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Median Dia 07-11-2017 06:59 PM

The Crystalline Cathedral- Ami and Chroma's Secret Base
The Courtyard

The Crystalline Cathedral, as the name suggests, is a dark, church-styled structure, with a tower on one side, lined with amethyst and aura quartz crystals to give it an air a mystery and beauty. The building’s front is adorned with a stained glass window depicting a blue and orange sigilyph, and the cobblestone walkway leading up to the steeple’s front door is decorated with runes and magic circle motifs. While the magical-looking symbols are completely safe and non-functional, it is highly recommended that one ignores the pumpkin patches alongside the walkway- the hefty gourds, courtesy of one of the Cathedral's residents, explode a few seconds after being picked! It’s also a good idea to have permission to enter before trying to open the door (or windows), as the Chapel is safeguarded by a good few defences to catch all sorts of beings.


The Central Hall

Entering the Cathedral from the front door places you in a large recession room rather than the bench-filled one you would expect from the exterior. It is decorated with an odd mix of mystic eccentricity and normality, finally giving a sign that one of the people living here might be somewhat normal after all. Maybe. More arcane runes decorate the carpet judiciously, and the large chandelier hanging from the middle of the room gives off an eerie vibe, and yet there is a large, pink couch flanked by electric lamps facing a tv system complete with a significant variety of gaming systems.

Both of the walls to either side of the room from the entrance displays another stained glass window: a Mega Altaria to the left, and a swoobat to the right, both in their normal colors. Beneath each window stands another doorway, with a third one standing beneath a Ring of the Creator sigil at the end of the hall.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the place is the effect of its lighting. The chandelier and stained glass windows produce pale blue and purple glows that seem to float towards the center of the room. In turn, the lamps give off a homely orange glow, radiating out from the bulbs to meet with the outer lights. Rather than assimilate one another, however, the lights seem to blend together where they meet, creating a beautiful radial gradient that extends throughout the entirety of the hall. You don’t see things like this at conventional light shows!

The Hall of Floating Memories

Entering the door beneath the Ring of the Creator reveals that the central hall was not the most fantastic room in the building. The long and narrow hallway is lined with pews, and the far wall is adorned with the last stained glass window: An orange and black xatu, the pokemon that sees both past and future. Turning around allows you to see a Red Chain Of Spirit emblem at the same level the Ring was. None of this is what marks the place as special, however- it is much of the same stuff found in the previous room, after all. What is special is the series of hovering puzzle pieces, each a foot wide and shimmering in a combination of three colors. Deliberate contact with one projects its contents into one’s mind, allowing you to experience the event as if you yourself had been there as spectral bystander! Notably, the memories’ color combinations are indicative of the nature of their particular contents, and their soft radiance is the only light source outside of the window and the door (should it be open).

Amicae’s Side

Going through the door beneath the Mega Altaria window places you into a simple hallway. One way leads to a simple, but modern, kitchen area, while the other direction leads to Ami’s room. Ami doesn’t let humans into her room without permission, though she is a little stricter than most regarding pokemon- many can communicate with their trainers just fine, and it wouldn’t do her much good to let them relay any secrets information they might find there during a bad situation. Regardless of how you get in, you’ll find… that it really isn’t all that impressive. The only things of particular note are the fact that the sheets are made of white silk and there are a couple black hoodies significantly larger than what the girl would wear alongside a togekiss themed costume of some sort.

The door directly in front of you when you enter the hallway from the central hall leads to a small room with a staircase leading downward and multiple domes of various sizes made of silk. Modeled after the cocoons that were featured in the Unova Region’s Castelia Gym once upon a time, they use sudden shifts in air flow to suck up and quickly transport people and pokemon alike to the various locations on this side of the basement floor. The stairs, in truth, are simply there for people who would rather avoid using such an exotic method of travel, regardless of what their reasons may be.

Dichromatia’s Side

Going through the door beneath the Swoobat window presents you with a spiral staircase headed upwards and a door that was clearly chosen for its old appearance. Going up the stairs leads to the only second story locations of the building, with a (currently) small library serving as the first stop, Chroma’s room second, and a general study area at the top of the tower. All have a distinct “haunted location” feel to them, though it is entirely possible that some of the wisps that float by are indeed minor spectors. Chroma usually insists that they are, but whether or not someone believes her on the matter is up to them.

Mirroring the transition room on Ami’s side, the door on the ground level leads to a room with a (thankfully normal) staircase of its own leading into the basement, as well as a collection of circular patterns spread about. While many do lead into the basement as well, a few do teleport the user to one of the other rooms on this side, including Chroma’s own. One of them even serves as a one-way trip to the middle of the cobblestone pathway outside! All one has to do is stand in the middle of one of the circles with the will to be taken elsewhere, though the exact end location is set for each circle and none of them are labeled. Do to the trial and error nature of getting the circles to take you where you want to go without guidance, Chroma is far less guarded about entering the room than her roommate- she can, however, seal off that particular warp circle as she sees fit.


Pokemons’ Loop

Many of the cocoons and magic circles lead into a circular basement large enough to fit a good few larger pokemon comfortably, as well as both flights of stairs. Much of the ground is padded to varying degrees to match the differing tastes of the denizens, and many artificial trees dot the vicinity to accommodate those that prefer not to sleep on the ground. The northernmost sector is actually an artificial lake, taking a more natural aesthetic to the otherwise standard base addition. Visitors be warned, however- one of the pokemon most commonly found in the waters is no fish but a large, fairly friendly spider pokemon. Being surprised is rarely a good thing while one is swimming, though he is more than willing to take you to shore should accidentally swallow water in shock!

The Sparring Arena

Accessible via cocoon, warp circle, or one of three doors connecting it to the Loop, this simple raised platform serves as a battleground between pokemon should the need arise or as a training area otherwise. Suspended stands around the outside of the room allow visitors to watch whatever is going on beneath from a (relatively) safe distance, and have their own connections separate from the main arena (though there are stairs connecting the two levels if one so desired to use them.

The Base is now open for RP!

Median Dia 07-11-2017 07:11 PM

Birthday Dates

13- Kodiac (Clauncher)
28- Elenchos (Inkay)
31- Miapladicas (Staryu)

11- Fontaine (Beldum)

7- Glimmerwood (Seedot)
18- Berue (Tangrowth)
20- Bell (Dewpider)

11- Edrick (Grubbin)

5- Nadie (Swoobat)
5- Amity (Swoobat)

17- Oranguru
28- Butternut (Pumkasaur)

14- Sneachd (A. Vulpix)
17- Tobu (Passimian)

13- Cassandra (Sandygast)

None at the moment

8- Dichromatia (Human)
28- Louise (Mawile)

1- Yosai (Spiritomb)

None at the moment.

Median Dia 07-11-2017 07:25 PM


1. Be sure to follow the standard FB rules and procedures regarding interactions. While the Base is for free RP, it would be greatly appreciated if you refrained from making myself or another visitor from feeling bad deliberately.

2. While the Central Hall and underground locations are fairly large spaces to accomodate all but the most immense of creatures, the doorways most definitely are not. It is recommended that you recall any non-serpentine pokemon taller than 7 and a half feet if you wish to take it between areas.

3. Unless given permission, do not enter Amicae's room. This rule applies to pokemon as well, since it is entirely possible for Psychic and/or speaking pokemon to report their findings to their trainer afterwards.

4. I do have a say in determining whether you can join in an ongoing storyline or not, so please check with if you wish to do so. This is as much for the other players' sake as it is my own, so please be understanding here.

Aside from that, feel free to drop a visit whenever the first post says we're open!

Median Dia 07-11-2017 07:25 PM

Seal Sets Collected-

Plushies Collected-

Pencil Toppers Collected

Keychains Collected:

Miscellaneous Trinkets Collected-
None at the moment.

Missingno. Master 07-11-2017 08:44 PM

At first, nothing. And then, a trio shimmered into view in the courtyard- two Pokémon and a person. Well, two and a quarter Pokémon, three quarters of a person, if you wanted to get insanely technical about it. Suffice it to say that two Pokémon and their Trainer had arrived on the scene.

Keith Masters looked up at the churchlike building. Annoyed though he was at the situation, he couldn't help but admire the structure. After a moment, however, he turned to face the Smeargle standing beside him. "Chromium, were you even listening to me?" he asked. "This place looks pretty nice, I'll admit, but unless it's a Pansear Pizza Parlor, it's not where I asked you to take us."

"Yeah, we's starvin' ova here," Meowth added from his perch on Keith's shoulder.

The Smeargle, however, paid no attention to the lecture, for she, too, was in awe of the churchlike structure they'd arrived at courtesy of her own botched Teleport. She immediately extended a pair of vines, using her Vine Whip move to retrieve a canvas from Keith's backpack. She held it steady before her, before going to work with her tail. The paint what tipped her brushlike tail changed color at dizzying speeds, the tail itself a mere blur at some points as she moved it across the canvas. And at last, she had finished. She turned the canvas, showing Keith her latest masterpiece.

"...OK, that's not bad," Keith conceded, nodding his approval of the painting- the Smeargle had captured the building's likeness quite well. "But we still don't know where the hell we are... well, maybe someone lives here?" he suggested.

"Stranger tings have happened," Meowth shrugged. "But it ain't like we's just gonna stroll right up to da front door and knock on it like... yer... doin'... now," he groaned, for while he spoke, Keith just strolled right up to the front door and knocked on it. Chromium followed- the Smeargle was eager to see what this building looked like on the inside if merely the outside had inspired her so.

Median Dia 07-11-2017 09:03 PM

Knock, knock, knock. The sound echoed through the main hall, alerting one of the residents of a stranger's presence- most likely a human, judging from the fact that they actually knocked.

"Visitors already?" Chroma asked nobody in particular as she said a book aside and sprang up from the couch. The place had just finished construction about a week ago (curtesy of the new big cheeses of the land, of course) and was a bit off the beaten path, so she really hadn't expected anyone to come up by chance. Heck, not even a mailman had come by yet!

She took a deep breath and opened the door. "Hello, there!" she welcomed the guest with, before putting on a face of genuine surprise. "Wait, Master Masters? What are you doing here?" She quickly stepped aside to usher him in. "Ah, that doesn't matter. Come in and escape from the heat, since you're here!"

Missingno. Master 07-11-2017 09:25 PM

The door swung open, to general surprise- someone did indeed live here. Moreover, Keith recognized the young woman before him- Dichromatia Schmeltzer, current owner of an Inkay Keith very briefly owned for himself, and one of the Trainers who came to help put an end to Stewie's bid for world domination. "Oh- hey, Chroma," Keith replied. At her request, he entered the impressive structure she seemed to call home. "So yeah- we were headed to Pansear Pizza Parlor to grab a bite to eat, and I figured this would be a good opportunity for Chromium here to practice her Teleport move," he said, gesturing to the Smeargle who was currently glancing around at the interior of the building. "As you can probably guess, she still needs a bit of work with it," he chuckled. "She's not half bad with it in battle, but over long distances, that's a whole other swarm of Yanma."

"So youse lives here, huh?" Meowth remarked, looking around. "I gotta say, nice place. Keith's still workin' on his new place."

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "I mean, it's coming along real nicely, and it's given me an opportunity to actually live much closer to where my boat is docked, over by Salt Wave Coast."

"Though now dat he's gonna be livin' dere, more like Sludge Wave Coast," Meowth quipped.

Keith looked a bit thoughtful at this. "Sludge Wave Coast..." he murmured. "Now that's catchy. I like it! But anyway, yeah- this place looks really nice, Chroma," he added, also looking around.

Median Dia 07-11-2017 09:55 PM

"I'd imagine so..." she said when Keith finished explaining how they got here. The ability to teleport precisely over a long distance requires an amount of focus few humans could achieve, so this little smeargle having trouble makes sense. "Well, we're no pizza shop, but I think I can whip something up for your troubles."

She led them up to the door beneath the Mega Altaria window as they explained the situation over at their place. "Well, it's nice to know you're picking yourselves back off the ground. The business with Stewie was pretty unfortunate for you." She paused for a brief second. "Though I will admit that feels a bit odd to no longer be homeless." She knocked on the door a couple times and called out. "Hey Ami, I'm heading into the kitchen. Oh, and we've got guests over, so please look presentable if you come out!"

"Guests? That's weird," another human voice responded. "Go ahead, I'll be out in a minute!"

"Alrighty then," Chroma opened the door and led the way. "Oh, that's my sister, by the way." She ended the statement in a whisper. "...She's adopted."

Missingno. Master 07-11-2017 10:27 PM

Keith nodded as Chroma seemed to understand perfectly well how Chromium was still having trouble with Teleport. "It was the same way with my Qwilfish for a good while," he added. "Took a lot of working with him before he really got the hang of Teleport. Not to mention, probably doesn't exactly help that most Qwilfish can't actually learn Teleport," he chuckled. He then smiled as Chroma offered to make them something to eat. "Oh, well, you don't have to, but thanks so much, Chroma," he replied.

"I second dat thanks," Meowth chimed in.

As they followed Chroma, she commented on the Stewie incident. "Yeah, for sure," Keith nodded. "I mean, all things considered, it could've gone way worse. Luna, my Swoobat, apparently foresaw this happening, and so took the initiative to pack anything irreplaceable into my backpack so I had them on me before the place was destroyed. Plus, everyone evacuated in time, so there's that to be thankful for. To say nothing of how everything ended," he added with a small smile. "I mean, it really does suck- that house had been a home to me for many years now, and a small pile of debris is all that remains... but yeah- things are absolutely picking up for us," he nodded. It was at that moment Chroma spoke to someone behind a door, someone by the name of Ami, telling her where she'd be, and more to the point, that they have guests, a fact this Ami seemed to find weird. As Chroma led the way towards the kitchen, she explained that Ami was her sister- her adopted sister. "Ah," Keith nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, what's the story there?" he added.

Median Dia 07-11-2017 10:45 PM

"A swoobat, huh? I was under the impression that they were on the low end of the spectrum as far as psychic power goes, by that level of precognizance is no easy feat..."

Chroma began to rummage through their foodstuffs as soon as they reached the kitchen proper. Naturally, Keith had asked about her sister's 'adoption', so she thought for a moment to determine where to start. "Well, I sort of just found in the middle of the forest with no memories and a whole bunch of psychic energy. And I do mean no memories- poor thing couldn't even remember what a name was, much less which one she had." She pulled a bunch of cans from the pantry. "We don't exactly have anything in the way of pizza, so perhaps a stir fry will do?"

Missingno. Master 07-11-2017 11:01 PM

Keith shrugged. "I wouldn't really know myself," he admitted. "Luna really seems to be something else, though. She started getting premonitions shortly before evolving, and we've very quickly learned not to question them, she's never been wrong yet. Doesn't have much in the way of control of the subject matter of the premonitions, though." He then listened as Chroma explained about finding Ami in the middle of the forest, no memories whatsoever, and an overabundance of psychic energy. "Wow," he remarked. "Has she been able to remember anything at all about herself?" he asked. He nodded as Chroma suggested a stir fry, explaining her distinct lack of pizza. "Sure, that's cool with me," he nodded.

"As long as it's edible, I'll eat it," Meowth chimed in.

"Smeargle," Chromium remarked, sounding a bit more reserved than the others- she would much rather prefer to wait and see how the food looked before digging in.

"Oh- Chroma," Keith added. "Would it be OK if I brought out the other Pokémon I brought as well?" he asked. "They'll be hungry, too. Don't worry, I didn't bring my Swalot or anything like that- Crabbe's been banned from most restaurants in the region anyway," he added with a chuckle.

Median Dia 07-11-2017 11:21 PM

"Unfortunately, I don't think she has. She did mention that she met someone who knew her previously while we were apart, but as for personal remembrance... nothing."

She nodded as her guests agreed with her suggestion and pulled out the rest of the ingredients and a wok. "I've got no problem with that, though I would take size into consideration. We've got plenty of space downstairs, but it can get pretty cramped in here!"

She then started to go about her work, starting with cutting up a pale looking block of sorts. "Here's a hint if you ever plan on cooking with tofu, make sure to get all the water out of it before cooking. That way, it actually takes up the flavor of your spices rather than winding up a tasteless block of disappointing mush!" It wasn't hard to tell that she spoke from experience, unfortunately.

Missingno. Master 07-12-2017 12:17 AM

"Wow," Keith murmured. "Well, I definitely hope she remembers someday," he stated. His voice remained calm and even, though Meowth noticed Keith blinking back a bit of moisture, and it wasn't exactly difficult for the Scratch Cat Pokémon to figure out why the subject of memory loss was a bit of an emotional one for Keith. Fortunately, a change of subject presented itself in Chroma's permission for Keith to send out the rest of his team. Keith nodded as Chroma advised him to consider size. "No problem," he stated. "In fact, this one won't take up too much space at all," he added, opening up a Poké Ball, which spilled its contents out directly into Keith's shadow. For a moment, one might assume nothing was there... until, that is, the grinning face of a Gengar popped up out of the floor.

Chuck glanced around at his surroundings. Then at Chromium. Then at Chroma. Then at Keith. "We never made it to Pansear Pizza Parlor, did we?" the Gengar asked.

"Nope," Keith shook his head. "But Chuck, this here is Chroma, we wound up here at her place, and she's agreed to fix us something to eat."

"Yeah?" grinned the Gengar. "Well, thanks very much for that, Chroma. The name's Chuck. Good to meet you."

"I'll be back," Keith added. "Just gonna send out the others- might need a little extra room," he explained, before heading back downstairs. And once he was sure there was sufficient room, he threw two more Poké Balls and a Fast Ball, each of which unleashed its occupant upon the floor.



"Mai maaaiii!"

Keith smiled at his Venusaur, his Arbok, and his Minun. "Alright, guys, dinner's coming up soon. Yes, I know this isn't Pansear Pizza Parlor. All complaints in that regard are to be brought straight to Chromium, OK? In the meantime, we're guests at a friend's house, so I know we'll all behave real well, OK? Especially considering she's being kind enough to cook us something to eat."

"Chaaa," nodded Nagini. Keith smiled- he expected nothing less than this level of ladylike politeness from his Arbok.

"Veeenusaaaaur," rumbled Dennis, likewise nodding. Again, no surprise to Keith- Dennis, excitable as he could so often be, definitely knew when to reel it in.

"Maii! Minun mai!" Anion said. climbed up onto Keith's shoulder, pushed Meowth aside. "Minun! Minun mai!" she demanded.

"Anion wants ta see dis meal in progress," Meowth translated.

"Minun," Anion nodded to confirm this.

Keith nodded. "Alright, sure," he responded, heading back on up to the kitchen. "Alright," he said to Chroma. "My Venusaur and Arbok are making themselves at home- they're both very well behaved," he assured her. "And this is Anion, my Minun," he added, indicating the Electric-type rodent on his shoulder. "She insisted on watching our food get prepared," he explained.

"Mai Minun!" nodded Anion. She eyed the tofu with something like distaste, but raised no vocal objections, contenting herself to simply watching Chroma work with it.

Median Dia 07-12-2017 01:01 PM

There's a certain point when dealing with Keith Masters that you just start expecting everything to talk. It was only a matter of time before that smeargle opened her mouth, though Chroma got the feeling that it would be something quite sarcastic if it did happen.

In any case, it wasn't the gengar's speech that surprised her- it was his laid back attitude. Chuck's kind had reputation for being either simple (if not terrifying) tricksters at best or malicious life force thieves at worst, with both types appearing in almost equal measure. So seeing this one nonchalantly ask about the lack of pizza parlors struck Chroma as being quite out of character- though that too was probably to be expected with this man among men. "Well, um, nice to meet you too, Chuck."

She dropped the tofu into her wok and started adding myriad seasonings- some dried powders, some premade 'sauces' that were clearly not being used as such, and an oil from Kanjoh- as she addressed Keith again. "Sure, go ahead! The stairway's behind the door right in front of the one we entered from. Oh, and feel free to test out one of the cocoons if you wish, though the actual stairs can get you there as well." She left him to figure out what she meant by 'cocoons' and mixed everything together.

By the time Keith got back to the kitchen, the tofu was simmering and turning to a crispy brown color as Chroma drained the fluid from the vegetables. "I'd sure hope so," she replied jokingly when Keith explained that his pokemon below were well behaved. "A hungry snake of that size would be a bit a problem otherwise!" She nodded to the little rodent on his shoulder. "I've got no problem with folks watching. It's nothing particularly fancy, though that doesn't seem to have driven Chuck off yet."

It wasn't long before Dennis and Nagini encountered a resident of their own. A gray bulbasaur with a jack-o-lantern where his bulb should be ran around the corner and came to a screeching halt upon noticing the strangers. 'Woah, you're huge...' he said in awe of the fully evolved Seed pokemon. He shook his head to get his act together, a trait he likely picked up from his trainer. 'Have either of you seen an annoying squid around here? Speaks backwards and occasionally breathes fire?'

Missingno. Master 07-12-2017 02:47 PM

Chuck chuckled as Chroma managed to greet him, betraying little, if any, of her surprise at his laid-back attitude. "Lemme guess- you were expecting some mean-spirited prankster or something, yeah?" he grinned. "Believe it or not, that was more my style when I was alive- not so much these days. And this is nothing- you really want to see Pokémon that defy the stereotypes, you should meet Keith's Stunfisk."

Keith returned soon after that, nodding in agreement. "Oh, yes," he chuckled. "Now, if I brought my Seviper, then I might need to keep an eye on him, but Nagini's perhaps the best behaved of any of my Pokémon. More of a gentle, motherly sort than what one generally expects an Arbok to be like. Unless you threaten someone she cares about- then she gets terrifying," Keith stated.

Anion nodded back to Chroma. "Mai Minun," she replied, sniffing at the food, after which she smiled and gave a nod. "Minun, Minun," she stated.

"We're so glad ya approve," Meowth replied, rolling his eyes.

Chuck gave a small chuckle at Chroma's words. "You'd have to be a pretty bad cook to drive me off," he replied. "Like that one time Meowth tried cooking something without Hermione or Cotton helping him out."

"Hey, my cookin' got rave reviews!" Meowth retorted hotly.

"Indeed, but consider the source of said rave reviews," smirked Chuck. "Crabbe's a Swalot- he gives rave reviews to blocks of concrete with ranch dressing. And if the bulk of the praise for your cooking is coming from a Weezing, a Muk, and a Garbodor, what do you think that says?"

"Ehhh," Meowth grumbled, shutting up at once, though still looking annoyed.

Dennis and Nagini didn't have especially long to admire their surroundings before one of the residents came up to them. Dennis eyed the young Pumpkasaur with interest and curiosity just as the Pumpkasaur looked up at him. However, the Pumpkasaur soon got back on track, asking if either of them had seen some backwards-talking squid that breathed fire. "Can't say I have," Dennis replied.

"Nor have I," Nagini shook her head. "My name is Nagini, by the way, and this is Dennis. Who are you?" asked the Arbok.

Median Dia 07-12-2017 04:22 PM

"Heh, you got me!" She thought for a moment as she tried to figure out to word her next statement. "Is that how you see it? I don't know if I just have a twisted point of view due to not having kicked the bucket yet, but I'd say that you're still alive, just on round 2. You're not some listless spirit waiting around for a dusknoir to drag you back to the other side, after all." She had no idea what the stereotypes for stunfisk even were, so she decided not to comment on that matter.

She had no idea what a 'rave review' was exactly, or what Hermoine and Cotton were, but she found the exchange between Chuck and Meowth funny regardless. It was pretty difficult to suppress her chuckles and keep from spilling the bean sprouts everywhere but the wok. "Those are some harsh words, right there!" The scratch cat pokemon's immunity certainly didn't protect him from the gengar's review, as evident by his dejected silence. "I'm not sure what advice to give you, though, seeing as it doesn't seem like most of your team doesn't want you practicing..." She pondered for a moment as she finished adding the veggies and started the titular stirring part of the dish. "Well, at least I've got some positives so far..."

'Oh. That dang fiend has gotten all too good at hiding recently!'
The pumkasaur made a quick look around the area again. 'It's almost like he's gone camo or somethin'." He looked back at the visitors and nodded. 'Well then, Miss Nagini an' Mr. Dennis, my name's Butternut. It's oddly nermal amongst this crowd. I think the human was hungry when she got me or somethin' like that...'

Missingno. Master 07-12-2017 07:03 PM

The Gengar nodded. "I like how you think," he said. "I mean, yeah, I think of it as being alive vs. being dead, but at the same time, I'm pretty good about making the most of my afterlife. My round 2's been going way better than round 1."

Keith chuckled as Chroma admitted she wasn't sure what sort of advice to give, considering any attempts on Meowth's part to practice cooking would likely not go over well with his teammates. "Well, in all fairness, Meowth's pretty good when he's working with Hermione and Cotton," he said. "It's just going solo he doesn't do well with. Oh, yeah, Hermione and Cotton- those two are the Pokémon in charge of all the cooking in my Secret Base. Cotton's my Swirlix, and Hermione's my Weedle."

The Pumpkasaur complained about this fire-breathing backwards-talking squid and his apparent hiding skills. He then introduced himself as Butternut, adding that his Trainer must have been hungry when she got him. "Sounds like it," Dennis agreed. "Never seen a Bulbasaur quite like you before, though," he added, sounding interested.

"I've seen a picture," Nagini spoke up. "You're what's called a Pumpkasaur, right?" she asked Butternut.

Median Dia 07-12-2017 08:32 PM

"Well, having a guiding hand can help a lot. Er, a helping stinger...?" The aspiring mystic took a second to contemplate how a weedle could feasably go about cooking, and ultimately decided that it probably involved a lot of silken thread. After seeing what the spider-like creature Ami brought home could do with the stuff, it really wouldn't have surprised her. She absentmindedly flipped the contents of the wok a couple times, catching everything back inside with precision. "I don't believe I know what swirlix is, actually. Guess I'm gonna have to find my dex when we're done eating, huh?"

Butternut's ear's perked up at the mention of his breed. 'Yer right, Miss Nagini! I see yer pretty smart, huh? But yeah, we're not exactly a dime a dozen..."

Missingno. Master 07-14-2017 04:21 AM

Keith gave a small chuckle as the logistics of a Weedle cooking food seemed to baffle Chroma. "It's actually much easier for her ever since I taught her Psychic," Keith explained. He nodded as Chroma mentioned having to get out her Pokédex when thery were done eating, considering she didn't know what a Swirlix was.

Nagini nodded. "Oh, yes, I know," she replied. "Our Trainer was quite disappointed he couldn't get one of you for himself. I think he'd like to meet you," she added.

Median Dia 07-14-2017 01:29 PM

"Oooh!" she exclaimed once Keith had explained his weedle cooked using Psychic. "That makes a lot more sense! Not to mention that it would be a bit less messy than what I was thinking." She flipped the stir fry again and gave it a quick sniff. "Alright, looks like we're almost done here! How many plates should I grab for your crew?"

'He wanted one o' us?'
Butternut looked a little incredulous regarding the arbok's claims. 'We don' even have dah same potential as our fellows!' He pointed a vine at Dennis to emphasize his point.

Missingno. Master 07-14-2017 06:15 PM

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "Though not knowing Psychic certainly never stopped Hermione," he added. "Pretty much all the pots and pans and whatnot are bigger than she is, so she often has to shoot a String Shot straight up at the ceiling, then reel it in to pull herself up to see how something's doing. And Cotton's always known Psychic since before I caught him, so he's been a big help to her as well. Not to mention, Hermione's a Weedle, meaning she's got an incredible sense of smell, always a good thing when cooking." He smiled as Chroma declared the food was almost ready. "Alright, well, one for me, one for Meowth, of course," Keith began.

"Mai Minun mai!" Anion interrupted, pointing at herself.

"...one for Anion, of course, as she knows damn well I was just about to say," Keith continued.

"One for Chuck," the Gengar piped up. "I may not need to eat, but that doesn't mean I can't, and it certainly doesn't mean I don't want to," he grinned. "And judging by what I'm smelling, I think I want to," he added.

"Believe me, I know," Keith chuckled. "Alright, and of course, I'm sure Dennis and Nagini would each appreciate a plate of their own, if that's alright."

Nagini gave a small, polite chuckle. "He knows very well that Pumpkasaur don't evolve," the Arbok responded. "He also knows very well that Pokémon don't necessarily need to evolve to reach their full potential."

"Nagini's got a point," nodded Dennis. "One of my teammates? An Ivysaur, doesn't want to evolve any further. And a big part of her battle style is disarming opponents with her cutesy appearance, and outmaneuvering them with her smaller size, so I'd say that works for her. And that's not even getting into Hermione and her son Albus. She's a Weedle. He's a Kakuna. Neither of them intend to evolve any further. And hey, don't you got some cool attack that no other kind of Pokémon can learn?" he added.

Median Dia 07-14-2017 07:20 PM

Chroma counted the extra dishes needed and had a bit of an epiphany. "Wait, what about your smeargle?" She gathered up the plates and began shoveling stir fry onto them. "Well, hopefully it tastes as good as it smells, then!"

the pumpkasaur said plainly. "Guess that explains what Berue's been goin' on about..." His mood picked back up at mention of his unique technique. 'Oh, yeah! It's not teh greatest in battle, though. Makes for good gardenin'.'

Missingno. Master 07-14-2017 07:55 PM

"Well, she's gonna be the judge of that," Keith replied as Chroma asked about Chromium. He glanced at the Smeargle who was sniffing at the air. "She's gonna want a tiny taste first before she makes up her mind." He shrugged apologetically. "It's just how she is. Very selective about what she deems good enough for her."

"I'd imagine the pumpkins you grow with it shouldn't be picked, though?" Nagini smiled. "That aside, though, yes, I can imagine it'd be helpful with gardening. I take it there's a pumpkin patch somewhere around here, then?"

Median Dia 07-14-2017 08:46 PM

"Oh. Well, I'll leave some in the wok for her then!" She quickly went about her work, so t wasn't long before the counter was covered in platters heaping with veggie things. "You wouldn't happen to mind eating downstairs, would you? Seeing as that's probably here most of our pokemon are and all?"

'Wouldn' recommend it, no,' he agreed, though something about the way he said it suggested that he probably would. 'There's a whole bunch of 'em out front. They're sure to give any thieven' kids a surprise come 'Alloween time!' He let out a hearty laugh to punctuate the "joke".

Missingno. Master 07-15-2017 10:42 PM

Chromium sniffed at the contents of the wok, her expression unreadable. She eyed the stir fry, almost as though sizing it up. Finally, in what was perhaps a completely unnecessary usage of a move, the Smeargle performed Voodoo Bugaloo. Keith raised an eyebrow at the plush stir fry that was psychically jabbed with a needle, but said nothing as his Smeargle used the move to levitate a little bit of stir fry right into her mouth. For a moment, she chewed it, and then she swallowed it, and then she turned to look at Chroma...

...and a small smile appeared on Chromium's face. "Smeargle!" she declared, her tone of voice decidedly positive.

"Well, looks like Chromium approves," Keith grinned. "Believe me, if she didn't approve, you'd know. So yeah, she'll be wanting a plate as well." Chroma then asked if they'd mind eating downstairs, considering that's where the Pokémon would be at in any case. "I don't mind at all," Keith shook his head.

Dennis chuckled, and even Nagini, ever the prankster in her youth, could not help but give an appreciative laugh at Butternut's joke.

"See, that's something I wouldn't mind knowing how to do," grinned Dennis. "Besides which, knowing Keith, he'd very likely find a way to make that Pumpkin Bomb attack work good in battle."

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