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MarbleZone 04-03-2015 06:03 PM

Intermediate Trainer Battle: Missingno. Master vs EpicSquirtle
This was... nothing like that other Fairground. This one was lively, filled with people of all ages, excited and happy to try out all the attractions and watch the battles taking place at the makeshift battlefield where he now stood. That other fairground was deserted, filled with vengeful spirits of the dead... despite his aversion to noise and overexcited children, he liked it a lot better this way.

The fight he'd be overseeing today was between the Poison-Type veteran Keith, and the up-and-coming Electric-Type enthusiast Jake (who, as Levin recalled, was the one currently raising Crix, his old Electivire). Two Pokemon types that had no advantage over one another, which always made it more exciting to watch... if either of them chose to go with their preferred Type, that was. Not to mention this would be his first time reffing a three-on-three battle, which was sure to take longer and require even more accurate decisions... This would certainly take a toll on him, but hopefully teach him even more on his path to challenging the Elite Four.

- Here we are guys. Hope you're ready, and above all, remember to have a good time!


Missingno. Master vs. EpicSquirtle
3 vs. 3 Single Battle
Intermediate Trainer Battle
48 hour DQ
Arena: Fizzytopia's New Fairground - The rides and game stands aren't the only attractions here at the Fairgrounds, Trainers of all ages are welcome to pitch their Pokemon against each other in front of a bedazzled crowd! After all, what else draws a crowd and boosts ticket sales better than a good Pokemon battle? A hard 50m x 50m, clay arena has been cheaply sculpted somewhere near the center of the Fairgrounds, where it has been surrounded by a high, hard plastic fence covered in bright flashing lights, mostly to keep excited kids from running onto the field.
Hold Items: Yes
Heal Items: No

- PM me your squad, held items, first Pokemon out and your first orders
- First round is reffed
- RNG determines who goes first in the next round
- Orders are reversed after each reffing
- Leave a link to your Profile in your first reply
- You can order up to 3 moves/actions each round; dodging or moving count as 1 action
- Battle ends when either Health or Energy reaches 0%
- Evolutions aren’t allowed mid-battle but can happen after the match
- For official attack descriptions, look here. Actual outcomes may vary based on ref discretion
- PM me any questions you may have at any point


((Please let me know if you decided to fight with switching allowed or not. It should have been mentioned in the Queue, I need to know what I'm working with :P))

MarbleZone 04-06-2015 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by Missingno. Master
Vs. EpicSquirtle (switching will be allowed, by the way, sorry I forgot to mention that...):


Species: Feraligatr (http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif)
Gender: Male
Level: 34
Type: Water
Attacks: Surf, Waterfall, Scratch, Leer, Poison Jab, Dragon Dance, Blizzard, Flash, Energy Ball, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Ancient Power, Ice Punch, Shadow Claw, Scary Face, Metal Claw, Double Team, Mega Punch, Ice Fang, Flail, Aqua Ring, Heal Pulse, Chocolate Magic, Crunch, Chip Away, Mimic, Whirlpool, Dive, Cut, Agility, Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Hydro Cannon, Water Pledge, Thrash, Dragon Claw, Hydro Pump, Hidden Power (Psychic).
Next attack learned: Slash (lv. 45)
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/...ocolateegg.gif>Egg House hatching>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn158.gif>Lv. 18>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn159.gif>Lv. 30>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn160.gif
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Torrent
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 20
Beauty stat: 20
Tough stat: 20
Smart stat: 20
Cool stat: 20
IQ: 2
Obtained: Egg House (reobtained in Cable Club)
Birthday: December 6th
Early in his training career, Keith was given a rare variety of Pokémon Egg called a Starter Egg. This unique Egg was guaranteed to hatch only into an official starter Pokémon from any given region, plus Pichu or Eevee, the former due to a most infamous instance in Kanto, and the latter due to it being the closest thing to an official starter Pokémon the Orre region has ever seen. This was before Keith had ever hatched Pomona, and so he was obviously hoping for a Bulbasaur. However, he instead hatched a Totodile, but didn't regret it at all. For several years, Totodile fit right in with the team and was a joy to have around. Unfortunately, due to the PC space restrictions of the time, Keith had to make some tough decisions, and ended up trading away Totodile to a Trainer named Bill, who named him Gold. Skip ahead a few years, and Bill had come to the decision that the Totodile would be more appreciated back with his original trainer. Upon being asked about this, Keith was nothing short of ecstatic, as trading away Totodile was one of the greater regrets of his training career, and enthusiastically agreed to trade a Rare Candy to get him back.

Gold is a happy, jovial Pokémon. Not much offends him, and he doesn't hold grudges, as evidenced by how easily he was able to forgive Keith for trading him away. He danced around quite frequently as a Totodile (less so as a Feraligatr, but it's not unheard of), and his happy mood is often contagious. Having been old friends with some of Keith's oldest Pokémon, Gold found it quite easy to readjust to life under Keith's ownership, though was very surprised at the sheer number of new teammates he was introduced to. As fellow predators, Marvolo and Fang get along fairly well with him, though Myrtle is easily irritated by his constant happiness. Pomona and Helena, predictably, get along great with him, and one Energy Ball was all he needed to use to stop Pisces from even trying to eat him- he's earned her respect.

Keith gets along very well with Gold, and they work together in battle every bit as well as they used to. Gold aspired from the start to evolve into Feraligatr, but was in no rush to actually do so, preferring to take his time and enjoy life. That said, his enthusiasm at the prospect of his first real battle under Keith's ownership for the first time in years spurred him to evolve into Croconaw, and not too long after that, he got a pebble stuck in his foot in the middle of a battle, and the resultant aggravation triggered his evolution into Feraligatr. The evolutions all happened a little faster than Gold had intended, but he has no problem with his current form. Or much of anything else, for that matter.

Species: Magcargo (http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif)
Gender: Male
Level: 38
Type: Fire/Rock
Attacks: Yawn, Smog, Ember, Rock Throw, Harden, Recover, Flame Burst, Overheat, Inferno, Rock Smash, Ancient Power, Double Team, Flamethrower, Amnesia, Lava Plume, Shell Smash, Strength, Earth Power, Clear Smog, Hidden Power (Water).
Next attack learned: Rock Slide (lv. 44)
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn218.gif>Lv. 38>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn219.gif
Nature: Lax
Ability: Flame Body
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 10
Beauty stat: 10
Tough stat: 10
Smart stat: 10
Cool stat: 10
IQ: 1
Obtained: Cable Club
Birthday: June 28th
As has been the case before, Keith found himself compelled to trade for a Pokémon that reminded him of home. Having grown up in Lavaridge Town, Slugma were not an uncommon sight for him, whether he was taking a walk past the local Pokémon Gym, or exploring the nearby Fiery Path. Therefore, when he learned that his friend Blaze was looking to trade his Slugma away, Keith decided to put in an offer. Given the sheer size of his team, he settled for putting down a small offer with no intention of going higher, just to ensure that if nobody else wanted the Slugma, that he would at least be going to a good home. To his mild surprise, nobody else wanted the Slugma, so it went to him.

Heatstroke, for being essentially a sentient puddle of molten lava, is about as cool and laid-back as they come. Nothing much bothers him, and he doesn't get fired up about much. That's not to say, of course, that he wouldn't jump (well, slither) to the defense of a friend, though, because make no mistake, you mess with one of Heatstroke's friends, you mess with Heatstroke. And the guy knows some seriously powerful Fire moves, so messing with him or his friends is not recommended. Naturally, Pomona and Helena were quick to befriend him, and he also gets along well with his fellow Fire-types, Vinny, Shelley, and Ruby. He has also become friends with Hermione, who was very interested to study the Slugma, for he appears to have some degree of control over his body temperature. While he can't go completely ice-cold, he can at least lower his temperature to the point where it's feasible to touch him without having medical assistance standing by. He can't hold it for very long, however, lest he start to turn to rock, but it can last long enough for him to sort of hug others (which has endeared Hannah greatly to the Magcargo, by the way).

As Keith traded for Heatstroke in the middle of a harsh winter, it was only natural that he quickly became popular with his teammates, albeit purely as a source of warmth. At first, anyway- once they started to get to know him, the whole source of warmth thing got downgraded to a mere added bonus of being his friend.

Heatstroke has proven himself as a dependable and capable member of Keith's team, some of which can be credited to Blaze, his previous Trainer, which led to Keith calling upon Heatstroke quite often in battles since getting him. This culminated in an incident one day when Keith entered the Egg House only to find it under attack by a swarm of Beedrill. Keith sent out Heatstroke to drive off the Bug/Poison-types, but they started to overwhelm the Slugma with superior numbers and super effective Drill Run attacks. However, at the last second, Heatstroke evolved into Magcargo, powered up with his newly learned Shell Smash, and blasted the rest of the Beedrill with a Lava Plume attack, defeating them all. This incident cemented Heatstroke's position as one of Keith's more dependable Pokémon, and arguably his most dependable non-Poison-type (and even then he faces stiff competition from the likes of Norbert and Myrtle).

Species: Victreebel (http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/pokeball.gif)
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Type: Grass/Poison
Attacks: Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap, Weather Ball, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poison Powder, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Leech Life, Swords Dance, Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Leaf Tornado, Cut, Knock Off, Venoshock, Clear Smog, Flash, Gastro Acid, Acid, Solar Beam, Bug Bite, Belch, Hyper Beam, Hidden Power Ice.
Next attack learned: Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade (lv. 47)
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Chlorophyll
Happiness Points: 10
Cute stat: 20
Beauty stat: 20
Tough stat: 20
Smart stat: 20
Cool stat: 20
IQ: 3
Evolution: http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn069.gif>lv. 21>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn070.gif>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/items/leafstone.gif>http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn071.gif
Obtained: Cable Club
Birthday: March 1st
Over the course of his travels, Keith met another trainer who was willing to trade away not one, but two Poison-type Pokemon. Agreeing to a dual trade, Keith traded his Shuppet and Numel for the other trainer's Seviper and Bellsprout. Goyle was always something of a loner, never really interacting with others much. His time on the team as a Bellsprout and Weepinbell were virtually unknown to the rest of the team, as he never interacted with any of them. Only once he was a Victreebel did Pomona, Keith's Ivysaur, try to get to know Goyle, eventually bringing him out of his shell. Goyle is still a little on the quiet side, but is now at least more willing to interact with others. Grateful to Pomona, he acts as something of an older brother to her now, and is somewhat protective of her, not unlike Malfoy.

Though the extent of most interactions Goyle has with strange Pokemon is an exchange of greetings unless they want to take the conversation further, he found himself a little more willing to speak to a female Nuzleaf by the name of Daphne. Quickly, Goyle realized he was in love with her, and protected her from various other Pokemon who were aiming to attack her in retaliation for various pranks she pulled. This nearly caused a major conflict between him and Marvolo, whom he knew his whole life and thought of as a brother. Due to this, Daphne suggested that they might not be right for each other if it meant she would come between them. However, Marvolo heard this, felt guilty for keeping his brother from finding love, and relented, in a rare moment of selflessness, stating that he would in fact have no objection to the two of them being together.

Keith couldn't help but grin as he approached the fairgrounds- he'd battled there in the past, and he knew there was always an excitable audience, always more than eager to watch a good Pokémon fight. And Keith had no problem whatsoever having an audience when he battled. Of course, some of his Pokémon might disagree, but then again, none of those Pokémon were gonna see use in today's battle. Still, though, Keith made a mental note to not have his Dunsparce make her battling debut in such an arena as this, lest her shyness get the best of her and affect her performance.

As he arrived, Keith noticed the arrival of his opponent, Jake Eclair, a young Trainer whose specialty was the Electric-type, and the current owner of two of Keith's former partners, Somnus the Drowzee and Vernon the Tauros. To this day, Keith had no regrets about trading them to Jake- he knew him to be a capable Trainer who cares genuinely for his Pokémon. And yet, despite this, the two had yet to face each other in battle, hence their presence here today.

"Good luck, Jake," Keith called to his friend, before he reached for his belt. Meowth, seated as usual on Keith's shoulder, waved to Jake as Keith ran his fingers over the three Poké Balls he had on him. Initially, he had wanted to use all Poison-types, but he had two Pokémon not of said type he knew were long overdue for battling such as this, even if one of them did have a distinct disadvantage over the type Jake specialized in. It was this Pokémon whose ball Keith plucked first from his belt and brought to its full size.

"So, wat's it gonna be first?" Meowth asked Keith.

In response, Keith heaved the ball forward. "Let's go, Gold!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, the Poké Ball burst open, and a large bipedal reptile emerged, with a fang-lined snout that made you feel sorry for anything he might eat. "FERALIGATOOOOOR!" bellowed Gold, eager to get started.

The only issue was, Keith wouldn't know which of Jake's Pokémon would be his first choice until after he gave Gold a few commands. It would be a pretty big risk to take- Keith had heard stories of another battle operating in such a matter- it resulted in a Togepi expending valuable energy using Zap Cannon on a Steelix. No, Keith intended to make no mistakes so soon in the match, and so he thought long and hard before finally speaking up.

"OK, Gold, let's get this party started!" Keith declared. "Start with a Dragon Dance, then use your Double Team, and follow up with Flash!"


Originally Posted by EpicSquirtle
Spoiler: show

Species; Galvantula
Gender; Male
Level; 37
Type; Bug/Electric
Attacks; String shot, Leech life, Spider web, Thunder Wave, Screech, Cross poison, Rock climb, Pursuit, Pin missile, Fire stream, Fury Cutter, Electroweb, Bug Bite, Giga Drain, Thunder Bolt, Slash, Electro Ball, Signal Beam, Agility
Evolution; Joltik>36>Galvantula
Evolution: Joltik-Galvantula
Nature; Adamant
Ability: Compoundeyes
Held item:none
Obtained: Starter
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty 0/ Cool 0/ Cute 0/ Smart 0/ Tough 0
IQ: 0
Birthday: July 6th


Species; Ambipom
Gender; Male
Level; 32
Type; Normal
Attacks; Scratch,Tail whip,Sand attack,Can't Catch Me,Mega punch,U-Turn,Agility,Gunk Shot, Baton pass, Tickle, Fury Swipes, Brick Break, Bounce, Swift, Screech, Double Hit, Shadow Claw

Evolution; Aipom>Double hit>Ambipom
Evolution: Aipom-Ambipom
Nature; Serious
Ability: Technician
Held item:none
Obtained: Cable club
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty 0/ Cool 0/ Cute 0/ Smart 0/ Tough 0
IQ: 0
Birthday: July 13th

Species; Electivire
Gender; Male
Level; 35
Type; Electric
Attacks; Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Leer, ThunderShock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Light Screen, ThunderPunch
Discharge, Cross Chop, Psychic, Meditate, Dual Chop, Ice Punch Thunder, Electro Web, Cross Fire,Wild Charge Charge Beam Teleport Flash Rock Smash
Evolution; Elekid-30-Electabuzz-Electrizer-Electivire
Nature; Hardy
Ability: Motor Drive
Held item: none
Obtained: Cable Club
Beauty Points: 10
Contest Stats:Beauty 20/ Cool 20/ Cute 20/ Smart 20/ Tough 20
IQ: 2
Birthday: January 25th

Jake looked ahead at the clay arena in front of him. It was a pretty basic arena and the clay looked cheaply sculpted. Despite this, Jake could feel his heart racing. It was his first official trainer battle, and against Keith no less! Keith was one of the first people Jake met in Fizzytopia, just over two years ago. Now he was going to face him in a Pokemon battle! Jake knew he had to give it his all, Keith was a veteran trainer after all! That's why he had chosen the three pokemon he knew were up to the challenge! Crix was the newest of the three, despite this he was the most powerful and experienced, having previously been under Levin's care. Pom was Jake's second pokemon, and was serious when it came to battling. He knew Pom wouldn't back down, no matter the challenge. Sparky was Jake's first Pokemon and was also his most reliable. He knew Sparky was just as excited and nervous as he was. Jake smiled as he thought about each of his pokemon. He looked up and called out to his opponent.
''Don't think that because this my first official battle that I'm going to lose!'' He then grabbed one of the Pokeballs off his belt. ''Alright Pom, your up first!'' With a toss of the Pokeball the long tail Pokemon emerged. Pom started shifting slightly on the clay, anticipating the upcoming fight. ''Alright Pom, let's start with an Agility to improve your speed! Then go for a Shadow Claw!''



Levin could already feel the excitement coursing through his veins. This match would teach him much of what he needed to know in order to improve - and, just as important, how to counter the strategies of both Jake and Keith should they ever cross his own path for whatever reason. He had no interest in fighting anybody but the Elite Four, but people had gotten in his way before.

The first Pokemon Keith sends out makes the Saffron-native instinctively clench his fists. The sight of the bipedal alligator reminds him of his own desire to raise such a creature, and Gold is one of the oldest of its kind in the land - having trained under the ownership of another trainer for some time before returning to its original master.
Jake, on the other hand, chooses a nimble Pokemon that he hopes can be a foil to the more physically-imposing Water-Type - an Ambipom takes its place in the clay arena, adopting an unusual battle stance, and the crowd's excitement is palpable when both Trainers issue their first commands!

Already quicker than his opponent, Pom moves first and becomes even faster after sprinting around the arena, redirecting his energy to his lower limbs while relaxing the rest of his body for added speed. He bolts towards his foe with darkness enveloping it right hand and taking the shape of a large claw!
Meanwhile, Gold roars and an aura of dragon energy bursts up from the ground surrounding him, powering up his muscle mass to make him both faster and stronger all at once! But even so, Pom's agility far surpasses that of the amphibian, and before he can split into his clones, the Ambipom is already within range and slashed his chest with a powerful Shadow Claw!

Gold takes some steps back, reeling from the hit, before realizing Pom is done for now. He takes his time to summon two perfect illusions of itself, before bringing his hands to his forehead and unleashing a violent flare of light that burns Pom's eyes!

Both Pokemon can feel their adrenaline pumping, even in these early stages of the match. More and more people are leaving the other attractions to sit on the arena's stands, intrigued by all the commotion surrounding the battlefield... it's your duty to put on a show!

Next orders (RNG): EpicSquirtle


As always, PM me any questions.

EpicSquirtle 04-07-2015 10:30 PM

Jake didn't know whether to cheer or groan in frustration. Though Pom had managed to get both his attacks off, his opponent had managed to use flash, which would hinder Pom's accuracy. To make matters worse, the Feraligatr had summoned two clones with it's double team attack, which made attacking even more of a challenge. There had to be a way to deal with it, the problem was what.... Jake pondered before issuing his next orders.

''Alright Pom, start with a Screech! Then go for a Double Hit! Top it off with another Double Hit!

Missingno. Master 04-07-2015 10:59 PM

So, Jake's first choice was Pom. Keith couldn't say he was surprised- he was there to witness Jake's Aipom evolve, he knew Pom had to be one of Jake's strongest Pokémon. However, any kind of Speed boost Gold gained from Dragon Dance was dwarfed by the Ambipom's Agility. And Keith knew that that had the potential to pose a problem... were it not for the fact that Gold knew that exact same move.

"Pom's pretty fast," Meowth remarked. "Dat'll be hard ta beat."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Keith grinned. "We got Speed covered. I'm just glad Cyanide isn't here to watch this, though," he added. "What do you want to bet she'd be rooting for Pom, even if it meant rooting against her teammates?"

"I'd bet my nine lives on it," said Meowth. Cyanide was Keith's Umbreon, and Pom's girlfriend. Keith wisely decided against even mentioning the battle to her, for fear that she might react violently towards any of her teammates who might be battling Pom. But right now, Keith knew he had a battle to focus on, and hopefully win. Jake was gonna try his best, and Keith would be doing him a great disservice to not try his best in return.

"We'll use Agility as well, Gold!" Keith exclaimed. "Follow up with Rock Smash, then use your Poison Jab attack!"

MarbleZone 04-08-2015 06:35 PM


Pom's eyesight is blurry from the intense Flash, but he holds a distinct speed advantage over his foe. The Ambipom releases his pent up frustration with an ear-piercing Screech that forces everyone - Trainers included - to cover their ears! The high-pitched noise is particularly effective on Gold, who is overwhelmed by an intense pain in his eardrums and a crippling migraine, rendering him vulnerable for a few rounds to come.
The alligator relaxes his muscles and bolts forward in retaliation, copying Pom's previous technique, as the clones flawlessly copy his motions. In doing so, Gold manages to increase his speed considerably, but still falls just short of matching that of the Ambipom, who retaliates by lunging himself straight at the incoming Feraligatr! The Normal-Type chooses one of the three foes, hoping it to be the real one, and drives one of his two tails into his chest - but hits one of the illusions instead! However, he deftly spins around and completes the Double Hit by striking another foe with the second tail... and that one turns out to be a clone as well! Both Double Team doppelgangers disperse and Gold has evaded the first Double Hit combo!

Now it's Gold's turn to fight back, and the gator is out for blood; he drills his right claw into Pom's side, and seems to strike a week point as the Ambipom doubles over in great discomfort; the sharp pain might suggest a cracked rib, effectively meaning Pom won't be able to defend from here on out! Quick to seek retribution, he once again slams both tails into Gold for two hits in quick succession, and this time, both manage to find their mark despite Pom's hindered vision, thanks to the proximity between both combatants!
Gold stumbles back a couple of steps but gets right back on the offensive, this time driving a poison-infused left claw into Pom's gut! And although it doesn't seem to leave any lasting effects, the way Jake's partner winces makes it clear just how painful that last move was to close out this hard-fought round...

Next orders: Missingno. Master


As always, PM me any questions.

Missingno. Master 04-08-2015 06:57 PM

Keith and Meowth clapped their hands (paws, in the case of the latter) over their ears as Pom unleashed his Screech attack. A grating move for anyone to hear, but particularly for Pokémon. Keith could feel a chill go down his spine as he tried (with almost no success) to block the offending sound from his ears.

Gold, however, got the worst of it. His eardrums were in agony, and he had a horrible headache from the move, but remembering his orders, he utilized the same technique Pom had previously used- Agility. The Feraligatr was a lot faster now, though was still just a little slower than Pom. The gap had been closed by a considerable amount, though, which Keith supposed was better than nothing, though in the next instant, Pom managed to destroy both Double Team clones by way of Double Hit. Though he didn't actually hit Gold with the attack, Keith had to wonder whether Jake had ordered that move with the intention of eliminating the Double Team clones as quickly as possible. He had to admit, he was impressed if that was indeed the case, though he still had to focus. "Gold! Rock Smash!" he called out.

As much as the Screech was still ringing in his head, Gold could hear Keith, and was only too happy to oblige, slamming Pom with a powerful punch that very clearly did a number on the Ambipom's defensive capabilities. However, Pom was only too willing to retaliate, and did so with another dose of Double Hit. And this time, Gold had no Double Team copies to take either blow in his stead- the Feraligatr took the full force of the attack, which indeed seemed to hit a little harder than Keith would've guessed, even taking the Screech into account. "Oh, don't tell me..." Keith muttered, holding out his Pokédex.

"Ambipom's Ability- Technician," droned the device, confirming what Keith was fearing. "Ambipom's weaker attacks are more powerful than usual."

"Yeah, dat would'a been my guess," nodded Meowth. Having Technician himself, Keith knew that Meowth would have been able to tell him this fact even before the Pokédex spoke up.

"Don't give in, Gold!" Keith called. "Poison Jab, let's go!"

"Gatoooor!" Gold bellowed in response. His claws took on a vicious purple glow, and he plunged said claws into Pom's torso, causing the Ambipom to wince in obvious pain, though the attack failed to poison.

"I'm guessin' Cyanide ain't ta hear a word about dis battle?" asked Meowth.

Keith nodded. "Not one word," he confirmed. "I'd rather not be maimed by my own Umbreon, thank you." As he spoke, Keith looked out at the battlefield, sizing up the situation. Gold and Pom were both in more or less the same situation- both were faster than usual, but weaker on the defensive side. Both of them had some kind of boost towards some of their attacks going for them- Gold's Dragon Dance, and Pom's Technician. In short, they seemed to be more or less evenly matched at this point, and Keith knew that if neither of them switched out, this first match would be a close one. So now was the time to start going all-out in terms of offense, wasn't it? "OK, Gold, time for a Dragon Claw attack!" Keith called out. "Then use your Metal Claw attack, and follow it up with an Ice Punch!"

EpicSquirtle 04-08-2015 09:50 PM

Jake winced as Poms screech assaulted his ear drums. Quickly, Jake covered his ears in hopes of stopping the irritating noise. It was like nails on a chalk board, and Jake was relived when it died down. It seemed to pay off though, it looked like the Feraligatr hadn't taken the attack to well. However the Feraligatr quickly started to use it's own Agility attack. The doppelgangers perfectly mimiced every movement the big jaw Pokemon made. Jake was slightly worried. Now that the Feraligatr had used Agility, one of the few advantages Pom had currently was at risk. Luckily, it seemed Pom was still faster, if only slightly.
It was now Poms time to act, and the Ambipom quickly lunged at his opponent before striking one of the three Feraligatr with his tail. It was a clone! Without stopping, Pom spun around and hit one of the two remaining Pokemon with his second tail. Another clone! ''Way to go Pom!'' Jake cheered. His plan had gone off without a hitch. With only one attack, Pom had managed to destroy both of the clones! Unfortunately, the Feraligatr struck back with a hard hit in Poms side. Jake cringed as he saw the Ambipom
double over in discomfort. Jake could tell that the hit was bound to have left quite a mark, and so made a mental note that defending probably wouldn't be a good idea. Pom quickly retaliated with another Double Hit, causing Feraligatr to stumble back a bit.
''Wow, that was even more effective then I thought it would be!'' Jake exclaimed.
Suddenly a pokeball on Jake's belt burst open, revealing Telpo, Jake's Abra, who had decided to watch the match going on.
''That's probably Pom's ability, Technician'' Telpos voice rang i side Jake's head.
''Telpo, what are you doing here?'' Jake asked.
''Just wanted to watch the battle'' Telpo replied
''Ok, but don't distract me!'' Jake said before turning his attention back to the battle.
Jake was just in time to see Pom hit in the gut with a Poison Jab. Jake could see the pain in Poms face and frowned slightly.
''You'd better keep the pressure on, I don't think Pom can keep on taking those hits'' Telpo explained to Jake.
''I know! I know! You don't have to remind me!'' Jake replied with a hint of frustration in his voice.

''Alright Pom, let's go for a Mega Punch! Follow up with another Double Hit! Finish it off with a Gunk Shot! Jake ordered
''You sure offense is the right way to go?'' Telpo asked.
''It's the only choice I have'' Jake sighed before looking back at Pom.
''Come on Pom! I'm counting on you!''

MarbleZone 05-20-2015 06:09 PM


Levin couldn't help but smirk, impartial as he had to be: listening to each Trainer's orders, it was clear they wanted to go all out already, instead of setting up even further - and these were the kind of rounds he liked the most: two Pokemon duking it out in an evenly-matched brawl. This was what made battles exciting.

Pom and Gold achieved an almost equivalent level of lightning-fast speed, and dash at one another head-on. Pom's glowing fist connects with Gold's jaw, practically at the same time that the latter's empowered claw rams into the Ambipom's flank. Both Pokemon are sent reeling back a couple of steps, but immediately close the distance between them once again, with Pom's twin tails striking Gold's torso and stomach simultaneously; the Water-Type winces in pain and drives a hardened claw into the limber foe's shoulder! The move causes Pom to temporarily lose balance and leave himself open to Gold's last move, and the Ice Punch finds its mark - the Ambipom's chest is pummeled with a freezing closed fist and Pom goes flying back as a result!
Not to be outdone, and before crashing down to the floor, Pom retaliates swiftly by materializing and hurling a purple-glowing sphere at the Feraligatr, which explodes in a blast of junk and trash the second it comes into contact with the alligator's skin! And to make matters worse for Keith, it seems Gold has inhaled some of the toxic waste within the sphere, as he begins coughing uncontrollably... Gold's been Poisoned!

The round ends with both Pokemon breeding heavily, but this time Pom's offense hit considerably harder than Gold's, who's had it a lot worse as the round went on, not to mention that the Ambipom managed to land every hit despite his blurry eyesight. As a result, the Feraligatr is hanging on by a thread, especially now that he's been intoxicated!

Next orders: EpicSquirtle


As always, PM me any questions.

EpicSquirtle 05-22-2015 09:04 AM

*Roleplay to come later today, just want to get my orders done :)*
Way to go Pom, just a little more! Use Swift! If your opponent is still around go for another Swift!

Missingno. Master 05-22-2015 09:12 AM

Keith winced as the Gunk Shot landed, and to his dismay, he could see that Gold was coughing uncontrollably. It wasn't exactly rocket surgery to see what had happened here- Gold was poisoned by the powerful Poison move.

*Geez," Meowth remarked. "Cyanide weren't kiddin', dat Gunk Shot really is powerful."

Keith nodded. "Clearly," he replied.

"Ya better switch Gold out, though," Meowth added.

Keith shook his head. "No... he's holding on by a thread, and he's poisoned. Even if I switch him out, he'd probably pass out in the time it takes to send him back out. No, we gotta try one last move, and I think I know just the one, especially if what I think is about to happen, is about to happen."

Meowth opened his mouth to ask Keith just what he thought was gonna happen, but at that instant, Gold spoke up instead. "Ga-TOOOOOOOR!" he bellowed, sounded even more fired up than before. Keith and Meowth could've sworn they saw some sort of powerful aura surrounding him at that moment. Smirking his satisfaction at his hunch being correct, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Torrent- Feraligatr's Ability," droned the device. "When Feraligatr is low on health, its Water-type attacks become more powerful."

"Ahhh," nodded Meowth. "So it's like Pomona's Overgrow or Melittin's Swarm, den?"

"Exactly," nodded Keith. "We only got time for one more move, so let's make it count. Gold!" he called out. "Hydro Cannon attack!"

MarbleZone 05-25-2015 11:57 AM


Keith understands Gold's predicament. Although both Trainers are allowed to switch, as Meowth reminds him, the Poison-Type veteran is all too aware of what the status condition he grew to master signifies in this situation - that even if Gold is recalled, he won't last another round against any opponent in his current state. He isntead opts to make the most of Gold's special Ability, triggered in its low health to power up the Feraligatr's water moves - Torrent and Gold's ultimate move can still even the odds!
Meanwhile, Jake senses the end is near for his foe, but wisely refuses to take any chances. With his vision still blurry, there is a risk Pom might miss the finishing blow, and that's something neither of them can afford. As such, a sure-hit attack is what the Electric-Type expert has in mind, and orders his exhausted Ambipom to let loose a super-accurate Swift barrage!

Gold roars loudly and channels everything he has into his final move. A sphere of compressed water gathers in front of his open jaws and grows progressively larger; meanwhile, glimmering stars materialize all around Pom, who takes aim at the charging foe. In their current state of exhaustion, and after their respective boosts, the speed difference has become almost negligible at this point - which means Gold and Pom unleash their moves at exactly the same time!

The devastating Hydro Cannon blast flies toward Pom, whereas the golden stars circle around the water orb and home in on the barely-conscious Gold. The moves strike at the same time; the Swift projectiles pelt the alligator's skin over and over again, while the Hydro Cannon explodes violently against the ape's body, opening fissures all across the arena and startling the countless spectators!

When the dust settles, both Pokemon are miraculously still standing. Gold and Pom, their eyes glazed over, fight their absolute hardest to concentrate, recognizing their foe as a worthy rival and each one proud of the effort they put in. But deep down, both of them already know how this clash ends; after one last mutual grin, the Feraligatr and Ambipom collapse simultaneously, falling hard on their back and passing out from their injuries. Gold and Pom are unable to battle!

Next Pokemon and orders: Missingno. Master


As always, PM me any questions.

Missingno. Master 05-25-2015 12:57 PM

Keith watched, eyes wide, the excitement mounting, as Gold unleashed his ultimate attack at the same time Pom unleashed Swift. As the stars pelted the Feraligatr, the Hydro Cannon blasted Pom. Keith held his breath, and as the dust settled... they were both still standing!

"Wha...?" Keith murmured as he saw that both combatants had survived. But in the next instant, they both slumped over simultaneously, leaving the ruling no mystery even before Levin gave it- Gold and Pom were unable to battle. This first match was a draw!

Keith held out Gold's Poké Ball. "Come back, Gold!" he exclaimed as the beam of light sucked his Feraligatr back into the ball's spherical confines.

"So, wat'cha gonna use now?" Meowth asked.

Keith thought about this- Jake specialized in Electric-types, so using Goyle would give him an edge... but what if Jake's next Pokémon wasn't an Electric-type? He had a fair few non-Electric-types as well, Keith knew... Still, he reasoned as he took a Poké Ball off his belt and enlarged it, it was sound logic nonetheless. Besides which, even if it turned out to be a disadvantage, he believed in his Victreebel.

"Go! Goyle!" Keith shouted as he heaved the sphere forward. It split open, and in a flash of light, a Victreebel materialized on the battlefield, shrieking loudly.

"Not a bad choice," Meowth said approvingly. "Grass-types don't take much damage from Electric attacks."

"That's what I'm thinking," Keith nodded. "OK, Goyle," he added, addressing his Victreebel. "We don't know what Jake's going to send out, so I want you to be ready for anything. Start with a Sleep Powder against whatever it is, then set up with a Growth, and finish up with Stockpile!"

EpicSquirtle 06-01-2015 09:16 AM

Sorry for being so late! I've been really busy lately!

It was a tie. Jake couldn't believe it, he thought he had that one in the bag. Perhaps he was getting a bit too cocky. ''You did amazing Pom, now get a good long rest!'' Jake said to the Ambipom as he returned him to his Pokeball. ''That was awesome! I can't wait until the next match up!'' Telpo chimed. ''Let's see what Kieth's next Pokemon is.'' Jake murmured
Kieth's next Pokemon was a Victreebel, which shrieked loudly as it came onto the battle field.
''A Victreebel, huh?'' Jake was no stranger to the Victreebel line, he owned a Weepinbell himself.
''This is going to be tough'' Telpo chimed. Jake nodded. ''I think I know just the Pokemon.''
Jake was about to grab Crix's Pokeball, but stopped. If Kieth had a Rock, Ice or Fire type as his last Pokemon, Sparky would surely lose. He'd have to save Crix, just in case.
''Alright Sparky, you're up next!'' In a burst of light the Galvantula emerged from his Pokeball and onto the battlefield. Sparky glanced back at his trainer for a moment, before focusing on his opponent.
''Alright Sparky, you can do it! Start with a Thunder Wave! Then go for an Electro Web, finish with a Slash!''

MarbleZone 07-19-2015 10:21 AM


With both combatants down, it's time to hit the reset button - both Keith and Jake choosing their next partners, and the battle starts afresh. The Poison-Type specialist resorts to one of his long-time companions, Goyle the Victreebel, hoping his Grass constitution can protect him from Jake's favourite offense. And true to his fame, the Electric-Type enthusiast sends out Sparky, his trusty Galvantula, hoping to gain the upper hand.

Goyle and Sparky size each other up, and both Keith and Jake look to cripple their foe instead of going all-out from the beginning. Sparky has a distinct speed advantage and manages to move before Goyle releases his dangerous spores! The Galvantula sends a pulse of electricity running through the ground, and although the current deals no damage to Goyle, the Victreebel feels his body going numb as he becomes Paralyzed!

Fortunately for Keith, Goyle still musters the strength to shoot a cloud of emerald dust, that showers over Sparky and immediately goes into effect. While the spider is weaving its electric web, the Sleep Powder works its magic, and Sparky suddenly stops and falls Asleep...
With all the time in the world, Goyle begins multiplying his cells continuously, unimpeded, until he's Grown to almost twice his original size - if only the sunlight were stronger, imagine how much bigger he'd have become! With Sparky still in deep slumber, Goyle relaxes his stomach and looks to suck up the natural energy in the air around him to further boost himself... but his body cramps up under paralysis as he starts to inhale, and all he musters is to choke a bit before giving up.

When the round ends Sparky is still sleeping, and Goyle is still feeling the full effects of the annoying paralysis...

Next Pokemon and orders: EpicSquirtle


As always, PM me any questions.

EpicSquirtle 07-23-2015 12:14 PM

(I think this is how you do it, never really dealt with orders for a sleeping Pokemon, correct me if I'm wrong!)
Though at first, Jake was confident that Sparky was going to win, the teen wasn't so sure now as he nervously watched the sleeping Galvantula.
"Come on Sparky! You've got to wake up!" Jake called to the EleSpider Pokemon.
Telpo watched from the sidelines, hoping his trainer would find a way to overcome this.
Jake let out a sigh as he looked at Kieth's Pokemon. That Victreebel wasn't a pushover to be sure. He then looked back at his Pokemon.
"As long as Sparky's asleep, he's a sitting duck" Jake murmured.
But what could he do? He could only hope that Sparky would wake up, and soon!
"Come on Sparky, wake up!" "Stay strong!" "Wake up and show them your Fire stream attack!" Jake cheered. It was the only thing he could think of....

Missingno. Master 07-23-2015 12:38 PM

Keith raised his eyebrows in mild surprise. When Jake called out Sparky, Keith was naturally expecting to see a Joltik. To his surprise, however, it was a Galvantula Jake had sent out! "Whoa! So Sparky evolved!" Keith murmured. He didn't pull out his Pokédex, though- he was no stranger to the Galvantula species, having seen one for himself in the forests of Astoria. And he knew that Sparky, small as he used to be, was never a pushover, so he was bound to be a threat in his Galvantula form. Alas, they didn't find out just how much of a threat yet- the Galvantula only managed a Thunder Wave before succumbing to Goyle's Sleep Powder.

However, Keith had an idea as to what to expect- Jake was cheering loudly for Sparky in an effort to wake him up, and in doing so, called for an attack. Keith's eyes widened- Jake was ordering Sparky to use Firestream, a powerful Fire attack. He supposed it shouldn't surprise him too much- Firestream was one of those attacks absolutely every Pokémon was able to learn. Hell, his Weedle knew Firestream! If that didn't drive that point home for him, nothing would.

"Wat are ya gonna do?" Meowth asked Keith. "If Sparky wakes up, dat Firestream's gonna hurt."

Keith nodded. "I'm aware of that," he agreed, as he went over Goyle's attacks in his mind. If only he had thought to teach Goyle Sunny Day! It would work so well with so many of his attacks, to say nothing of his Ability, and would turn his Weather Ball into a nice, super effective Fire-type move...

"Maybe youse oughta switch?" suggested Meowth. "Dat's allowed in dis battle, right?"

"Yeah, it is, but..." Keith trailed off. "It'd just seem a shame to put Goyle's stat boosts to waste, y'know? His attacks are gonna hit pretty hard after that Growth. Maybe we can get something done before Sparky wakes up."

"Better tink fast, den," replied Meowth. "Dat Galvantula ain't gonna sleep ferever."

Keith nodded. "OK, Goyle, go for a Clear Smog attack! Then hit it with Cut, and squeeze it with your Wrap attack!" And now all he could do was wait. Wait and see. Would Sparky wake up and foul up Goyle's plans? Or would the paralysis take that job instead? Or maybe, just maybe, would this all work? Only time would tell...

MarbleZone 07-26-2015 08:13 AM


Jake is forced to watch as Sparky is put to sleep almost immediately after being called out. Fortunately he still managed to paralyze Goyle, but even so the Galvantula is in an extremely precarious position! The Electric-Type specialist calls out to his partner, trying his hardest to wake him up, but to no avail. If only Sparky knew Sleep Talk… but as it is, Jake is forced to rely on luck, hoping his partner didn’t inhale too many spores.

Intent on making the most of their opening, Keith has Goyle attack Sparky over and over again, starting out from a distance and then closing into melee range. The Victreebel is happy to obey, and breathes out a stream of mysterious smoke; the gas is highly corrosive and burns Sparky’s skin on contact, dealing damage to the still-sleeping tarantula, but with its many eyes all shut, not even his Compoundeyes are affected by the boost-removing properties of Goyle’s Clear Smog. Undeterred, the flytrap hops towards his foe and raises one of his leaves, preparing to Cut into Sparky’s flesh. However, much to his dismay, his body locks up before he can strike! Frustrated, he looks to wrap his vines around the Galvantula and squeeze the life out of him instead… but in a streak of pure bad luck, his muscles tense up immediately a second time and Goyle finds himself unable to move once more!

Despite his friend’s predicament, Jake can count himself lucky this round, having taken a fraction of the damage he could have suffered; then again, it was thanks to his timely use of Thunder Wave, so there’s merit to the outcome as well! However, not all is perfect – having taken barely any punishment this round, Sparky remains asleep, much like Goyle continues to be nagged by numbness. All in all, it was a fairly uneventful round, thanks to the cunning defensive measures employed by each side on the previous turn. How will the match progress from here?

Next Pokemon and orders: Missingno. Master


As always, PM me any questions.

Missingno. Master 07-26-2015 10:03 AM

Keith grinned as Goyle's Clear Smog made contact. "Yes!" he said. Even if Sparky had no stat boosts for Clear Smog to get rid of, the damage was enough to make him happy.

"So, any particular reason youse didn't teach Goyle Sludge Bomb?" Meowth asked.

"It's on my to-do list," Keith replied defensively. "There's a lot of moves I intend to teach a lot of my Pokémon. Besides, given my current coin situation, I'm in no position to be buying TMs at this time."

"Oh, yeah- buying Jack really cleaned youse out," Meowth nodded.

"Still worth every coin I paid for him," Keith insisted. Meowth had a bad habit of calling Keith out for spending 200,000 coins to buy a Ditto on what seemed to be little more than a whim, and every time, Keith had to reassure Meowth that he still believed Jack to be worth it.

Meanwhile, despite Goyle's successful Clear Smog, it was clear that the paralysis was taking its toll- Goyle was unable to execute Cut or Wrap at all. On the plus side, however, Sparky remained asleep.

"Yeesh," Meowth murmured. "Dis is goin' nowhere fast."

Fast... Keith took notice of Goyle's movements- they were still terribly slow due to the paralysis, but Keith now noticed something- they were a bit faster than they were when the paralysis set in, even if not quite as fast as the Victreebel was normally. Was the paralysis slowly wearing off?

"Come on, Goyle!" Keith encouraged his Victreebel. "You can do this, use Cut! Then spray Sparky with your Acid attack, and follow up with Wrap!"

EpicSquirtle 07-27-2015 10:22 AM

Things weren't looking good for Sparky as the sleeping Galvantulas skin was harshly attacked by s Clear Smog. That had done a lot of damage, Jake could tell. Still he had hope that Sparky would wake up and blast it's opponent with Fire Stream.
Sadly, Jake watched as Sparky remained asleep the entire round.
Keith's Victreebel was a tough opponent to be sure, if Sparky didn't wake up soon, it was over.
"Come on Sparky, you have to wake up!" Jake called once more to the Galvantula.
"Things aren't looking to good" Telpo spoke glumly.
"Don't be like that, Sparky can do it! We can turn this around." Jake replied to the Abra.
"Guess we're going to have to do the same thing as before" Jake thought to himself
"I don't like being a sitting duck, but Sparky can do it, I know he can."
Jake then turned back to the battle at hand.
"Sparky, you've got to wake up! Show them what you're made of! Come on Sparky, wake up and use Fire Stream!" Jake cheered once more.

MarbleZone 07-29-2015 05:05 AM


After a round foiled by each Trainer’s countermeasures, both Jake and Keith go at it again, determined to see their attacks through this time – after all, how many times in a row can Sparky and Goyle fall to their respective predicaments?

Goyle remains bothered by paralysis and it takes a good while to get his body to move. In the meanwhile, Jake’s pleas finally get through to his precious Galvantula! His many eyes start to open one by one, and although in pain after the previous Clear Smog, Sparky finds himself refreshed after his long slumber; intent on not wasting any more time, the Galvantula taps into its hidden energy reserves and pulls off a special move that few others in the land know how to use: a barrage of flame bubbles flies towards the lumbering Victreebel and pop painfully on contact, dealing heavy fire damage! Fortunately for the battered Goyle it seems as if the Fire Stream didn’t leave behind any long-term burns, but the sheer impact of the move is enough to leave the flytrap hurting all over.

Looking to exact revenge and overcome his nagging numbness, Goyle hops over to Sparky while sharpening his leaves; then, in one smooth motion, he runs the makeshift blade along the spider’s torso, leaving a nasty Cut! Sparky growls in pain, and looks over to Jake pleadingly, visibly concerned with his foe’s proximity… and with good reason! Just then, ferociously unrelenting, the Poison-Type spits out a shower of Acid that further corrodes Sparky’s skin and causes the Electric-Type to let out a sharp cry, and finishes the highly-aggressive round by Wrapping its vine-like appendage around Sparky and slowly constricting him, while leaving him hopelessly bound in his grip!

Despite the serious damage inflicted by Sparky’s offense, it seems Goyle has ended the round in firm control over his opponent; not only that, he seems to be starting to move around progressively better, as if the numbness is starting to wear off. Can Jake turn it around or will Keith continue to capitalize?

Next orders: EpicSquirtle


As always, PM me any questions.

EpicSquirtle 08-01-2015 10:19 AM

(No rp this time, wanted to get this out today! :))

Come on Sparky! Let's try a Thunder Bolt! Then follow it up with another Fire Stream! Top it off with a Thunder Wave!

Missingno. Master 08-01-2015 11:44 AM

Keith tensed up- it looked as though Jake's Galvantula was finally waking up, and indeed, Sparky wasted no time in letting fly a Firestream attack. Goyle screeched in pain as the molten bubbles of pure heat popped against him, but to Keith's relief, the paralysis somehow seemed to interfere with the possibility of the move inflicting a burn. Status conditions were weird like that, and while Keith often questioned the logic behind this sort of thing, he knew that now was far from the time to do so.

Goyle, meanwhile, went on the offense as soon as his paralyzed body would allow- Cut and Acid both dealt excellent damage, and finally, the Victreebel had Sparky Wrapped up in his vine. But then came Jake's next ordered attack- Thunderbolt. Keith knew that being in actual physical contact with something about to use Thunderbolt could not be a good thing. Of course, Goyle's natural resistance to Electric attacks would help, but the point still stood. And there Goyle was, his vine still coiled around Sparky... and then Keith thought of something. Just because Goyle was Wrapping Sparky with his vine didn't mean he couldn't stop the attack if it proved necessary. And instead of just releasing his grip on the Galvantula...

"Goyle, throw Sparky!" Keith instructed. "Then use Flash, and follow up with Poison Powder!"

MarbleZone 08-05-2015 08:48 AM


((MM: Make no mistake about it, multiple simultaneous status effects can occur in Trainer Battles unlike in the games. Goyle just got lucky :P))

Despite Goyle’s firm grip on Sparky, Keith feels it’s preferable to create some separation now. The Galvantula squirms helplessly, expecting to be squeezed even harder, so it’s with relief that he feels the grip loosen and his body being let go and propelled backwards, neither aimed nor tossed at any particular targets. As such, it’s easy for the nimble Electric-Type to land on his feet without taking further damage, and the opportunity to fight back present itself!

Being decidedly faster, Sparky is quick to let out a Thunderbolt discharge, striking the carnivorous plant for reduced damage, but damage nonetheless. As he looks to follow up with his special move, taking aim at Goyle to ensure as many burning bubbles as possible hit, Goyle takes the chance and unleashes a blinding burst of light, which is highly effective on the several Compoundeyes of the unsuspecting Galvantula! The Electric-Type screeches in pain and, enraged, attempts to strike back with a vengeance, relying on his superior (if damaged) eyesight to still secure the hit – he puts every last ounce of the small Fire energy reserves he has into one final Firestream, creating a sea of searing bubbles that goes flying towards the Grass-Type! Several spheres go way off target, carried by the wind before popping harmlessly in the atmosphere… but a good number of projectiles still find their mark and explode painfully on contact! Again luckily for Goyle, it seems none of the bubbles leave behind a particularly nasty burn, but just like last time, the hit has Keith’s partner doubling over in great pain, courtesy of fire’s extremely hazardous effect on his plant body.

And to make matters worse, just as Goyle finally feels his body once again able to move freely, Sparky looks to repeat the predicament and unleashes a second paralyzing electric pulse running though the ground… except this time, the shock wave misses Goyle entirely - this time, Flash paid off! Intending to capitalize on his lucky break, Goyle opens his deadly jaws and spits out a shower of purple mist that washes over Sparky; forced to breathe in the venomous spores, the Galvantula coughs violently as a result and looks rather sickly when the dust settles, revealing he’s been Poisoned! The effects of the toxin should be kicking in any time soon… How will this turn of events affect the battle?

Next orders: Missingno. Master


As always, PM me any questions.

Missingno. Master 08-05-2015 09:09 AM

(OOC: Ah, OK. Good to know, thanks. I could've sworn the games' logic with status conditions kicked in at some point in the past...)

Keith grinned as Goyle managed to throw the Galvantula, though said grin faded as Sparky landed nimbly on his feet, not harmed at all by the toss. "Man," Meowth murmured, impressed. "Apparently a Galvantula always lands on its feet, it ain't just us cats."

"Seems that way, yeah," Keith nodded. The battle continued after that- Goyle's Flash was fired at a perfect time, for Sparky was looking to aim another Firestream. While the Galvantula's eyesight was hindered, it was not blocked out completely- some of the Firestream bubbles missed Goyle by a mile, but a lot of them still met their mark. To Keith's relief, Goyle was not burned by this- however, the attack still had a devastating effect on the Victreebel.

"Hang in there, Goyle!" Keith called out. "I think that was the last of Sparky's Fire energy! He won't be doing that again!"

The Victreebel nodded, giving a single short, sharp shriek in response, before Sparky fired another Thunder Wave at the now fully mobile Victreebel... only for it to miss completely! Flash did its job that time, the Thunder Wave missed its target altogether! Seizing this opportunity, Goyle unleashed a cloud of Poison Powder, causing the Galvantula to cough violently.

"Well done, Goyle!" Keith exclaimed, all set to put Sparky's poisoning to good use. "Now, let's do it! Three Venoshock attacks!"

EpicSquirtle 08-10-2015 10:36 AM

Alright Sparky you can do this! Go for another Thunder Wave! Then use Screech and follow it up with a Bug Bite

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