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Deebs 08-25-2007 08:29 PM

UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique

Jerichi vs. Angelique (challenger) UPN only.
2 on 2
Single Battle
Return= KO
48 Hour DQ (Enforced)
Shopping Mall Arena
Shopping Mall: The battle takes place in, around, or on top of a large indoor shopping mall (Californians, think the Galleria in Roseville). Amongst the various A/C and filtration systems on the rooftop, there are also some glass skylights (including a Hugh Jass one in the middle of the roof), which, if broken, open up a way into the mall, which is like a standard concrete indoor arena with 2 levels (with the second level being walkways along the wall: thus, a Pokemon can see the second level from the first level, and vice versa), a bunch of onlookers, and lots of property to destroy. There's also some parking lots and the occasional outdoor promenade on the outside of the mall. Finally, since there are some larger retailers here (Sears, JC Penny, The Blonde Mecca (C)) parts of the rooftop are about a couple stories higher than the others. Battles can start anywhere in the arena, be it on the roof, or around or inside the mall itself.
Special Rules: Artificial Lighting (inside mall and parking lot), Building Edge (inside mall/mall roof), Terrain Edge (parking lot), Onlookers, Easily Destroyed, Fire Sprinklers (inside mall only), Roof Level (mall roof only),
Optional Special Rules: Weather (any), Break of Dawn, Night Fight

Angelique, post your squad first.

Angelique 08-27-2007 02:18 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Um, what equieverything is this again? Level Three? Level Four?

*Not quite sure if Jeri will use a Level Three nor a Level Four in this match*

Jerichi 08-27-2007 06:07 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
I'm only level 2, so the Equilevel is 3.

Angelique 08-27-2007 07:18 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique

Level three equievo/equilevel as Jeri tells me.

Starlight: Genderless Starmie (Level 3)
Bio: Although Genderles, Starlight often hovers around, making snide and sarcastically cynical comments, preferring to have Slytherin-esque attitude in general. Ery quiet and reserved, Starlight gets snide only when it sees what he deems immaturity and plain stupidity.

Tristrike: Male Hitmonchan (Level 3)
Bio: The most mature and the calmest and most dedicated member of Team BoomBoom- the glue that keeps it all together. He hardly gets mad or attracted often and dismisses arrogance and pride as fatal distractions. He does have vice and flaw though: cheese. Tri loves cheese waaay too much for a Tyrogue.

Shriek: Male Haunter (Level 3)
Bio: Shriek is what you call a prankster. He is the Trickster of Team BoomBoom. He loves to pull all sorts of pranks and practical jokes on people, often known for making dirty and inappropriate jokes and sexual inneundos in the most embarassing situations.

Drayna: Female Dragonair (Level 3)
Bio: Drayna grew up under the sea, like most Dratini. Down there, Drayna decided to learn how to swim faster. While she was practising this, Drayna hit her heads on the rocks, reversing her personality completely. The Clan then expelled her due to her new rude personality. Drayna likes to taunt other's of their looks., doing her infamous hyena laugh while doing so.

Mimi: Female Wigglytuff (Level 3)
Bio: Mimi is the thrid member of Team BoomBoom. The Crazy One, Mimi is hyperative and possibly a sufferer of bipolar disorder. After being dropped on the head when she was young, Mimi has a strange obession: to take over the world using a combination of hamburgers and marshmellows. Mimi aspires to be Empress of the World and she often makes Team BoomBoom engage in the most absurd activities simply for this cause. Mimi is often hyperactivie, talkative, loud and psychotic, possibly all four at once.

Hikairi: Female Delcatty (Level 3)
Bio: Hikairi is the vain one in my team. She often looks in the mirror in her spare time, admiring her lush curls. She is arrogant, conceited and narcisstic, concerned only and primarily about her looks. But being as vain as she is, she battles hard in Fights, solely because she is either jealous of their beauty, is prejudiced against "uglies" and plain doesn't like anyone who isn't part of Mimi's World Domination plan. Hikairi gets very angry when someone tarnishes her beauty, often going into beserk rages. While Hikairi never cries, she is often snide and vain-glorious, having a superiority complex.

Jerichi 08-27-2007 07:47 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Great. My three favorite Pokemon.

Neocha - Male Marshtomp (Level 3)
Bio: Neocha is pretty much a watered down, both literally and figuratively, version of Koi. While he doesn't have the same randomness factor, and is much less egotistical than his Kecleon-counterpart, he does share the same point of view and such as Koi, and can often be seen giving a slightly more logical opinion on Koi's actions. Even though Neocha is slightly diffrent in personality, his battling style is fairly similar and just as intense. When he battles, his attacks are often rapid and continuous, displaying a flow which is meant to confuse his foe and keep them on their toes. One technique in particular that Neocha likes is Earthquake, as it is a good attack for tripping up foes. However, Neocha preferes faster attacks, so he tends to shy away from attacks like Earthquake. To get the same effect from the attack and add a little bit of speed to it, he developed a new technique, Terra Palm.
Signature Attack - Terra Palm
To keep his foes on their toes and the attacks fluid, Neocha has come up with an Earthquake alternative by using an Ancientpower like attack. This attack is much more directed than Earthquake, although a radial version can also be used. To use the attack, Neocha charges ground energy into any of his limbs, and slams it into the ground. Although the name of the attack refers to the hand, any limb can be used to generate this attack, even the tail, but excluding the head. Depending on how Neocha hits the ground, the attack will radiate out in one of two ways. If the limb hit the ground on an angle, it creates a concentrated, triangular shot. The attack fans out in one direction from the origin, and widens a foot for every foot it travels out, weakening as it disperses. The amount of shaking caused by this is less than the second form, which creates substantially more. If the limb directly hits the ground, the energy will radiate out from it, taking the shape of the end of the limb. This can make for oddly shaped attacks to further throw the enemy off. The attack does the damage of half an Earthquake and takes the energy of slightly less than three-fourths of an Earthquake, and takes three-quarters of the time Earthquake takes to execute.

Scherzando - Male Shiny Sableye (Level 3)
No Sig Yet

Kruez - Male Marowak (Level 3)
No Sig Yet

Propaganda - Male Lickitung (Level 3)
Bio: "Propaganda is a type of money aimed at influencing the peanut butter or behavior of people." ~ From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia
This is a pretty accurate way to describe Propaganda, nonsensical. Propaganda received his name after being hired by Koi to help take over the world after a large slump in mindless Kecleon loving. Using his large mouth and even larger tounge, Propaganda tried to influence the masses with Koi's odd Kecleon-based speeches, but his appearance and large tongue obstructing his mouth made them more comical than brainwashing. Ever since then, he has battled for Koi and the Normal Squad after Shoushi left on a pilgrimage of enlightenment.

In all, Propaganda is a strange character, not unlike his teammates. He speaks nearly exclusively in quotes, most of which do not pertain to the topic at hand, and is oddly fluent in Latin, which is the only language that he speaks normally. The sad thing is, no one can understand him, and when he does speak in Latin, he only speaks in short, commonly incomplete, phrases.

Koi, being the "master battler" that he is, believed that Propaganda needed at least one defensive move in his highly offensive movepool, and, taking advantage of his big tongue, helped him develop a defensive technique.

Pupurin - Male Wigglytuff (Level 3)
Bio: Pupurin, the sadistic, sarcastic, critical, and gruff Wigglytuff. The perfect addition to my team of total misfits. He often hangs around the TO making snide comments about everything, and "accidnetly" drinking sake or Japanese beer. Suprisingly, he has the strange ability to not become drunk. Regardless, he loves explosions. Sort of pissy with Present for being not explosive enough, he's developed his own explosiony twist, using his affinity for the Tri-Attack Elements.
Signature Attack - Elemental Fireworks
Pupurin starts by surrounding himself in an aura of either Fire, Ice, or Electrical energy, then quickly releases the energy all around him. This creates a small, explosion-like attack, which radiates out from Pupurin for 2 feet, doing less damage the farther away it is. At close range, it does damage of a Flamethrower, Ice Beam or Thunderbolt, depending on which element is used. At maximum range, it does the damage of an Elemental Punch. The attack can be ordered to be charged up, then released (all as one attack), but it requires slightly more energy to sustain it, taking an Ember, Powdered Snow, or Thundershock every 30 seconds sustained. However, no additional damage is done when sustained. No Fire, Ice or Electric attacks may be used during this time, but any physical attacks which require little to no charging can be used. Regularly, the attack takes the energy of a Flamethrower and an Ember, an Ice Beam and a Powdered Snow, or a Thunderbolt and Thundershock. It may only be used three times a battle, and each element may only be used once per battle.

Koi-Male Kecleon (Level 3)
Bio: Koi: Male Kecleon. If I wasn't trying to get this sig passed, that'd be 'nuff. The TO's resident Kecleon, and Jeri's favorite wacky Pokemon. Hana fanboy, Haruhi obsesser, and master of the internet meme, Koi has risen to a god-like status, at least in his mind. He believes that one day, Kecleon shall rule all humans and Pokemon, and they, with their Spinda and Snorunt brethren, will annoy Talon to no end by jumping out of the bushes and saying, "Supwise! :3". Or just generally take over the world. Like said before, Koi loves Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and has seen every episode so many times, he can act them out perfectly. He even knows the Hare Hare Yukai Dance, with in all variations and choppy, poorly choreographed styles. (he had to learn it anyways, as for it was on his test to become a meme master). His favorite episode, though, is the first, mostly because he likes Mikuru, and the fact that his name appears a few times in the opening song. Koi is extremely jealous of her eyebeams, so, using Hidden Power as a starting point, Koi has developed eyebeams like Mikuru. Well, sorta.
Signature Attack - Koi no Majikaru Biimu! (Various)
Koi uses an altered version of Hidden Power, using his eyes to fire the energy in jagged beam shapes. This attack is almost totally akin to Hidden Power, with two exceptions (not including shape). Number one, Koi can use this attack with any type that he has access to, with the cost of two Embers attached onto the energy. Number two, it costs slightly more energy for the attack, but not by a ton. Since Koi has focused on learning this attack, he's forgotten how to use Hidden Power and Secret Power.

"All right, Neocha, let's see what you can do!"

Angelique 08-28-2007 02:18 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Alright, let's do this! It's time to shine Shriek!

"Taunt then Nightshade!"

Jerichi 08-28-2007 06:38 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
"Cover ears and close eyes until he finishes his Taunt. Give him a little under a minute. Just ignore it. Dodge the Nightshade. Then Foresight."

Deebs 08-28-2007 03:46 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
I interpret that order, Jerichi, as a three-mover. While closing your eyes is indeed a reflex and a non-issue here, covering your ears is an action I consider an order thus making your "dodge" command and the following Foresight a three-mover. Please re-issue your attacks.

Jerichi 08-28-2007 06:48 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
It's not. I've had this discussion with Nick a few times, and it's been deemed as not counting as an action.

If you want further proof, I'll talk to him tonight.

All right, Nick has ruled differently now, so I'll change my orders.

"Foresight immediately, before he can Taunt you. Dodge Night Shade."

Deebs 08-31-2007 04:23 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
[center:c8d0c]Sorry for the wait.

Round 2

From the stunning Angelique comes a not-so-gorgeous Haunter known as Shriek, but frightening in it's own right, while Jerichi counters with a Marshtomp nicknamed Neocha. Both the ghost and mud fish get adjusted to the Shopping Mall before heeding their orders.

Shriek instantly flips up his middle finger and begins to tell Neocha how fat his mother is. Meanwhile, Neocha had been preparing his Foresight, but the Taunt effectively caused him to release the red beams prematurely. The Haunter's eyes get wide as he realizes his newfound solidity, and in anger fires crackling black electricity at Neocha. The Nightshade was fired at an odd angle due to Shriek's irritation at the Foresight yet knicks Neocha's side for decent damage, who made no attempt to dodge.

Shriek and Neocha seem rearing to go still, ready to go at each other's throats. Technically speaking, Shriek used a good bit more energy than Neocha did this premier round and his solidity will last about 3 to 5 rounds, a good bit lower than the norm due to the Foresight's premature release. Neocha was the only competitor to take damage, and while it was a decent hit, he can still take a lot more than that.[/center:c8d0c]

Jerichi 09-03-2007 03:41 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Sorry for the delay.

"Take cover behind something near you. If he tries something, interrupt him mid-attack with a Muddy Water."

Deebs 09-04-2007 04:10 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Round edited as per PM by Angelique mainly because Muyo did not agree with parts of the reffing.

Jerichi please re-order if you see fit.

Jerichi 09-04-2007 06:09 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
I'm good.

Angelique 09-05-2007 01:46 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Dream Breaker, how far apart are Shriek and Neocha? Also, where exactly in the shopping mall do you reckon they are?

Deebs 09-05-2007 03:29 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
I'll add a "Location" description to the end of each round like I have been in SS v. Kishu Arashi; it seems to work well.

They're in the center of the first floor, about 3 arm lengths apart since I'm not quite so comfortable with meters, which I'm sure is what you're used to. =/

Angelique 09-07-2007 12:16 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
"Shriek, close your eyes tighly and cover them with your hands and fly around, Tormenting and attracting Neocha's attention, making him use Muddy Water on you! Then after he's done using Muddy Water, Giga Drain on Neocha!"

Deebs 09-07-2007 06:21 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Covering eyes + flying around + Torment + Giga Drain = 4 mover. I called Jerichi out on it before, so sorry.

Please re-order.

Deebs 09-15-2007 08:11 AM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Reminding Angelique to repost her orders.

Jerichi 09-29-2007 09:26 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Giving 42 hours for Angelique to post before I cancel.

Sorry, but I need a moving battle.

Jerichi 10-01-2007 07:35 PM

Re: UPN PASBL: Jerichi v. Angelique
Sorry, but I'm forced to cancel this.

If you'd like a rematch, then I'd be glad to once I have another open slot.

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