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Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:43 PM

Kristina's Secret Base (Demolished)


Behind the gruesome Haunted Mansion lays a thicket of trees, their dense numbers once standing proud as the Gallows' prized orchard. One upon a time, these orchards spanned for miles under a perfect, sunny sky, their leaves brilliant green and their branches bowing with the weight of sweet and juicy fruit. People from all over Vestige would travel up the hill to the mansion, in the hopes of tasting the savory and luscious spoils, children and adults alike sneaking one or two back home under their shirts to share with friends and family. These days, however, little fruit is bore on their branches, and that which is is rotten or worm infested. The once sturdy trunks and brittle and white from deaths touch, the leaves dry and cracking, each one the color of raw sewage. The foliage itself smells sour, like mildewed clothes, and the blackened soil beneath your feet crackles and gives way with each step, long sucked drier than a bone by the curse that swept the area.

In the tallest tree of the orchard. off in the distance, burns a pale light, the color o an Umbreon's ring. It is here that it sits, a modest home among death and decay. Were you to approach it, you would see a thin rope ladder leading down it's thick ashen trunk, and the cobbled-together construction of a modest home among it's rotting leaves, the structure more like a giant cvrate and less like any house you've ever seen. KLight shines through the creacked floors, casting erry patterns below, and the doorway is only covered by a tarp. The innards aren't much better, as you would find. A bead forged awkwardly from wooden plants sits off to the left; to the right, a shelf, with a small TV and a row of tattered old dolls. There is computer sitting on the floor, halp open, but there's no sign of an electrical socket for it nor the TV. Despite it ramshackled appearance, it looks wekk lived-in, and if you visit at just the right time, you might find it teeming with the life of a girl and her Pokemon.

Other times, you might find no life at all.

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:49 PM

Base Items
- Wooden Bench [1] [2] [3]
- Long Bookcase [1]

- Azurill Doll [1]
- Meowth Doll [1]

- Ball Cushion [1]

- TV [1]
- Laptop [1]
- Black Gamecube [1]

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:51 PM

Kristina's Mailbox


Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:57 PM

Kristina's Electronic Diary

Trainer & Pokemon Biographies

Kristina Winters (Trainer): Kristina was born and raised on a small town about 100 miles east of the ruins of Vestige Town. Growing up, she didn't know her mother, and was raised exclusively by her father, who was a Pokemon breeder, with a seemingly unexplained obsession with the nearby ghost town. When she was barely five, her father left her with a couple that had been old family friends, and traveled to Vestige, convinced that something was going on there. He never returned. She would be raised into adulthood by her father's friends, and would come to find out years later that her father's obsession and subsequent journey cam to rise by the disappearance of Kris' mother, who studied Pokemon habitat, and had gone missing herself after traveling to Vestige to see if the Pokemon had repopulated the area after the disasters a century before. As an adult, Kris shared her father's obsession with Vesting Town and the Mansion, intrigued and curious to know what happened to her parents. She is a quirky individual, both upbeat and excessively cynical. She has a tendency to be scatterbrained, and has an independent nature, though she has no problem relying on her friends or Pokemon when it comes to small things.

Kindle (Typhlosion): Kindle, then an egg, was a gift from Kris' father for her fifth birthday. Kindle has relied on Kris from the very beginning, and shares a deep bond with her. Hardheaded, stubborn, and proud, Kindle does not take well to authority and rarely backs down, often clashing with Kris over the more trivial matters of their relationship, though when it comes down to the wire, Kindle is a reliable Pokemon that would walk through Hell and back for Kris. Kindle gets along decently with her teammates, though she often butts heads with the other, more stubborn ones, and can be prone to violence towards them if annoyed. She is especially wary of newer members, and can grow jealous and guarding of her trainer's attentions as far as strangers and new teammates go, often lashing out at newcomers for spending too much time with the girl. She and Frost, being Kris' first--and for a while, only--two Pokemon, are very, very close, though their personalities and methods of dealing with conflict are radically different. Kindle has a daughter, Flare, who was sired by her mate, Typhu, whom she is very proud of, and very protective towards.

Frost (Dewgong): Frost was adopted from a Center that has long been demolished, and was Kris' second ever Pokemon. Sweet and smart, Frost has a deep appreciation for life, and is protective of others, especially younger Pokemon and children. She abhors conflict, and often tries to make peace between warring parties, though her intrusions are not always welcome. She has low self esteem that was brought on by her loathesome youth and an unattractive Seel, and has become obsessed with making herself beautiful. Her biggest aspiration is to master the Beauty Contest ranks, and she feels this is the only way she can definitively prove her worth as a Pokemon. She is deeply attached to all her teammates, even the more antiscial ones, but has an especially strong bond towards Kindle and her daughter Flare, the pair being as close as blood family to her in her mind.

Pepper (Granbull): Pepper was Kris' first traded Pokemon, and third overall, and from the beginning, Kris has been in love with the little pup, though he's hardly little by any standards anymore. A Casanova by nature, Pepper's prime concern in life is romance, with little preference for species and no preference for gender. his loverboy tendencies often get him in trouble, though it rarely deters him from finding that elusive soulmaten (or soulmates!) he just knows is out there. Though he may look intimidated, Pepper is in reality a giant creampuff, his only claim to fighting still being in naturally large physique. He hs ivery attached to Kris, having once been her 'baby', and now assuming the roll of a protector towards the girl. He gets along well enough with the more positive members of the team, though ones like envy and Duchess grate on his nerves. Interestingly, he is incapable of seeing his teammates outside of a platonic viewpoint.

Envy (Persian): Envy was one of the first 'must haves' of Kris' team, and because of this, she spoiled him from the moment she received him through trade. Because he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, and everything he could possibly desire on a silver tray before him, Envy grew to develop a sense of entitlement and selfishness, quickly growing impatient and lashing out physically if he doesn't get his way. He has an antisocial nature, and dislikes most company, including almost the entirety of his team. He particularly loathes Charlotte, whom he considers a brainless kiss up, and will fight with her whenever they share the same proximity. He does, however, have one soft spot, and shares a deep affection for, finding her to be like a sister or other bosom buddy, Duchess, Kris' Glameow. He is unnecesarily loyal to her, and pampers and spoils her, often demanding things on her behalf and growing enraged if she is not tended to before all others.

Charlotte (Umbreon): Charlotte was, for all extensive purposes, to be abandoned by her ex-trainer, and Kris, unable to see such a magnificent creature wind up in lesser hands, snached her up. A relaxed and unmotivated creature, Charlotte spends most of her time sleeping, or otherwise lazing idly. She is rarely motivated to do anything, and hardly ever can be bothered to even form so much as an opinion or an emotion towards most situations. Very few things excite or motivate her to any degree. She gets along well enough with her teammates, so long as rhey leave her to her own devices, so she and envy have a feud between them, and fight whenever together. Charlotte has strong feelings for her trainer that border on a crush, though it is uncertain as to whether those feelings are platonic or romantic in nature. She is prone to biting people or other Pokemon, her teammates nonwithstanding, who touch Kris.

Mizuki (Butterfree): Mizu was an Egg House hatch, though not one of Kris', and came to be traded to the girl after a chance meeting while hatching her own egg. Mizu is, and always has been, a curious creature, prone to explorations and wanderings off, even from an early age. These often get her into trouble or danger, though she constantly seems unaware of the actual impack of some of her encounters, which may be fore the best, given the high number of near-deaths that have occured in her short life. She is an easygoing and sweet Pokemon, with something positive to be said about anyone she encounters, with no exception for the even the grouchiest of people or Pokemon. She is not as close to Kris as some of the others, though they still share a friendship, and tends to be solitary, not because of any antisocial tendencies, but because of her explorative nature. She gets on well enough with her teammates, even the more sour ones, though this may be because she leaves them alone more often than anything.

Jessebelle (Miltank): Jesse was another 'must-have' for Kris' team, and is one of her favorite Pokemon, as far as species go. Jesse is a unique and tomboyish Pokemon that enjoys physical activity, especially tree climbing, though her sheer size and weight make certain activities difficult. She is either unaware or uncaring that her entire species is female, and dreams of finding a mate and having a little family someday. she is easy going, and rarely sweats anything. She tends to be rather loud and boisterous, though good-naturedly, and always have a compliment for someone whose down. Her female teammates are wary of her, however, and tend to not interract with her much, seemingly without reason.

Levi (Vaporeon): Levi was the 'must-have' of the team, as well as [i]the[i] most favored, next to perhaps Kindle. Having been fond of Vaporeon from an early age, Kris made no short order of procuring Levi, and Levi seems to know quite well that she is sought-after. Competitive by nature, Levi adores battling, though abhors losing, and can get quite vicious during combat. She isn't one to back down on a challenge, even those that are non-combative, and will take up almost any dare, to prove she is the best. Her proud personality and tendecy to be a sore loser make her unpopular with some of her teammates, though not all, and despite her attitude towards success, she is still a generally sweet and giving Pokemon, and has no problem interacting with peace and dignity towards people or Pokemon alike.

Duchess (Glameow): Duchess was received in a trade for a Shinx. Duchess is a high-maintenance creature, and bears an undue sense of entitlement, despite having never been spoiled nor pampered prior to joining Kris. Like Envy, she is prone to violent temper tantrums if refused her own way, and finds her teammates loathesome, the exception of course being Envy, towards whom she is heavily attached, and shares a certain selfish comradery with, the pair practical peas in a pod. She often relies on him to do things for her that she herself is too lazy to do, a role he is uncharicteristically willing to fullfill, though he seems unaware. Likewise, she is not above lying or cheating her way to gain from others, and enjoys food emmensely; enough that she has been known to steal from others to get it.

Rosemary (Mismagius): A whim on Kris' part, but not one regretted, Rose, like her owner, is very quirky. A bookish Pokemon, she enjoys learning and is prone to looking over thr shoulder of her trainer or nearby strangers while they read. She is not an antisocial Pokemon, and in fact enjoys others greatly, especially children and women, though she can make due with just about any sort of companionship, so long as they're intertaining. The type of creature to always have something positive to say about anyone, Rose gets on well with her teammates, even those who are generally antisocial. She enjoys being around people of strong emotion, be they positive or negative, and feeds off of the happiness, sadness, anger, or joy around her, often taking on the emotion most prominent in her surroundings.One of her favorite hobbies is to follow unseen behind others, and sing her haunting melody, which she thinks is more soothing and less unnerving than it really is.

Flare (Cyndaquil): Flare is Kris' only hatched team member other than Kindle. She is the blood daughter of Kindle, and looks up to her mother greatly, often trying to emulate her, though she lacks most of Kindle's distinct personality traits. Flare is quiet and scatterbrained, often lost in thought as she is constantly trying to recall something or other that has previously slipped her mind. She, like her mother, is quck to be annoyed, though she's somewhat less violent in expressing this.
She gets on well enough with most of her teammates, though the older and grouchier members can occasionally find her loose memory to be annoying. She openly tries to impress her mother at every turn.

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:58 PM

Free Space
Trophy Case

Vaporeon: [Beginner]

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:58 PM

Free Space
Free Space

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:59 PM

Free Space
Free Space

Fangirl 04-16-2007 11:59 PM

Free Space
Free Space

Jerichi 04-28-2007 11:17 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
The trees outside the Haunted Mansion shook as the wind started to pick up. A light rain fell from the rapidly moving clouds above. Suddenly, in front of one of the taller trees outside of the mansion, two plumes of rotating darkness appeared. As the swirling shadows faded, two figures we, both clothed in long black hooded cloaks. Both were about the same height, one being slightly shorter than the other. "We're here..." the shorter of the two mumbled gruffly. Slowly, the shorter one took off his hood, revealing two tattered ears which looked like the wings of a butterfly who had been caught in a fierce storm, and a round, scarred face with two yellow cheeks. Following suit, the other figure also dropped his hood, revealing a lilac pig-like head, with two large black curving ears, and two mostly black pearls with a sliver of white on the bridge of his snout.

"She is close..." the Raichu mumbled. "Saix. Can you detect her?" Without a word, the swine pointed at a small, slightly rickety construction in the tree in front of them. "Good. Larxene shall be joining us soon, will she not?" Luxord smirked. Saix responded with a quick nod. "Contact her." Luxord commanded. Saix gave another nod, closed his eyes, and shot a psychic wave up to where their target was.

Fangirl 04-28-2007 12:08 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene clenched her hollow eyes shut, her small, round body leaning unsteadily against the wobbling plants that constructed the greater portion of the lackluster base's wall. Her golden-red hide crawled with a burning sting, and the innermost depths of her chest ached. It took a long moment to subside, and as it did, was was left momentarily breathless. She however had only managed to spiral from one annoying physically anomaly to another, the wracking pain having given way to a strange buzz in the back of her head. She was not please.d.

Wandering across the creaking floor, she paused at the edge of the makeshift bed her trainer had thrown together god knows how long ago. She could see Kris' arm and toes poking out from beneath the tangled blanket, twitching contently in her sleep. After an extended pause, which involved a rather caculating look on the part of the fiery Cacnea, Larxene brough her clubbed arm down harshly where she estimated her trainer's head to be. Kris sat bolt upright, howling in pain.

"Jesus fucking Christ-", she groaned, thrashing her way out of the cocoon of warmth. "What is your problem?"

Larxene just stared at you, looking mean and unhappy. Not a sound was uttered from her peculiar lips, and the base remained quiet until Kris sighed loudly and got up. "right, you want something. Well, Pepper has my bag just incase someone went and hurt themselves in this godforsaken mansion so we'll have to go and find him."

shaking her head, she wandered to the doorway, Larxene in tow.

Jerichi 04-28-2007 12:42 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
"Ah. The Savage Nymph. Larxene. We have come for you, my darling." said Luxord as the Cacnea and her trainer stepped out of the doorway to the treehouse. "Come with us." Luxord held out his paw, rough and dirty. "We must start your training. Do not be threatened. We are here to help you. To take you away from those who do not understand. To free you from your oppressive trainers."

"Submit to the darkness. It is not working against you. It is your friend. Like us." Luxord gestured to himself, and then to Saix.

Fangirl 04-28-2007 01:26 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene narrowed her eyes at Luxord, the thorns on her arms pricking. Before she had a chance to speak however, Kris' light squeal sliced the air.

"Oh, lookit the cute little Raichu!", she murmured in a sugar-coated fashion, jogging over to Luxord with a broad grin. "You look so snug in your little coat! Oh!"

Dropping to her knees, she wrapped her arms around the Raichu, very much to his dismay. Larxene snickered icily.

"Really? It doesn't seem like you need to be my friend, you're doing well enough with the witless provider."

Closing her eyes, absorbing that rather deeply amusing moment, she turned to head back into the base, disinterested the Raichu and he nonsensical riddles.

Jerichi 05-26-2007 11:57 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Annoyed at the sudden assault of affection from the obnoxious girl, Luxord pushed her off forcefully, then quickly Teleported into the base.

"I guess you don't understand. Under that pulpy, spiky exterior, I know that you deeply want the power. The power to free yourself from this impudent provider. The power to do as you please. Come with us, and we shall teach you how to use this to your advantage." Luxord could see that his word still weren't winning her over.

"If you'd like, I could display some of that for you."

Fangirl 05-30-2007 11:11 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene narrowed her eyes, the golden orbs little more than flickering slits at this point. Raising a thick arm in the air, spikes glittering threateningly in the splatter of sunlight leaking through the ill-constructed ceiling.

"The only thing I'm interested in seeing are your innards."

Outside, Kris looked around in high disappointment for Luxord, who has disappeared into thin air. Sighing, she stared at the ground, still sitting where she had landed after the Raichu's forceful shove, and pouted. "My own Pokemon don't hug me, I guess I shouldn't be surprised if a strange one rejects my affections."

With a dishearted look she glanced about once more, her eyes falling on Saix. The same previous spark lit up in her emerald eyes and she cooed a bit before suddenly falling morose all over again.

"...if I hug you are you gonna push me down too?"

Jerichi 05-30-2007 11:29 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
The moment the golden Cacnea rushed at Luxord, he suddenly disappeared, then reappeared across the room, with a wide smirk across his face. "You'll have to do better than that, love."

With that, he put his paws in front of him, and rapidly mumbled an ancient incantation. Without warning, a large wave of darkness erupted from the tips of his fingers, which shot straight at Larxene. It rapidly engulfed her and lifted her plump body a foot of the ground. She began to spin as the dark energy wrapped around her, completely shrouding her in a purple and black wind.

When she was obscured from view completely, the shadow started to grow. First, two long appendages formed, touching the ground. Then, two shorter limbs grew, as well as a head, which a hat-like thing began to form upon.

All of the sudden, the darkness disappeared with a loud howl, waking all those in the base. Where a Cacnea once was stood a large golden Cacturn, with a large diamond-shape on her torso which bore two thick jagged lines, one of which went from the top tip of the rhombus, the other of which went straight across.

The smirk returned to Luxord's face. "Now are you convinced?"

Meanwhile, outside the base, Saix turned to Kris silently.

"...if I hug you are you gonna push me down too?" she asked frailly.

Saix sat motionless for a moment, then slowly shook his head, and offered his arms in a hug without but a soft grunt.

Fangirl 05-30-2007 11:46 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene groaned in a mixture of fleeting pain and shock as the dark waves subsided, easing her onto the ground. She lurched unsteadily before catching herself, her new legs uncooperative in their moments. She glared at Luxord, but it was almost devoid of her usual hateful manner. It was dull, and empty, hiding a glint confusion and a wave of intrigue behind the hollow haze.

"What..what did you do to me-?", she whispered near breathlessly, her once high voice a low, sultry hiss.


Kris grinned and hugged Saix, feeling much petter. With a slender hand she stroked his head very briefly, and looked down at him.

"You're a peculiar looking one. I like you."

Jerichi 05-31-2007 12:04 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Luxord's scarred face stretched even further as his smirk grew larger. "Just giving you a taste of the darkness."

Luxord paused as Larxene glared at him.

"How does it feel to have darkness flow through you? To have it pulse through your veins like blood? To have it surge through every fiber of your being? Submit, and I can help you achieve your wildest dreams."

"So. Are you in or out?"


Saix sat unmoving, a girl hanging around him. It felt odd. He had never, at least in what little of his life that he fully remembered, had been hugged like this. He never recalled feeling this way, especially after the "accident" with Luxord and his pearl.

The girl stood, and patted his head. "You're a peculiar looking one," she said, "I like you."

With these words, he felt a mix of cold indifference and strong affection, and the moon only being half full, he didn't know which to embrace. Saix was too confused to make any response, and sat their, staring at the girl blankly.

Fangirl 05-31-2007 12:35 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene's chest heaved. She was lost in her own mind, her thoughts racing behind a haze of emotion. Her body felt hot; every muscle in her extended form rippled with an unfathomable power that she could hardly contain. She wanted more.

Staring intently at the battered rodent before her, she swallowed hard, and stepped forward.

"Let me in."


Kris smiled contently at him, head cocked every so slightly. She seemed contented for a moment until a rather thunderous growl cut through the silence, eminating straight from her gut. With a mild grown, she frowned at Saix ever so slightly. She ran her hands over her torso and thighs, patting herself down. With a triumphant look she found a small bulge in one of the pockets of her skirt and produced from it a package of fruity candy, which she quite jubilantly opened. Pouring some into her open palm, she then held the back out to Saix.

"Want some? They're a little squished, but they're still good."

Jerichi 05-31-2007 12:55 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Perfect... thought Luxord, A third member.

"We must now start your training." Luxord informed her. He held out a palm, and in it, a dark coat appeared, nearly identical to the one he was wearing. "Wear this." He threw it at the cactus, who caught it. She opened it fully, and found that it fit her perfectly when she slipped it over her slender form.

"Let's start right now, shall we? I want you to Teleport down there." Luxord pointed to the grass outside the base in front of the ladder. "It isn't very hard. Just focus on the place you want to go, close your eyes and poof! You're there."


Saix reached out for the fruity treats, taking a few in his hand and sniffed them. Thinking that it couldn't hurt to try them, he put them in his mouth. The moment the snacks hit his tongue, he felt a new sensation. This wasn't like the bitter Pokeblocks which he was fed, or the savory Pokechow which he ate from time to time, or the Softboiled eggs. This was a different taste. It was pleasurable, light and soft. The word "sweet" came to his mind. He had heard this before and had it described to him, but, even as a Spoink, never truly tasted it.

Saix gave a grunt of approval and looked up at the girl. He gave her a smile, breaking through the heartlessness that loomed on the horizon.

That night, the moon suddenly became brighter.

Fangirl 05-31-2007 10:06 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene glanced at him, then the base of the rickety ladder. Frowning, and feeling quite foolish at just the idea of trying to make herself go 'poof!', she had nearly a mind to tell Luxord he were daft. Of course, she withheld her opinions, however hard it were. Inhaling deeply, she closed her eyes, still feeling rather silly for the experience, and focused her mind on the image of the tree base. She could feel the stinging embrace of the darkness entangle itself around her skin, and, slightly unnerved, she let her eyes flutter black open. There was a jolt, and with a mixture of ecstasy and horror she realized she had moved, but had missed her mark rather substantially, landing on her thorny posterior about three yards from the mark. Oh well, at least she was outside.


Kris sat down in the grass, still smiling at Saix. She was reminded of a time long past when she had spent an adventure with a Grumpig and it's Spoink brood, and she was reminded of how much she enjoyed the species as a whole, though the creature before her was of such an unusual nature that she couldn't help but feel particularly drawn to it. She went to speak again, glad to have the company in the absence of her own less-than-loving team, when she was cut short by a thud and the very, VERY spontaneous appearance of a golden Caturne some feet away.

Jerichi 05-31-2007 08:22 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Luxord chuckled as he strolled over to the exit of the base, gazing down upon the new Cacturn's attempt at teleportation. He disappeared and reappeared at the bottom of the latter, arms spread wide. "Ta-da!" he joked between laughs. "Don't worry," he started as the laughter faded and his demeanor became serious again, "it will come with time. Now, let us depart."

Luxord turned towards Saix and shortly said, "Saix we're leaving." The Grumpig was saddened by this. He had finally met someone who seemed to truly like him, and he had to leave so soon. There was not a lot he could do, however, and he gave Kris a small smile, and turned around, walking over to Luxord.

"Don't worry, human," Luxord snarled towards Kris, his words somehow coming out as comprehendable English instead of his species name, "We shall return her when we are done with her. She will be more powerful than you can imagine." The yellow mouse grabbed onto one of Larxene's spikes, and disappeared, taking the Cacturn along with him. Saix stood there for a moment, still, and right before he teleported away, heshot a grin and a telekinetic message at Kris.

"Thank you."

Before Kris could blink twice, all three had vanished, leaving her alone in the grass outside of her base.

Fangirl 05-31-2007 09:02 PM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Larxene didn't even have time to lash out of Luxord's laughter; before she could even get her bearings completely straight the scarred rodent had hissed something to her trainer--not that she cared or even particularly heard what was being said as she didn't give two shits about the twit--before grasping her thick, spiked arm in his paw. With little protest (though she wasn't fond of the manhandling) she was dragged into grand nothingness as the Raichu teleported to wherever it was his psychotic little whim desired.

Kris watched in mild shock as what she had now figured to be her Cacnea-...er-...Cacturne in a robe disappear without rhyme, reason, or warning. Her gaze turned to Saix, who lingered a moment, before following suit without a word, leaving behind only a smile and the echo of his voice ringing in the back of her head. Frowning, a little sad to see him go, she stood and brushed herself off. She reminded herself that she'd likely see the creature again; after all, him and his electric friend had just made off with her Pokemon.

Of course, a rational person might have been a little disturbed by the scene at hand, after all, it's not every day that you see your own Pokemon fall out of the sky only to be absconded with by a black-clad Raichu and a peculiar purple pig. Then again, Kris was neither rational nor was she particular shocked; this wasn't the weirded encounter she'd had with Pokemon, and as long as Larxene eventually came back, there wasn't much she really cared to say or do about the incident. Shrugging, she pocketed the now empty candy wrapper that were still clutched in the palm, grasped the ladder to her base, and hoisted herself upwards.

"I wonder what's on TV.", were the last words that were heard before the ricketty door clattered shut behind her.

Another Fan 09-04-2007 09:03 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Andrew hadn't been to a good party in forever, and he had hoped to change that. Although a few things did keep him busy, such as his promotion at work, he mostly was just cooling off a bit. However, he was bored. Nothing had happened in forever. So, when he was lucky enough to receive an invite to a party, he accepted it, and grabbed his coat. He hadn't really seen the host in forever, nor knew her particularly well, but hey, they had been bar buddies for a bit, and that's enough, right?

Being not one to worry, Andrew walked the forest quietly, despite the chilly weather. He had a bottle of wine and the invitation in one hand, and held his coat in the other. Secret Power Homes were fun in Andrew's opinion, especially for parties. It seemed like a fun idea, a home away from home. Bo had been a part of the Secret Power Home Society for quite a bit, so he had heard of some neat places for bases. Tree houses, however, he did not expect.

He hoped the wine he brought wasn't too cheap, and fixed his hair as he began to climb the ladder.

Fangirl 09-04-2007 09:27 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Kris glanced up from her oh-so-static-ridden television as the sound of old rope creaking met her ears. Visitors? At this hour? What in the name of god were people doing out at this hour-...oh, right. She had invited some friends and acquaintances to come and destroy her base-...I mean, have a fun-filled party.

Dragging herself almost reluctantly off of her bench-gone-bed, she made a brief mental note to prepare more throughly for company next time, since it was just terrible host etiquette to, well, forget they were even coming, much less forget to set out food or drink or...anything.

"Here's hoping I suggested BYOB." She muttered, wandering over to the door...flap...thing. Another mental note; it generally doesn't look good on your part when your door is more of a chunk of wood on a hinge than an actual door. In addition to a BYOB mentality, Kris now rather hoped that her friends weren't above white trash living quarters.

"Hey!" She greeted cheerfully as the flapping door swung open, revealing her first guest. "It's...you!"

A sheepish grin. Mental note three: For the love of god, try to REMEMBER the names of the people you invite.

Ryuusei 09-04-2007 09:33 AM

Re: Kristina's Secret Base
Arashi stepped into a world unknown to her as she took her time, step by step entering the base she was invited into. As she had received an invitation to this base for a party, she wondered why not? She definitely was a newbie and perhaps this party would broaden, ahem, her social aptitude. However, being her usual forgetful self, the girl forgot that there were others coming to this party as well and took her time in entering the base. When she stepped on something that creek, she would somewhat freak out and whip out a Pokeball as if a Pokemon was coming.

But anyway... This party definitely had to get her to calm down and stop acting like a hyper, over-active noob who just received their first Pokemon. Well, something along those lines. She climbed the ladder slowly and when her footing was unstable, the female would suddenly scream 'AHHHH! I'M FALLLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!' and act that way for about a minute till her footing was stable again. Gosh, something was wrong with thirteen year old girls these days.

As she was approaching close to the base, one of her drinks (in a glass bottle mind you) fell out rather full fanny-pack, which couldn't fit much drinks either. As it fell down from the ladder, the brunette shouted the words 'RETARD BELOW, LOOK OUUUUUUUUUUUT! GLASS BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL COMING THROUGH! DON'T WANNA GET A CONCUSSION!' before climbing up the remaining steps of the ladder, entering the rather cozy, comfortable base.


How the ruddy hell did an underaged school girl manage to get alcoholic drinks anyway?

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