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Mew The Gato 01-01-2018 10:52 AM

UPN PASBL 2.0 - RealMrGame10 Vs. Fairfax

RealMrGame10 (Challenger) vs. Fairfax (Acceptor)
AP restriction: 12
72 Hour DQ
Return = KO
Arena = Pummelo Outdoors

Pummelo: [Outdoors] A simple arena, the Pummelo arena consists primarily of fairly easily manipulated soil, with a large circular pool situated at the center of the arena. The pool is deep enough to accomodate most Pokemon, but larger Pokemon will be unable to do more complex maneuvers. The pool is roughly as wide as it is deep. The ground of the remaining arena is rife with rocks and other such minerals, meaning attacks such as Stealth Rock work with impunity, and attacks such as Earthquake will transmit readily. The main aspect setting the Rock arena apart is the numerous boulders interspersed across the field. These will provide ample cover for most smaller Pokemon, and are open for manipulation. This includes being used to fuel attacks such as Rock Slide, as well as being able to be thrown by some stronger Pokemon. Within reason, if one of the batters mentions positioning of a rock, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement.
Let us begin.

RealMrGame10 01-01-2018 03:12 PM

Thanks for reffing Mew! Let's get it, Fax!

Amelia the Female Emolga @ Damp Rock (1) HP Water
Zuko the Male Zubat @ Black Sludge (1) HP Fighting
Axel the Male Monferno @ Rowap Berry (3) HP Grass
Anne the Female Mimikyu @ Lum Berry (3) HP Ground
Inigo the Male Dewott @ Evolution Charm (2) HP Ground
Chomp the Female Gabite @ Yache Berry (2) HP Steel

Fairfax 01-01-2018 03:43 PM

Let's go!

Farigiraf - Male Girafarig @ Fighting Gem [HP Fire] (3)
Bully - Male Snubbull @ Evolution Charm [HP Ground] (2)
Chatterbox - Male Chatot @ Sharp Beak [HP Ground] (2)
Magnus - Genderless Magnemite @ Shuca Berry [HP Flying] (1)
Yertle - Male Squirtle @ Ice Gem [HP Ground] (1)
Tilly - Female Lileep @ Big Root [HP Psychic] (1)

Tilly by the north edge of the pool, about three feet away from a tall rock.

RealMrGame10 01-01-2018 04:19 PM

Chomp, let's go, as close to the Lileep as possible, positioning yourself between it and the pool. Cover your approach with an Earth Power, then Dragon Rush towards him. If the Lileep actually comes at you, Iron Tail it away instead.

Fairfax 01-01-2018 09:46 PM

Take the Earth Power like a champ, then move in to trigger Iron Tail and Protect it. Launch a Seed Bomb salvo, attempting to knock Chomp into the pool with the concussive force as you anchor down.

Mew The Gato 01-02-2018 03:52 AM

Round 1
The League is just spreading its wings. They are still small, still uncertain; the fluff has not entirely given way to feathers yet. It might be time, or it might be too soon. Yes, there exists a possibility that its wings will fail to support its weight, leaving it to plunge into the jagged crevices underneath.

But how does one fly without fluttering? It has to try, or it can never succeed. That much is certain.

It is with these reflections that trainers are rebuilding the league. Two trainers presently arrive at the Pummelo stadium to play their part. Pokeballs in hand, they, one by one, release their Pokemon.


Gabite (Dragon/Ground): Gabite are very quick when digging near the surface of the ground and will deal slightly more damage with Dig. They can see in the dark. Any Pokémon that strikes Gabite with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from their rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Their biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.1x more damage than usual. They are able to disguise themselves well in sandstorms and sandy arenas.

Lileep (Rock/Grass): Lileep can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Lileep's Ingrain is more effective than normal. While they are capable of movement when not rooted down, they are quite slow, as they must hop around to get around. As a sea lily, their natural habitat is the ocean, allowing them to stay underwater indefinitely. They also take slightly less damage from Water-type attacks. They are capable of seeing in the dark. Being fossils, their Ancient Power attack will boost slightly more often.
Little can be made out of Tilly's thoughts, her eyes unblinking and her body appearing fixed in its place, but the subtle movements of her tentacles make it clear that she is paying attention, that she knows she is facing down a foe that is not to be underestimated. As if to drive home the point, Chomp rears back and spreads her arms, letting out a mighty roar. And yet, though her foe is smaller than her, and listless at first glance, and yet she does not flinch at this warning. Very well then, the Gabite decides. If the Lileep wishes to try its luck, so be it. Her claws glow golden-brown as she slams them into the Earth, and instantly a strange vibration seems to spread through the arena. The Rock Type barely has time to prepare herself before the ground under her bursts with that same golden-brown light, consuming her in a show of her foe's Power. As the energy dissipates, the fossil Pokemon looks slightly wilted, but it does appear that much more than this will be needed to take her down. Chomp narrows her eyes and raises her claws as she crouches into a battle stance. Right as she is about to charge, however, she sees a surprise: her foe is actually hopping towards her. Though the movement is slow and labourious, it means that she is still unafraid. Could this foe really be a greater threat than it seems?

It is to confirm this that Chomp rushes forward, her movement so sudden, so quick that Tilly is nearly taken by surprise. The fossil Pokemon halts in her tracks, backpedals in fact, but it is clear that she has nowhere to run. No, she has to stand her ground and face the opposition. As the Gabite draws in, however, she suddenly leaps forward, her momentum carrying her through the air, and whips her body around. Seeing the reptile's Tail, now coated with the bright silver of Iron and gleaming in the sunlight, the Lileep senses danger. Instinctively, she moves to Protect herself, her tentacles standing up and her body glowing with a blue-green aura. In the nick of time, the aura shapes itself into a spherical shield surrounding the Fossil Pokemon from all directions, and although the metallic appendage makes every effort to break through, it is simply impossible. Somewhat disgruntled, the Gabite bounces off the shield and lands in front of Tilly, but the latter is not done yet. As the shield fades, a seed flies forth from ach of her tentacles, arcing up in the air before raining down upon the dragon in quick succession. The seeds, small as they are, set off a series of explosions, the first few causing Chomp to stagger back and the last sending her hurtling off her feet. But the Gabite is fresh and her reactions swift; as she rolls towards the water, she digs her claws into the ground to cut her momentum short, then immediately leaps to her feet ready for more.

The Pokemon are neck-to-neck in health and energy, both raring to go. Chomp's still has much of her Steel Type energy remaining.

Fairfax 01-02-2018 11:48 AM

Confuse Ray, Toxic. Inch towards the tall rock throughout.

RealMrGame10 01-03-2018 02:50 PM

Ground!Dig before that Confuse Ray can getcha, coming up between the tall Rock and the Lileep and striking from there. Iron Head.

Mew The Gato 01-04-2018 03:50 AM

Round 2
Chomp chooses to wait this time. If nothing else, her opponent has managed to surprise her. She is not afraid, of course, not even nervous, but she cannot deny that the Fossil Pokemon has exceeded her expectations. What power did the Pokemon in the past hold? It has been lost to time for the most part, retained only in Fossil Pokemon, but how significant is a loss? It is with this question in mind that the Gabite lets her opponent make the first move this round. Tilly, of course, is happy to oblige, to make sure that her opponent will regret this opening. She lowers her head, causing the Gabite to contract her leg muscles in anticipation, and then, suddenly, the Lileep's face jabs forward, the eyes at the top of her head glowing a bright blue. Scarcely has the reptile registered this that she herself leaps into action, not intending to prolong the risk she has taken; releasing the tension in her foot, she immediately jumps into the air, and whips her body around so that she comes down claws-forward. The moment she touches the soil again, she begins to claw at it viciously, her movements blistering yet practiced. Just as a Ray of light erupts from Tilly, intending to Confuse Chomp, she manages to Dig a tunnel and escape into it, disappearing into the underground as it collapses behind her. But the Sea Lily Pokemon is not fooled by this trick -- her foe is not gone. No, on the contrary, she is going to sneak up and seek the best opportunity to lay waste. Though her face cannot be read, the Lileep's rapid movements as she looks from side to side give away her concern. Apprehensively, she moves towards a large rock nearby in expectation of some shelter.

Respectable as this caution might be, it does not protect Tilly from what comes next, for her idea of hiding behind the rock bites the dust as Chomp suddenly erupts from the ground in front of her, and, under the cover of the soil that she throws up in the process, throws her off balance. A grin spreads wide on the Gabite's face at her own success, baring her sharp teeth. Yes, this Pokemon is certainly a mysterious one, but it has yet to pose a genuine threat to her. This battle, she assumes, will be an easy one. But she is forced to change her mind in light of what Tilly does next: almost as if in a direct, split-second reaction to be taken by surprise, she resorts to poison to keep her opponent at bay, at least until she recovers. Her tentacles begin to ooze with Toxic gunk, and then the plant leans back before thrusting her head forward again, causing the slime being sprayed on Chomp. The smirk fades from her face as she feels a chill run down her spine. Suddenly, the ends of her vision develop a tinge of green, and she feels the overwhelming urge to vomit. But this is not the time. She does not know what the Lileep has done to her, but the Gabite knows only one way of punishing this: an offensive like her foe has not seen before in the battle. She jumps backward, then crouches, her leg muscles tightening one again as she lowers herself to the ground. Then, suddenly, her muscles relax at the same time, sending her shooting forward to meet her foe with her Head, Iron and rock clashing against each other and the former prevailing. In spite of her best attempts to keep herself rooted, the Sea Lily is unceremoniously sent slidng across the ground.

Only Tilly took damage, forcing her down to her second third of health even as she uses up half of her Poison Type energy and even a small part of her Ghost Type reserves. Yet, though Chomp now has leads in health by a large margin, she is badly poisoned and has used up most of her Steel Type energy. Both Pokemon have used similar amounts of energy and should both be able to go on, though they would not mind slowing down somewhat.

RealMrGame10 01-04-2018 11:33 AM

fun fact, despite having a 1.1x boost to biting moves, Gible and Gabite... don't have any biting moves. Joy!

Guess I know what my next sig is

Anyway, Chomp! Whip 'em up a point blank Dragon Rage special (which I'm pretty sure would be super effective on Lileep)! Follow up with a DQ Earthquake, but you could alternatively use a Roar if you find yourself physically restricted.

Fairfax 01-04-2018 11:55 AM

I gotta read through all these moves, dang

Barrier to cap that there Dragon Rage, hoping the distance you got blasted by Iron Head is enough to catch the worst of it in time. Follow up with a hearty Arena-variant Rock Tomb.

RealMrGame10 01-25-2018 04:23 PM


Mew The Gato 01-27-2018 11:31 PM

Round 3
My apologies for being so irresponsible.

Also I am considering dragon Rage, incidentally, to be neutral on Lileep (though it does not come into play here). Given the Types listed in the description, it seems to be stacking the effectiveness of the Fire and dragon Types (hence why it is neutral on Steel). In this vein is only logical that the move would be resisted by Rock Types even if this is not mentioned, and so it should be neutral on Lileep.


Chomp yells triumphantly, sensing that her opponent is weakening. It is a slow process, to be sure, more difficult than she had expected, but the lessened speed in no way changes the certainty. That does not mean she is not eager to get a move on, of course; slowly, her battle trance is being crept upon by a strange sense of frustration. Anxious to proceed, she tries to channel this newfound Rage into her onslaught, taking a deep breath and closing her mouth. Within, the Fire and dragon elements intertwine with each other, each complementing the other's strength and alleviating its weaknesses. As it happens, however, her opponent is not sitting idle; Tilly hastily raises herself back to her full height, firmly rooting herself to the ground and bracing for the attack. No, she does not want to get hit, for each hit she weathers is a hit that pushes her closer to defeat. Trying to control the pace of the battle on her own terms, she concentrates, her eyes glowing pink and her tentacles vibrating nearly too subtly for the untrained eye to see. Just as the Gabite lets out a snarl, releasing with it a large fireball, the flames a mix of green and blue, a Barrier forms in front of the Sea Lily. The flames explode violently, a scorching sound filing the air, but when its last wisps die down, the Fossil Pokemon is still unscathed from it.

This only causes the reptile's frustration to grow, as she tries to come to terms with the fact that she is not quite dominating this battle, even if she holds the lead. But then she takes a deep breath again, this time to calm herself. No. She cannot let a foe control her thoughts. She has to think practically. That shield still stands, even if visibly damaged, and she has to get past it, even if it takes brute force to do so. She bends her knees, contracting her powerful leg muscles as she holds her hand-blades in front of her, her eyes narrowing. She is going to aim straight for her opponent's head, she decides, and then, in the blink of an eye, she is off the ground and pouncing in her opponent's direction. The Lileep braces herself once again, hoping that its shield would protect it, but the Gabite is determined. As she gets in close, she swings both of her arms with all the force of an Earthquake, and the power of the move is such that the shield shatters entirely, only managing to reduce the power of the impact. Now feeling genuinely threatened, Tilly looks to contain her opponent for some time as she formulates a plan; this beast is too dangerous to leave in the open. She withdraws her roots and hops back slightly, labouriously, then she immediately slams her own head into the ground. Suddenly, large slabs of Rock erupt all around her opponent, closing into a cone at the top, and trapping her in a Tomb.

Only Tilly took damage, widening Chomp's lead, although the Toxic damage alleviates somewhat. Both Pokemon now seem tired and would appreciate a break. Tilly has used up most of her Psychic Type energy.

Fairfax 01-27-2018 11:42 PM

Curse. Ingrain. If either move fails and Chomp is within range, Energy Ball.

RealMrGame10 02-20-2018 02:07 AM

i am a dirty piece of crap

to be revisited soon

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