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Jerichi 03-16-2014 12:40 AM

Updater Registration Thread
Wanna update WF? You’ve come to the right place!

In order to become an updater in Wild Future, you must do two things. Firstly, you must have made one capture in your RP thread. This is in order to give you an idea of how RPing in WF works. Once you have your first confirmed capture, you may post an application (EDIT: Just apply whenever!) The application will need a link to your capture as well as an updating sample. This sample will be an initial update to any intro post you want, which should be quoted or linked to, updated or otherwise. Please give us a good sample of how you will be updating. It is recommended that you give us an example of a quest you might give this player. A short outline of what this quest will entail and what the rewards will be is also required. New updaters will need approval from 3 current updaters in order to begin updating. However, if your application does not meet muster, one rejection will require you to make one capture in your adventure before submitting again. Once you are approved, you will be added to the Updater Forum and you may begin updating immediately.

Lil'twick 03-17-2014 10:00 PM

>Joined May 2013.

Alright, let's give this a whirl!

(Going to shamelessly use EG's intro post.)

As you look around left and right for a Pikachu, you notice your little Mincinno has caught scent of something. He sticks his head up high in the air, and takes another whiff. He seems to be entranced by whatever scent he has gotten a hold of. He starts to jump up and down, seeming to get more excited with each sniff. You yourself smell the air around you, but you really can't tell what's making him so excited.

Suddenly, without any warning, your Mincinno bolts off. You quickly run after the chinchilla, curious on why he's suddenly in this sort of mood. As Flopsie keeps running, you notice a Pikachu in the trees. You try to take a stop to try and befriend the thing, but the sound of your footsteps scares it off. You quickly shake your head and return your attention to Flopsie, who seems to created a gap between the two of you as you got distracted. Seeing a white light ahead, you make your way into a clearing where the Mincinno is happily dancing around the trees. You look up, and see a cluster of Butterfree dancing on top of the tree. Surprised with the encounter, you quickly try to grab one of your Pokeballs before being interrupted by a deep, mysterious voice.

"Hello." You turn around to be greeted by a woman who seems to roughly be in her twenties. She had... weird looking attire on, one that reminded you of the Kimono Girls from Johto.

"I see you've stumbled on this little sanctuary. Those Butterfree there are preforming a ritual that they commonly do before mating season, so it's rare to see them preform it in person. I'm guessing your Mincinno caught scent of it and ran here, since it gives those who smell it a morale boost. Anyways, it's my job to protect these Butterfree so they can produce progeny. I see that Pokeball in your hand. Where you trying to steal them?" She asks in a stern voice, reaching for something within her kimono.

How do you respond?
After explaining to the woman that he didn't know anything he was just told, Leonidas apologizes to the woman and promises to leave. Right as he's about to, the sanctuary is attacked by poachers who steal the Butterfree, wanting to sell their eggs as a cooking ingredient. The woman then begs for Leonidas to help rescue the Butterfree, and promises him she'll give him a good reward for saving them.
Basic Outline

If he agrees to accept her quest and save the Butterfree, Leonidas will run after the poachers. After battling the poachers one at a time, traversing the many traps set by the poachers, and freeing some of the other Pokemon caught by the poachers he runs into the same Pikachu from before. The Pikachu, admiring the man's bravery, offers to help if Leonidas can befriend and capture him. After that's over, Leonidas will eventually go defeat the head poacher and free the Butterfree.


Upon freeing the Butterfree and reporting back to the woman, Leonidas would receive 2 Star Shards, $500, and a small pouch of silver powder.

(Hopefully I filled out everything correctly orz.)

Jerichi 03-17-2014 10:02 PM

Wonderful! A great first application. You have my stamp of approval!

1/3 Approved!

Deebs 03-17-2014 10:39 PM

Fab! +1 for furisode girl.

2/3 Approved!

Muyotwo 03-17-2014 10:44 PM

The first applicant shows some determination, I'm in favor. Welcome aboard

3/3 Approved!

Sneaze 03-18-2014 01:51 AM

So I'll be using dirkac's starting post to start things off.


The night sky is darker than usual as you stare up at it, the storm clouds above obscuring even the few stars that would normally shine through. Grasping the soft snow your reminisce about your home before soon deciding that it's time to get going, thanks to a little nudge from your Numel. You stand, following Lavana towards the forest to your east, snow below your feet crunching audibly as you do. Despite the cold snow falling from above you take your first steps into the Ilex Forest, wondering what is to come.

The answer meets you quite suddenly, as despite the freshly fallen snow a large series of footprints of all shapes and sizes is clearly imprinted on the ground before you. You look around puzzled, but nothing seems to even so much as move in the tranquil scene. It almost seems like staring into a painting before a shrill sound breaks the scene.

Lavana turns her head and dashes forward just as quickly as any Numel can, shouting out for you to follow. It's not hard to keep up with the small camel, and soon you find yourself in a nearby clearing. You quickly spot the source of the sound, a small Pidgey desperately trying to avoid a male Nidoran lunging at it repeatedly as it attempts to fly away. A girl lays limp on the ground a short way away, unmoving and slowly being covered by the falling snow.

Upon sight of yourself and Lavana, the Nidoran ceases chasing the Pidgey before dashing away into the treeline. It leaves visible tracks as it moves, which might make finding it easy if you move quickly. However with the snow falling more quickly, leaving the girl could mean making it back in time might not be an option.

What will you do?


Luca may choose to either chase after the Nidoran, leaving the girl and the Pidgey to the cold, or may choose to help the girl, getting her to safety before the storm gets any worse.


If Luca chooses to help the girl, he will find some nearby fallen trees which he may drag the girl to in order to take shelter, as well as enough fallen lumber to have his Numel light to make a fire and keep warm. The girl will be in and out of conciousness as he takes care of her, and the Pidgey will eventually become fond of him. When the girl wakes as the storm ends after having been taken care of properly throughout the storm, she will give him her Pidgey. The trail the Nidoran left will be long gone and rescuers will arrive shortly, having realized the girl was missing.

If Luca chooses to follow the Nidoran, he will follow the trail for a short distance before coming to find the Nidoran huddled below some turned up tree roots, and will quickly attack Luca and Lavana. Luca will have to defeat the Nidoran and, upon defeating it, will be able to capture it. Returning to find the girl will result in the Pidgey having flown away and the girl being much colder. The storm will die down quickly thereafter and a group of rescuers will find them, but upon noticing the girl's poor condition, will rush her away to get help.


Regardless of which Luca chooses, one of the rescuers will give him $200 for his help in finding the girl. If he returns to town, the girl's mother will give him an additional $300 if he helped the girl, the girl having told her what happened.

Deebs 03-18-2014 02:00 AM

Really great stuff, though I wouldn't have expected anything but!

1/3 Approved

uhhhhh 03-18-2014 04:27 AM

Oooh, I love it when a quest can have different outcomes depending on what you decide~

2/3 Approved!

DaveTheFishGuy 03-18-2014 04:44 AM


Looks good, a damn sight better than anything I can think up.

3/3 Approved!

Jerichi 03-18-2014 08:20 PM

Changing my mind. Update applications are open to everyone until April 17th.


Kyro12 03-18-2014 10:27 PM

Gonna go ahead and use CB's cute little adventure for the app.


The streets of Cerulean are rather calm as you make your trek in to town. The air is rather misty, with the lightest of fogs hanging through the bay-side city. Of course, you're not walking these streets by yourself, of course. A cute little Sandile walks ever-so-slightly to your rear, the pitter patter of his feet filling the air with relaxing white noise. You ignore most of the building along the streets, having a distinct goal in mind. But, where exactly is the gym? You wander half-aimlessly, weaving your way through the streets for twenty minutes or so as you try to find your destination. Being a stranger in a big city like this really sucks, and soon you find yourself wanting to sit down for a break.

You sit down for a moment, next to a building. As you lean against the stone wall, you're instantly interrupted. Not by a sound or a smell, but by a light tap on your leg. You look down to see Gold staring up at you. "Sand. Sandile, sand sand." He looks off to your right, taking a few steps in that direction. With nothing else left to lose, you stand up, following the small Sandile off to a side street. He seems pretty confident in himself, and it turns out following him was for the best. As the two of you turn a corner, a massive, bright building looms over you. The three letters displayed towards the top of the building tell you all you need to know. You've found the gym. Or, rather, Gold found it for you.

You and Gold walk towards the gym, and the atmosphere suddenly changes. The previously cold and eerily quiet city is now almost bursting with life, and it seems to be emanating from the building before you. You walk up to the building, and without even a split second of deliberation, you open the doors. It takes a second for you eyes to adjust to the rather brightly lit gym, compared to the dark of the city. The gym is full of people, most of which are hanging out in the plethora of pools and other such recreational aquatic niceties. To your left and right, the walls are covered in glass, just beyond which is a massive aquarium. Filled with all sorts of interesting fish Pokemon. As you look around the gym, you're taken somewhat aback by all the cheery people around. There are children splashing, and the feel of the place is enough to make anybody happy. Although all this water is making Gold a little bit afraid as he winces when a little bit of water splashes onto him. Nevertheless, the two of you continue forward, looking for someone to talk to.

As luck would have it, you don't have to do much looking. Before you've gone ten feet into the gym, a boy in a nifty speedo runs up to you, his soaked feet splashing along the cold tile of the gym floor.

"Hey. there, guy! My name's Zach, and I'm an official assistant to the Gym Leader here, Marigold. She saw you come in here and thought your Sandile was just totes adorbs. As such, she has a bit of a mission for you. A task she'd like for you to complete. You see, there's this school of Remoraid out by Port Cerulean that have found themselves accidentally got in a net and can't seem to break loose. Marigold has asked that you go free those poor Remoraid so they can swim back to freedom. It should be a great way to help train your Pokemon, and it might even make Marigold start to maybe almost consider you a worthy adversary. Of course, if you don't want to, that's your call. Poor Remoraid." As Zach finished up his long-winded introduction, it gives you a moment to think. This man presents an interesting offer, but it's not exactly why you came here. Regardless, it's something to think about.

So, the question is, what do you do?


Bill can either head out to Cerulean Port and try to free the Remoraid, or ignore the Gym Leader's quest and continue his search for answers.


If Bill chooses to accept the Gym Leader's quest, he will travel out to Cerulean Port, where he will find that there is a rather sizable group of Remoraid ensnared in a fishing net. As he tries to free them, a Pokemon Poacher will leap out and attack him, angry that he is trying to free the Pokemon that the poacher was trying to poach. He will be ready to fight with a Level 3 Ekans, and Bill will have to defeat him in order to save the Remoraid. After defeating the poacher, Bill can free the Remoraid. One of them will stay back, grateful that this trainer saved him. Bill will have the opportunity to then battle the Remoraid to prove himself worthy of capturing it (and then be able to try to catch it) before returning to the Cerulean Gym, where Marigold will inform Bill that the man he fought was a wanted criminal, then immediately call the authorities, giving them the Poacher's location. Bill will then receive the bounty on the Poacher's head from the authorities.

However, if Bill declines the Gym Leader's quest, he will remain at the gym, until he comes across a shady individual lurking by the aquarium. Bill will question him, and find that this man knows a bit more about that school of Remoraid. He'll inform him that the Remoraid aren't there by any accident, but were actually captured by a poacher that plans to murder them all and sell the fins for profit. Bill will then rush out to Cerulean port to go rescue the Remoraid from the poacher. As the gets there, he'll see that the poacher has already begun collecting the Remoraid and putting them into a bucket on his small boat. Bill will then battle with the Poacher to stop him from any more evil-doing. The poacher will have a level 3 Ekans, and, once defeated, will run away. Bill will then let the Remoraid go, releasing them all into the ocean, safe and sound. However, one will stay back, and Bill can battle it for the chance to capture it. Afterwards, he'll return to the gym, and Marigold will inform Bill that the man he fought was a wanted criminal, then immediately call the authorities, giving them the Poacher's location. Bill will then receive the bounty on the Poacher's head from the authorities.


Regardless of which path Bill follows, he will receive $50 for beating the Poacher. He will also receive $150 from the bounty on the Poacher's head. However, if Bill chose the second path (Talking to the shady man first) he will receive an extra $200 from the man as thanks for bringing the criminal to justice.

Deebs 03-18-2014 10:29 PM


1/3 Accepted.

(Nice job, Kyro. Looks real good. +1 for Speedo Zach)

Lil'twick 03-18-2014 10:35 PM


2/3 Accepted

(My only problem here is that things are moving too fast. It'll usually take a dozen or so updates of doing small tasks for the GL before doing a quest, which this sounds like. Though overall it's very nice and detailed Kyro!)

Jerichi 03-18-2014 10:38 PM

Just a couple notes:

1) I actually like that you're starting with a Gym Quest, as you do need a few in order to get a battle, which are pretty important!

2) I like that you broke up the reward a little bit and have a long-term plan! Don't forget to give Star Shards though!

3) It's an impressive length and you seem to have a good idea of where you're going with this.

Approved 3/3! Welcome to the team!

Schadenfreude 03-19-2014 01:00 AM

I'm going to use Ex-Admiral Insane's adventures for this application.


As you duck into the alleyway, you notice a young man in a pair of tights sticking up a poster on one of the brick walls. The man - no, boy - wears a sheen of innocence in his demeanour that place him around his late teens. His elfish features, coupled with his wiry limbs and graceful gait, remind you of a classical dancer or a professional actor. A glance at his feet and the ballet flats that he is wearing confirms your first guess. When the boy turns around, you find yourself looking into a pair of bright, hazel eyes. Brushing a strand of hair out of his face, the boy holds out a poster. He smiles as though you are old friends.

"Do you mind holding this for me?" asks the boy.

Nodding, you take the offer. The boy grins and turns back to the wall, taping down the posters already on the wall. When he wheels around again, you notice that the posters depict a group of ballerinas performing en pointe. The dancers are stretched out like summer birds.

"Thanks for that," says the boy, taking back the poster in your hands.

"That's fine," you mutter back.

He grins. "My name is Garrett. I haven't seen you around these parts before. Are you new?" Garrett catches you looking at the poster. "Oh, that? We're the Cerulean Ballet Company. Performing twice a month at the Waterflower Auditorium."

"That sounds... interesting," you reply.

"It's a lot of fun. We welcome anybody to take one of our beginner's classes," says Garrett excitedly.

After pausing for a moment, Garrett perks up as though he has a particularly brilliant idea. He sparks and grins.

"Actually, if you have a minute or two, I have a proposal for you," Garrett says, as he reaches downwards and takes a map out of his satchel. "For our latest rehearsal, we need to pick up some sandwiches from the local deli. Our dancers have been practicing all day, and we need a pick-me-up."

Garrett opens the map. You notice that the deli is located near the Olivine Pharmacy in the Misty Plaza. Before you could ask, Garrett speaks up again.

"If you don't want to go to the deli, the Ballet Company also has something else. Marigold, our Gym Leader, by the way." Garrett clarifies when you seem confused by the name drop. "Marigold is lending us a pair of Swanna for our performance of Swanna Lake. You could pick these up, if you prepare to head towards the Gym."

Almost on cue, Garrett gestures to a small dot on the map which represents the Cerulean City Gym. You realise that the building is located in a different part of the city.

"What do you reckon?" asks Garrett, stretching out his long, lithe limbs. "I could make it worth your while."

So, the question is, what do you do?


Jamie has three options. He can head to the Misty Plaza to pick up the large platter of sandwiches. He can head to the Cerulean Gym to fetch the pair of Swanna. Or he can ignore Garrett's offer and continue towards the PokeCenter.


If Jamie chooses to pick up the sandwiches, he will walk to the Misty Plaza and navigate the lattice of street vendors. The streets of travellers and street hawkers will be dizzying and difficult to navigate, even with a map. Along the way, you will bump into a woman in a large sunhat and ask her for directions to the Deli. She points you towards the Olivine Pharmacy. When you arrive at the Deli, you ask for the Cerulean Ballet Company.

You are surprised and horrified when the shop-owner hands you three huge platters of sandwiches. You can barely see over them, and they're as heavy as a tonne of bricks. Teetering, you stagger out the door and once again navigate the maze that is the Misty Plaza. You wobble and stumble around.

The sunhat woman notices you and immediately offers to help you carry them. You accept. As you two walk towards the Ballet Company, she says that her name is Parvati and that she is a traveller from Pewter City. Talking to her makes you realise that you're both Trainers.

When you hand over the sandwiches to the Ballet Company, Garrett apologises for not clarifying how many platters you had to carry. He sounds sincerely apologetic.

If Jamie chooses to pick up the Swanna from the Gym, the journey is far quicker and he easily finds the Gym after asking for directions. At the Gym, the official Gym Assistant, Speedo Zach, asks you whether you're looking for somebody. You say that the Ballet Company is here to pick up the pair of Swanna.

Zach hands over two Pokeballs and lets you know that Marigold, the Gym Leader, is always looking for people to help out around the Gym. You register this fact in your mind.

When you deliver the Pokeballs to Garrett at the Ballet Company, he takes them and thanks you for not stealing them.

If you choose to head towards the PokeCenter, you will walk down towards the PokeCenter, where a group of Trainers are clamouring around a poster of the Ballet Company. They sound excited and are saying that the performance should be groundbreaking and that Ballet Company is loaded with success at the moment. You wonder if Garrett isn't lying when he says that you would be rewarded handsomely. You are pleasantly intrigued and turn back to return to Garrett.

When you return to the spot, Garrett has disappeared, but he has left behind a few posters. You pick them up and walk to the Ballet Company.

You hand over the posters to Garrett, who thanks you for picking them up after him.


Regardless of which path Jamie follows, he will receive $50 from Garrett out of gratitude. If he brought the sandwiches, Garrett will be doubly grateful for balancing those humongous platters and will give you an additional $100 and a Sitrus Berry. Parvati will then offer to have a Pokemon battle with Jamie.

If Jamie fetched the Swanna, the easier of the two tasks, Garrett will be grateful and award you with an extra $50. You will also remember about Speedo Zach's offer of a quest.

If Jamie chose to go to the PokeCenter, you will not be awarded anything extra.

Kyro12 03-19-2014 01:09 AM

>Speedo Zach

1/3 Accepted

But in all seriousness, good job. Interesting how the quests were all rather simple. And how one path leads you to a potential future Gym Leader Quest. Also good description and such. Though, one thing I gotta say is that it just kinda lacks.. Adventure, I guess. Maybe I'm just too impatient to sit through a sandwich fetching quest, but you might consider sprucing it up a bit -shrug-

howdoadjectives ;;

Sneaze 03-19-2014 01:20 AM

Love it.

2/3 Approved

uhhhhh 03-19-2014 01:29 AM

Pretty good stuff Schady, not bad at all! Welcome aboard!

3/3 Approved!

Connor 03-19-2014 05:46 AM

Going to use Yougirasu's adventures for this application.


The morning sun beats down on you pleasantly, as you slowly meander your way through Azalea Town. People pass by you as you wander through the picturesque town, and they each nod at you respectfully before hurrying about their business. While you certainly don't feel isolated, you also don't feel particularly welcome, the attitude of some passers-by seeming a little ... cold. Nonetheless, you continue to press on, attempting to locate the Pokemon Center.

Finally noticing the familiar red roof of the Pokemon Center, you eagerly rush over, stepping through the automatic doors as they whirr open on approach. Walking in, you immediately notice a strange commotion. Walking over, you see a small boy, who had sustained quite a nasty gash running the length of his shin. Listening intently to the gossip flitting around the crowd, you slowly piece together the young boy's story. Having been wandering through Ilex Forest in search of his first capture, the boy had happened upon an incredibly agitated Sneasel. Not grasping the danger of the situation, he had charged in boldly, and the frustrated Pokemon had lashed out in defense of itself. Frowning, you slowly walk away from the crowd, mulling over the events in your mind. While it was certainly true that Sneasel were territorial Pokemon, they weren't inherently violent towards humans, and it seems strange that the Pokemon would attack directly as opposed to simply fleeing from the intruder. Pondering the events, you slink into one of the nearby chairs, your face turned towards the ceiling, deep in thought.

As you sit motionless, the members of the crowd slowly begin to disperse, and the cacophony of voices dies down with it. Relative silence returns to the Pokemon Center once more, and just as you're about to remove yourself from your seating place and go about your own business, you hear someone heavily drop into the seat beside you. Your head snaps to attention, and you find yourself staring at a middle aged woman, who wears quite the troubled expression. She notices you watching her, and feigns a friendly smile ... before her eyes drift to the Pokeball resting on your belt. Her position shifts, and she seems to want to ask you a question, but hesitates. Shaking her head, she musters her courage, before turning to you.

"Forgive me for asking but ... you're a Pokemon trainer, right?"

Not waiting for your response, the woman clenches her hands tightly around her knees, and continues.

"That boy who everyone was just making such a fuss about ... he- he's my son. I understand that he shouldn't have been so naive but ... Pokemon shouldn't be that vicious. There has to be something going on in that forest ... will you investigate for me? I'd do it myself but ... I'm no Pokemon trainer.

Th-there'll be a reward! I promise!"

The woman's voice trails off silently, her regret at being able to do nothing to help her son apparent. Silence engulfs the Pokemon Center once again as you consider the woman's offer.

What will you do?


Alice has two options. The first option is to take the request of the worried mother, which will lead to her exploring Ilex Forest in search for the source of the problems. The other is to ignore the request, but if she does this, she will notice a suspicious individual hanging around the entrance to the Forest, and will end up tailing him, with the mother's request hanging in the back of her mind.


Should Alice choose to accept the request, she will enter Ilex Forest, and be greeted by a clearly frightened Shroomish. The small Pokemon will instantly be startled upon noticing Alice, and will dive off back into the undergrowth. Alice will notice that the behaviour is somewhat out of place, as Pokemon shouldn't be that quick to startle. Wandering through the Forest, she will eventually stumble upon the Shroomish once more - this time, the poor critter will be trapped within a thickly roped net. Upon setting the Shroomish free, Alice will be attacked by a wild Sneasel, most likely the one which assaulted the young boy. Alice will battle the Level 2 Sneasel, and upon victory, the Sneasel will quickly flee, leaving no opportunity for a capture.

After delving further into Ilex Forest, Alice will come across a small camp site, which is again littered with traps of various natures. Realising that the forest has become home to a lone poacher, Alice will lay in wait for the individual, and he will eventually return to the camp site - with a familiar Shroomish in tow. Leaping from her hiding place, Alice will battle the poacher, who will use a Level 3 Poochyena. Upon defeating the poacher, Alice will quickly work to immobilise him, using his own rope to prevent him escaping. Releasing the Shroomish for a second time, Alice will this time be surprised as the small Pokemon does not run away, instead nuzzling her head gently against te young trainer's leg. Alice will be given the option to engage the Shroomish in battle, and should she prove victorious, she will be given the opportunity to make her first capture.

Upon resolving things with the Shroomish, Alice will take the poacher back to Azalea Town, citing him as the cause of the local Pokemon's aggravation. She will be warmly received by the townsfolk, who will take the poacher into custody and ensure he is turned over to the appropriate authorities. She will receive a reward from both the townsfolk, and upon talking to her, the boys mother.

In the event Alice does not accept the mother's request, she will continue her business in the Pokemon Center, before stepping outside. As she does so, she will see a suspicious figure entering the Ilex Forest. Tailing him, she will not encounter the wild Sneasel from the previous route, instead only stumbling upon the wild Shroomish, who she will again set free. After wandering through the Forest somewhat aimlessly, she will stumble upon the suspicious figure leaning over the trapped Shroomish, before realising that he is a poacher. Engaging him in battle, she will battle his Level 3 Poochyena, and in the event she is victorious, will set the Shroomish free once again. The Shroomish will again be grateful, and Alice will have the opportunity to engage the Pokemon in battle with the chance to capture the Grass- type. Upon capturing the poacher and turning him over to the townsfolk, she will this time only receive reward from the townsfolk.


Alice will receive a basic reward of $150 and a single Star Shard from the Townsfolk. Should she also receive the reward from the boy's mother, she will gain an extra $50, as well as a Miracle Seed.

Schadenfreude 03-19-2014 06:01 AM

Great stuff. I also like the fact that you made Shards a reward. We need more of those.

1/3 Approved

uhhhhh 03-19-2014 06:57 AM

Good stuff right there. Nicely done!

2/3 Approved!

Jerichi 03-19-2014 07:29 AM

Approved 3/3! Welcome to the team.

Red Panda 03-19-2014 09:00 PM

Going to use Myles Fowl II's adventures for this application.
You sit there, rocking back and forth on the rocking chair as time seems to tick by endlessly. The chair would occasionally creak as you rock, showing that this isn't the first time you've done this. The begins to sink lower onto the horizon as all of a sudden you hear the sound of something running. Due to the low visibility you can't see exactly what the creature is, but an orange blur catches your eye as it dives underneath your chair, pushing Fuzzy quite unceremoniously off of the porch, despite the squealing Swinub's protests.

You jump to your feet, startled by this, and turn on the porch light for better visibility. It seems to be a Growlithe, fur slicked with mud and paws ragged as if it's been running for a while. "What's wrong little guy? Something scare you out there?" You start. You go to sit back down before hearing another set of footsteps coming towards your position. Fuzzy hops back onto the porch, shooting a glare towards the Growlithe but ultimately settling down in his previous spot as if nothing had happened.

You stand up as the light from the porch reveals the newly arrived person. It's a man, probably in his late 20s, wearing all black clothing. His hat casts a shadow on his eyes, obscuring his view, though it's fairly obvious that he's staring at the Growlithe. The dog pokemon begins to whine, pushing itself closer to the house. "You, give me the Growlithe. Now." The stranger commands, his voice shaky at first but soon recovering to a firm one. "Just give me the Growlithe and no harm will come to you and your Swinub." He continues. You grit your teeth as a bead of sweat begins to roll down your forehead. "Otherwise," he says, pulling back his trench coat, grabbing a pokeball, "things could get a little messy around here." He tosses the pokeball into the air, the containment unit exploding with light. It reveals a Meowth, claws and fangs bared as it hisses at you. Your eyes widen as a jolt of fear runs through you. "Now about about that Growlithe?" He says, his thin lips pulling back into a smirk.

What will you do?


Myles has two choices here. He can either fight the stranger here and now, or give him the growlithe.


If he chooses the first option, he'll fight the strange man. Whether he defeats him or not, the police arrive on the scene quickly and arrest the man, while returning the growlithe back to its rightful owner.

If he chooses the second option, he'll head back inside and prepare to go to sleep, as the sun has gone down. Not too long later the police will come knocking on his door, asking about the strange man and the growlithe, saying that the growlithe was stolen earlier today.

Myles explains what he saw, and the police take note of it. They demand that he come with them, since he knows what the man and growlithe look like, while they can only go off of what the growlithe's owner remembers seeing, and they only say that back of the man, not his face.

Myles and the Police pursue the man, but he takes a back way, escaping the Police. Miles, however, catches a glimpse of him slipping into the alley, and decides to pursue alone. He catches up to the criminal and faces off in battle. Whether he wins or loses, the police arrive soon enough and subdue him. They put the man in jail and return the growlithe back to its owner.


If Myles chose Option A, he'll receive 2 Shards from the Growlithe's owner as well as 50$. He'll also receive an extra 150$ from the police for the criminal's bounty. If Myles chose Option B, he'll receive 2 Shards, an Oran Berry, and 50$ from the Growlithe's owner, as well as 150$ from the police.

I hope I did this right.

Kyro12 03-19-2014 09:50 PM

Look good imo. Of course what do I know ^^;

But yeah, fetch stuff.

1/3 Approved

DaveTheFishGuy 03-20-2014 03:10 PM


Looks good for me, only thing I'll comment on is the Bunnying. Don't assume that the character you're updating for would say or do more complex things that you might describe him doing, but that's minor enough here to overlook.

2/3 Approved

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