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TheKnightsFury 09-27-2015 09:59 AM

The Trials of Victor Ironside

Victor wipes the sweat from his brow as he finally enters the outskirts of Cerulean city, the hustle and bustle of the city strange and unfamiliar to him. Soulblade lets out a moan as he sees all the people, 'best you go away for now bud' says Victor, Souldblade knowing the routine disappears back into his pokeball located on the hilt of Victor's sword. Victor looked around, he was parched and exhausted from his long hike through Mt Moon, the journey arduous and full of perils.

Thinking his best bet is to find the Pokemon Centre, Victor heads deeper into the city. His senses run wild as he sees, hears, smells, touches things he has never seen before, his anxiety shortening his breathe as he begins to become overwhelmed. He places his hand on the pokeball that constitutes the pommel of his sword, the closeness to his partner providing him comfort. Beginning to notice people giving him strange looks, Victor picks up his pace as he spots the Pokemon Center in the distance. Was it because of his armour and the sword at his hip? Why was everyone judging him? Finally reaching the Pokemon Centre he ducks inside, quickly sitting down at a near by couch, his breath rapid as he tries to calm himself down.

PikaGod 10-11-2015 05:51 AM

(OOC: TKF, I would appreciate it if you put a link to your stats either at the top of your post or in your sig.)

You manage to snatch a couch, a retreat into the cool to calm yourself down. As your breathing starts to slow down, you take in the PokeCentre, you take in your temporary retreat. The Centre isn’t too busy, there are a couple of people milling about, but not too many. Lucky, you managed to hit the Centre outside of its peak hours, so there’s no hustler or bustle going on here. There’s the counter to heal your pokemon, of course, and a PC, which you obviously have no need for at the moment. And just off from the counter is the couch you’re sitting at, the relaxation area. Not too far from you is a corkboard hanging off the wall, numerous flyers pinned to it. That is the job board, where people from all over place different jobs or quests that they need done. No task is too big or too small to go on the board.

A couple of people, about four or five, are standing in front of the job board, discussing the jobs currently available. And they’re managing to discuss it really loudly. Sitting on the couch, you can hear small snippets of what they’re saying.

“...new job...” one of them says. “...burglary....huge damage...”

“...smuggling...” another one mentions. “...rare pokemon...”

“...simple...” says another. “...gardening....landscaping...”

From what you hear, the jobs are definitely varied in their intensity, maybe you should go over and have a look at the jobs, or maybe you should do something else?

What will you do?

TheKnightsFury 10-11-2015 08:43 PM

(dont know how to do the cool linking thing in a signature, really need to learn. there is a link now in my first post)

Waiting for most of the people to walk away from the Job board, Victor ascends from his seat, looking around to see if anyone is looking at him. Walking towards the job board Victor sees what the people were talking about, a number of flyers were stuck to the board. Victor begins to discuss the possiblities with soul
"A burglary with huge damage, I dont think i know the area well enough to track down a burglar."

"Some gardening could be nice, I do miss gardening with mother, but i think those memories could be a bit over powering right now"

"People smuggling rare pokemon! thats outrageous!"
Victor spins into a rage, his emotions taking hold again, he had to rescue those innocent pokemon and put a stop to the smugglers. He rips the flyer off the board and steams out of the pokemon centre, eager to get started.

PikaGod 10-22-2015 11:43 PM

Emotions high and flyer in hand, you storm out of the Poke Centre, ready to deal with the smugglers! However once you are outside of the Centre, it dawns on you that you don’t know anything about the situation. You look down at the flyer in your hand; it should give you some idea about what you need to do.

The flyer reads:

Warning to all trainers!

Unusual levels of activity from high end pokemon smugglers have been recorded. Any trainers with rare species of pokemon will need to take care and if possible, make sure not to travel alone.

The Cerulean City Police Department is looking for anyone who may have information about the smugglers.

The flyer is a little peculiar, there’s no mention of helping dealing with the smugglers? So why was it on the job board? Then you notice that something has been added to the bottom of the flyer, written in thick black marker.

If you are as fed up with the CCPD’s attempts to stop the smugglers as I am, then congratulations! This message is for you! I am seeking the help of any trainers interested in putting a stop this problem! If you are interested, then please go to the small cabin just outside of Cerulean City (Mt Moon side) and wait for me there, I check quite regularly. Anyone who may be interested, please know that this is a very potentially dangerous job, so only come if you truly believe that you are capable of doing this.

Now that you know where to go and why you would go there, it leaves only one thing left to do. You need to find that cabin! Or maybe you’ve reconsidered what you wish to do, maybe you want to tackle another job first?

What will you do?

TheKnightsFury 10-23-2015 10:55 AM

" Wow there are others that think and feel like me? Thats great! I have to get there as soon as possible, every moment i waste a poor innocent pokemon could be suffering. I think i saw a few cabins on the way into town, maybe one of them was this cabin??? "

Quickly stuffing the flyer into his pocket, Victor kicks off the ground with extraordinary speed, eager to get to the cabin. He pushes through the crowds and makes it back to the gate where he entered the city. Pausing for a moment he releases Soulblade from his pokeball, the honedge takes his normal position on Victors back. As he heads towards the forest, Victor informs Soulblade of their mission, Soulblade lets out a joyful screech as he shares in Victors excitement.

Victor looks around as he finds himself back at the city gates.

"I wonder where we go now Soulblade?"

PikaGod 10-31-2015 05:49 PM

Standing at the edge of Cerulean, Soulblade at your side, you wonder where this cabin could actually be. You think that you might have seen some cabins on your way in, maybe one of them could be the cabin? You step out onto the hilly Route 4 before you, determined to find the cabin.

Unfortunately it wasn’t going to be that easy for you. Fifteen minutes pass and there is still no sign of a cabin, in fact there is barely signs of life at all. The plains surrounding you are pretty much empty, there’s something about the emptiness that is giving you the major willies. It just doesn’t seem right. Nevertheless, you decide to continue on, to try and find that damn cabin. The next step you take makes that a bit of a difficult task.

The moment your foot hits the ground, it just disappears, leaving you hovering over a hole in the ground. Following the laws of gravity, you fall down the hole, landing fair and square on your behind. Nothing seems to be broken, though you might have bruised your tailbone in the fall. Thankfully Soulblade didn’t fall down with you, as evidenced by the fact that your partner is peering over the edge of the hole at you. So that’s one good thing that’s happened, maybe more could be right around the corner.

Picking yourself up, you look at the hole you fell into, maybe there was some handholds or something that you could use to pull yourself up with. But a quick look shows that the walls were smooth and the hole itself was taller than you, so you couldn’t pull yourself out of it either. So for the time being you are stuck in the hole, unless there was something that Soulblade could do to help?

What will you do?

TheKnightsFury 10-31-2015 06:39 PM

"Ouch that really hurt! who would do something like this! This is really suspicious, could i be walking into a trap? Better keep my eyes open from now on. Now how do i get out of this hole."

Victor thinks about a few different ideas to get himself out of the hole, as Soulblade looks down anxiously

"Maybe i could stick my sword into the side of the hole and use it as a step? Or perhaps, would this work? Soulblade could you give me a hand? unsheathe yourself come down here and use fury cutter to slice some grooves into the side of the hole! Maybe then i could climb out."

Connor 12-01-2015 08:57 AM

Having fallen rather amusingly into a simple trap, Victor stares up from the bottom of the pit, pondering his available options before finally settling on a rather unorthodox method. As he voices his plans to Soulblade, the Honedge makes a metallic crooning noise, gingerly floating down to stand beside his trainer before unsheathing his body from within his comforting cover. Sizing up the surroundings for a moment, the Honedge finally comes to a stop before the walls of the pit, allowing a fine crimson aura to engulf the length of his sharpened body. A shrill hum fills the air as the energy slowly grows more intense, before Soulblade begins to swing his body wildly, gathering speed and height as he goes. Having finally climbed to the top of the pit, the Honedge looks back on his work, and a disappointed grunt rings from within.

Observing the holdings for himself, Victor finds that while haphazard and jagged, the holds actually sustain his weight rather well, the dirt being solidly compacted and having taken the deep grooves carved by Soulblade easily. Beginning his arduous hike towards the top of the pit, he finds himself stumbling once or twice on somewhat loose soil, but he finally manages to clamber out of the trap, grunting as he takes in a view of the area. There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, ignoring the very obvious hole which you had managed to fall down, but there is a definite sense of unease in the air. Soulblade is similarly attuned, and the Honedge gives an abrupt cry at the sound of nearby movement in a bush ...

TheKnightsFury 12-01-2015 05:36 PM

" Arceus (god) im glad to be out of that hole. But whats this now, something is coming!"

Victor steadies himself and draws his sword from its sheathe, he adopts a defensive position as he prepares himself for whatever is coming. He whispers to Soulblade....

" Soulblade hide behind my back, if whatever is in that bush proves dangerous the element of surprise could prove useful"

Victor's heart begins to race and his breathing quickens as struggles to maintain his nerves. He has already fallen into one trap, could this be the person or pokemon that dug it?

Connor 12-03-2015 07:41 AM

With the bush not showing any signs of ceasing rustling, Victor draws his sword, adopting a defensive position and having Soulblade slink behind his back, the skinny form of the Honedge easily concealed against him. With the bushes becoming ever more restless, the stand off seems like it may well have no end in sight, until a loud hacking cough rips through the air. The cough soon devolves into a cackling of laughter, and a small man stumbles out of the bushes, a Sandshrew bounding by his side. The small Ground type looks at the person before him with a tilt to his head, his eyes unblinking as he drinks in the image Victor presents. Much more interesting than a simple Sandshrew was the old man accompanying him.

His figure was stooped, betraying his true height, which Victor surmised was likely quite imposing in his prime. The man was hunched over a well hewn walking stick, the thickened oak rest no doubt a sizable weapon should the man ever become annoyed enough. His facial features were wrinkled, but there was an intense clarity to his blue glare, two set pools upon his gnarled face. His teeth, far from the typical disrepair of most elderly, were grinning back at Victor, amusement obvious in the man's face. His attire was simple, and awkwardly adept at hiding amongst the shrubbery - a heavy woolen garb hung over his slight frame, dyed with the same green hue as the surrounding foliage. As the man finally meets Victor's gaze, another sensation comes over Victor. This man meant business, and he could be far more dangerous than his figure suggested.

"Well hello there sonny. I see ye managed to pass my little test. Ye can have your Honedge come out now, I mean ye no harm. In fact, I imagine yer gonna be helpin' me with a little task. Oh, and fer heavens sake ..."

With a movement almost too quick to see, he swings his hefty oaken stick, clashing the wood against the metal of Victor's sword and breaking his stance in a moment.

"Put that bleedin' sword away, ye silly brat. You'll put yer eye out."

TheKnightsFury 12-06-2015 11:43 PM

Stunned by his sudden disarming, Victor regathers his sword and sheathes it.

" Sorry about the sword, we have come across some bad sorts before and after that clever trap of yours i thought it was best to be safe. But it seems that i had nothing to be worried about, I believe you are the man i am looking for? My name is Victor and this is my partner Soulblade and we were hoping to help you stop these pokemon smugglers."

Soulblade gives a confirming screech at he stares at the old mans Sandshrew, he knows if the old man turns out to be dangerous he can hold his own.

Connor 12-07-2015 03:40 PM

On the mentioning of the poachers, the elderly man cracks a wide smile, his hands curling around the head of his wooden staff.He slams it into the ground to punctuate his words, and his small Sandshrew stands on his hind legs, grunting in agreeal.

"Aye, those smugglers are causing absolute havoc round these parts lately. Got the wild Pokemon on high alert, it's not something I'm mightily amused by. Come on, this way. And mind your step, lad, there#ll be a few more traps round here. Not that you can't get yourself out again, of course."

His last words are met with a tittering laugh as he hobbles away, the wizened man clearly wanting to give off an impression of frailty. Most likely to catch any would be attackers off guard. Either way, Victor drops into step with the man and his Sandshrew, the strange group making their way into the deeper forested areas of Route 4. The going quickly becomes awkward, with the old man having to swipe away overhanging branches with his staff, but they eventually break from the constant green scenery, walking into a wide, sun bathed clearing. All around numerous Pokemon look towards the arrival of the old man with merry expressions, each of them sporting some sort of injury. The old man turns back towards Victor, an obvious sadness in his face.

"They're the victims of the poaching. The ones I could save, anyway. The cabin is this way."

Leading Victor to the far end of the clearing, he opens the door to his solitary abode, the interior frugally decorated. A simple desk with wooden chairs stands in the center, with maps poured over the surface. They are immediately familiar as being of the surrounding Route 4, and the man seems to have noted numerous different places on the surface, with a worrying conclusion - all of them seem to be incrementally closer to Mount Moon.

TheKnightsFury 12-07-2015 07:10 PM

After looking over the map for a decent amount of time, Victor has an idea that could just work.....

"I think i have an idea, just hang with me while i explain. According to your findings the smugglers base must be inside Mt Moon, and it appears that they are using this entrance here. Honedge is a very rare pokemon, if i could get Soulblade to lure them out, we could collapse the entrance behind them leaving them without an escape. We can then either lead them into the forest and use your traps to incapcitate them or we could stand and fight, i know you can hold your own. What do you think? Or do you have another idea?"

Victor crosses his arms and tries to read the old mans expressions. These smugglers are going to be hard to stop but it must be done.

Connor 12-08-2015 11:24 AM

The old man looks at Victor for a moment, his brow furrowing as he stares into Victor's eyes, His Sandshrew lays down at his feet, eyes narrowing, and Victor soon finds out why. With an expert motion, the old man manages to clobber Victor over the head with his heavy oaken club, measuring the force so as to give the youngster enough of a jarring shock to hurt, but not so badly that it may incapacitate him. As Victor looks at the man now, it becomes evident he is not a happy chap.

"First of all, you should never put your Pokemon into a position where they may end up injured. Never. You have a duty to protect them as their trainer. Secondly, it wouldn't do the collapse the entrance. We might injure one of them seriously, and I want them gone and captured, not injured. I can easily enlist the help of the police. Our mission is going to be to do no more than confirm the location of their main point of operation, which is why I've been listing their recent activities. Of course, you seem to be right. I'd wager a guess they're based in Mount Moon, probably using it as a means of transport."

With that, the old man goes sullen once more, leaning on his staff as he considers the options available to them. Finally, he wears a wide grin.

"You can't risk your Pokemon, but I doubt they'll take kindly to a youngster walking into their midst waving a sword about. What do you say? Myself and Roger will be able to approach carefully enough, and so long as you lead them out off the caves, we can probably build a trench. Deep enough to catch and hold them, but not to injure."

TheKnightsFury 12-08-2015 04:55 PM

Victor rubs his head, he knows he should have expected that.

"rightio so we have our plan, should we start heading towards the mountain? We should probably plan the positioning for the trap first and then i can head into the mountain. But what happens if something goes wrong? Maybe we should have a back up plan or a fail-safe just in case something doesnt go to plan"

Connor 12-09-2015 10:25 AM

The elderly man hesitates for a moment as Victor gives his thoughts on the plan, and he furrows his brow for a moment, clearly quite deep in thought. He begins to pace, his hefty staff thunking against the wooden floor as he moves, and he finally nods, turning back towards Victor. His eyes look much more determined now, an amused grin taking residence on his face.

"Alright, I can see what yer gettin' at. Building the trap first is a pretty good idea - your Honedge can help us gather the necessary branches and leaves to hide it effectively. From there, you can go in with your Honedge for protection, but the minute anything goes wrong, you get out of there fast. They should give chase and end up captured. As for insurance ... I'll leave Roger to tail you. He can easily escape much quicker than you should anything go wrong by digging, and he can come get me to assist you. Like you said, I can handle myself well enough if they manage to catch me unawares."

TheKnightsFury 12-09-2015 06:26 PM

Victor mulls over the plan, thinking about whether they have covered every possible outcome....

" Alright that sounds great, it will be helpful to know there is back up if i need it. Its getting late though and our task will be a hard one, maybe we should rest for the night and get an early start. Either that or we could go dig the traps tonight while we have the cover of darkness. "

Victor is pleased with the plan but the uncertainty of what he will face begins to make him question whether he can do this. No he has to, these smugglers need to be stopped and he is the only one that can do it.

Connor 12-10-2015 02:02 PM

The old man nods sagely as Victor suggests resting for the night, shaking his head when the idea of building the trap tonight came up. He is clearly against the idea, and his Sandshrew chirps in as well, clearly agreeing with the judgement of his trainer.

"No, building it tonight would be misled. We should do it early in the morning - the poachers seem to be most active in the late evening and night. Under the cover of darkness, like you said."

The tone with which the man spoke made it obvious that no more would be said on the subject, and he busied himself with getting together a simple meal for the group. Roger was well looked after, and the two trainers enjoyed a meal of soup and bread while pouring over the map, trying to dedicate to memory the places where the poachers had been most active - the elderly man had reasoned that, should they not be in the cave, then setting up traps at the various locations may well not be a bad idea. With that done, and the night well underway, the elderly man shakes Victor's hand.

"Realise I never properly introduced myself. The name's Silas."

Having said what he wanted, he disappears into his own room, indicating with his staff that another was set up for Victor.


The following morning, Victor ir raised from bed early, the banging of Silas at his door seeing him move through his morning routine quickly. Eventually, he is dressed, and is met with a breakfast of the same kind of soup from the day before. After breakfast, and a final glance over the map, the group sets off towards Mount Moon. As they make their way through Route 4, Silas abruptly stops them, pointing towards a nearby bush and hurrying away. As they burst through the trees, the reason for his sudden action becomes clear.

In the middle of a clearing, a Geodude was relentlessly beating a Fletchling into the ground, with strewn traps surrounding the small bird. It was evident that the Geodude was under orders - there was no reason for the Rock type to be so far away from Mount Moon under normal circumstances.

TheKnightsFury 12-10-2015 11:18 PM

A well rest Victor jumps into action as he leaps out of the bush to protect the more fletchling, Soulblade floats by his side.

"Silas you cover my flank ill take care of this, try to find out who is controlling this pokemon! Soulblade knock the geodude away with an iron head while i grab fletchling. Then keep it busy by repetitively striking with fury cutter!

Probably should have jumped out of the bushes like this but someone had to do something before fletchling got hurt. I hope i havent biten off more than i can chew, but i know Soulblade can handle this

Connor 12-30-2015 06:17 AM

At the sight of Soulblade and Victor, the Geodude grunts with frustration, eyeing up the small Fletchling and seeming to hurriedly make a decision on whether pursuing his quarry was worthwhile. As he contemplates, Victor darts over, skidding along the ground and scooping the injured bird into his arms. The condition of the Flying type was obviously quite bad - the battle had been a prolonged one, and small bruises cover the body of the bird, feathers scuffed in every direction. A weak caw escapes from the beak of the bird, and Soulblade pangs with metallic rage, launching into battle.

The hilt of the possessed blade shines with an intense silvery light as he rushes through the air towards the animated boulder, and with a sickening crunch, the blow lands. Shrieking in agony, the Geodude rears away, but the look in his eye is not one of defeat. Instead, Soulblade seems to have shifted the intended target from Fletchling to himself, and the unbridled fury of the Rock type was instead turned on Soulblade. Slamming a fist into the ground, he manages to rip free a rather sizable chgunk of earth, taking careful aim before hurling the rock into the body of Soulblade. Luckily for the Honedge, he resists the blow courtesy of his hardened carapace, managing to catch himself as he is knocked backwards through the air. With a grunt, he redoubles his efforts, charging forwards and engulfing the blade of his body in a crisp crimson aura. Slashing wildly, he lands numerous blows on the body of the Geodude, and with a disgruntled cry, he jolts forwards through the air, knocking Soulblade back and leaving the two glaring at one another, the Rock type looking the more battered of the two.

TheKnightsFury 12-30-2015 07:45 AM

As Victor steps back a few steps, craddling fletchling in his arms, he looks around trying to find Silas. Unable to locate him he quickly pulls an oran berry out of his bag, feeding the fletching out of desperation, the tiny bird needed a serious pick me up. With Soulblade currently holding the upper hand in the battle victor decides to press the advantage.

'Soublade continue the assault, batter it away with an iron head, then keep pushing it away from us with another iron head!'

Unsure of what is causing the geodude to be so aggressive, victor continues to look around in search of a trainer or more than likely a smuggler! whoever it is they are going to regret hurting this pokemon!

Connor 01-07-2016 05:29 PM

With the injured Fletchling cradled in his arms, Victor hurriedly wrestles his berry pouch from within his sack, rifling around within the hemp holding to find the familiar blue look of an Oran Berry. Presenting the fruit to the bird, he waits for the Fletchling to take a few tentative bites before issuing more orders to Soulblade, clearly wanting to repel the Geodude so that full attention could be turned to the care of the Fletchling. Ringing an ascent to the challenge loud in the air, the Honedge once again tilts his body forward, his yellow hilt becoming tinged with a glistening silver aura. Rushing through the air, he cries out in triumph as his metallic body clangs against the rocky carapace of his foe, the Geodude grunting as he is forced to retreat a few paces, his expression clearly not an amused one. Roaring with irritation, he once again launches a huge chunk of sodden earth towards Soulblade, the Honedge avoiding severe damage courtesy of his resistance, but the sheer blunt impact sees him reeling. Taking hold of his wits, Soulblade charges into the Geodude once again, and this time as the Rock type is shunted away, it is evident that his stalwart determination was faltering, the fear beginning to grip him preventing his next move.

Watching on now, the Fletchling gives a small cry of encouragement to Soulblade, the quavering tones still weak with pain despite the restorative Oran Berry doing a fair job so far.

TheKnightsFury 01-09-2016 02:37 AM

"Keep quite little fella, i know your cheering him on but we dont want to draw attention to ourselves. Soulblade knows what he is doing, this fight will be over soon enough."

Holding the injured fletchling close to his chest, Victor ducks behind a nearby tree as he shouts out some more orders to Soulblade.

"Lets finish this buddy! Send him packing with a double Iron Head! Nice and quick, one after the other, we dont want to give it a chance!"

Victors heart thumps heavily in his chest, the adrenaline rush fueling his excitement. Once they managed to get rid of this geodude they might be able to find out whats been going on.

Connor 01-18-2016 02:31 PM

The Fletchling seems rather taken aback with the slight rebuttal from Victor, but the small bird seems to see the wisdom in the words of the trainer, shutting his beak tightly and giving a small, curt nod. Turning his attentions towards the battle, he silently waits in awe as Soulblade once again charges the hilt of his body with a shining silver aura, charging forwards across the surface of the ground and slamming with a horrifying crunch into the carapace of the Geodude. With a violent roar of pain, the Rock type curls into a tight ball, slamming into the ground himself. Spinning rapidly in place, he hurtles towards Soulblade, the Honedge seeming somewhat taken aback, but as he moves to make contact...

He abruptly makes a sharp u-turn, channeling his momentum in the opposite direction with a skilled twist. Rocketing into the undergrowth, the quick retreat sees him manage to just escape the onrushing charge of the desperate Soulblade, the Honedge clearly infuriated to have allowed his quarry to escape, but as he makes to give chase, Silas crashes his thickened staff against a nearby trunk, barking at the Steel type.

"Don't be overly zealous now, ye whippersnapper. Let the rascal retreat, we can hand it to him and his trainer later on."

Turning, Soulblade grunts a metallic ascension to Silas, the old man hobbling forwards slowly, clearly having adopted his enfeebled persona once again. Smiling widely at Victor, he nods sharply.

"Well handled, kiddo. I'm sure the Fletchling is grateful. For now though, we should get a move on."

Their pace slowly degrading over the course of their journey, Silas is left giving the impression that his weakening state wasn't quite as much of an act as it may have at first seemed, but the group still make good progress towards Mount Moon, with the range finally coming into view just over the horizon. Looking around, Silas directs them towards a nearby glade in the wooded area, testing the ground with his staff. Slamming it once, twice, he clicks his tongue towards Roger, the Sandshrew nodding immediately and spinning in mid air, burrowing deep into the ground and beginning to excavate the planned pit. Overseeing the process, Silas looks towards Victor.

"Go on then, lad. Get finding some acceptable shrubbery for us to cover this thing with. I'm sure your Honedge and little bird friend will come in plenty useful."

TheKnightsFury 01-19-2016 06:47 PM

Victor is quick to follow Silas orders, knowing by now that the old timer doesnt like to mess around much. Wander into a grove of trees, Victor stops to speak to his pokemon.

'Im so proud of you Soulblade! You battled really well! Are you alright though?'

Soulblade replies with a simple metallic hum.

'Glad to hear it. How about you fletchling? You gave me quite a scare back there, are you happy to stick around for a bit and help to take down these bad guys?'

Victor glances around, it shouldnt be to hard for Soulblade to cut down some of these branches to cover the hole with.

'Alrighty then, Soulblade fury cutter to slice down some branches for us, do it again if you havent cut down enough. Fletching could you do me a favour and just circle above us? I would rather not be ambushed while we are working and this sort of task seems right up your alley!'

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