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Selena 12-17-2011 05:57 AM

UPN PASBL: Gym Trainer Match, Emp defends against Kairne
Emp vs Kairne
4 vs 4
24 Hour DQ
Equilevel 3
The Kiddie Pool

The "Kiddie Pool" Arena

For little squirts too young to be facing off against Gym Leader Concept in the deep end, there’s a nice shallow pool where happy-go-lucky Gym Trainer Emp will put you to the test! The Kiddie Pool is a curved, outdoor swimming pool roughly 200x330 feet (60x100 meters). The water is pretty shallow, about 1-2 feet (0.5 meters) deep in the challenger’s end rising to 4-5 feet (1.5 meters) at the Gym Trainer’s end, diving isn’t recommended on account of serious neck injuries.

Rubber rings, inflatables and floats shaped like various Pokémon are spread about the arena, which can be used as a means of floatation for really small Pokémon. However they’ll be considerably restricted in movement. There’s a giant Ludicolo sombrero on a pedestal in the shallow end covering a good third of the arena, which infrequently (25% chance per round) sprays water soaking the Pokémon and simulating the effect of a rain dance for one round.

For safety reasons, there’s a Lifeguard tower on the pool’s edge manned by “The Hoff”, a Machoke lifeguard. Pokémon aren’t allowed to leave the swimming pool during the battle (excluding flying/levitating Pokémon), The Hoff enforces this rule by Seismic Tossing Pokémon that try climbing out of the pool back in. He doesn’t otherwise interrupt battles, but he will save drowning Pokémon and resuscitate them with his awesome CPR.

To keep the water clean for the little tykes it’s treated with high levels of chlorine. Whilst this doesn’t harm the challenger’s Pokémon, the chemicals make grass types feel less comfortable - somewhat less focused with their attacks taking longer to perform.

Optional Special Rules: Heat Wave, “Pamela” a female Machoke lifeguard.

So Kairne wants to challenge Concept, but he has to defeat Emp first. Kairne's love for minerals might make this difficult, but I assume he has more sense than Blaze in this matter.

A squad from Emp first please, and I assume you know the drill.

empoleon dynamite 12-19-2011 06:31 AM

Best of luck Kairne. Thanks for reffing Milo, enjoy the extra SP from the Gym Reffing bonus you recieve :O

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn272.gif Nacho: Ludicolo (F) Lv.4
Special Training: Pineapple Dance Studios

Nacho gave up learning some violent attacks for an awesome dance number. As a result of her intense training she has mastered the moves Feather Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance and Dragon Dance. She never learned how to use the moves Astonish, Body Slam, Brick Break, Double Edge, Facade, Frustration, Fury Swipes, Hail, Thief and Hone Claws.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn171.gif Ecco: Lanturn (F) Lv.3
Signature Move: Tangle Kelp

Using good energy, Ecco pumps grass energy into the ground in order to make kelp shoot up around the opponent dealing good damage. The kelp soaks up the slime perspired by Water/Ground type Pokémon cancelling out their ground type in retrospect to electric moves (like if a normal ground type was made wet) for four rounds. Tangle kelp can be used on any surface (sand, concrete, metal etc) but has to be used in a body of water. Tangle Kelp can only be used once per battle.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn073.gif Hentacool: Tentacruel (M) Lv.3
Special Technique: Leaky Tank

Being left out in the sun too long destroyed the majority of Hentacool's gelatinous umbrella mass. Tentacool finds it much harder to stay hydrated on dry-land, losing a small fraction of its health at the end of each round. As it loses more health its skin becomes emaciated which makes it easier for him to expel water. Under half health, its water-type attacks do 1.25x damage. Under a quarter health, its water-type attacks do 1.5x damage at the cost of 1.25x energy. These boosts are nullified if Tentacruel becomes hydrated through a weather condition or an attack.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn160.gif Gatorade: Feraligatr (M) Lv.3
Signature Training: Swampy ‘Gator (Ground)

Living in the bayou has given Gatorade a neutrality to Electric Type Moves. However he doesn’t like steampunk and no longer resists Steel and Fire Type moves.

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn226.gif Man-Ray: Mantine (M) Lv.3
Signature Training: Avast! the wind be fillin' our sails! (Flying)

Through braving stormy seas Man Ray has built up a resistance to his crippling electric weakness. He now only takes 0.75x the damage he’d normally take from electric typed moves.

http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/...rmaidMan-1.gif Mermaid Man: Quagsire (M) Lv.3
No Sig

Slash 12-19-2011 06:54 AM

Lucifer: Volbeat Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Training: Prism
Volbeat gains access to the moves Aurora Beam and Power Gem, with the energy to use each three times per match. Lucifer is now weak to Dark-type attacks, and loses access to Focus Punch.

Robert Drake (Bobby): Dragonair Lv 4 (M)
Sig: Special Training/Type Change (ICE): Iceman
Robert Drake has become a Dragon/Ice type, with all the weaknesses and resistances of such. He also has gained Weather Ball, but it cannot be used during intense sun. He has lost all access to all Fire moves except Sunny Day, which he can only use once per battle. He retains his ability to swim well in water and move well on land. He may never evolve into a Dragonite, and is thus considered fully evolved from a damage/energy standpoint (Dragon/Ice).

Justin Beaver: Bibarel Lv 3 (F)

Baudelaire: Gothorita Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Technique: Kiss of Death (PSY)
Essentially a variation of Volt Switch, Baudelaire charges up energy, and shoots it at the foe with a kiss, creating a large pink heart, which hits them, dealing the same amount of damage as Volt Switch, only Psychic-typed. Energy use is also slightly higher than Volt Switch, also of the Psychic type. Baudelaire then returns to her Pokeball, and another Pokemon is sent out in his place, in the same method as Volt Switch. This move has a 10% chance to confuse the foe.

Onsalaught: Nidorino Lv 3 (M) [alternate coloured - brown]
Sig: Special Training: Grounded
Onsalaught has gained access to Drill Run, and his Hidden Power is Ground-typed. He is now considered familiar with Ground-typed moves. However, his Electric, Water, and Ice energy pools are reduced to the energy of a Thunderbolt each.

Professor Leach: Eelektrik Lv 3 (M)
Sig: Special Training: Master's Degree
The professor now has a familiarity to the Water type, and gains access to Water Pulse and Scald. His Hidden Power is also of the Water type. However, his time spent in Kanto has made him neglect the lessons of other regions, and as such, he loses access to Zap Cannon, Wild Charge, Gastro Acid and Volt Switch. When he evolves, he does not gain access to Dragon Tail or Hone Claws.

I'll open with Baudelaire

empoleon dynamite 12-19-2011 06:57 AM

"Gatorade, Surfs up! Finish with Water Pulse"

Slash 12-19-2011 07:07 AM

Magic Room to neuter Surf. Calm Mind if you get confused from Water Pulse, a Psychic wave otherwise.

Selena 12-19-2011 01:10 PM

Round 1: I reject your reality and substitute my own.

So Kairne is finally able to try his luck at a gym match. Despite the fact that he’s TL-3 now and doesn’t need to beat Emp, he’s going for it anyway. Maybe to cut ahead in the queue? Anyway he begins with Beaudelaire, a male Gothorita. Male Gothorita.... *sigh* Anyway he splashes in the challengers side of the pool, with his head only just above the water, might be somewhat troublesome if he gets into the deep part. Emp responds with a huge alligator in the form of Gatorade the Feraligatr, a frightining sight indeed.

Anyway here’s the data:

Originally Posted by pokedex
Gothorita: (Psychic) Gothorita are skilled illusionists, able to create illusions much like with Hypnosis to fool their foes. They also have an innate sense of the future, able to predict and anticipate attacks, making them slightly more likely to evade. They fight most enthusiastically at night.

Feraligatr (Water): While not the most agile of the Totodile line, Feraligatr is the fastest on land and in water. It will travel on all fours for extended distances. As an alligator Pokémon, the Totodile family has the strongest bite attack of any Pokémon relative to their size. However, their jaw muscles are meant for clamping down, not opening up: most Pokémon can easily keep them shut with their own hands. In wet arenas, the airholes on their snouts allow them to stay almost completely submerged while being able to see above the surface.

Anyway things start quickly with Gatrade collecting the water around him, and mending it into a rather large wave. He himself surfing atop of it towards the little Goth. Beaudelaire however will have none of this and, since he apparently has won the superpower lottery, uses his awesome powers of reality warping to recreate the universe arena to his wishes. A large white sphere expands from Beaudelaire, erasing everything in its path. The water of the pool just stops existing, as well as the pool walls and the Ludicolo sombrero. Even the Hoff can’t avoid being exiled from this dimension, tripping up before he managed to get out of reach. And even though Gatorade seems to be immune from this effect, the giant wave of water he was riding up until a second ago is not. From the one second into the other he’s floating in a white space, wondering what just happened. He doesn’t have much time to think though, and starts to fall. For a moment it seems that flailing his arms like a cartoon character stops him from falling, but gravity gets the better of him after a few seconds. With a loud “THUD” he lands a couple of feet before Beaudelaire, not taking some recoil damage from the fall before magically teleporting back to where he started.

Gatorade takes a quick look around, but he only sees an endless white, much like that one scene from The Matrix. Now filled with rage for the destruction of his playground Gatorade quickly determines that it’s all the fault of Beaudelaire and, eager for revenge, throws a ball of pulsing water energy at the psi pokémon. The ball of sonic doom hits home and engulfs the Goth, blasting him with some supersonic blast before bursting, revealing a wet, but sane, Beaudelaire. In continuance with the paranormal activities, the Goth brings his right arm in front of his chest, eyes glowing blue, before making a quick sudden gesture at his adversary. Despite Beaudelaire not being in striking distance, it seems to have some effect with Gatorade emitting a small noise of displeasure.


Beaudelaire took some damage from an evo-boosted waterpulse, but it’s nothing to write home about. Energy use was larger but, again, not too much.

Gatorade took more damage from psychic, but not too much. Energy use was roughly the same since surf was initiated, but he’s slightly ahead.

Beaudelaire broke reality and you’ll be fighting in “the white room” for the next 5 rounds. At the end of the fifth round everything will return back to normal. I’ll advice you to not be standing in a space that previously had solid mater occupying it (like the Ludicolo hat), for that will result in... Well let’s just say that’s not good.
For reference, it’s now a flat even ground, with the height where Beaudelaire started magicroom. So towards the gym trainer the floor got lifted and the walls of the pool got lowered.

Slash 12-19-2011 02:29 PM

Abusing Gym Switching conditions.

Baudelaire, come on back.

Bobby, come on in. Two Dragon Pulses.

empoleon dynamite 12-19-2011 03:27 PM

Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P but I’ll leave it to your discretion.

A more serious qualm is to do with Feraligatr riding the surf. It’s alright for special effect I guess, but I’ve never had it reffed that way (the Pokémon usually just water-bends a wave that hits the opponent as seen in the attack descriptions and anime) and I don’t think it makes much sense. What’s he supposed to do when the attack hits, jump off the wave inches away of the opponent? Sorry to be a jerk about that, Milo. Edit: I spoke to Concept and he said Pokémon don't ride surf unless they're specifically ordered to do so

Focus Blast between his attacks so you don't get disrupted. Finish up with Swords Dance

Selena 12-20-2011 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite (Post 294648)
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P but I’ll leave it to your discretion.

A more serious qualm is to do with Feraligatr riding the surf. It’s alright for special effect I guess, but I’ve never had it reffed that way (the Pokémon usually just water-bends a wave that hits the opponent as seen in the attack descriptions and anime) and I don’t think it makes much sense. What’s he supposed to do when the attack hits, jump off the wave inches away of the opponent? Sorry to be a jerk about that, Milo. Edit: I spoke to Concept and he said Pokémon don't ride surf unless they're specifically ordered to do so

Dynamic Punch and Dynamic Punch, sandwiched between his attacks so you don’t get disrupted. If the first lands confusion, use a Swords Dance for later instead”

Well The Hoff would have done something if he was still around, but since he's an arena effect he isn't. Sorry.

As for surf, yeah also sorry about that, I hardly ever ref the move and in the few occasions that I did, they actually ordered to ride the wave. Feraligatr won't have recoil damage, but will at the same place he started at (so around 100 metres away, slightly less).

Reffing later today.


Selena 12-20-2011 07:41 AM

Emp your previous orders were better as the second punch would have hit and disrupt the second pulse. (It would also have confused, but you wouldn't have known that when ordering)

Round 2: Always remember rule number 1 of the ASBL: stuff explodes.

Deciding that Beausdelair has done enough for him now, Kairne switches him out and replaces him with his up-level. Bobby the icy Dragonair.


Originally Posted by pokedex
Dragonair (Dragon): Dragonair are capable of flight, though it is levitation through an unknown method that allows them to do so without wings. This, however, allows them to hover in the air, though they are more agile than fast. Sunny Day or Rain Dance will last one round longer than normal if used by a Dragonair.

Instead of abusing the time that switching takes, Gatorade waits until Bobby attacks. After a short while Bobby opens his mouth and starts gathering some dark blue energy. It doesn’t take too long before a swirling orb is formed and shot at the still waiting alligator. Due to the sheer distance (100 metres is quite a lot) Gatorade has plenty of time to attempt to side step the attack. He mostly succeeds, only taking a clipping on his large tail. Now quick to the beat he immediately starts to gather his fighting spirit between his paws, forming an impressive sphere of destruction. However, unlike Gatorade last move, Bobby isn’t idly watching this happening. He goes for a repeat and gathers more dragon energy. Because Gatorade was first but took longer to charge, both attacks are fired at almost the same time, maybe Bobby is a bit slower. They meet in the middle, with the brown sphere of fighting energy managing to push the dragon pulse back a couple of feet. But this hardly matters as the energies start to violently react with each other, causing a large anime-style explosion infused with both dragon and fighting energy. This could have been bad for the dragon, but the explosion is still far away so nobody gets hurt.

When the smoke clears Gatorade sees that Bobby is still unharmed, and is not amused. Seeing as firing stuff from a distance doesn’t seem to work, he starts to spin around fast, pumping blood into his muscles and gaining massive strength for close distance destruction. With Gatorade’s attack power going through the roof, the round ends.


Bobby somehow managed to avoid damage, still on perfect. Energy use was a little bit draining, but he’s in the lead due to being only one round in.

Beaudelaire didn’t take damage and will be restoring energy inside his pokeball.

Gatorade took a little bit of damage from the partial dragonpulse, about the same as the recoil he would have gotten from the fall last round. Energy use was roughly the same as Bobby’s starting to feel the strain, although the swords dance boost compensates for it a little bit. Fighting energy is mostly shot though.

empoleon dynamite 12-20-2011 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by milotic111 (Post 294923)
Emp your previous orders were better as the second punch would have hit and disrupt the second pulse. (It would also have confused, but you wouldn't have known that when ordering)

Thanks for letting me know that. I would've thought using one attack during the recuperation period would've been a lot safer than using two attacks that required close range. I'll bare in mind you're a pretty harsh ref when it comes to any attacks connecting in my next set of orders.

empoleon dynamite 12-21-2011 01:14 PM

I’d say they’d be more like 75-50 meters away from each other than 100, considering they won’t start out on the edge of the pool. Here’s a picture of a 100-meter swimming pool, the depth is pretty accurate but the surface area is much smaller due to the arena’s curve. I know we’re in a white abyss, just thought it was worth posting to get a visual idea of where they’d start out.

“Close the distance with an Aqua Jet, then Slash for Kairne’s benefit. If he’s out of reach then fire off an Ice Beam instead.

Slash 12-21-2011 01:41 PM

Skull Bash as he comes in for the Jet. Take the Slash, and then Dragon Pulse.

Selena 12-23-2011 12:35 PM

Round 3: Also rule number two: Gamefreak is always high. ALWAYS!

Willing to put his new superpower into use, Gatorade covers himself in a veil of water, before jetting towards Bobby at insane speed. They’re still at least reasonably far apart, so Bobby has enough time to try and counter this. He goes with the “beat fire with fire” meme, and gathers some normal energy into his cranium before charging towards his foe himself. With both battlers charging at each other at high speeds, although Gatorade is very much faster, they are bound to crash into each other. Now due to various factors, among swords dance and superior weight (WTF gamefreak?), Gatorade knocks Bobby back for a little spin, getting hit for nuff all damage himself. However due to other factors, like aqua jet’s watery nature and the skullbash energy dome, Bobby hardly takes any damage himself aside from a little dizziness. He remains in reach though and Gatorade wastes no time to get even for last round, and sinks his claws in Bobby’s flesh for a lot of damage, but sadly fails to hit any particular vulnerable area. In an anticlimax Bobby blasts the alligator with some dragon energy to end the round.


Gatorade took damage and is getting close to the halfway point. Energy use was fairly mild considering the swords dance boost, but has dropped below the midpoint here. Still boosted.

Bobby took his first damage here, and while aqua jet did hardly anything, slash still hurt a lot. Energy use wasn’t too little, getting closer to the midpoint.

Slash 12-23-2011 12:54 PM

ExtremeSpeed to blindside him. Then Dragon Tail.

Also, Skull Bash + Horn = fun

empoleon dynamite 12-23-2011 01:04 PM

"Counter Dragon Tail with Iron Tail, then let's go apeshit with an Outrage"

Selena 12-23-2011 03:29 PM

Round 4: Two rounds in one day? Madness, Sparta, ect.

Bobby thinks that blasting the alligator with dragon energy isn’t enough and prepares to strike. Because fresher en initiative, he easily manages to zip past Gatorades defences and hit him from the side, making him stagger backwards a little bit. Keeping up the pressure Bobby charges dragon energy into his really large tail before slamming it into Gatorade. Or at least that was what he intended, he instead slams his soft squishy tail into the ironclad tail of his opponent, who managed to react just in time to block Bobby’s attack, reducing the damage somewhat. Although Gatorade didn’t manage to get in the best position to block, the sheer power from Swords dance means he’s able to push Bobby back, dealing a nasty blow to the serpent. Bobby isn’t given time to relax though as Gatorade goes absolutely berserk. The giant alligator begins to hack and slash the bejeevus out of Bobby, further accentuated by dragon fire surrounding his claws and mouth. With one final swing from his tail he ends his assault, panting as if he had just run a marathon. He’s definitely going to need a break. Bobby however is already taking a break, his added steel weakness proving to be the last straw.


Although he managed to KO his opponent, Gatorade is done for, for though he has health (still a fair way below half though), he hardly has any energy left. Into critical, dragon is out, steel is low, really freaking tired and needs a break. But may dent something because he’s still boosted, but fading.

Bobby is unable to battle, next pokemon or Beaudelaire and orders please Kairne.

Slash 12-23-2011 03:42 PM

Lucifer, go. Giga Drain. If he's not down then, Hidden Power.

empoleon dynamite 12-23-2011 04:02 PM

"Fake Tears, because real men cry"

Selena 12-23-2011 04:14 PM

Round 5: Because short.

So Kairne sends out a slightly electric familiar firefly. Could be a good choice.


Originally Posted by pokedex
Volbeat (Bug): Volbeat and Illumise are considered male and female variations of the same Pokémon, and therefore the Attracts of both species are considered to work as if both Volbeat and Illumise were the same species of Pokémon. Volbeat has a light on its tail that it can use to illuminate areas, though it makes it more visible in the dark. Volbeat has slightly more Electric energy than other non-Electric Pokémon.

The Firefly, aptly named Lucifer, starts to drain Gatorade of his remaining energy, green tentacles of grass energy enveloping him. He starts crying as the life seeps out of him, but due to being a big scary alligator it doesn’t have as much effect as say from a Togepi. Actually it doesn’t faze Volbeat at all, and then he faints because no energy. When he falls on the floor, Lucifer starts to notice some static noise in the magic room, the giant Ludicolo hat, the floats, and The Hoff are shifting in and out of reality, but for the moment they are intangible. The floor is also regaining a light blue colour and several floats can be seen flickering on it.


Lucifer traded in some grass energy for XX energy, otherwise still completely fresh and mentally unharmed.

Everything will be back to normal at the end of last round, another friendly reminder to avoid standing into something that will become solid.

Gatorade is unable to battle, next pokémon and orders please Emp.

empoleon dynamite 12-23-2011 04:24 PM

"Come on out Ecco you beached little angler fish you. Throw off a Charge Beam then rock it with Water Pulse!"

Slash 12-23-2011 05:35 PM

Bug Buzz, then after the Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt.

Selena 12-24-2011 05:51 AM

Round 6: As a fish on dry land.

The second choice from gym trainer Emp is Ecco the Lanturn, Dave would be so pleased.


Originally Posted by pokedex
Lanturn (Water/Electric): Lanturn are fish, and thus are slow and nearly immobile on land, but are faster and more agile in the water. Whenever a Lanturn uses an electric attack in the water, it creates a small amount of electricity around it, shocking anything in the water with it within 10 feet of it (damage is considered equal to a Thundershock for the most powerful electric attacks). As an electric type, it is immune to recoil from using electric attacks in the water or during a Rain Dance. It may also use its antennae as a light source in the same way that the Mareep family does with their tails.

Ecoo is released on the ground near Emp, and is a little bit confused as to what happened to the arena, she also doesn’t like being released on land because that makes her about as immobile as a Dunsparce moving through mud, not quite that but close. Anyway due to the awesome powers of priority, she charges some of her natural electric element and concentrates it into a beam. This hits Lucifer for a bit of damage, but sadly the extra energy dissipates into the air instead of being stored into Ecco. Lucifer didn’t quite like being hit, even if it was just a small hit, and throws some of his own natural energy, shaped in the form of a buzzing ball, towards the grounded angler fish, who takes a harder blow from this.

Calling upon the great god of the random numbers, Ecco spews an orb of water with some potential confusing agents at the firefly. Lucifer gets hit by several sonic blasts imbedded in the water, but the only after effect it had, was making him wet. Not that it would have mattered anyway as he concentrates and clears his mind of all emotion (and the possible confusion), before darting in to ram Ecco in the antenna for the final hit from this round. After the hit the solid floor turns back to liquid and all the thingamajigs that the kiddie pool houses become solid again. The Hoff, a little bit terror shaken from the experience, has resumed his job of patrolling the side of the pool. Ecco plops back into the water swimming circles in joy before returning her attention back to Lucifer who is flying near Ecco just above the water.


Ecco took fair damage, but it isn’t worrying for now, just as the energy use.

Lucifer took somewhat less damage, and used similar energy, psychic took a good hit.

Slash 12-24-2011 12:12 PM

Sunny Day, so she won't be able to abuse the pool as much. Then Tail Glow.

empoleon dynamite 12-24-2011 12:32 PM

"Confuse Ray, then swim in close and ZZZZZAP Cannon"

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