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Sandaa 03-12-2018 08:48 PM

Serebii FB Record-Keeping and Link Replacement
In light of recent announcements, the Serebii forums will be undergoing a server upgrade fairly soon. In terms of FB, nothing will be changed. All of FB’s old posts and records on the Serebii forum will supposedly be transferred to the new forum server, so nothing should be lost. However, any hyperlinks that you might have saved regarding an item you gained on Serebii in the past will likely become broken. Because of this, we are creating an opportunity for you to convert those links into a UPN-based link that will be provided to you here.

This service is completely optional. Over the past year we have made efforts to try and reduce the amount of item linking that is required in this RPG. However, some items (like Heart Scales) hold a bit more value, and some of us still have interest in record keeping anyway. If you wish to make use of this service, please use the following steps:
1. Make one post that lists any item you gained on the Serebii forum with links to confirm where you got said item. If there are any other records you wish to preserve other than items, feel free to ask.
2. A mod will make a post confirming the items you listed and linked to from Serebii.
3. Once a post is confirmed, please use that post as your new hyperlink to substitute your old Serebii one.

Gemini Spark 03-13-2018 01:16 AM

Items from Serebii Forum

Key Items
Berry Bag
Pokeblock Case
Coin Case
Gummi Bag
Key Stone

Pokeball x50 (3 used)
Premier Ball x5
#1: used on Thomas
Valentines Ball x1
Cherish Ball x1
Chocolate Pokeball x1
Moon Ball x1
Valentines Ball x1

Fresh Water x10
#1: used on Sarkhan
#2: used on Leila
Sweet Hearts x5
#1: used on Happy

Berries http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/berrybag.gif
Qualot Berries x3
Persim Berries x3
Kelpsy Berries x3
Occa Berries x3
Salac Berries x3
Jaboca Berries x3

Payapa Berry x1
Salac Berry x1
Apicot Berry x1
Lum Berry x1
Salac Berry x1
Salac Berry x1
Jaboca Berry x3
Coba Berry x1
Salac Berry x1
Occa Berry x1
Colbur Berry x1
Wiki Berry x1
Oran Berry x1
Rawst Berry x1
Aspear Berry x1
Rawst Berry x1
Pecha Berry x1
Rindo Berry x1
Custap Berry x1
Kasib Berry x1
Spelon Berry x1
Pecha Berry x1
Ganlon Berry x1*
Kebia Berry x1
Chople Berry x1
Spelon Berry x1*
Cheri Berry x1
Chesto Berry x1
Rawst Berry x1

Coba Berry x1
Passho Berry x1
Nanab Berry x1*
Tamato Berry x1*
Rawst Berry x1
Yache Berry x1
Iapapa Berry x1
Tanga Berry x1
Starf Berry x1
Figy Berry x1
Grepa Berry x1*

* = willing to trade away

Pokeblocks http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...eblockcase.gif
+30 LiteBlue Pokeblock x1

+15 Strawberry Poffin

Seals http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/sealcase.gif
Ball Capsule x6
Song Seals A-G

Gummis http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/gummibag.gif
Mysterious Gummi x3
Pink Gummi x3
Red Gummi x3

Orange Gummi x3
Gold Gummi x3
Black Gummi x3

Silver Gummi x5

Frost Breath

Mega Stones:
Gardevoirite (held by Sera)

Evolution Items:
Eerie Stone x1
Moon Stone x1
Moon Stone x1

Twistedspoon x1 (held by Marion)
Milotic Plushie x1
White Flute x1
Unown V Plushie (used) x1
Delibird Plushie (used) x1
Shell Bell x1 (held by Delilah)
Miracle Seed x1 (held by Toby)
Rare Bone x2 (one held by Silas, one held by Kima)
Rare Bone x1 (held by Laika)
Nevermeltice x1
Magical Snorunt Plushie x1 (used)
Lapras Plushie x1 (used)

Toxic Orb x1 (held by Rengar)
Heart Scale x1 (currently in use @ Daycare)
Skull of Forgotten Souls x1 (held by Michael)
Heart Scale x1
Lapras Plushie x1 (used)

Heart Scale x1
Heart Scale x1
Red Shard x1
Gold Shard x1

Pink Barrette x1
Tiara x1

Rare Bone x1
Haunter Plushie x1
Absol Plushie x1 (used)
Black Glasses x1

Unicorn Horn x1 (held by Kenna)
Heart Container x1 (held by Juvia)
Heart Scale x1
Heart Scale x1
Charcoal x1 (held by Happy)
Haunter Plushie x1
Icy Rock x1 (held by Brittany)
Lapras Plushie x1 (used)
His Heart Pendant x1
Her Heart Pendant x1

Heart Scale x1

Base Items and Decorations:
Cute TV x1
Kiss Cushion x1
Kiss Poster x1
Glitter Mat x1
Smoochum Doll x1
Pretty Flowers x1
Yellow Pretty Desk x1
Yellow Pretty Chair x1

Christmas Tree x1
Heartlax Plushie x1
Birthday Slowpoke Statue x1
Rock-star Pikachu Doll x1
Pikachu Belle Doll x1
Pikachu PHD Doll x1
Pika Lucha Doll x1
Pop Star Pikachu Doll x1

Female Frillish Doll x1 (held by Ulysses)

Adventures from Serebii forums

Adventure #1: Astoria - The Enchanted Forest *CANCELLED*
Chapter 1: Island Ports {1, 2, 3, 4}

Adventure #2: Whale Island - The Hydro-Electric Zone
Chapter 1: Ampere Beach {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: Rainbow Reef {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 3: Delilah's World {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Kyogre's Domain {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, End}

Adventure #3: Phantom Isle - The Haunted Theme Park
Chapter 1: Mantine Mania {1, 2, 3}
Chapter 2: "Dive" Into the Depths {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 3: Harvester of Eyes {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Future Sight {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, End}

Adventure #4: Cortoza - The Volcanic Island
Chapter 1: Scenic Walk {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 2: Hyrem, the Vandal Buster! {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 3: Faeries and Flames {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

Adventure #6: The Arcane Realm
Chapter 1: Forest of Adventure {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: Crimson Claws {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 3: The Stained Throne {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Blood Feud {1, 2, 3, End}

{The adventures might be a little difficult to preserve as far as hyperlinks are concerned, but if it doesn't work out, I can try to fish for them.}

Missingno. Master 03-13-2018 07:00 PM

Confirming the following items:

1 Blue Flute

1 Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer

1 Rose Incense

1 Dragon Gem

1 Unicorn Horn

1 Heart Container

1 Passion Pokéblock (I know it's expired, but I'm holding onto it. Expired Pokéblocks once saved one of my characters from a flock of hungry Golbat.)

1 Poison Barb

1 Never-Melt Ice

1 His Heart Pendant

1 Her Heart Pendant

1 Brown (Cute) +30 Pokéblock

23 Poké Balls

1 Poison Ball

1 Premier Ball

1 Valentine Ball

11 Lum Berries [1] [10]

1 Liechi Berry

5 Sitrus Berries

1 Babiri Berry

1 Chilan Berry

1 Charti Berry

1 Shuca Berry

1 Custap Berry

1 Rindo Berry

3 Qualot Berries

1 Milotic Plushie

1 Seal Case

1 Chespin Doll

1 Berry Bag

1 Gummi Bag

1 Miracle Seed

49 Poké Balls

1 Friend Ball

OkikuMew 03-15-2018 07:47 PM

I would like to confirm the following Serebii things:

Pokémon catches:


x2 Heavy Ball [x] [x]
x1 Level Ball
x1 Red Cyber Ball
x1 Luxury Ball
x1 Ghost Ball
x1 Vampire Ball
x1 Snow Ball
x3 Christmas Ball [x] [x] [x]
x1 Moon Ball
x1 2013 New Year Ball
x1 Fast Ball
x1 Wolf Ball
x80 Pokéballs (2 used, supposedly?) [x] [x]
x4 Chocolate Ball [x] [x] [x] [x]
x2 Psychic Ball [x] [x]
x1 Rocket Ball
x1 Dragon Ball
x1 Dark Ball
x2 Valentine Ball [x] [x]
x1 Blue Cyber Ball
x1 Steel Ball
x1 Gingerbread Ball
x4/5 Premier Balls
x1 Great Ball
x1 Ultra Ball
x1 Repeat Ball
x1 Nest Ball
x1 Net Ball
x1 Quick Ball
x1 Dusk Ball

x1 Cherish Ball

x1 Blue Flute
x3/5 Sweethearts

x1 Blackglasses
x1 Miracle Seed
x1 Nevermeltice
x1 Twisted Spoon
x1 Spell Tag

Gummi Bag
x2 Moon Stone [x] [x]
x1 Dawn Stone
x1 Fire Stone
x1 Sun Stone
x1 King's Rock
x1 Upgrade
x1 Dubious Disc
x1 Razor Claw

x1 Mega Drain
x1 Flamethrower
x1 Ice Beam
x1 Thunderbolt

x1 Attract
x1 Frost Breath
x1 Psychic

Berry Bag
x12 Ball Capsules [x] [x]
x1 Foamy Seal (A)
x1 Heart Seal (A)
x1 Heart Seal (B)
x1 Heart Seal (C)
x1 Heart Seal (D)
x1 Heart Seal (E)
x1 Heart Seal (F)
x1 Floral Seal (A)
x1 Floral Seal (B)
x1 Floral Seal (C)
x1 Floral Seal (D)
x1 Floral Seal (E)
x1 Floral Seal (F)
x1 Red Barrette
x1 Pink Flower

x1 Gracidea
x6 Heart Scale [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
x1 Pumpkin Pail

x1 Backpack
x1 Pokédex
x1 Red Valentine's Coin Case

Rotom310 03-16-2018 03:03 PM

Just so I have the option if I want it.

Spoiler: show
01 Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer [x]
01 Never-Melt Ice [x]
01 Left Heart Pendant [x]
01 Right Heart Pendant [x]
01 Dawn Stone [x]
01 Heart Scale [x]
02 Rare Bone [x] [x]
01 Golden Egg [x]
01 Silver Egg [x]
01 Snorunt Plushie [x]
01 Lapras Plushie [x]
01 Empty Sack [x]
09 Pokéball [x9/10]
01 Heavy Ball [x]
02 Ghost Ball [x] [x]
01 Were Ball [x]
02 Xmas Ball [x] [x]
01 New Years (2017) Ball [x]
01 Valentine's Ball [x]
01 Gingerbread Ball [x]
01 TM Shadow Claw [x]
01 TM Attract [x]
03 TM Dig [x] [x] [x]
04 TM Secret Power [x] [x] [x] [x]
02 TM Retaliate [x] [x]
03 TM Incinerate [x] [x] [x]
02 TM Struggle Bug [x] [x]
02 TM Power-Up Punch [x] [x]
02 TM Hone Claws [x] [x]
02 TM Flash [x] [x]
01 Very Hot Cross Bun (Teaches Crossfire) [x]
01 Pika Doll (Teaches Voodoo Bugaloo) [x]
01 Vanillite Snow Globe (Teaches Frosted Flake Fall) [x]
01 Oran Berry [x]
02 Lum Berry [x] [x]
01 Sitrus Berry [x]
01 Figy Berry [x]
01 Razz Berry [x]
01 Kebia Berry [x]
01 Rowap Berry [x]
01 Aspear Berry [x]
01 Hondew Berry [x]
01 Watmel Berry [x]
01 Grepa Berry [x]
03 Qualot Berry [x] [x] [x]
01 Expired Passion Pokéblock [x]
01 Expired Chocolate Pokéblock [x]
01 Expired Blackberry Poffin [x]
01 Blackglasses [x]
01 Violet Cyber Ball [x]
01 Miracle Seed [x]

Spoiler: show

Sandaa 03-16-2018 05:54 PM

Gemini Spark: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

Key Items:
1x Backpack
1x Pokedex
1x Berry Bag
1x Pokeblock Case
1x Coin Case
1x Gummi Bag
1x Key Stone
47x Pokeballs
4x Premier Balls
2x Valentines Ball
1x Cherish Ball
1x Chocolate Pokeball
1x Moon Ball
8x Fresh Water
4x Sweet Hearts
1x Apicot Berry
1x Aspear Berry
1x Cheri Berry
1x Chesto Berry
1x Chople Berry
2x Coba Berry
1x Colbur Berry
1x Custap Berry
1x Figy Berry
1x Ganlon Berry
1x Grepa Berry
1x Iapapa Berry
6x Jaboca Berry
1x Kasib Berry
1x Kebia Berry
3x Kelpsy Berry
1x Lum Berry
1x Nanab Berry
4x Occa Berry
1x Oran Berry
1x Passho Berry
1x Payapa Berry
2x Pecha Berry
3x Persim Berry
3x Qualot Berry
4x Rawst Berry
1x Rindo Berry
7x Salac Berry
2x Spelon Berry
1x Starf Berry
1x Tamato Berry
1x Tanga Berry
1x Wiki Berry
1x Yache Berry
1x LiteBlue Pokeblock (Smart +30)
6x Ball Capsules
1x Song Seals A-G
3x Mysterious Gummi
20x Yummi Gummi
1x TM Attract
1x TM Frost Breath
1x TM Toxic
Mega Stones:
1x Gardevoirite
Evolution Items:
1x Eerie Stone
2x Moon Stone
1x Black Glasses
1x Charcoal
1x Heart Container
1x Her Heart Pendant
1x His Heart Pendant
1x Icy Rock
1x Miracle Seed
1x Never-Melt Ice
1x Shell Bell
1x Skull of Forgotten Souls
1x Toxic Orb
1x Twistedspoon
1x Unicorn Horn
1x White Flute
1x Red Shard
1x Gold Shard
4x Rare Bone
1x Pink Barette
1x Tiara
1x Absol Plushie [Used]
1x Delibird Plushie [Used]
2x Haunter Plushie {No Effect}
3x Lapras Plushie [Used]
1x Magical Snorunt Plushie [Used]
1x Milotic Plushie {No Effect}
1x Unown V Plushie [Used]
6x Heart Scale
Base Decorations:
1x Birthday Slowpoke Statue
1x Christmas Tree
1x Cute TV
1x Frillish (F) Doll
1x Glitter Mat
1x Heartlax Plushie
1x Kiss Cushion
1x Kiss Poster
1x Pikachu Belle Doll
1x Pikachu Lucha Doll
1x Pikachu PHD Doll
1x Pikachu Pop-Star Doll
1x Pikachu Rock-Star Doll
1x Pretty Flowers
1x Smoochum Doll
1x Yellow Pretty Chair
1x Yellow Pretty Desk

Sandaa 03-16-2018 06:21 PM

Missingno. Master: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

Key Items:
1x Berry Bag
1x Gummi Bag
1x Seal Case
72x Pokeball
1x Premier Ball
1x Friend Ball
1x Poison Ball
1x Valentine Ball
1x Babiri Berry
1x Charti Berry
1x Chilan Berry
1x Custap Berry
1x Liechi Berry
11x Lum Berry
3x Qualot Berry
1x Rindo Berry
1x Shuca Berry
5x Sitrus Berry
1x Brown Pokeblock (+30 Cute)
1x Passion Pokeblock [Expired]
1x Dragon Gem
1x Heart Container
1x Her Heart Pendant
1x His Heart Pendant
1x Miracle Seed
1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer
1x Never-Melt Ice
1x Poison Barb
1x Rose Incense
1x Unicorn Horn
1x Blue Flute
1x Chespin Doll {No effect}
1x Milotic Plushie {No Effect}

Nerd Violence 03-18-2018 04:15 PM

SPPF Link Replacements

01 Mystic Water
01 Houndoominite

Schala 03-19-2018 09:46 PM

Heart Scale x1
Birthday Gummi x1

Female Houndour
Mud-Slap and Sludge Bomb.

Lv. 75, Endure and False Swipe. Contest Stats All 30.

Ominous Wind and Steel Wing.

Mud-Slap and Earthquake.

Nidoran Male
Super Fang and Blizzard.

Bestow and Psychic.
Magic Coat and Gyro Ball.

Magic Coat and Solar Beam.

Psych Up and Substitute.

Foul Play and Dazzling Gleam.

Superpower and Work Up.

Zen Headbutt and Grass Knot.

Twister and Snarl.

Fury Cutter and Power-Up Punch.

Male Houndoom
Destiny Bond and Will-O-Wisp.

Head Smash and Incinerate. Contest Stats All 10.

lilboocorsola 03-24-2018 01:39 PM


Current Party Items:
1x Icy Rock
1x Pink Scarf
1x Normal Rank Cute Contest Ribbon
1x Poison Barb
1x Shell Bell
1x Devil Horns
1x Bunny Ears
1x Mystic Water
1x Twisted Spoon
1x Cupid's Bow & Arrow
1x Northern Star Bangle
1x Insect Plate
1x Heat (Oven) Card
1x Oran Berry
1x Heart Container
1x Chick Bonnet
1x Bunny Bonnet
1x Miracle Seed
1x Light Barrier
1x Sneasel Wand
1x Nevermeltice
1x Conker
1x Rose Incense
1x Aegis of Frost

5x Potion
2x Antidote
1x Full Heal
1x Revive
1x Soda Pop
5x Sweet Heart
1x Red Flute
1x Black Flute
1x White Flute
1x Sacred Ash
5x Heart Scale (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
2x Water Stone (1, 2)
1x Shiny Stone
1x Soft Sand
2x Rare Bone
1x Glitter Bauble
-2x Big Pearl (1-2, 3)
2x Ruby Pendant (25% Chance of Attraction) (1, 2)
1x Rainbow Egg (Allows Holder to use SOFTBOILED Once per Battle)
1x Heart Container (Heals 10% after four hits)

1x Berry Juice
6x Sitrus Berry (1-3, 4-6)
6x Oran Berry (1-2, 3-4, 5, 6)
Berry Bag
-3x Apicot Berry (1, 2, 3)
-2x Chesto Berry (1, 2)
-4x Custap Berry (2, 3, 4, 5)
Berry Bag (2)
-4x Iapapa Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
-1x Mago Berry
1x Jacoba Berry
2x Rindo Berry (1, 2)
1x Bluk Berry
-2x Haban Berry (1, 2)
1x Leichi Berry
2x Starf Berry (1, 2)
4x Ganlon Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
1x Tanga Berry
4x Hondew Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
4x Wiki Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
2x Lum Berry (1, 2)
2x Rowap Berry (1, 2)
4x Figy Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
4x Rabuta Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
1x Pincap Berry
3x Magost Berry (1, 2, 3)
2x Grepa Berry (1, 2)
2x Passho Berry (1, 2)
3x Kelpsy Berry (1, 2, 3)
2x Yache Berry (1, 2)
4x Rawst Berry (1, 2, 3, 4)
1x Tamato Berry
1x Nanab Berry
1x Coba Berry
2x Razz Berry (1, 2)
3x Aspear Berry (1, 2, 3)
Berry Sack
-2x Cheri Berry (1, 2)
-2x Qualot Berry (1, 2)
8x Pecha Berry (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
1x Nomel Berry
1x Salac Berry
1x Aguav Berry
1x Kebia Berry
1x Kasib Berry
1x Cornn Berry
1x Enigma Berry
1x Charti Berry
Berry Bag (3)
-2x Watmel Berry (1, 2)
-1x Colbur Berry
-1x Occa Berry

1x Pokéblock Case
-Dry Blueberry Poffin (+5 BP)
-Dry Blueberry Poffin (+5 BP)
-Dry Blueberry Poffin (+10 BP)
-Dry Blueberry Poffin (+10 BP)
-Indigo Pokéblock (+30 BP)
-Indigo Pokéblock (+20 BP)
-Indigo Pokéblock (+20 BP)
-Brown Pokéblock (+30 CP)
-Brown Pokéblock (+20 CP)
-Strawberry Poffin (+20 CP)

1x Gummi Bag
1x Gummi Basket
1x Gummi Bag (2)
1x Gummi Bag (3)
1x Gummi Bag

Poké Balls:
2x Premier Ball (1, 2)
1x Snow Ball
1x Love Ball
2x Valentine Ball (1, 2)
4x Chocolate Easter Ball (1, 2, 3, 4)
5x Christmas Ball (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
6x New Year Ball (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
1x Pumpkin Ball
1x Were Ball
1x Space Ball
1x Blue Cyberball
1x Green Cyberball
1x Red Cyberball
5x Ball Capsule

TM Pack

Seal Case:
-1x Star Seal A
-1x Star Seal B
-1x Star Seal C
-1x Star Seal D
-1x Star Seal E
-1x Star Seal F

2x Pika Doll (Teaches VOODOO BUGALOO) (1, 2)
2x Black Persian Plushie (Teaches SHADOW CLAW) (1, 2)
1x Very Hot Cross Bun (Teaches CROSSFIRE)
1x Unown Plushie (Teaches HIDDEN POWER)
1x Ginger Bread Man (Teaches CAN'T CATCH ME)
1x Cranberry Vodka (Teaches FIRESTREAM)
1x Star Tarot Card (No Special Effect)
1x Spoink Piggy Bank
1x Blue Purse
1x Haunter Plushie (Produces 5,000x Coins when Squeezed)

1x Snowflake (No Special Effect)
1x Tractor
1x Party Popper (Goes POP when Used)
2x Pink Valentine's Coin Case (1, 2)
1x Empty Bottle of 'Eau de Bellossom Perfume (No Special Effect)
1x Golden Fiddle (No Special Effect)
1x Pumpkin Pouch
2x Special Edition FB Christmas Coin Case (1, 2)
1x 2008 Goodie Bag
1x Empty Box of Fizzy Chocolates (No Special Effect)
1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer (Lets Holder Breathe Fire)
1x Zombie Pack
1x Slush Puppy Cup (No Special Effect)
1x 2009 Goodie Bag
1x Fatal Attraction (No Special Effect)
1x Red Valentine's Coin Case
1x Buneary Goodie Basket
1x Cotton Coin Case
1x 2011 Goodie Bag
1x Bouquet of White Lilies (No Special Effect)
1x Pumpkin Pail
1x Fairy Treat Bag
1x 2012 Goodie Bag
1x Pink Present
1x Base Decoration Goodie Bag
1x Gracidea
1x Santa Sack
1x 2013 Goodie Bag
1x Chocolate and Sweetie's Lover Hamper
1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
1x Birthday Box
1x Vampire Pack
1x Base Token

1x Promo Articuno Card
1x Holographic Dark Weezing Card
1x Buneary Card
1x Birthday Pikachu Card
1x Holographic Dark Machamp Card

1x Lovely Dragonair Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Luvdisc Plushie (Shoots Heart Arrows)
1x Minun Elf Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Delibird Plushie (No Special Effect) (1, 2)
1x Red-Nosed Stantler Plushie (No Special Effect)
Gardevoir Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Snorunt Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Clefable Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Milotic Plushie (No Special Effect)
1x Haunter Plushie (Produces 5,000x Coins when squeezed)

Base Decorations:
1x Blue Pretty Desk
1x Blue Pretty Chair
1x Glass Rose
1x Pretty Flowers
1x Glitter Mat
1x Kiss Poster
1x Snorunt Doll
1x Spheal Doll
1x Smoochum Doll
1x Kiss Cushion
1x Cute TV
1x Christmas Tree
1x Crystal Egg
2x Silver Egg (1, 2)
3x Golden Egg (1, 2, 3)

Sandaa 03-26-2018 04:13 PM

OkikuMew: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

Key Items:
1x Backpack
1x Pokedex
1x Berry Bag
1x Red Valentine’s Coin Case
1x Gummi Bag
78x Pokeball
4x Premier Ball
1x Great Ball
1x Ultra Ball
1x Cherish Ball
4x Chocolate Ball
3x Christmas Ball
1x Blue Cyber Ball
1x Red Cyber Ball
1x Dark Ball
1x Dragon Ball
1x Dusk Ball
1x Fast Ball
1x Ghost Ball
1x Gingerbread Ball
2x Heavy Ball
1x Level Ball
1x Luxury Ball
1x Moon Ball
1x Nest Ball
1x Net Ball
1x 2013 New Year Ball
2x Psychic Ball
1x Quick Ball
1x Repeat Ball
1x Rocket Ball
1x Snow Ball
1x Steel Ball
2x Valentine Ball
1x Vampire Ball
1x Wolf Ball
3x Sweet Hearts
12x Ball Capsules
1x Foamy Seal A
1x Heart Seal A-F
1x Floral Seal A-F
1x TM Attract
1x TM Flamethrower
1x TM Frost Breath
1x TM Ice Beam
1x TM Mega Drain
1x TM Psychic
1x TM Psyshock
1x TM Thunderbolt
Evolution Items:
1x Dawn Stone
1x Fire Stone
1x King’s Rock
2x Moon Stone
1x Razor Claw
1x Sun Stone
1x Upgrade
1x Dubious Disc
1x Black Glasses
1x Miracle Seed
1x Never-Melt Ice
1x Spell Tag
1x Twisted Spoon
1x Blue Flute
1x Gracidea
1x Pumpkin Pail
1x Pink Flower
1x Red Barrette
6x Heart Scale

Sandaa 03-26-2018 05:11 PM

Rotom310: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

9x Pokeball
2x Christmas Ball
1x Violet Cyber Ball
2x Ghost Ball
1x Gingerbread Ball
1x Heavy Ball
1x 2017 New Years Ball
1x Valentines Ball
1x Were Ball
1x Aspear Berry
1x Figy Berry
1x Grepa Berry
1x Hondew Berry
1x Kebia Berry
2x Lum Berry
1x Oran Berry
3x Qualot Berry
1x Razz Berry
1x Rowap Berry
1x Sitrus Berry
1x Watmel Berry
1x Blackberry Poffin [Expired]
1x Chocolate Pokeblock [Expired]
1x Passion Pokeblock [Expired]
1x TM Attract
3x TM Dig
2x TM Flash
2x TM Hone Claws
3x TM Incinerate
2x TM Power-Up Punch
2x TM Retaliate
4x TM Secret Power
1x TM Shadow Claw
2x TM Struggle Bug
Evolution Items:
1x Dawn Stone
1x Black Glasses
1x Her Heart Pendant
1x His Heart Pendant
1x Miracle Seed
1x Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer
1x Never-Melt Ice
1x Empty Sack
2x Rare Bone
1x Pika Doll {Teaches Voodoo Bugaloo}
1x Vanillite Snow Globe {Teaches Frosted Flake Fall}
1x Very Hot Cross Bun {Teaches Crossfire}
1x Lapras Plushie [Used]
1x Snorunt Plushie [Used]
1x Heart Scale
Base Decorations:
1x Golden Egg
1x Silver Egg

Sandaa 03-26-2018 05:16 PM

134: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

Mega Stones:
1x Houndoominite
1x Mystic Water

Sandaa 03-26-2018 05:42 PM

Schala: Please use this post when linking to the following items:

1x Birthday Gummi
1x Heart Scale

Prof.Enigma 01-23-2019 12:40 PM

Making a new post for all of my old items and links from SPPF, this should be all I need to link to

Important starting links:

Registration Posting
Starter pack pickup

Key Items:
x1 Backpack
x1 Pokédex
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokéblock Case
x1 Coin Case
x1 Wallet
x1 Gummie Bag
x1 Keystone

x1 Love ball ( which Currently holds Wolfe, my starter )
x1 Level Ball
x1 New Year Ball
x1 Cyber ball

x8 Pokeballs
x1 Premier ball
x2 Moomoo milks
( used one for the pokemon that started the whole revalution Seedot, other was used for lunatone )

x1 Charcoal
x1 Heart scale
x1 Her Pendant

Attract ( I think I gave this one away, not sure. So adding it here in case not )
Stealth Rock
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

x1 Razz
x1 Starf
x3 Qualot

Median Dia 07-10-2019 09:59 PM

Well, uh, I didn't know this existed until today. Thankfully, there isn't actually a whole lot of links to be saved, but a handful's still more than zero, so here we are.

Saved Moves:
Berue the tangrowth's Worry Seed and Curse
Elenchos the malamar's Role Play and Flamethrower
Louise the mawile's Sludge Bomb and Thunder Punch

Saved Items:
1x Heart Scale

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