instead." Robin murmured. "I-if you're ok with that..."
Jack seemed to find little sense in Hazel's words. After stating that he'd go nuts trying to find his trainer if they were separated, the Ditto questioned if Robin was just Hazel's new trainer, like Jake had never existed.

"It's umm...not that...but...it's raining right? No point looking when it's raining." Hazel said, giving Jack a weak smile.
"B-besides...I wouldn't even know...where to start. This world..it's a pretty big place."
Voltaire seemed a little offended as Meowth called his bluff, stating that it was "mobster movie garbage".

The Emolga was about to speak up, but stopped himself as Meowth brought up Anion once again. The scratch cat Pokemon also went on about some 2012 Halloween event, but Voltaire was hardly listening anymore.
Already the Emolga was coming up with all sorts of scenarios involving him and Anion, Meowth was just about the last thing on his mind.

But with another mention of Anion from the scratch cat Pokemon, Voltaire snapped back to reality.
"Right, I'm coming." The Emolga smiled before rushing past Meowth and out the door, before eventually reaching the kitchen.

"Oh you're back! I just wanted to let you know that your food will be served shortly! Be sure to let the others know!" Cayenne chirped, upon noticing Voltaire.

"Ok yeah." Voltaire said, brushing the Torchic off.
He then stopped beside the warp panel in the corner of the room, waiting for Meowth to step on it first.

Missingno. Master 08-30-2017 01:15 PM

Luna's expression finally changed, albeit slightly- the smallest of smiles crossed her face as Robin's thoughts trailed off, the Electric-type specialist trying and utterly failing to think of any sort of plausible excuse to not tell her friend the truth. Robin told Keith she needed to think for a moment, and Luna could tell that Robin couldn't think of anything that was both worth telling and didn't blow her cover. Finally, she asked Keith whether she could, instead of talking about any of her Pokémon, tell him a story about herself. "Well sure," Keith nodded. "Sure, I'm fine with that, I'd love to hear it." He sat back, paying attention, waiting to hear what Robin had to say.

Jack raised a single jiggly eyebrow in response to the weak excuse Hazel gave. "Ehh, well, I dunno- the rain don't bother me much," he admitted. "Me, I got the luxury of just turning into a Lombre or something, and suddenly I'm loving the rain, y'know? But yeah, you got me with not knowing where to start looking. That's what we were doing, me and my Trainer- we're looking for a lead on where to start looking for Jake. Last Keith knew, Jake was headed to somewhere called Amperet City."

"I'll let 'em know," Meowth nodded to Cayenne before stepping on the warp panel. As soon as they were back where they'd started, Meowth pointed to the yellow and blue Electric-type Keith had sent out. "Dat's her," he said. "Looks like Keith really did bring her."

EpicSquirtle 08-30-2017 02:44 PM

Robin couldn't help but squirm in her seat as Keith's attention was cast at her.

"Ok, well umm...y-you see, before I start the story...there's umm....something you need to know." The young trainer began.

"You mentioned your friend earlier....t-the one going to Amperet City, h-how you were trying to find them, yes? Well you umm...." Robin trailed off, unable to finish her sentence.
With her face flushed a beat red, the Electric type specialist found herself looking at her shoes, unable to make eye contact with Keith.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

"You don't have to k-keep looking.....you've come to the r-right place." Robin continued. "W-what I'm trying to say is......umm....I'm...I'm that friend. The one you knew to be Jake."

"I-I know that might be hard to believe...b-but it's the truth....you can ask Luna, if you don't believe me." The young woman murmured.
"I-if you're still willing to listen to me...I-I can tell you how all this happened though..."
"I see...." Hazel said upon hearing what Jack and his trainer had originally been looking for Jake.
Lost in thought, the Jolteon began to debate if it would wise for him to tell Jack where they had last been. Surely the Ditto would ask him soon enough about where he had last seen his trainer, right? But telling Jack would just lead the Ditto and his trainer to another dead end...
Luckily for Hazel, the Jolteon didn't have too long to debate this. Catching his trainer's confession to Keith, the Jolteon gave Jack a weak smile. Confused as he was about his trainer's change of heart, it certainly made things easier for the lightning Pokemon.

"Did you...catch that? If so...I think you can understand...why I've been sticking with Robin."
Upon returning to the living room, Meowth pointed to the Minun Keith had sent out.

"Oh! It seems luck is on my side today. She seems just as beautiful as I thought she'd be." Voltaire smiled, before turning to Meowth.

"Thanks for the help, but I think I've got this from here. Farewell for now." He said, giving the scratch cat Pokemon a quick wave, before rushing over to Anion.
"Hello there." Voltaire greeted the Minun, once he had approached her.
"My name's Voltaire..I'm one of Robin's Pokemon, if you couldn't tell. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Missingno. Master 08-30-2017 03:10 PM

Robin seemed to squirm in response to the attention Keith was paying to her, before stating that there was something Keith needed to know before the story could be told. Keith waited patiently as she seemed to try and work up the courage to actually say it, but in the end, she told Keith that he no longer needed to try and find the friend he was looking for- that friend was in fact her.

Keith's eyes widened, understandably surprised by this statement. Robin added that he could verify this with Luna, and even as she said this, the Swoobat nodded, confirming Robin's words as truth, but Keith had actually found himself rather inclined to believe Robin- she referred to the friend by name, and Keith had not at any point actually said this friend's name to be "Jake" during this visit.

Seconds later, once the initial shock wore off, however, Keith's look of surprised changed... to a relieved smile. "It's really you?" he said to Robin. "I... Wow. I... I'm glad you're OK," he smiled. "I would say I didn't see this coming in the slightest, except when I think back... this actually kinda explains one thing me and Peeves were wondering about- when Telpo said it'd take a lot to make you look like a girl, back when we were disguising ourselves, you seemed to flinch, like you took it as an insult or something." He nodded as Robin offered to tell Keith how it happened, looking very interested in hearing it. "I'll say it again, I'd love to hear it," he said, his tone of voice one of sincere interest. Luna said no more, but merely flew around behind Keith, looking interested in hearing the story, as well as giving Robin a small, "I-told-you-so" kind of smile.

Meowth, meanwhile, climbed back onto Keith's shoulder as Voltaire went to meet Anion. "Wat'd I miss?" Meowth asked.

"A fairly important detail, actually," Keith replied. "As it turns out, we ended up on the right track to finding Jake after all- Jake and Robin are one and the same."

Meowth had not expected Keith to have known this already, considering how hard Voltaire tried to get him to keep it a secret. Still, though, a promise was a promise. "I had a feelin'," Meowth nodded. "Dat Pikachu we saw on da way in? Dat was Tessa. Exact same Cosplay Pikachu from Albus's party. Not ta mention, Robin weren't nearly as surprised at me talkin' as she tried ta seem, I could tell dat right away. It sounds like we's missed out on a lotta stuff ova da past few months, yeah?" he asked Robin.

"It seems so," nodded Keith. "Robin's just about to fill us in on it, if you want to listen."

"Yeah, I'll listen," Meowth nodded. "We been wonderin' where youse was da past few months in any case," he said to Robin. Even Millicent was paying attention by this point- she and Willow had both heard Robin's confession, and the Timburr at least looked interested in hearing the story- it was hard to tell if Willow was interested just by looking, of course.

Before Hazel could say much else, Robin had told Keith the truth, and Jack overheard it. "...I caught it, yeah," the Ditto nodded, looking quite surprised. "That... that would explain it, yeah. You're not looking for your Trainer because you never lost your Trainer."

"Oh, s-so, she's the friend K-Keith was having us help him l-look for?" Aster asked, glancing up at Robin.

"That's the one, yeah," Jack nodded. "Ah, geez," he added to Hazel. "This was some kinda big secret, wasn't it, and I just kept asking away, I didn't even realize I was prying into something like that. Sorry about that," he apologized to the Jolteon.

Anion grinned as the Emolga introduced himself. "Hiya," the Minun replied. "The name's Anion, good to meet you, too!"

EpicSquirtle 08-30-2017 04:37 PM

Much like Luna had said, Keith seemed rather relieved to hear the truth. Surprised no doubt, but that was to be expected.
After the surprise had worn off, Keith was quick to bring up what had happened at Hagane Labs, saying that it made sense her reaction to Telpo's words regarding her disguise.

"Oh that...I-I didn't realize you noticed that..." Robin murmured.

It was then that Keith expressed his interest in hearing the story she had been meaning to say. He wasn't the only either. Meowth also seemed rather interested, as did Millicent and Luna.

"Ok.....i-it's a long story though." Robin began, still kind of uncomfortable over her recent confession.

"I'll start after I left Hagane Labs. I told you Keith that I was going to Amperet City, along with Telpo, r-right? Well me and Telpo made it, and I ended up registering for the tournament that was being hosted there. But before I could advance very far....some agents from the CPA approached me.
It turns out that Amperet City is home to a somewhat famous museum, and inside it is a Pokeball, able to catch any Pokemon. Team Catalyst had managed to raid the place, in order to snatch it....." The young trainer continued.

".....So after Zack confessed to being a former member of Team Catalyst, he told us where their hideout was. With the Pokeball in their grasp, I joined Zack, Sophie, one of my friends, and the other agents of the CPA, and we ended up traveling to their base....."
".....I eventually reached the top of the tower, and managed to beat Team Catalyst's leader....but as it turns out, things weren't as we thought about Team Catalyst. As it turns out, t-they were actually trying to destroy Project X, because it had apparently went insane....."

".....Then I find out that Sophie had been lying to us. I-It turns out...she was Project X, and had been using everyone in order to kill Team Catalyst and get her revenge....."
".....Just when I had given up hope, Hazel managed to snatch my Thunder Stone, and evolved into a Jolteon. That was just enough of a power boost, and Hazel managed to defeat Project X....."

".....But then Zack managed to capture Project X with that special Pokeball I mentioned. It turns out he was well aware of Sophie's true identity. He had been lying about Team Catalyst and the CPA, and was using them both in order to steal Project X for himself....."
".....After Telpo teleported us out, we arrived in a strange place, apparently linked between this world and the spirit world....."

".....So we climbed to the top of the mountain, and the gatekeeper revealed we could return here on one condition. Apparently my body had started to decay on the hike up the mountain, and so the only way back is if I changed forms completely. Like reincarnation....."
".....Eventually I woke up in this village, and I was granted this place as a home." Robin finished.

"I-I'm sorry..I said it was going to be a long story...b-but I think I got everything."

Everything but one detail. She thought. As she had told the story, she had purposely excluded the part where Telpo stayed behind. The Electric type trainer couldn't bring herself to tell anyone that part...not yet anyway.
Hazel simply nodded as Jack made light of the situation. The Ditto then apologized for prying, considering how big of a secret it turned out to be.

"It's...fine. You didn't know..so it's understandable that....y-you'd have some questions.
"Anion that's a very beautiful name....perfect for you then." Voltaire smiled, before giving the Minun a quick wink.
"So Anion, what do you like to do for fun? I'm sure we can find something to do...unless you're just into chatting, that's fine too."

Missingno. Master 08-30-2017 05:14 PM

Robin warned them that it was a long story, but this did absolutely nothing to deter Keith. Considering what he'd set out to do that morning, what he'd planned on devoting the entire day to doing, Robin's confession had just cleared up his schedule for the entire day. And so Robin launched into the story- the museum in Amperet City, targeted by Team Catalyst due to them possessing what sounded like some variety of Master Ball. Zack, after confessing to having formerly belonged to Team Catalyst, told her where the hideout was, and so she went there, fighting her way past every line of defense Team Catalyst could throw her way. However, she learned the truth about Team Catalyst- far from being the bad guys, their goal was to destroy Project X because it had gone insane. And then came a huge plot twist- Sophie was Project X.

Jack's reaction to this was immediate, as he Transformed into a copy of his own Trainer. "Sophie is Project X?!" the Ditto exclaimed, sounding stunned. "Ah, geez, if only I'd realized this! I could've talked to her, one Ditto to another..."

"Come to think of it, it sounded to me like her beef with Team Catalyst was more personal than she was letting on," Keith remarked. "And for that matter, that explains how she was able to lure those Catalyst grunts to the alley- they were looking for Project X, and, well..."

He stopped, however, to let Robin continue her story- this was when Hazel swiped the Thunder Stone and evolved into Jolteon, and actually defeated Project X. However, if Keith had thought Sophie's identity was the biggest plot twist of the day, he was about to be proven very, very wrong.

Zack. Zack was the mastermind behind everything. He caught Project X with the aformentioned special Poké Ball, he knew who Sophie had been the entire time, and he had been the one feeding lies to both Team Catalyst and the CPA, playing them against each other, using them as pawns in his bid to btain Project X for his own diabolical ends. Telpo had managed to Teleport them out, but he somehow got them to somewhere between this world and the spirit world instead of anywhere remotely resembling safety. Eventually, they reached the gatekeeper, who revealed that they could only return if she had agreed to be reincarnated in a completely different body, seeing as her old one was already starting to decay. This led to Robin waking up in the nearby village, and making this cave her home.

Keith was blown away. "...Zack was using us?" he finally managed. "All that stuff he told us about Team Catalyst was just a bunch of lies? And... I... What even..."

"Yeah, see, that guy's just the worst kind of person," frowned Jack. "If I ever see him again, he'll wish I hadn't, I'll tell you that right now."

Keith nodded as Robin apologized for the length of her story. "Don't sweat it, I told you I wanted to hear it," he assured her. "But holy crap, I can't believe all that happened..."

"I have a question," Millicent spoke up. "How did Telpo manage to Teleport you to a different world?"

"Millicent's got a point," Meowth piped up. "Hebenon and Chromium have screwed up wit Teleport before, but dis is a new one on me."

Keith nodded, though said nothing. If Telpo had somehow accidentally Teleported them to a world between this one and the spirit world, he had a grim feeling as to what that could mean... he didn't voice this concern, however- not within earshot of Millicent, he didn't want to worry her over nothing if he ended up being wrong. He did, however, look at Robin as though silently repeating what his Pokémon asked.

Aster approached Hazel. "Um... I-I didn't want to make you think I d-don't like talking to you," the Shiny Mareanie stated. "Th-the staring was making me a-a little uncomfortable, b-but I'm j-just sometimes very shy l-like that..."

At Voltaire's question, Anion's grin widened. "I like a good battle," she responded. "How about you?"

EpicSquirtle 09-01-2017 01:09 PM

As Robin told her story, she received quite a few surprised reactions, both from Jack and Keith. This was to be expected though, considering the contents of her story.
Once she was done, Robin went to address what Keith and Jack had said, but stopped as the question of how Telpo had teleported to a different world was raised by Millicent.
According to Meowth, two of his teammates had messed up Teleport before, but nothing like what Telpo had done.

"Well umm...I-I'm actually not sure." Robin lied. "Maybe the energy surrounding Project X was enough to change Telpo's capabilities with Teleport?"

Did that even make sense? The Electric type trainer wasn't sure, but that was the excuse she was sticking with, at least for now.

"On an unrelated note though...Millicent you just reminded me of something. Can you come with me? I-I need to speak to you privately." Robin said before rising out of her chair.

"It won't be long, I promise."
"No, it's...my fault." Hazel replied once Aster had approached him.
"I'm...not really good at talking...or anything involving s-social interaction really. So, I-I'm sorry for...making you uncomfortable."
I'm a fan of battles myself...it really gets my heart racing. Only a few other activities can claim to be nearly as exciting." Voltaire replied.

"Hmm...a thought just occurred to me. You see, my trainer has a battle room downstairs. If you want, maybe we could have a battle there? I'm sure you'll be just as charming on the battlefield as you are now." The Emolga smiled.

"Only if you want to of course. I wouldn't want to force you into saying yes."

Missingno. Master 09-01-2017 07:21 PM

"It's... possible?" Keith murmured in response to Robin's theory about how Teleport went the way it went. "But then, Sophie was with us when Duosion Teleported us that day and nothing screwy happened..."

Millicent nodded in response to Robin's request. "Sure," she replied, sounding uncertain as to what this could be about. Actually, just sounding uncertain in general. Where was Telpo? Robin and Hazel were right here,so surely so should Telpo, right? And what was this vague unease the Timburr was feeling? Almost as if whatever Robin wanted to talk to her about wasn't gonna be good?

Once Robin and Millicent (and Willow) had gone off to talk in private, Keith turned to Meowth. "I got a bad feeling, Meowth," Keith murmured.

"Wat do ya mean?" asked Meowth.

"I mean, Telpo's Teleport somehow gets them to the world between this one and the spirit world?" Keith said quietly. "Remember what Peeves said about the spirit world? That sometimes the living can make it to the entrance if taken along by the recently deceased?"

"Yeah but- oh. Ohhhhhh," Meowth whispered, eyes widening as he realized what Keith was getting at. "So youse tinks-"

"I hope to Arceus I'm wrong... but yeah, right now that's my best guess," nodded Keith.

"Shit..." murmured Jack. "Yeah, I hope you're wrong about this, too," he nodded to Keith. "This... I don't even wanna know how Millicent would take it..."

"If she's anyting like her Trainer, very badly," Meowth murmured.

"I-it's OK, r-really," Aster stammered. "I-I'm not very good with th-that kind of thing either..."

"Heh, now you're talking!" Anion grinned as Voltaire suggested they battle downstairs. "Yeah, now that's what you gotta do if you want a shot with me," she added with a smirk. "You could flirt with me until you're more blue in the face than me, I don't give a Raticate's ass. I want a man who knows his way around a Pokémon battle. Lead the way!" declared the Minun.

EpicSquirtle 09-02-2017 01:45 AM

In search of a private place to talk, Robin lead Millicent down the stairs into the basement, before entering the first room on her right. Inside was what appeared to be a games room.
There was two arcade machines in the corner of the room, as well as a TV and two stools to the right side.

"Umm, y-you can have a seat..if you want." Robin offered as she pulled forward the two black stools, before taking one of them for herself.

"I mean...you don't have to. I just thought it'd be nice to offer before I talk to you..." The young trainer explained.
No sooner had Robin left the room, did Cayenne appear in the living room.
"Hello Hello! Sorry for the wait!" The Torchic chirped as he approached the guests. "Your food will be here any moment! Today we're serving egg salad sandwiches! They even have bacon pieces inside, yummy!"

While Cayenne continued to talk about the food, Tessa reappeared in the room, carrying a platter much too big for the Cosplay Pikachu. On top of the platter rested eighteen small sandwiches.
As Tessa began to approach the table with her tray, it was clear to see she was struggling not to drop the entire thing.

But Cayenne seemed completely oblivious to Tessa's struggle, and instead began to glance around the room.

"That's odd...my trainer isn't here. And umm....we're serving twins?" The Torchic questioned, giving his head a slight tilt at the sight of Keith and Jack.

"I'm sorry, but would one of you mind helping Tessa lift that tray up on the table? Usually my trainer would do it...but she's out. Or wait...can you even understand me? Hopefully you can!" Cayenne chirped.
"It's good to know that I'm not the only one then." Hazel replied.
"I mean...it's not that I hate talking...it's just I'm not good at it. B-but I already said that..."
"O-oh umm...I-I see..." Voltaire stammered, clearly flustered at Anion's rather forward statement.
After a moment, the Emolga a shook his head, trying to regain his cool the best he could.
"Alright then, if a battle is what you want, then that's what you'll get." Voltaire smiled before leading the way downstairs.
After a short journey, Voltaire found himself in the battle room, the same room he'd been in with Meowth a few moments earlier.
"Pretty impressive, huh?" The Emolga asked, turning his attention to Anion.

"I'm assuming this is a battlefield worthy of a clash between us?"

Missingno. Master 09-02-2017 07:02 PM

As Millicent followed Robin, she glanced around, hoping to see Telpo. After all, Robin made it out of that other world safely, and so did Hazel, so it only made sense that Telpo did as well... right? Even so, every time she looked somewhere and did not see that Abra, she felt inexplicably uneasy, almost as though her mind was trying to give her subtle hints towards a conclusion that she outright refused to consider... she shook her head. Telpo was fine, he had to be, he was awesome like that. She subconsciously took hold of the smooth stone she wore around her neck with the hand that wasn't holding onto Willow- this had been a gift to her from Telpo back when they'd last seen each other, and she wore it everywhere she went now.

Even as Robin was stammering about how Millicent didn't have to sit down if she didn't actually want to, the Timburr took a seat. "Thank you," she said. "Robin, what... what is this about?" she asked, the slightest trace of fear in her voice. "Where's Telpo? H-he's around here, right?" Willow remained silent throughout this, but paid close attention to the conversation that was about to take place- many times in life she had consoled young Pokémon who had lost their parents, and she had a grim feeling that her skills at doing so were about to come into play before much longer...

Keith's rather morbid train of thought was derailed by the sudden arrival of Cayenne the Torchic. He'd gotten a glimpse of the Torchic when he first arrived, but now he thought to take out his Pokédex and point it at the Hoenn starter.

'Torchic, the Chick Pokémon. A Fire-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Torchic has a place in its body where it stores its flame, keeping its body warm to the touch. Between this and its fluffy coat of down, hugging a Torchic is a very pleasant experience."

The Torchic seemed confused at the sight of both Keith and Jack, which got them exchanging grins- the Trainer and Ditto always liked to get reactions out of others by way of the latter's Transform making him look like the former.

The Torchic's request was incomprehensible to Keith- he could understand a couple different Pokémon languages, but Torchic language was not among them. Jack, on the other hand, being a Ditto, understood perfectly. "I'm on it," he responded, before Transforming himself into a Machop and hefting the tray onto the table, relieving Tessa of said burden. "There you go," Jack grinned. Then he turned back into Keith. "Hey, so, how'd I do there, by the way?" he asked. "Went off memory for that one."

"I think the tail was a little long, but even then, I'm not 100% sure," replied Keith. "I'd have to look it up to be sure. I think it's a safe bet you nailed this one, honestly."

"Oh, sweet," grinned Jack.

"Oh, and Tessa, nice to see you again," Keith added, addressing the Cosplay Pikachu. "Albus has actually evolved since you last saw him, he's a Kakuna now."

Aster nodded. "S-so, what do you like to do?" she asked Hazel, starting to feel slightly more at ease- this here was a Pokémon just as shy and unsure of this conversation as she was, and that knowledge seemed to somehow help her relax a little.

Anion grinned at how her blunt honesty got Voltaire all flustered. The Minun was not one to mince words or waste time being subtle, and if there was a chance that she and Voltaire could end up being a thing, she wanted him to know from day one what he'd be getting. She followed Voltaire down to the battle room, and gave a low whistle as she eyed the room. "Damn," she nodded. "Impressive is right." She then grinned at Voltaire's question. "Definitely worthy," she agreed. "So what the hell are we waiting for?" With that, she dashed out onto the battlefield and took her position at one end.

EpicSquirtle 09-04-2017 12:22 PM

After taking a seat, Millicent quickly asked what Robin had brought her here for. Or where Telpo was, for that matter. It was a fair question, Robin reasoned.
The Timburr had to have noticed that Hazel was around, but that Telpo was seemingly absent. Still, the question was enough to cause the young trainer to freeze up, before diverting her eyes from the Timburr in front of her.

"Well you see....I umm....actually wanted to talk to you, a-about Telpo." Robin replied.
"Millicent...I really didn't want to tell you this....but Telpo...he's gone."
As the words left her mouth, the Electric type specialist started to tear up, but quickly wiped her eyes with her hand.

"I-it's my fault...if I hadn't been so reckless...h-he might still be with us..."
Cayenne's eyes practically lit up as Jack transformed into a Machop, easily placing the tray of sandwiches on the table. The Ditto then transformed back into Keith, before asking how he did.
"You were amazing! I've never seen a human transform before!" Cayenne chirped.

"Uh, Cayenne....that's a Ditto. Umm...I think." Tessa spoke up.

"Huh, a Ditto? Like those pink blob things?" The Torchic questioned.
"Wow that's amazing! I've never seen one before! They look nothing like I'd imagined! I guess they aren't pink blobs after all!" Cayenne exclaimed as he began to bounce up and down in excitement.

Tessa let out a small sigh, and was about to correct her teammate once again, before Keith addressed her.

This was bad. So Keith recognized her as well? Or had Meowth tried to convince his trainer on his earlier theory? Tessa wasn't quite sure, but she knew she had to think of something, and fast!
The Cosplay Pikachu knew Keith wouldn't be able to understand her..but Meowth would probably translate, right?

"Oh umm...Albus? I really uh..don't know who you're talking about." Tessa said, tilting her head slightly.
Anion seemed rather impressed by the arena, but was quick to rush over to one end of the arena. It looked as if the Minun was eager to start the match.
Having no intentions of keeping her waiting, Voltaire hurried over to his side of the field.

"Alright then...I guess let's get this going, yeah? Then let the battle..begin!" Voltaire exclaimed, before leaping high into the air. The Emolga then started to glide towards Anion with an extremely Quick Attack.

Missingno. Master 09-04-2017 12:51 PM

Millicent noticed that Robin seemed reluctant to meet her gaze as the subject turned to Telpo... and then Robin revealed that the subject was to turn to Telpo in the first place... because he was gone.

"No!" Millicent gasped, tears coming to her own eyes as Robin told her the horrible truth. "N-no, it can't be, he... he can't be... g-g-gone..." she sniveled, even as she knew, in the back of her mind, that it did explain Telpo's absence, as well as, she realized, how Telpo was able to get them so close to the spirit world to begin with.

Oh, Millicent, came Willow's tearful voice, as the Timburr clutched her log for support, both emotional and physical, for she looked about ready to fall out of her seat. Robin... how did it happen? Willow asked.

Jack chuckled at Cayenne's excitable and entirely wrong assumptions, but before he could set the Torchic straight on the matter, the topic turned to Tessa, whom Keith recognized. And Tessa, unaware that there was no longer any need to keep things secret, feigned ignorance. Meowth rolled his eyes at this. "Tessa, ya ain't gotta pretend no more," said Meowth. "Robin already told Keith she used ta be Jake."

"She did," Jack confirmed. "Heard the whole thing. And Cayenne, right?" he added, now addressing the Torchic. "About us Ditto looking like pink blobs..." He melted back into his usual gelatinous form. "...We're really more of a purple, don't you think? Yeah, this is how I look by default, I just like to turn into a copy of my Trainer so we can talk to each other."

"Tessa, no offense, but even if Robin hadn't told me, I recognized you, and pretending you didn't know us wasn't gonna fool me," Keith chuckled. "Honestly, I'm just glad my friend's alright, y'know?"

Voltaire obliged Anion's desire to get things started, and launched into a Quick Attack. Anion, having no time to do much else, used Quick Attack as well, so they collided in the center of the battlefield. By no means did Anion intend to leave it at that, though, so she also went into a Growl attack to try and weaken Voltaire.

EpicSquirtle 09-04-2017 05:07 PM

Watching Millicent's reaction to the terrible news, Robin couldn't help but tear up once more.
No I can't do this...I've got to be stronger. Tears won't bring Telpo back. The young trainer reminded herself.

Brushing the tears away once more, Robin started to wonder just what she could say to Millicent, but stopped as a sudden voice called out to her.
The young woman nearly jumped out of her skin, before remembering the ghost inside Millicent's log, Willow.

"H-how did it happen?" Robin repeated. "Well...you heard the story I told earlier..right? How Zack tried to kill me? When Telpo came to rescue me, apparently he umm....ended up taking the blow from Project X for me."

"That's why I said it was my fault....because it is. If I hadn't been so reckless...Telpo wouldn't of had to give up his life..."
At Meowth's explanation, Tessa looked rather shocked, and Cayenne tilted his head in confusion.

"Robin's who? I'm sorry, I don't quite follow!" The Torchic exclaimed.
Though Robin had told the others about what had happened, the Electric type specialist had felt there was no reason to inform Cayenne, and so the Torchic was completely unaware of his trainer's past experiences at all.

"Oh uh...it's umm...nothing Cayenne." Tessa replied.

"Nothing? Ok, if you insist!" Cayenne chirped, before turning his attention to Jack, just in time to see the Ditto transform into his usual form.

"Oh yeah, I'd say more purple then pink now!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"I've never actually seen a Ditto before. My trainer explained it to me, and she said they were pink, so that's why I said it!" Cayenne explained.

"I don't know why she said that. My trainer mixes up different colours and shades a lot though. Hazel says it's because shes umm....I think it was.....colour blind! So maybe that's why she said that!"

With Cayenne distracted by Jack, Tessa turned her attention back to Meowth and Keith. But upon hearing what Keith had to say, the Cosplay Pikachu frowned.

"Oh umm..I'm sorry...I'm uh, not really good at keeping secrets." Tessa muttered.
"I'm just...not really good at anything really. Umm...I'm sorry for lying to you though...it was kind of a stupid thing to do."
As Voltaire flew towards Anion with a quick attack, the Minun countered with her own quick attack, and Voltaire was sent flying back slightly.
Landing on his feet, the Emolga was about to start his next attack, but stopped as Anion let out a loud growl, which managed to startle the sky squirrel Pokemon, as well as lower his attack!
Thinking fast, Voltaire emitted a dark pheromone into the air. If Anion was to inhale it, the Minun would find herself with a Fatal Attraction to her opponent!

Missingno. Master 09-04-2017 06:03 PM

Millicent sobbed harder as Robin explained how Telpo had died. She was shaking, clutching Willow close to her as if scared of losing her as well.

Robin, said Willow. When I was alive, I have heard this sort of thing many times among orphaned Pokémon, that their parents would still be alive if only they had done this or that differently... or that they themselves were still alive only because their parents shielded them from fatal attacks... and on that basis, they believe the deaths to be their faults. I will tell you the same thing I have told them- no. It's not your fault. You feel guilty because you survived and Telpo did not. You may have acted recklessly, but you believed at the time, wholeheartedly, that you were acting to make the world a better place. There is no shame in trying to save the world. If anything, it makes you worthy of the sort of admiration Keith has for you, the ghost stated with certainty. And Telpo... he saved you. By doing that, he made it clear he wants you to keep living your life. I don't think he would appreciate it if you spent that life blaming yourself for his death, instead of making the most of said life, would he? Willow asked gently.

At this point, Millicent was at the point where she could get in a few coherent words between sobs. "Did... d-did he... s-s-say anyth-thing?" she asked Robin, looking up tearfully at the Electric-type specialist. The Timburr wanted to hear what Telpo's final words might have been, especially if said last words had been some sort of a message to her.

"Colorblind, huh? That'd do it, I guess," nodded Jack. "Though she ain't the first one to say I'm pink instead of purple."

Meowth shook his head at Tessa's words. "Ya ain't bad at keepin' secrets," he insisted, hopping to the floor to address the Cosplay Pikachu. "Ya did yer best ta keep it secret, and were it not fer us actually recognizin' youse, ya might've convinced me. It just ain't dat feasible fer youse ta lie about who ya are when ya look so distinctive, y'know? And no hard feelings about da lyin'," he added. "I get da feelin' dis was an important ting fer Robin dat youse keeps it secret. Arceus knows I keeps my fair share o' secrets about my Trainer," he nodded, gesturing to Keith. "Robin should consider herself lucky ta have a loyal friend like youse." Keith, overhearing Meowth's part of the conversation, nodded his agreement.

After Anion's Quick Attack and Growl, she saw that the Emolga was preparing his next move, and as soon as she saw it, she recognized it- she'd watched enough of Cyanide's battles to recognize Fatal Attraction in action, after all, but even so, the move was launched too quickly for Anion to really get a chance to evade it.

The Minun could not take her eyes off of Voltaire. In her mind's eye, she saw him standing triumphantly atop a big heap of big, burly enemies who he'd just defeated with powerful moves the likes of which Voltaire, in all actuality, most likely didn't know how to use. And she wanted him. When she'd began the battle, an event pushed quite thoroughly out of the forefront of her mind by the Fatal Attraction, she'd given vague consideration to how cute she thought Voltaire was, but now as she gazed upon the Emolga, she wanted him so badly it hurt. And it created a clash in her mind- on the one hand, what else would she do to woo someone but battle him herself? She herself said, she wanted a man who knew his way around a Pokémon battle. But on the other hand, poor Voltaire had been through so many battles already (so the effects of Fatal Attraction led her to believe), how heartless would it be of her to pile yet another one on?

In the end, however, Anion's affection-addled mind concluded that because Anion looked so inspiringly triumphant, and not at all tired, she simply had to see how he would fare against her. She approached Voltaire, hoping to convey not only her feelings toward him, but also her combative intentions, by way of a Nuzzle attack. Obviously wouldn't paralyze a fellow Electric-type, and if he had Motor Drive, it would only speed him up... and would make him that much more awesome to see in action.

EpicSquirtle 09-06-2017 12:18 PM

Robin gave a slight grimace as Willow began to reassure the young trainer that Telpo's death wasn't her fault. She had to admit, Willow was making a lot of sense. But at the same time, guilt still clung to her.
Even if Telpo had wanted her to live, and not to spend her life blaming herself...Telpo's death was still on her hands...and nothing could change that.

But Willow didn't need to know that, right? Millicent probably needed Willow's reassurance more then her anyway.
"I get it." Robin murmured, giving a slow nod.

It was then that Millicent spoke up. It was hard to understand the Timburr between sobs, but Robin managed to pick up on what Millicent was asking.
The Timburr wanted to know what Telpo's final words were, if he had any.

"Y-Yeah...Telpo...he wanted me to tell you something..." Robin murmured.
"He....he said that...he was sorry that he couldn't give you a proper goodbye..." The Electric type specialist explained.
"He ummm...also asked you not to worry about him, a-and that everything would be ok. And that he loved you."
"Others mistake you for pink as well?" Cayenne questioned.
"Maybe they're also colourblind! Or maybe they've never seen a Ditto in person before! Or maybe tinted glasses? Who knows!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"But I bet that could be kind of annoying after awhile! Does it bug you too much? Probably not right?" Cayenne questioned.

"Oh right, I forgot! Can you inform your trainer that they're allowed to grab a sandwich if they want? Oh, and everyone else, of course! Maybe ask if they want a drink? I'm sure Tessa can grab those!"
"Oh umm...yeah..I see..." Tessa murmured as Meowth pointed out how unique looking she was. Maybe she should have taped a piece of yellow paper on her tail? Or would that have been too obvious as well? The Cosplay Pikachu wasn't quite sure.
Once Meowth was done though, Tessa gave the scratch cat Pokemon a small smile.
"A loyal friend? You umm...really think so?" Tessa questioned. "I mean...I was uhh...just doing what Robin asked me to do..."
Now under the effects of fatal attraction, Anion was eager to see how much cooler Voltaire would be with a speed boost, and so she attacked the Emolga with a Nuzzle attack! As the Minun rubbed her electrified cheeks on Voltaire, the sky squirrel Pokemon couldn't help but blush slightly.
As the electricity from Anion's attack was sent throughout his body, Voltaire could feel his muscles begin to loosen, thanks to his Motor Drive ability!

Now was the time to plan his next move! Voltaire wasn't too sure of attacking Anion, scared that the attack would be enough to snap the Minun out of her trance. But he had to do something to take advantage of the situation.
Racking his brain, a sudden idea sprung to mind. Giving a small smile, Voltaire began to try and look as alluring to Anion as possible, hoping to Charm the Minun.

Missingno. Master 09-06-2017 01:01 PM

Robin nodded, claiming to get it, and while Willow was not completely convinced that Robin was done blaming herself, she had the feeling that it would take some time for Robin to see the truth to her words. Besides, it was Millicent in needs of words of comfort right now.

And speaking of words, Robin relayed Telpo's last words to Millicent. The Abra's final words had indeed been a message for the Timburr he so loved. An apology for not getting to give him a proper goodbye, a plea for her to not worry about him, reassurance that everything would be OK, and one final reminder that he loved her.

Millicent sniffled and sobbed as Robin said this to her. She could almost picture Telpo saying these things to her. She longed to see the Abra again, and it pained her, knowing this would never happen.

Millicent... said Willow. Telpo was right, everything's going to be OK.

"B-b-but... I... I miss him..." sniveled Millicent.

I know you do, Willow responded gently. But who's to say you'll never see him again? Death is not necessarily the end- I am proof of that.

"S-so... y-you think I might see Telpo again s-someday?" Millicent asked.

It is always a possibility, Willow responded.

For a few moments, Millicent said nothing more, simply hugging Willow as she cried. After a while, she looked up at Robin. "R-Robin... thanks," she murmured. "Thanks for... for telling me Telpo's last words... I... I just wish I could... t-tell him, one last time... th-that I love him too..." She took hold of the stone around her neck. "I... I'll never take this off," she murmured as she held Telpo's last gift to her.

"Actually, I find it pretty annoying," admitted Jack. "It's one of those little things that bugs me more than most other things." He nodded at Cayenne's subsequent words and Transformed back into Keith. "Cayenne's saying we're all free to grab some sandwiches if we want," he stated.

"Cool," Keith replied, taking one of the sandwiches and biting into it. "Mmm, good stuff," he nodded. Jack did likewise, eating a sandwich himself, and likewise enjoying it.

"Well, dat's all it really takes ta be loyal," Meowth pointed out, for Tessa was questioning her being a loyal friend, claiming to simply be doing what Robin told her. "Yer friend wanted her secret kept, and youse was willin' ta do dat fer her."

Anion audibly swooned as she witnessed Voltaire's response to the Nuzzle. He did indeed have Motor Drive, and the Nuzzle activated the Ability. And now he was pouring on the Charm, and it was as close to super effective as a status move could ever hope to be- Anion wanted Voltaire more than ever, so much that it hurt. Dimly, very dimly, in the back of her mind, she registered the notion that this pain might be the result of the attack Voltaire used, but that very attack was preventing the truth from reaching the forefront of her mind. Right now, she wanted to be closer to Voltaire, and as her actions were proving, if this meant a Quick Attack, then so be it.

EpicSquirtle 09-08-2017 01:04 AM

(Sorry, I completely forgot about Aster and Hazel's conversation until now.)

Robin wasn't quite sure what to say as Millicent thanked her for relaying Telpo's finals words. Even after the Timburr mentioned Telpo's last gift to her, the Electric type specialist only gave Millicent a small, sympathetic smile.

"Umm..when you're ready...we should probably return to the others." Robin said.
"Unless you want to stay here of course...I'm not trying to force you into anything. What I'm trying to say is...take all the time you need." The young trainer finished.
She couldn't help but feel slightly awkward at bringing the subject up in the first place, but the young woman want to seem like she was ignoring the Timburr either...
Upon seeing Keith and Jack's reactions to the sandwiches, Cayenne's eyes started to light up.

"Really? Thank you so much!" The Torchic exclaimed.
"Iwasn'tquitesureifiwasdoingitrightandiwasreallyco ncernedabouthowthebac-" Cayeene continued, talking way too fast for anyone to understand him.

"Oh umm...Cayenne. I think you uh...might need to slow down." Tessa suggested.

"Huh? Oh right! Sorry!" Cayenne apologized. "It's really hard to slow down for other people sometimes! I just want to express myself as quick as possible!"
"Is that really umm...all it takes?" Tessa questioned, having turned her attention back to Meowth. "I'm sure any of her friends would have done the same, there's uh...nothing special about me."
"It just umm...seemed like the right thing to do." The Cosplay Pikachu added. "I uh...wouldn't be much of a friend if I went against her wishes."
"What do I like to do?" Hazel repeated. "Well I......I like swimming i guess. I was better as an Eevee though. Now I-I've gotta make sure not to shock anyone."
"So....what do you like to do?" The Jolteon questioned.
Though his charm proved to be successful, Voltaire couldn't help but cry out as Anion slammed into him with a quick attack! It wasn't pain though, more out of shock then anything else. After all, any power the attack held had been greatly lowered due to the effects of Voltaire's charm.

Now was the time to retaliate! Gathering energy into his finger, the Emolga began to wiggle it back and fourth, summoning a random move with his Metronome. With this new move fresh in his mind, Voltaire began to gather up his Dark thoughts, before converting it into raw energy!
The sky squirrel Pokemon then fired a Pulse of the wicked energy out at his opponent! Even with Anion trapped in her current state, there was no way Voltaire was about to go easy on her!

Missingno. Master 09-08-2017 09:08 PM

Eventually, Robin voiced the notion of going back to the others, while making sure to stress the point that she was not forcing Millicent to go back just yet if she wasn't yet ready. But even as she said this, the Timburr nodded. "I... Yeah, w-we should go back," she murmured. She looked lost, almost scared, leaning on Willow as though she was a walking stick of some sort, but she led the way back towards the main room nevertheless.

Keith couldn't help but chuckle at Cayenne's enthusiastic response to the praise. Tessa had to actually tell him to slow down, for his speech was getting too rapid for even the Pokémon present to understand him.

Meowth grinned at Tessa's words. "Seemed like da right ting ta do, huh?" he said. "Ya know who tinks like dat? Good friends," he nodded. "Youse may tink dere ain't nothin' special about youse, but dere's a lotta people and Pokémon dat don't tink da same way as youse. Dat's wat makes youse special."

"I-I like swimming, too!" Aster responded, giving a small smile. "And, well, I... I like eating the coral th-that grows on Corsola. It's... it's really good. I... I try not to kill them, though! I... I usually just b-bite off whatever will grow back anyways..."

Anion was mesmerized as Voltaire began to wag a finger back and forth. There was something so strangely entrancing about it that she didn't even notice the powerful blast of darkness hurtling her way until-


All at once, Anion was snapped back to reality. The mental image of Voltaire standing triumphant over a pile of defeated enemies was gone, and she remembered- they were in a battle. And yet, even now that the Fatal Attraction no longer had Anion under its spell, she still couldn't seem to take her eyes off the Emolga. "Oh, you are GOOD!" grinned the Minun. With that, she decided that if Voltaire was gonna go all-out, it was only fair that she do the same in return. She therefore charged up a purple glowing garbage bag, and heaved it at Voltaire. Gunk Shot was her strongest attack at the moment, and Voltaire was about to experience it firsthand.

EpicSquirtle 09-13-2017 10:39 AM

After agreeing that they should return, Millicent began to lead the way back to the living room. But as Robin began to follow the Timburr, she couldn't help but feel incredibly guilty.
She had done the right thing by informing Millicent of the truth right? It was better then leaving Millicent in the dark, right? Watching the Timburr as she leaned on Willow, Robin wasn't entirely sure anymore.
Still, it was much to late to take it back now. Whatever consequences were to come of it, she had to prepare herself for.
With Tessa now occupied with Meowth, Cayenne turned his attention back to Jack.

"Oh right! Can you ask your trainer if they want any drinks?" The Torchic questioned.
"I find those sandwiches go best with a refreshing drink! And Tessa can bring it out super quick! You can ask for one as well if you want, we don't mind!"
"Oh...I umm...guess that makes sense." Tessa murmured, once Meowth was done talking.

"I'm uh...sorry for doubting you. It's just umm...special is probably the last uh...word I'd use for me."
Hazel's eyes widened, and his face fell as Aster described eating the coral on Corsola.

"Oh I-I see....t-that's...certainly interesting." Hazel stammered.
"You s-said you "try not to kill them". D-does that mean you have b-before?"
After sustaining the powerful Dark type attack, Anion managed to snap out of her trance. And as she complimented Voltaire, the Emolga couldn't help but blush. Sure, breaking his spell on the Minun hadn't been his intention, but he couldn't deny how great it felt to be praised.
In fact, Voltaire was so distracted by Anion's words, he didn't have time to react as a glob of slime and garbage crashed into him, sending the Emolga tumbling backwards!

But Voltaire was determined to win, and quickly rose to face Anion once more! Now it was his turn to attack!
Gathering more energy into his finger, Voltaire began to wiggle it back and fourth, summoning a random move with his Metronome.
With his new move selected, Voltaire began to cover his arm in Ice, before rushing towards his opponent, intent on delivering a powerful Punch to the Minun!

Missingno. Master 09-13-2017 12:49 PM

As Millicent led the way back, Willow spoke up, making her voice audible only to Robin this time. You did the right thing, telling Millicent, she stated. I have seen young Pokémon who deal with loss much worse than this, and they were always OK in the end. Millicent is strong, and not just physically. It will take her some time, but she will be OK.

"Yeah, sure," Jack replied, before turning back into a copy of his Trainer. "Alright, Cayenne's asking if we want drinks. We want drinks?"

"I could use something to drink, sure," Keith nodded. "Ask what they got to drink."

Jack nodded, melted back down into his usual form, and turned back to Cayenne. "We want drinks," he confirmed. "What kind of drinks we got to choose from?"

At that moment, Millicent had led the way back. Keith took one look at his devastated Timburr, and knew in an instant that his grim suspicions had just been confirmed. He walked over and pulled the distraught Fighting-type into a hug, whereupon she started sobbing into his shoulder.

My condolences, Luna said to Robin, her head bowed somberly.

Aster squirmed uncomfortably, as it became clear she was freaking Hazel out. "...I didn't mean to," she said. "I... I got carried away a couple times... I... P-Pisces told me my kind are hunters, b-but I don't wanna kill anyone..." Thoroughly flustered by this point, Aster hid her face behind her tentacles.

Anion's compliment got Voltaire blushing, which in turn elicited a grin from the Minun. Voltaire then used Metronome once more, and this time Anion saw that Voltaire was now using Ice Punch. She had no real suitable counter for that, so she decided to wing it. Letting out a Growl beforehand, Anion charged forward, intending to fight back with Quick Attack.

EpicSquirtle 09-20-2017 02:03 AM

As Robin continued to follow Millicent back upstairs, she could feel her body going slightly numb. Just what was she supposed to say when she got back? Even after Willow spoke up to reassure her, the Electric specialist couldn't shake the feeling of guilt. Not entirely, anyway.

But any unpleasant feelings that may have subsided during their trip back upstairs, returned in full force once Robin watched Keith pull Millicent into a hug.

At that moment, the young trainer wanted to melt away. Though Willow had stressed that she shouldn't spend her life blaming herself for Telpo's death, in Robin's mind, the Abra's blood was on her hands.
But among her feelings of guilt and grief, was something she hadn't felt before....not since arriving in Isshin Village anyway. A burning rage.....one that threatened to consume her. Or had this feeling always been there?
Had the girl just simply not noticed before? Robin wasn't sure, but she knew there was only one way to truly quell it.
To seek out Zack, and avenge the people and Pokemon he had wronged. But how? She had no idea just where Zack even was. Even if she did, the man now had Project X on his side...it was hopeless.

Completely tangled in these thoughts, Robin nearly leaped out of her skin as Luna spoke up.
"Umm..t-thank you." Robin replied.

Wait, was that the right way to respond? She questioned. The young trainer had never been in such a situation before. And with everything going on, she hoped she wasn't coming across as uncaring...or even insensitive.
"Oh we have all sorts of drinks!" Cayenne chirped, completely unaware of anything else around him.
"We have orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, milk...oh, and water!"

No sooner had Cayenne finished, did the Torchic glance towards Keith and Millicent, before tilting his head slightly.
"Oh! Are they going to be alright? Should I get more snacks, do you think?"
"O-oh." Was all Hazel could say to Aster's explanation. Though the Mareanie said that she didn't want to kill anyone, she had admitted that she had gotten carried away a few times.
"Y-you won't eat me though...r-right?" Hazel asked after a few moments.
"W-whoever Pisces is..t-they just meant you eat Corsola...not other Pokemon..right?" The Jolteon continued. Though everything in his body was telling him to run as quick as possible, Hazel decided to stay put, if only to hear what Aster had to say.
In response to Voltaire's Ice Punch, Anion let out another Growl, before countering the Emolga's attack with Quick Attack.
Voltaire had to admit, Anion certainly wasn't messing around. It seemed the Minun had an answer to almost every attack he had been using, at least so far. But Voltaire wasn't about to give up, not yet anyway!

Collecting energy into his finger, Voltaire once again started to summon a move with his Metronome! Concentrating on the instructions entering his brain, Voltaire began to gather grass Energy between his paws, forming a small Ball with it.
After flashing Anion a small smirk, Voltaire then threw the ball of energy at the Minun with all his might!

Missingno. Master 09-20-2017 02:31 AM

Luna tilted her head as she regarded Robin. Among the grief the Electric-type specialist felt, there was also a burning rage, most likely directed towards Telpo's murderer, a rage the Swoobat understood. Everyone has their own way to respond in times like these, Luna telepathically said to Robin, in response to the question she had asked in her mind. Everyone handles grief differently. And if anyone would dare question you about it, I would gladly vouch for the fact that you care. Though I doubt such vouching would be necessary- I don't think anyone present would dare doubt that you care.

Keith, still hugging Millicent, sat back down, holding the Fighting-type in his arms as he looked at Robin, a sad, sympathetic look on his face. "How did it happen?" he asked.

Meowth looked along with Cayenne. "Ohhh, boy," he sighed. "I tink dis ain't somethin' more snacks'd help wit," he said to Cayenne. "Though right now I'm guessin' Millicent dere could use a glass o' water," he added.

"N-No, I wouldn't eat you," Aster said, very quick to try and reassure Hazel on that point. "You're right, sh-she only meant I eat Corsola. A-and even if she didn't mean that, I-I would never eat a friend," she added, tears coming to her eyes, scared that she was about to frighten off a potential friend because of the occasional trouble her overzealous appetite had gotten her into. "I-I-I don't w-wanna eat Jolteon, j-just C-C-Corsola... a-and even th-then, j-just th-the stuff that g-grows back anyway..."

The Quick Attack had hit its mark, and Growl had softened the blow from Ice Punch. Voltaire, however, was taking his chances with Metronome once more, though the end result got Anion to smirk back at Voltaire- an Energy Ball? A Grass move? Pffft. Surely a Grass-type projectile wouldn't hold up against a Poison-type projectile! And with this line of thinking fresh in her mind, Anion unleashed another Gunk Shot, hoping to not only counter the Energy Ball, but also further damage Voltaire. Though she had to admit, she did like that little smirk she saw from him just before he launched Energy Ball. The Minun found herself enjoying this battle thoroughly.

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