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Razor Raven 01-15-2009 06:28 PM

Guidelines for Ref School Applicants
So, you want to be a…Pokemon Master! Wait, no, that’s not right…ah yes, you’re in this thread because you want to be a Referee for the Pokemon Anime Style Battle League, right? *Pulls out a huge book marked “Volume 1* What? This isn’t for the Ref School it’s my Dungeons & Dragons manual!

These are Rules, please follow them

-You must be a registered member of the Pokemon Anime Style Battle League. If you apply in the ref school, and do not have a post in Squad Submissions, you will ignored.

-Know the rules! So many people who failed might have done better had they read the rules that are on our site. Also, I am the Ref Test Person, and with my method, you can go quite a way simply understanding the rules. This won’t guarantee a pass, but it’s an important first step, and NOT knowing will probably guarantee a rejection.

-This is the Anime, not the game, so please, don’t use numbers for damage and stuff like that. No health bars either, just try to describe how bad off the Pokemon looks and take a guess as to roughly how much punishment they can take.

We heavily frown on using the system of "Average" "Above Average" and "Perfect" and other such terms. If you want to make a higher grade, try and find a better way to describe health/energy, because I now penalize for that, we really are tired of it. We also flat out don't allow fractions, so no "Has 2/3 energy left"

-Have good description. We’re not asking you to be able to write an award winning novel, just don’t be so vague. “Charmander eyed his nemesis, then, spotting an opening, released a vicious Flamethrower!” will impress far more then “Charmander breathed a flamethrower.” Also, don’t go overboard, be thorough, but fairly brief, if it’s too long, it’s less fun to look at.

-The Anime is our guide, but not our bible. If something in the Anime seemed ridiculous, then it probably won’t fly here. Also, uncreative junk like “Dodge it!” will most likely result in Rejection.

The following are not rules, but recommendations that will probably help you in passing.

-Spelling and Grammar. Although not a major point, this is still something you should pay attention to. It may be the deciding factor in a close decision, and makes you easier to understand. On the other hand, saying stuff liked “Throwed” will hurt your chances of passing.

-Don’t take a Rejection as a permanent dismissal, you can always reapply. It would be a good idea to check out some Official Refs in action so you know what’s going on.

-Please deactivate your signature, and don’t use smilies.

-There is no need to post squads and levels and all that, just concern yourself with the reffing and the Pokemon. Do mention the Pokemon and the attacks, but the other stuff is unnecessary

-Be creative! Inventive solutions will catch the examiners’ eye, however, be sure it would logically work, and don’t burn your brain out trying, just keep it in mind if you get a good idea.

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