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Lindz 09-12-2018 08:46 PM

Yakuza thread of its not GTA or Shenmue!
Anyone else diggin' this super rehashy series? Been playing these games for 10 years now aaaannnddd somehow still have fun despite the very low-lows (Yakuza 0 and the fact that they never move away from Kamurocho). Yakuza 6 was a high note to me an great way for Kiryu/Haruka ta go out!

Recent developments are making me kinda wary. First the Fist of the North Star reskin, then the next main character of the main series debuting first in a spinoff Asia-only online title, and now Judge Eyes which is literally a reskin! It also didn't help tha the Yakuza 1 & 2 remakes were kinda "eh".

I like running around "towns" pounding on dudes an messing around with side stuff pretty well but the formula was getting stretched thin well before the most recent titles got announced. An yet here I am replaying Yakuza 2! Just a testament to how fun they are... but I'm soooo passing on the spinoffs.

The Morg 09-12-2018 10:37 PM

I heard they always try to resist releasing these outside of Asia because supposedly nobody would get the Asian cultural references or whatever. Don't they know we love our mobster tropes?

Are you good at Mahjong?

Lindz 09-13-2018 03:56 PM

I dun think they every resisted releasing 'em outside of Asia for that reason. Any delays or worries over localizations were because each game bombed bigtime. Yakuza 3 with its butchered localization sold the best of the lot which is why 4 and the kusoge Dead Souls were pushed out over here. Yakuza 0 finally got peeps in the west interested in the series so now they've been releasing 2+ games a year over here to catchup & cash in!

2017: Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami
2018: Yakuza 6, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise
2019: Yakuza 3/4/5 Remastered (hopefully in a collection an not individually like in JP), Judge Eyes

They also put out a survey asking if people want the spinoffs brought over which at the very least implies both Samurai era games. Much like with Dragon Quest even in the darkest days I had no doubts Yakuza would continue seeing the light of day in the west. An that was made blatantly apparent when 0 / K1 were announced for release before even a single (digital-only) copy of the long delayed Yakuza 5 had been sold.

An nopes! idk how ta play mahjong or shogi or half the other side-games in the series!

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