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Jerichi 01-09-2018 09:48 AM

UPN PASBL 2.0: Hen da man vs. Rangeet
Hen da man(c) vs Rangeet(a)
15 AP Limit
1 Week DQ
Switch = KO
Arena: Rock (Outdoor): The arena is covered by boulders of varying shapes and sizes. Exactly what is there is up to everyone's imagination. If someone says a rock is there (or isn't there), it's there as long as it doesn't contradict something someone has already said. Special Rule: Boulders

hen da man 01-09-2018 04:14 PM

Good luck Geet and thanks for reffing Jeri!

Precious: Female Dratini - (AP: 2)
Item: Starf Berry (Psychic, Solid) - A legendary berry, said to be abandoned at the world’s edge due to its power. When the user has less than ⅓ of their health remaining, they will eat this berry and receive a sharp boost to attack, defense, special attack, special defense or speed.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Dratini (Dragon): Dratini can move equally well in the water and on the ground, but they prefer water, as they cannot fly like their higher evolutions. They have decent vision in low light environments.

No Signature Move


Buck: Male Cubone - (AP: 2)
Item: Ground Gem - A crystal that is as firm as the earth itself. It boosts the first Ground move used by the holder by two stages, stacking with other boosts. It is consumed afterwards.
Hidden Power: Grass
Cubone (Ground): A Cubone's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. Cubone may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone, but to compensate attacks using their bone will deal x1.1 damage due to the hardness of the weapon. Its Skull Bash attack takes slightly less energy than normal to use. Cubone can see in the dark.

No Signature Move


Olive: Female Sentret - (AP: 1)
Item: Silk Scarf - This Token increases the power of Normal type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Normal type damage if it is thrown.
Hidden Power: Fairy
Sentret (Normal): Sentret, when not moving, will stand on their tails if possible, which gives them a better view of their surroundings. This also reduces the damage they take from Earthquake and similar moves, as well as reducing the damage they take from electric attacks a bit (as the electricity goes through their tail to the ground). They are also excellent at digging, able to burrow faster than most Pokémon. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves and they have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team.

No Signature Move


Esteban: Male Koffing (AP: 1)
Item: Black Sludge - A pile of sludge that Poison Pokémon love. It will deal light damage to any Pokémon that holds it, unless they are poison type, in which case it will heal light energy per round.
Hidden Power: Water
Koffing (Poison): Koffing levitate by default. They are made of poison. Thus, they thrive in environments where such poisons abound. They are healed by toxic chemicals instead of harmed, and poison attacks heal them instead of harm them. Koffing use their internal gases to move and float about: however, they cannot go under water, instead it will float at the top. Koffing have a 5% chance of Exploding when KO'ed. They can see in the dark.

No Signature Move


Jock: Male Cranidos - (AP: 3)
Item: Leftovers - Some mysterious, half-eaten food that seems to never run out. At the end of each round, the user will eat a small amount, restoring light energy.
Hidden Power: Grass
Cranidos (Rock): Cranidos' extremely hard and somewhat pointed skull gives them a 1.1x boost in head-based attacks. However, Cranidos are neither fast nor agile. Being fossils, their Ancient Power attack will boost slightly more often.

No Signature Move


Gylfi: Male Squirtle - (AP: 1)
Item: Mystic Water - This Token increases the power of Water type moves by 10%. It causes the move Fling to deal Water type damage if it is thrown.
Hidden Power: Ground
Squirtle (Water): Squirtle are the most agile of their family on land and decent swimmers, but are not as fast as other Pokémon. They are vulnerable if knocked on their backs and have a hard time getting up, though attacks that strike their back suffer from a slight drop in power. As starter Pokémon, their Water-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.

No Signature Move


Rangeet 01-10-2018 12:38 AM


D.Va - Porygon2 - Eviolite - HP Fire (4)

Pharah - Female Skarmory - Oran Berry - HP Electric(3)

Dante - Male Cubone - Liechi Berry - HP Electric(2)

Barbara Gordon - Female Ralts - Oran Berry - HP Ground(2)

Asriel Dreemurr - Male Scyther - Power Herb - HP Fire(2)

Mr. Genetor- Male Elekid - Sitrus Berry - HP Grass(1)

Total AP: 14/15

Let's start this matchup with BATGIRL! Er, Barbara Gordon.

hen da man 01-10-2018 01:14 AM

Alright Esteban, you're up.

Let's start things off with a Sludge and then make things a bit more difficult to see with a Smokescreen whilst you bobble around within it to be hard to hit.

Rangeet 01-10-2018 01:45 AM

Quickly Teleport just behind him to dodge the Sludge. Then Psychic blast away the Smoke to nail him.

Jerichi 01-10-2018 11:43 AM

Round One
Quark: Oooh girl you know I like the Rock Arena.

Koi: Don't we all. And today, we have a match between Rangeet and hen da man, two ASBers who have been long inactive until now. Our first matchup is a fun one, between Barbara Gordon the Ralts on Rangeet's side and Esteban the Koffing on hen's. Should be fun!

Koi: Esteban is the first to act, spitting a glob of Sludge right at the little Psychic's tiny form. However, Barbara is not about to get mussed like that, and as the glob soars towards her, she suddenly flickers out of existence briefly, seeming to have disappeared. But, she hasn't disappeared at all - simply Teleported out of the way! She reappears behind Esteban, who is rather confused by this development. Not able to see his foe at the moment, he decides to just follow through with his Smokescreen, bobbing about as thick smoke pours from his body. The Ralts is not put off, though, as she is able to easily strike from her new position, launching a Psychic wave that cuts throuh the smoke and strikes the unsuspecting Esteban. The gaseous blob, put off by the attack, turns to face his foe again, though some smoke still lingers, making her more of a dark shadow.

Koi: Barbara has drawn first blood and with a powerful hit to boot, but her energy use was quite a bit more than her foe. It's still quite early on.

Rangeet 01-11-2018 09:23 AM

Misty Terrain, Future Sight.

hen da man 01-11-2018 09:32 AM

Screech her out of the Misty Terrain and then hit her with a round of Sludge Bombs.

Jerichi 01-11-2018 03:16 PM

Round Two
Koi: Looking to make the arena a bit more hospitable, Barbara goes about spreading some magical energy in order to summon a Misty Terrain. However, Esteban will have none of that, and let's out an obnoxious Screech. Barbara cringes, stopping her move before it can really begin. Guess that's the end of that!

Koi: With her first move foiled, she decides to move on to her second order, peering into the Future with her mental Sight, predicting an attack to come in the coming rounds. However, this mental clarity causes some physical blindness, as it leaves her open to a Sludge Bomb, which soaks her in nasty sludge, a fact she is not pleased to confront.

Koi: As Barbara shakes off the sludge, we can see that she's not at all happy about that trade, bringing the two combatants on roughly even ground, though Barbara does look a bit more tired for her efforts.

hen da man 01-11-2018 05:37 PM

Taunt her as you move towards the nearest rock and fire a Sludge again just before you take cover!

Rangeet 01-12-2018 12:30 AM

Keep moving the entire round to try to maintain a line of sight even when he's behind the rock. Psychic blast just after the Taunt.

Jerichi 01-12-2018 05:01 PM

Round Three
Koi: Looking to take advantage of the arena's terrain, Esteban begins to strafe to a nearby rock to take cover. But before he disappears between the hefty boulder, he lays down some Taunts. Barbara is clearly peeved, but isn't about to take the insults lying down. She keeps after Esteban, shuffling around the rock to maintain line-of-sight, and pops off a Psychic wave before Esteban can hide. The hit sends the Koffing for a bit of a loop, allowing Barbara to continue her shuffle into a good range - which might have been a bit of a bad thing for her. Esteban seeks revenge with a splash of Sludge. While Barbara is on the move and the attack only hits partially, it's not exactly the best outcome, as she's left poisoned as a result...

Koi: Barbara has regained a lead, though not as great of one as she might have hoped. It does mean that Esteban is pushing into the lower reaches of his health, and the gas ball is looking a bit tired, though Barbara is looking just a bit more chipper.

Koi: It's suddenly a bit windy in the arena... That's odd.

Rangeet 01-13-2018 06:47 AM

Er, am I still under Taunt? The description says "If the target deals major damage to the user in that time..." but I'm not sure if SE damage is considered or not :P

hen da man 01-13-2018 07:54 AM

Partial hit I assume means still taunted

Jerichi 01-13-2018 08:20 AM

You're no longer taunted.

Rangeet 01-13-2018 11:27 AM


Calm Mind, Psybeam.

hen da man 01-13-2018 04:11 PM

Venoshock during the calm mind and then take cover behind that rock finally!

Jerichi 01-14-2018 03:35 PM

Round Four
Koi: Deciding to put her recent poisoning out of her head, Barbara starts the round with a Calm Mind, concentrating briefly to gain focus, as well as a boost to her special attack and (now, with the new and improved version) her special defense. And she's going to need that defensive boost as Esteban is looking to take advantage of the status proc by sending a Venoshock her way. Though the boost mitigates the damage somewhat, the significant damage hit is still rather nasty. Barbara looks positively disgusted as she's flooded with the toxins, giving Esteban a moment to slink around behind a nearby rock.

Koi: Barbara, however, is far from done, as she has one more attack up her sleeve for this round. She releases a colorful Psybeam in Esteban's general direction - though there's a big rock between them, Barbara has both the advantage of her psychic awareness and the malleability of the beam, allowing her to snake it around just enough to score. It's a hit - albeit partial - but still super effective and boosted, enough to hurt.

Koi: Just before the round ends, the wind picks up again from behind Barbara, but this time it seems to result in something - a massive ball of Psychic energy! No rock will save Esteban now as it crashes into the poison ball for a huge hit.

Koi: Esteban had a pretty bad round all things considered, now well below the halfway. Barbara did not come out unscathed but the trade in damage plus Future Sight came out in her favor.

hen da man 01-14-2018 05:47 PM

Clear Smog, if it hits, Sludge Bomb, if it doesn't hit, another Clear Smog.

Never 3.

Rangeet 01-15-2018 10:53 AM

Teleport behind him and Psychic blast, aiming to knock him into clear space away from too many rocks.

Jerichi 01-15-2018 08:16 PM

Round Five
Koi: Keeping the pace brisk, Esteban releases a spray of Clear Smog, the pillar of gas spurting right towards Barbara. However, as she did before, the Ralts flickers out of sight for a moment to Teleport out of Esteban's sight once more, avoiding the attack. This gives her opportunity to strike with a Psychic as the Koffing takes a moment to figure out where Barbara has gone. The Ralts aims the wave in a way to maximize his push away from any more cover, but with the repeated blasts, the push isn't quite what she would have hoped, but damaging nonetheless. Esteban is bounced a little ways away from the nearby boulder, but it also lets him know Barbara's new location. He repeats his Clear Smog assault, which washes over Barbara this time, wiping her slate clean.

Koi: Barbara has maintained her advantage but lost her boost in the process, now dancing near half, whereas Esteban is a bit closer to critical than half. Barbara is looking a bit tuckered after that round, but otherwise okay.

Rangeet 01-16-2018 07:43 AM


hen da man 01-16-2018 08:20 AM

Belch into Venoshock

Jerichi 01-17-2018 07:25 PM

Round Six
Koi: Looking for a bit of revenge, Esteban brings out the big guns, a giant, sludgy bubble growing in his mouth. As this happens, Barbara looses another Psybeam, directing the move to guarantee a hit. As she takes this moment to do so, however, the Belch bubble reaches its full size and drifts away from Esteban. The bubble makes its way over a bit slowly before bursting - the spray of poison goo goes everywhere, leaving Barbara unable to dodge the slimy onslaught. Barbara looks quite put off by this development, but Esteban isn't done yet, following with an unfriendly Venoshock.

Koi: A bit of an active round leaves Esteban satisfied but a bit tired, and though he got his revenge, he is hanging on by the skin of his teeth - a stiff breeze might take him out. Barbara is now about where Esteban was last round, hovering around critical, but is looking a bit more chipper.

hen da man 01-17-2018 08:05 PM

Since we are almost done for bud, Destiny Bond, Sludge Bomb. You fought valiantly Esteban!

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