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Chalis 09-14-2015 04:51 PM

UPN PASBL: rotomotorz vs. SilentReaper

rotomotorz (C) vs Silentreaper(A)
Equilevel 3
72 HR DQ
Power Plant: Situated due east of Cerulean City, this abandoned plant has quickly become the abode of many Electric type Pokemon. The equipment here retains some of the electrical energy which once surged through them constantly, and this excess power will cause Electric types to tire slightly slower than other Pokemon here. The structure itself is sound, leaving only the likes of Steelix able to manipulate it for attacks such as Rock Tomb or Earthquake. This arena is indoors only.
A rematch between rotomotorz and SilentReaper, two TL3 trainers! Hmm, Switch=OK? Oughtta make stuff fun!

Squad up, Roto!

rotomotorz 09-15-2015 10:40 PM

Lets do this. Good luck, and thanks Machamp

Internet-Level 3 Genderless Porygon2
Bio: As most Porygon are, Internet was made by humans. Who or where they made him, not even Internet knows. Their goal was to study a Porygon's ability to change its type nearly flawlessly, albeit for a limited time. Day in and day out, multiple programmers and scientists alike worked on Porygon, inspecting what it was about him that allowed such useful changes. One day, however, one lone programmer took Internet for himself, bringing him into his own basement. This man wasn't just out to research Internet, he wanted to improve upon his conversion abilities. Using the research from the lab he worked in, he took apart Internet's programming, remaking it to add some more unique moves. He was just ironing out the bugs when hr was discovered to have taken Internet. He was arrested, and Internet was taken back to the lab, which was destroyed a few days later due to limited funding and Internet was left to roam the world, where he ended up in Roto's care, who had found him on his travels, and warmly welcomed Internet to his team.
Hidden Power: Default
Signature: Cyber Shields
Internet can now use King's Shield. He may only use it twice per battle.

Gears-Level 3 Genderless Klinklang
Bio: While being bound together certainly had its advantages, ever since he was a Klink Gears always wanted to find a method that allowed him to be separate from his body gears. He was unusually successful as well, in his early days already managing to stay apart longer than most others of his kind. By studying the anatomy of a Porygon-Z(wut?), he managed to find his own way of keeping separate and still maintaining his functions.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: Remote Generation
using a move, Gears's multiple gears can now separate up to one meter from each other without suffering fatigue. While separated, Gears does not enjoy his SC boost to freshness and faster charging times, but can more easily shift his gears around as to avoid attacks both passively and actively. Using another move, Gears can reconnect himself, gaining his SC boost when he does so. Additionally, using a defensive technique or the move Gear Grind automatically transfers him into 'separated' mode, while using any offensive technique excluding Gear Grind transfers him into 'connected' mode.
Attached Token: Metal Coat

Robot-Level 4 Uplevel Genderless Golurk
Bio: A homs robot ironically names Robot, his job was to automatically collect and refine ether cylinders for the people of Colony 6. While no one is sure as to how Robot got his sentience, he did, and soon he left, no exactly impressed with continuing the same routine here. Learning to use his ability to use ether, Robot was able to defend for himself as he traveled through space because he's a fucking giant death robot. Why Robot chose to stay in our world, no one knows that as well.
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Move: Ether Punch[Typeless]
Robot gathers ether around his fist, slamming it into the opponent with a powerful punch. If the target is organic, this attack deals major damage and replenishes energy equal to half the damage dealt. While the attack itself doesn't use energy, it contributes towards exhaustion as if he used a Major energy move. This attack as no effect against Pokemon not considered organic. This move may only be used twice.

Lawn Mower-Level 3 Genderless Rotom-Mow
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature: None

Moon-Level 3 Genderless Lunatone
Hidden Power: Default
Signature: None

Plasma-Level 3 Genderless Rotom
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature: None

SilentReaper 09-16-2015 08:45 AM

GL Roto and thanks Champ.

Kou: Level 4 Male Torterra
Hidden Power: Ice

Forests Embrace: Grass/Ground
Using heavy energy half grass/ground type energy, Kou stomps on the ground, pumping the energy into the terrain, causing the ground to crack open. Many thick and thorny vines(about an inch thick) erupt from the cracks in the ground, entangling the target within, causing considerable grass type damage. Escape from the vines is fairy hard, making escape fairy straining. While larger, stronger pokemon might not find escape as hard, smaller and less powerful will find it harder, thus being trapped for longer. The vines cause mild damage typeless damage every round the opponent is trapped within the thorns. The thorns also will cause a crush claw effect leaving the main areas effected raw. This move can be used up to two times per battle. It cannot be preformed in arenas where the ground cannot break open, or pool arenas. He has forgot how to use Curse, swords dance, and giga impact.

Koromaru: Level 3 Female Umbreon
Hidden Power: Ground

Distorted DNA: (Varies)
Having to evolve into her evolutions and then forced into devolving has damaged Eevees DNA. While being forced to preform moves of the specified type she was evolved into daily and her scrambled DNA, she has retained their moves into her memory. She can now use Thunderbolt, Flamethrower,Ice beam,Dark pulse,Psychic,Water gun,Energy ball, Dazzling gleam, and can use each two times per match. Using these moves costs 1.25x more energy to preform. Due to her constantly being put into machines, being probed, and attacked by Magnetmite, she is easily intimidated due to her trauma, so fear based moves are more effective. Her thirst for battle and revenge negates her from using moves involving defense/support, thus she loses all none attacking moves. She only keeps baton pass and toxic, and will only evolve into an Umbreon.

Junpei: Level 3 Male Quilava
Hidden Power: Grass

Type Change: Fire/Ground
Cyndaquil is now considered Fire/Ground with all of the weaknesses and resistances of the type. Due to his time training in the desert he has learned sand tomb, earth power, bulldoze, and mud bomb. The blue hair on his back is now the same complexity as sand, so he can hide better in sandy environments. Cyndaquil will feel more enthusiastic in hot and sandy environments, however, he will feel unenthusiastic in rainy and wet environments. Despite the look of his hands, he is an excellent digger like any other ground type. He has lost the use of the moves thrash, focus punch, smokescreen, double edge, and inferno. As a Typlosion he loses the use of solarbeam and giga impact.

Akihiko: Level 3 male mankey
Hidden Power: Ghost

Ranged boxing
Mankey is able to punch the air with so much force that his punching type attack are sent in an orb(much like aura sphere) and sent towards the opponent. The orb will retain their type energy usage, strength, and unique properties. Using this move requires you to order "ranged" before the order, for Example(ranged ice punch). Using the ranged version of attacks costs 10% extra energy. Due to having to be calm and composed while boxing Mankey never learned revenge, uproar,psych up, work up, thrash, and final gambit.

Kanji: Level 3 Male Pikachu
Hidden Power: Ground

Cryogenically frozen: (ice)
Pikachu is familiar with the Ice-type because of his extensive training with ice type pokemon. He has the same amount of Ice-energy as he does Electric. Ice attacks take 1.25x the amount of energy to preform,and Pikachu now can use Ice Beam. Pikachu is 10% less agile cause of his newly-frigid body, due to being encased in ice. He also can't risk being reckless with his body and can no longer use the moves volt tackle, wild charge, focus punch, slam, reversal, rollout, seismic toss and flail. As a Raichu he cannot use hyperbeam, giga impact or counter, He is now also weak against the steel type.

Snorby- Level 3 Male Munchlax

Snorby, start us off.

rotomotorz 09-18-2015 02:01 PM

Internet, lets start this charade. MC Hyper Beam to start off, but replace with Kings Sheild if he tries anything physical. then Magnet Rise to the skies.

SilentReaper 09-18-2015 02:18 PM

Snorby, stop any funny business with a Swagger. Rush forward afterwards and give it a Power up punch and a MC Focus punch to give us a healthy lead. Three cause why not.

Chalis 09-19-2015 11:01 AM

Snorby vs. Internet. Electric hopeful versus our Supreme Overlord? Okay.

While Internet goes on to look for physical attacks, Snorby goes on to jeer at him, stick out his tongue, whatever he does to anger people. This immediately piques the attention of Internet, in a bad way! The Porygon-2, looking as angry as a program can, begins to gather an orange aura around himself. Snorby can only watch as the energy focuses, blasting out of Internets chest with an explosive force. The beam collides into the skull of Snorby with sickening force, dragging the Munchlax backwards on his feet.

Snorby, picking himself up, gathers fighting spirit into his stubby arm. With a leap, he thrusts his hand into Internet, eliciting a groan from the levitating Porygon-2! Snorby grins as an orange flash temporarily cloaks him, enjoying a boost to his physical prowess. Now, Snorby is ready to go for another strike, leaping once again with an aura wrapping an arm. He strikes Porygon-2, the levitator managing to ascend a bit higher to reduce the blow.

Internet is nearing the second third. Snorby manages to still be good for two, while Internet is fresh! Note that Internet remains under the effects of Swagger, and the offensive boost associated with it, and Snorby has an attack boost. No more Fighting energy, though.

SilentReaper 09-19-2015 11:26 AM

Good job, Snorby. Use your close proximity to get off a quick Body Slam,keep it pinned. Crush it again with a second Body slam, and keep it pinned once more.

rotomotorz 09-19-2015 05:57 PM

Actually, let me ask: How can munchlax reach me if he's like 2 feet tall and I'm levitating decently high in the air already?

Chalis 09-20-2015 12:35 PM

Dangit I already had the next round reffed in my notes...

Pokémon aren't automatically released really high, and Swagger used early in the round made it so Internet was not in the mood to go any higher. Snorby was able to score Power-up Punch fully, and MCFP didn't contact fully, Internet managing to ascend slightly and pull away. I should have mentioned that.

Edited the round to make it more clear.

rotomotorz 09-20-2015 05:31 PM

Alright, thanks. Foul Play the first one, Electroweb to stop them from trying again

Chalis 09-20-2015 07:01 PM

As rotomotorz and SilentReaper (who I shall now name Trump and Kuroko respectively) yell orders to their Pokémon, the pair begin to act almost instantaneously! Snorby leaps through the air, preparing to crush Internet (who conveniently descended for reasons unknown to the Munchlax). As Snorby falls, Internet prepares itself, moving straight out of Snorby's trajectory, and then using an arm(???) to guide Munchlax straight into the concrete. That'll sting a bit.

Snorby, upon having his face crushed into the tar, realizes that this was Internet's reason for descending! He flies into a feral rage, beating his chest, and prepares to leap once more, but Internet spits out a thick web, the string glowing a bright yellow! The Web wraps Snorby, the Munchlax left helpless as he stumbles to the ground. Seems Foul Play winded him up enough for Internet to act!

Internet is nearly out of the first third, with Snorby holding an alright lead. Snorby is fresh due to the forced one-mover, and Internet is good for two. Swagger has ended.

rotomotorz 09-20-2015 10:13 PM

While he's stuck there for a bit, let him think about what he's done as you Magnet Rise up and away, but if you can't, then go ahead and give him a Zap Cannon instead. Toxic

SilentReaper 09-21-2015 04:36 PM

Focused Hyper voice as you work yourself out of the webs, and Protect from the toxic.

Chalis 09-21-2015 05:32 PM

Internet, smirking as the hindered foe thrashes around uselessly, fills himself with a golden aura. The aura, haven grown to it's limit, is abruptly absorbed by Internet's body, propelling the Porygon2 a good deal higher and even further out of Snorby's reach. Even as he remains bound by the solid tendrils of electricity, the Munchlax remains determined; managing to open his mouth to some degree, Snorby fills his mouth with an echoing blue. The Munchlax yells, releasing a plethora of rings towards Internet; even as the attack does not carry much power due to Snorby's restraints. They collide into Internet, the Porygon2 wincing from the assault!

Internet, surprised that his foe is still capable of striking, begins to secrete a venomous substance, the viscous, purple fluid dripping from his mouth. From high above, globs of gelatinous venom fall from on high as Internet shoots them out one after the other, but it soon becomes clear that Snorby is not wanting to take the blow! Snorby concentrates, surrounding his bound form with a clear, green shield, each glob sliding downwards uselessly as the Munchlax is completely sheltered from the onslaught. As the shield dissipates, Snorby is seen trying to rid himself of the electrified web surrounding himself, managing to slightly free himself from the shocking web. But he still remains tied up quite a bit.

Snorby remains in the lead. While Snorby took negligible damage, Internet didn't take much more. Snorby is good for two, and Internet could do with a break, but it isn't really needed yet. Internet can pull off another Toxic. The Electroweb is weakening.

SilentReaper to order.

SilentReaper 09-22-2015 01:52 PM

Hyper voice again, don't do anything else unless you see toxic. If you see toxic Protect.

rotomotorz 09-27-2015 09:32 AM

Pain Split, timed after Hyper Voice

Chalis 09-27-2015 03:57 PM

Snorby, upon hearing his trainer's yells, snaps to action, taking in a deep breath and letting out a rather impressive yell, mimicking his trainer! As a burst of sound tears up the remainder of the web, Internet can do nothing but watch as a series of blue rings come screaming right at him, dealing massive amounts of auditory damage to the Porygon2, who is sent spiraling backwards through the air.

Making a static-like sound, which I believe to be a yell of pain, Internet gathers his wits, and begins to concentrate, an invisible number of imaginary neurons linking them together. How do I see them? I don't know myself! Anyway, clumps of pure energy seem to be travelling down the links, moving from Snorby to Internet. Seems Internet's wounds are healing; he must be sapping off Snorby's lifeforce! That's... odd, but effective! Meanwhile Snorby, looking around for signs of toxic spraying, can only wonder why he is growing wearier!

Internet cut the lead shorter, being about the same in health, with Snorby nearly leaving the first third. Both are a bit fresher, Internet good for two and Snorby rather fresh. Their energy is already approaching the midpoint. Pain Split is still going on!

rotomotorz 09-29-2015 07:06 AM

Would continuing Pain Split count as another move or no?

Chalis 09-29-2015 10:36 AM

Yeah, it will. Thing is, the move'd be too good if you didn't require a move to continue.

rotomotorz 09-29-2015 04:26 PM

Fair. Blast them with a Zap Cannon then, and follow with Toxic

SilentReaper 10-03-2015 09:59 AM

Ride a Surf up and over Zap cannon and strike, making sure to land your body ontop of porygon. If you manage to bring him down, Body slam, otherwise protect from Toxic.

Chalis 10-03-2015 04:00 PM

Internet wants to bind Snorby, putting together an incredible amount of electricity and forming a huge orb, sparks crackling in ever direction. Snorby's all for noping it out of there, obviously! He charges a blue, flowing energy between his feet, and watches as it denses into a rushing wave of water! The wave lifts Snorby right over the projectile, the Munchlax wincing a bit as some electricity comes through. He goes on, though, washing over Internet and landing on him, but slipping down before Internet reaches the ground. Whoops. Internet once again hocks up a loogie and spits it towards Snorby, but the Munchlax summons a transparent shield, letting the gunk slide to the floor, as the Munchlax sweats. Looks like the shield was more taxing than last time!

Both have their energy nearing the final third. Internet nears the midpoint of health, and Snorby dropped a bit into second third. Both good for two.

SilentReaper 10-05-2015 02:50 PM

Use Telekinetic Psychic to slam him to the floor. If its low enough Body slam and pin, otherwise Ice beam.

rotomotorz 10-05-2015 05:56 PM

Staying low after Psychic, King's Shield Body Slam, or Spite the Ice Beam. End with Double Team

Chalis 10-05-2015 07:05 PM

Snorby starts us off by beginning to glow a blue aura! He starts to levitate a bit, doing the opposite to Internet as the Porygon2 faceplants. Painful. Anyhow, Snorby returns to the ground, and then starts to run towards Internet, who is conveniently hovering only a foot over the ground. He flies through the air, crashing down onto Internet, the momentum causing him to crash with the force of a train into... a shield. A literal shield. Where did Internet find this? Snorby winces as his force is redirected into him, his body feeling jarred from the halting impact. Internet, grinning, zooms between three points, leaving a total of three clones alongside the Porygon2. They better start dealing damage soon!

Both ABSOLUTELY want to find ways to recover energy (if ya know what I mean), with both having their energy enter the final third, with the health condition about the same. Both could do with breaks.

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