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DaveTheFishGuy 06-19-2010 06:24 AM

UPN PASBL: muffinluvr VS.Yougirasu
'Sup. Hello everyone, and welcome to this battle between two members of the PASBL. I am roughly aquainted with one of them, while one is a newbie. Over to the stats:


Originally Posted by Battle format
muffinluvr (c) vs.Yougirasu (a)
3 vs 3
72 Hour DQ
Return = KO
Ref's choice arena.

So, I've seen Yougi around the TO, and I know he doesn't like Murkrow for some reason--

Quoth: Jerk

--quiet, you. And I know that muffin (as I'm going to refer to him because 'luvr' is too inconvenient to type) is the twin of someone else I'm reffing for. So then, the arena choice was up to me.

Tetraodon: ...you're a fish guy, what was to be expected?


Originally Posted by Arena descriptions
River (Outdoor. Advanced Water Arena): An advanced level arena, not recommended for novice referees or trainers. A wide river, with the Pokémon battling in, above and on the banks of it. Pokémon which cannot swim or fly will be at a disadvantage. The river flows fast, and Pokémon will have to be careful not to get swept away.

So, be sure to bring your swimming/flying/floating Pokémon, though land-lubbers will still be able to battle, they'll just be restricted to the banks.

And down to the order:
muffinluvr posts squad,
Yougirasu posts squad and selects first 'mon,
muffin sends out a counter-mon and orders,
Yougi counter-orders,
I ref,
Yougi orders,
muffin counter-orders,
I ref,
Rinse and repeat.

And with no further ado:


muffinluvr 06-19-2010 12:50 PM

Level 1 Female Eevee

Level 1 Female Seel

Level 1 Male Spheal

Level 1 Female Pachirisu

Level 1 Male Growlithe

Level 1 Male Azurill

Yougirasu 06-19-2010 08:49 PM

Ooo, didn't notice this was up and I've been home and on the web for the best part of 4 hours :/
Anyway, watery area... Interesting, might have a first time viewing for some of my pokemon. Anyway, the team I call forth from my notepad text document will be;

Beldum, Level 1 Genderless.
A Beldum? In PASBL? Is what I often hear and I say why not, I don't really plan to battle with it much while it's level 1 and a Beldum but it's good to throw people off a bit. As a whole, Beldum rarely moves when I'm around, often levitating itself and spinning round to watch what I'm doing from where it prefers to be. Beldum often hopes to be able to create it's own powerful Technique to make it the most versatile member of the team.

Special Technique: Iron Buffer.
As mentioned within it's Bio, through training, Beldum has found a way to work pockets into his metal body that act like a buffers during battle. These small pockets reduce the damage from recoil (not explosions) by 40%, although they are not permanent. The reductions are reduced by 10% for every time a recoil attack is reduced. The effect can also be reduced by any effective physical attack used by the opponent (effective meaning of decent strength, equal to or greater in power than a Dragon Claw, at the refs discretion) reducing the buffer by 10%. When the effect is neutralized recoil will then hit at 110% of it's normal level on Beldum. As a result of the training, Beldum can't use Iron Defense and it's total energy is 5% lower than it normally would be.
Exeggcute, Level 1 Male.
A quiet, content and meditative bunch, they work quickly and efficiently with their tasks so they may better prepare themselves for the powers they will gain upon evolution. Their original home and capture location was a small swamp near a busy industrial estate, however they weren't the most law abiding company. They often dumped some of their waste within the swamp that was home to a variety of different pokemon and had toxic fumes coming out of their chimneys. After a large number of deaths, a select few of the pokemon would gain a slight resistance to such toxic materials after they were born. Exeggcute could possibly be one of those pokemon as no symptoms are naturally shown, and he did seem to get over excited when we worked at getting within the estate to try and shut the place down. They were originally going to be named after the seven dwarves, but since there's only 6 of them they we're named; Happy, Slappy, Chappy, Mackie (short for Mackenzie), Nappy and Yolk, although they do just prefer Exeggcute as a whole.
Butterfree, Level 1 Female.
An adept flyer, Butterfree often spends her days flying around a berry plantation harvesting the berries and nurturing the plants. She has skill and grace in her movements and likes to work on her speed and manoeuvres when she's not busy tending to the gardens.
Growlithe, Level 1 Female
A jolly little Growlithe, despite being abandoned at an early age. It's often eager to prove itself and doesn't overthink things which can be a help or a hindrance depending on the situation or move. She's was always hard to work with, especially with training and never stayed focus on what it was doing. This made developing strategies and new moves most difficult, but as is the case we pushed through the difficulties to produce something of beauty.

Special Attack: Finale Touch (Fire/Dragon)
Growlithe, quite upset with the fact that even through evolution doesn't learn any sort of last ditch use everything you've got type move decided to work on something similar. She quickly charges all of her remaining fire and dragon energies within her body. The quick release combined with the free, raging energies within are enough to KO her but before she does she nobly uses the energy as an attack, by charging in and striking her foe. To be able to fully utilize this move Growlithe must be have below 1/4 of both her health and energy remaining and unless she has at least half of her Dragon energies remaining the attack will be just plain fire based. The damage output is similar to the amount of energy used but with a cap at damage equal to a Fully Charged Hyper Beam. Dragon energy will be Dragonbreath level, with Fire energy composing the rest of it and damage being proportional to these energies. The tackling has a moderate risk of flinching if attacked during the attack, causing Growlithe to faint automatically.
Kabuto, Level 1 Male
Rich is a smart kabuto with such an urge for a speed that he unfortunately lacks. He was released by his original trainer, who revived him from an ancient fossil, for his apparent speed related issues, after which Rich spent his time searching the ocean and caves for ways to make himself as fast as possible. He preferred to visit caves with fast moving currents for him to try to move against, his favourites are the waterfalls in Seafoam Islands, the Waterfall outside Evergrande City on route 128 and the spiralling whirlpools around the Whirl Islands. Such places he believed, with perseverance, would make him a faster pokemon. After having limited success in his attempts to increase his own speed, Kabuto decided to take a different path for battle while he worked on perfecting his skills.
Quagsire, Level 2 Male
Calm, collected, consistant and dim, what more do you need to describe him? Okay then, he likes to spend his days lounging by rivers, knocking berries and fruit out of trees and bushes with his water attacks when he gets hungry. His laid back attitude flows into battling but doesn't seem to hinder his speed or desire to beat the opponent, rather it's used to lull them into a false sense of security before he comes in for a power attack.

(I did consider bringing Murkrow to the fray, but she's in the PC so I was unable... I was going to go for a Aqua Twister like your previous one Dabe...)
My opener, shall be my old faithful (and currently still battling against Mewmaster in the match that will never die) Kabuto (who was named Rich but for the life of me, I can't remember why...)

muffinluvr 06-20-2010 06:22 AM

I'll choose my Pachirisu! Start with an Attract and a Magnet Rise.

Yougirasu 06-20-2010 12:11 PM

Okay Kabuto, out you come into the shallows (I'm assuming that the river has a shallow section near the bank). I have left your moves to fate and fate has decided that you should quite simply distract that attracting pokemon with a Screech. Now we have to hope that your fate is positive in the hands of someone else.

DaveTheFishGuy 06-20-2010 12:33 PM

Round 1: When squirrels fly!
An Octillery basks in the shallows of a river, enjoying the feeling of the current rushing past his tentacles. His reverie is disturbed, however, by a Carvanha lunging in to give the appendages a quick nip. Vulgaris takes exception to this, and blasts the piranha back with a quick Bubblebeam. Selach plops into the water, and swims off to perform her duties of wet-ref for the match. On land, a Croagunk watches the action apathetically, sat next to me on the bank. From here, we see the battlers arrive, along the bank from each other. At one end is Yougirasu, who I know from around the site, and at the other a newcomer to the PASBL, muffinluvr. Having checked each other's teams, Yougi releases a shellfish, a Kabuto named Rich, the reasoning for said name something of a mystery. In response, and to gain a type advantage, muffin sends out a nicknameless Pachirisu, the hyperactive squirrel looking around at the river and the bank, before settling her gaze on her opponent.

Now, something that I've started doing. Since some people don't pay attention to the (sometimes vital) species characteristics of their Pokémon, I'll now use my PASBL-issue Pokédex to have a look at these two Pokémon. Let's see...


Originally Posted by Pokédex
Kabuto: (Rock/Water) Kabuto’s have a protected top, where their top eyes are located. However, their underside is weak and unprotected, and they have a hard time righting themselves if knocked over.

Pachirisu: (Electric) As a squirrel, Pachirisu is very nimble and climbs well.

Well then, nothing to make too much difference, though there are a few trees along the bank. Anyways, with Pokémon released and orders issued, Dendrobat charges up a Focus Blast, firing it up above the river. Vulgaris follows with a Hyper Beam, and the ball explodes in a shower of orange sparks, the battle now underway!

Pachirisu starts off by trying to seduce the Water-type, trying to Attract him. However, her concentration falters and she grimaces as Rich lets out a horrible Screech, from the river's shallows, stopping her flirting attempt short.

Following that, the squirrel Magnetises her body, beginning to Rise into the air, solving her mobility problems in this arena, the rushing water now no longer the barrier it once was as the round ends.

Neither Pokémon took any damage that round, remaining on perfect health.

Pachirisu used heavy energy, a good way from perfect already. Rich used light energy, a slight way from perfect.

Pachirisu is airborne, and will be for the next few rounds.

Orders from Yougi.

Yougirasu 06-20-2010 12:49 PM

Ohohoho, I bet it thinks that it will be able to get some nice shots in from that height, so let's knock it down, at least partially if possible.
Open it up with a Mud Shot (yeah, we can't jump but we've got an airborne ground type move. Lol) and follow it up with a Confuse Ray, if however they decide to shut their eyes to avoid the ray, shuffle forwards (assuming you're in the shallows) and use Mud Sport to give yourself extra electric protection.

Yeah, we're having none of that close your eyes spam on this here river.
(also, just thought of something interesting as a move for a water type... Might give it to Kabuto as a Sig so that he may reclaim the name Rich.)

muffinluvr 06-20-2010 03:43 PM

Pachirisu, use Swagger then dive in for a Seed Bomb!

IDK how it can learn that move through tutoring...

DaveTheFishGuy 06-20-2010 05:25 PM

Round 2: Dirty and confused? Sounds like Glastonbury
The EleSquirrel starts off this round by Swaggering around, trying to anger her opponent. This seems to work, as she is soon smacked by a prompt Mud Shot from the Rock-type, dirtying her fur and knocking her back through the air, a very happy-looking Kabuto watching her.

The Electric-type starts to move toward her foe, hovering through the air, before the Shellfish rears up, firing a Ray of ghostly energy, in an attempt to Confuse the hyperactive mammal. Her eyes glazing over, Pachirisu tries to remember her orders, but ends up just chasing her tail, somersaulting in the air as Rich looks on, sweatdropping slightly at the antics of the confused Squirrel, though glad he avoided the Seed Bomb.

Pachirisu took good damage, knocking her a good way below perfect. Rich took no damage, leaving him on perfect health.

Pachirisu used light energy, slightly below her previous energy level. Rich used decent energy, getting further from perfect, with his Ground energy at 3/4, and Ghost also at 3/4.

Pachirisu is still levitating, but she's confused, which may affect following orders next round.

Orders from Muffin.

muffinluvr 06-20-2010 06:56 PM

Pachirisu, use Double Team and Sweet Kiss.

Yougirasu 06-21-2010 04:43 AM

Kabuto, I believed that you could use Mud Sport last round... Good job they didn't close their eyes, lol. Anyway, let's play their games, so Swagger about a bit and then charge on in there with a resisted Aqua Jet.

DaveTheFishGuy 06-21-2010 05:25 AM

Round 3: Kissy kissy!
Pachirisu knows she was supposed to do something... but her tail is just too enticing for her to bother attacking right now. Rich is finding this all too funny, and lets the Electric-type know it by Swaggering about in front of her.

This, however, snaps the EleSquirrel out of her confused state, though it doesn't enrage her. Instead, she decides to be as Sweet as possible, Kissing the air and sending a barrage of heart-shaped pieces of energy toward the Shellfish. Rich, however, just charges on through, striking the rodent with an Aqua Jet, dealing a solid hit.

Pachirisu took a decent hit, putting her down to just above 3/4 health. Rich again escaped damage, still on perfect.

Pachirisu used light energy again, just above 3/4 overall. Rich used fair energy, now a decent way from perfect.

Pachirisu is still levitating, which will probably wear off sometime next round.

The two are close up, about 1 metre/3 feet apart.

Orders from Yougi.

Yougirasu 06-21-2010 05:56 AM

Kabuto, open with a Water Pulse (pulse form) to try and push the Pachi back and then strike it with a good old fashioned Rock Tomb.

muffinluvr 06-21-2010 07:02 AM

Pachirisu, dodge with a Quick Attack into the sky and then (because none of my attacks have worked/hit except for magnet rise) dive straight down at Kabuto and slam him with a Frustration.

DaveTheFishGuy 06-21-2010 07:15 AM

Rich starts the round by firing a Water Pulse at the airborne Electric-type, but the squirrel dodges by Quickly flying up until she hits her flight ceiling, the orb harmlessly splashing into the river.

Her levitation starting to falter, the EleSquirrel divebombs the Rock-type, intent on showing her Frustration with how the match has progressed for her, scratching, pounding and biting. Rich hunkers down, letting his tough carapace take the damage, though it all adds up. Earthbound once more, Pachirisu staggers backward, before finding herself enTombed in a mound of Rocks that Rich had pulled up from the riverbed, trapping her as the round ends.

Pachirisu took no damage that round, her health unchanged. Rich finally took some damage, a slight way from perfect as a result.

Pachirisu used good energy, now just below 3/4. Rich used good energy, nearing 3/4 overall.

Pachirisu's levitation has ended, and she's now stuck in a Rock Tomb.

They're about 2 metres/6 feet apart.

Orders from Muffin.

muffinluvr 06-21-2010 01:56 PM

Dig out underneath the RockTomb and then use Toxic.

Yougirasu 06-21-2010 06:19 PM

Tell me Pachirisu, do you like the Muffin Man? And does he live on Gumdrop Lane?

Enough with the name puns though... We've got a digging Pachirisu to deal with. What to do, what to do... I know! Earth Power! Follow it up with a Stealth Rock as well Kabuto (meant to change Rock tomb to Stealth Rock last round but somehow didn't actually do it...)

DaveTheFishGuy 06-21-2010 06:42 PM

Round 5: Down, then up, then down again!
Pachirisu doesn't like it in this shelter of rocks, and starts to Dig out from it. Rich takes exception to this, and uses some Power to shift the Earth beneath the Electric-type, forcing her up out of the ground, slamming her back into the tomb, and causing it to fall onto her. Ouch.

Shaking herself off, the rodent scurries on over to the Rock-type, hawking up some horribly Toxic chemicals, which she sprays over his carapace. Rich recoils, trying to shake the goo off, but it starts to seep into his system, though it will take a few rounds due to landing on his tough shell. The Kabuto reponds by hauling up some more Rocks, hitting Pachirisu for good damage, before they Stealthily receed underground for the next Pokémon to be sent out.

Pachirisu took heavy damage that round, her health plunging to just below 1/2. Rich took no damage, still a slight way from perfect.

Pachirisu used decent energy, now hitting 2/3 overall. Ground is at 2/3, Poison at 1/24. Rich used good energy, just below 2/3 total, with his Ground pool now at 1/3.

Rich has Toxic poison seeping into his system, which will take effect in a couple rounds. Stealth Rock is in play on Muffin's side of the field.

They're about 1 metre/3 feet apart.

Orders from Yougi.

Yougirasu 06-21-2010 06:53 PM

Okay then Kabuto, let's get in some late night, possible huge error making ordering. Open with a Mud Shot to use up the last of your Ground energies (or the majority so you'd have barely anything left) and hopefully you'll knock the Pachirisu back into the remains of the tomb (or if we're really lucky past it) and follow up by making use of the mess around with Rock Slide...

muffinluvr 06-22-2010 07:12 AM

Lunge aside with a Quick Attack and use the remainder of your energy to pull of an U-Turn!

DaveTheFishGuy 06-22-2010 07:17 AM

Er, Muffin, a couple of points:

1. Using U-Turn/Baton Pass counts as a two-mover, so using an attack with it would use your only 3-mover for this match.

2. If you DO use U-Turn/Baton Pass, you have to specify which Pokémon you want to send out next. And you have to send out the U-Turner/Baton Passer later in the match.

So yeah, just say which you'd wanna do.

muffinluvr 06-22-2010 07:23 AM

Oh... Sorry :(

I will send out my Spheal! (I did mean to use my three move combo (sorry I forgot to say so))

DaveTheFishGuy 06-22-2010 05:28 PM

Round 6: A U-turn on a decision
No probs, I only found out myself a few weeks ago c:

Rich gathers some more ground energy, and fires another Shot of Mud at the Electric-type. Pachirisu Quickly evades the mud, but still gets clipped by it due to the proximity. She still manages to deal a light Attack to the Rock-type though.

Rich follows up by gathering up all the Rocks littered around, levitating them into the air, before Slideing them onto Pachirisu. The EleSquirrel screeches in pain, before picking herself up, surrounding herself in an aura of Bug-type energy. She rushes forward, dealing some decent damage to the Shellfish, before U-turning backward, converting to energy as she is recalled to the Pokéball.

In the Electric-type's place, Muffin sends out his next Pokémon, again nicknameless, this time a Spheal of the male variety. However, it's not all good for the new entrant - Stealth Rocks rise up from the ground, striking him for good damage before he's even done anything.

Hmmm, a Spheal...


Originally Posted by Pokédex
Spheal: (Water/Ice) Spheal's rotund body allows it to gain speed and momentum very quickly with Rollout. It moves primarily by rolling.

Pachirisu took more damage, now at 1/3. Spheal took good damage, a good way from perfect already. Rich took decent damage, a good way from perfect now.

Pachirisu used heavy energy, just below 1/2 in total, and having used up all her Bug energy, meaning no more U-turns. Spheal has used no energy. Rich used decent energy, just over 1/2 overall, with Ground energy at a negilgable amount, a weak Mud Shot at most.

Rich still has Toxic poison seeping into his system, and will take effect next round. Pachirisu has switched out, but must return as one of Muffin's final 2 Pokémon.

They're about 1 metre/3 feet apart.

muffinluvr has used his only three-mover this match.

Orders from Muffin.

muffinluvr 06-22-2010 07:42 PM

Spheal, first StockPile and then IceBall.

Yougirasu 06-23-2010 04:16 AM

Spheal? I'm holding back sniggers just for Kabuto...

Kabuto, let's do this sh-tuff... You know what I mean, open up with Giga Drain and follow it by charging through the Ice Ball with your AncientPower

Yeah, I see a lot of AncientPower in the future... I must be a Psychic type!

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