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Shuckle 05-13-2012 09:56 AM

Gmoyes vs. SphealDrill: They are Both Sunk!

Sphealdrill (c) vs gmoyes (a)

Arena = Sea Arena: Sea (Outdoor. Advanced Water Arena): An advanced level arena, not recommended for novice referees or trainers. A large body of water, with nowhere for Pokémon or their Trainers to stand. All Pokémon must either be able to swim or fly.
Special Rules: Wild Pokémon (Deep Water).
Welcome, both of you, to the Sea Arena! There's nowhere for you or your Pokemon to stand here, so you can do like me and grab an inflatable Lapras. Hmm? You forgot to get one while you were on land? That's just too bad. Quickly now, get off the boat so it can deliver its priceless load of stinky fish sticks.

I would hardly imagine that I'd need to introduce the two of you, so I'll just cut to the chase. SphealDrill, you'll post your squad, immediately followed by Gmoyes. Gmoyes will also pick a Pokemon; then SphealDrill will pick a Pokemon and attempt to pickle the picked Pokemon, wherein Gmoyes's picked Pokemon will prevent its pickling with more orders.



SphealDrill 05-14-2012 11:19 AM

Good luck.

Spheal: Male Spheal Level 3

Corphish: Male Corphish Level 2
Special Training: Lethal Poisons
Corphish was born, unluckily, near a lake which was situated near a sewage plant. Corphish were naturally hardy, which helped him survive till today, and living in toxic waters did have an extra effect, causing his Sludge Bomb technique to be 20% more powerful.

Level 2 Male Wartortle
Special Training: Turtles never say die
Wartortle is able to use Recover, but loses the ability to use Blizzard.

Level 2 Male Seel
Special Technique: Aurora Shield (Ice)
By combining Aurora Beam and Safeguard, Seel creates a rippling, multicoloured shield around himself. While most physical objects will pass through the shield, including Pokemon, any energy attacks are simply absorbed by the shield and reflected back at their source. The shield also blocks the use of draining moves, and the shimmering colours may make eye contact skills like Hypnosis slightly harder to use. The shield takes about a Hydro Pump's worth of energy to create, is considered a two-mover and can only be used as the only move of a round, can only be used one per battle, and will only stay up for one round. Seel also loses the ability to cast Protect.

Buizel Male Buizel Level 2
Special Training: Up Close and Personal
Buizel is a fighter. He knows it and seeks to excel at it. He spends days, weeks focusing on making his physical attacks stronger, faster and generally more effective. Too bad he doesn't spend as much time training other moves. Buizel's physical attacks do 10% more damage, as well as being able to use Close Combat. However, all other damaging attacks are 15% less effective.

Butterfree: Female Butterfree Level 2
Sig Move: Prismatic Tornados (Psychic)
In an advanced version of Whirlwind, Butterfree pours Psychic energy into the attack as well, releasing bright pink and green coloured winds, which also inflict mental disorientation and pain, similiar to the effects of Psywave. The bright, flashing colours also mimic somewhat the effects of Flash, making it slightly harder for the opponent to see. The attack itself delivers relatively little damage, about that of Confusion, and the wind strength is about two-thirds that of Whirlwind. Uses as much energy as Psychic (beam form), and usable twice per battle.

gmoyes 05-14-2012 02:34 PM

Jeez I really need to write up some sigs. Here's to a good match Spheal!

Theta: Level 2 Genderless Magnemite

Claw: Level 3 Male Anorith

Tooth: Level 2 Male Carvanah

Wind: Level 2 Female Surskit

Glitch: Level 2 Genderless Porygon

Jules: Level 2 Male Marshomp

Let's go Theta!

SphealDrill 05-14-2012 10:01 PM

Seel, let's go.

Keep things simple and wash it out with a Surf.

gmoyes 05-15-2012 05:35 AM

Stay high and hit it with a couple of Thunderbolts.

Shuckle 05-16-2012 07:44 PM

Round 1: The Yipping Poodle Eats SPAM
Are we ready? We are ready. As I sip from a Ludicolo-style pina colada, the battlers prepare for the ultimate test of their abilities. Gmoyes on one end of the arena, with a remarkably impersonal and sigless squad, faces off against the infinitely more prepared SphealDrill. However, signature moves do not define a match; strategy and typespam may save the day for gmoyes. Only time will tell!

Gmoyes has wisely chosen one of the very few aerial electric-types, a Magnemite. Let's see what Mercutio has to say about that.


Originally Posted by Mercutio the Magnificent
Magnemite: (Electric/Steel) Moves using antigravity propulsion. While this limits its speed and flight ceilingť (how high it can float over the ground), this allows it to perform amazing aerial evasive maneuvers that cannot be performed by any other flier. Being inorganic, Magnemite cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.

Poor SphealDrill is left with a Seel, a Pokemon who may be a wise choice in the open ocean...but can it withstand super effective hits? Only time will tell.


Originally Posted by The Black Market
Seel: (Water) Seel and Dewgong can move on land, but it's slow and awkward, so they prefer to swim if they can. Both Seel and Dewgong can survive freezing temperatures, and the Seel family is one of the most nimble in the water.

Hmm. Maybe the matchup will be fair after all. Anyway.

The first round begins with the inorganic magnet charging up a bolt of electricity, erroneously named a "Thunder" bolt. Pssh. The electricity, after a brief charging period, is sent shooting out in an array of colorful sparks towards the waiting Seel. However, the little white whale is not one disposed to idleness in its favorite habitat, and has been working to create a giant Surf wave to send straight at the hovering magnet thing. Unfortunately, there is a problem - Thunderbolt is also hissing through the air, and it runs into the wave! Only problems can ensue, and indeed they do as the wave explodes, full of bits of electricity, over everything in the arena! Seel and Magnemite both suffer from the explosion, denting their health and energy levels quite a bit.

It seems that Magnemite, however, is prepared for every eventuality, and charges up another Thunderbolt for imminent launch. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit of recoil from its wet surface before sending the lightning bolt towards the poor unprotected Seel, striking for an obscene hit - and so early in the match, too. Things look difficult. Fortunately, it takes no paralysis from the electricity, which may be crucial in the rounds ahead. After shooting off a bolt, Magnemite finds itself hovering just below its flight ceiling from knockback and a touch of purposeful movement, which may be advantageous. It is still fairly close to Seel, though.

Magnemite took a tough round in energy terms, stretching into its second sixth of energy from those Thunderbolts. In addition, it took nasty recoil from explosions and wetness, placing it a fair ways above the first quarter of health.

Seel was not nearly so lucky. Its energy suffered much less than Magnemite's, and it took considerably less damage from the explosion...but this did not save it from the utter catastrophe that is a super-effective Thunderbolt, which, including the recoil from the explosion, set it at exactly the midpoint of its second quarter of health. Drastic action will need to be taken next round to avoid fusterclucks.

Have at it.

gmoyes 05-16-2012 08:49 PM

Water explodes when shocked? Really?
Ok Theta, take it easy this round. Flash to Round.

SphealDrill 05-17-2012 04:02 AM

Dive underwater to escape that light, then Waterfall.

Shuckle 05-23-2012 03:20 PM

Round 2! Not a witty title in sight.
It seems that last round was fairly even, in part due to the machinations of the referee. Is it biased to avoid bias and put both parties into disfavor?

As usual, the second orderer has a distinct advantage and as the round begins, Seel wastes no time in Diving to a reasonable depth with alacrity; Magnemite's Flash, however, moves at the speed of love light and lights up the ocean for hundreds of feet underwater; Seel, though scoring a slight avoidance of the painful Flash, is still partially blinded and paws at its eyes in discomfort.

Seel is blinded and frustrated, so it swims up towards the place where it thinks Theta to be. However, it misses by a large margin and is sent flailing in the wrong direction. Theta has more unfriendly tricks to play and blasts a loud Round at close range that sends Seel spinning back, assaulted by the metallic offense to all that is good and kind as Magnemite sings its favorite song, a solo from some obscure opera. Seel slips back into the water, its eyes and ears assailed but clearing.

With such frustration at energy wasted and with its eyes cleared, Seel swims in tight circles, mustering up energy for its next assault. Using its environment to pull off a textbook Waterfall, the Seel launches its monstrosity way up into the air and, bizarrely, instead of forming a whirlpool, Seel's efforts land him a large, dousing hit on his foe's magnetty head.

At the end of the round, Seel has begun to show signs of energy strain. The Dive and Waterfall used up a good sixth of his energy pool. He also took good damage, setting him at his halfway health point.

Magnemite fared much better, but still took heavy damage. This sets it at halfway through the second quarter of health. Energy use was stiff but bearable, placing energy levels at the dregs of the second sixth.


SphealDrill 05-24-2012 04:44 AM

Dive deep, then Rest.

gmoyes 05-24-2012 03:32 PM

You don't have any breath to worry about, so follow it down and give it a Zap Cannon as soon as it rests. If its paralyzed take a breather, if not, Supersonic.

gmoyes 06-02-2012 01:48 PM

I'm bumping this up.

Shuckle 06-15-2012 06:05 PM

Back! TA says no problems D: but I am super duper sorry for abandoning you. I'll return to reffing full time...now.

As the third round of the match begins, Seel takes no chances in Diving all the way to the deep parts of the ocean. It's a pretty long way, and Seel gets there pretty quickly. Theta follows it down with an angry hum, and as Seel rests in preparation for its nasty Dive attack, the Magnemite sends a vicious Zap Cannon through the water straight towards the seal. Unfortunately, as salt water is fairly conductive, it takes heavy recoil, but that does not stop the rapetastic ZapCannonFest that Seel faces. Seel is totally unprepared. A surprised look lingers on its face as it drifts through the water, eyes closed and tongue lolling out in defeat.

Seel has been defeated! Another Pokemon and orders from SphealDrill, please!

Magnemite took nasty recoil, setting it at a light way past the midpoint of health. Advisory warning Shuckle:

:213:: No more underwater electric attacks!

It needs a bit of a breather, even though it is a magnet and cannot breathe, and is set at a short ways above the midpoint of energy.

SphealDrill 06-18-2012 03:02 PM

Sorry for the delay and stuff.

Buizel, get in there and nail a couple of Brick Breaks.

gmoyes 06-18-2012 05:22 PM

Quick Theta, Volt Switch out for Jules.

Shuckle 06-20-2012 09:37 AM

Round 4: I hate nicknames!
SphealDrill wastes no time with the element of surprise, pulling out a Buizel with a flick of the wrist and recalling Seel. The Buizel charges Theta with a leading fist, and though the Magnemite tries valiantly to charge the requisite energy in time, the Buizel is much faster in the water. Let's check that, shall we?

Buizel: (Water) Buizel uses its tails similar to a propeller. This allows it to control its speed in the water and make sharp turns with great ease. By using a move, it can also hover over the ground slightly by rapidly spinning its tails, but each round its sustained costs good energy. The ring around its neck can be used as a floatation device, making it hard to force underwater.
Seems like a difficult matchup. The jet-propelled Buizel smashes into Magnemite with tremendous force, the Brick Break dealing a major hit to the poor Magnemite.

Magnemite foolishly refuses to heed the wise words of the Advisory Warning Shuckle and blasts Buizel point-blank with a Volt Switch. The electric attack knocks it back to the first quarter of health, but it escapes alive to fight another day. Meanwhile, Buizel has taken a considerable hit from that Volt Switch and is slowly rising to the surface via its PFD. Jules the Marshtomp floats idly by as the round comes to a close.

Magnemite took nasty hits and is now sitting at its last quarter of health. Energywise, it's been knocked past the midpoint a fair ways but it'll be fine with that rest in its pokeball.

Jules is kinda bored waiting for stuff to happen.

Buizel is around its mid-first quarter of health and has used good energy.

gmoyes 06-20-2012 10:59 AM

Ok start us off with an Ancent Power then follow up with a Round.

SphealDrill 06-21-2012 12:31 AM

Baton Pass to weather yourself from that Ancientpower to Butterfree.

Can't remember if I'm allowed to attack, but if I can, Energy Ball him if you have a clear shot.

SphealDrill 07-12-2012 04:07 AM

Overdue nump.

Shuckle 07-26-2012 11:28 PM

Round 5: Safety and the Return of the Advisory Warning Shuckle!
Okay whatever reffing bonus I might have had has been obliterated by now ;_; sorry for being so slow.

As the round begins, SphealDrill (rather unwisely) orders a Baton Pass straightaway. The Buizel, though confused as to why he is switched so soon, gratefully accepts the orders and glows with a magical light as he is sucked back into his Pokeball.

Out comes Butterfree, who causes the referee more trouble by making him constantly have to copy and paste new SC's for no discernible reason AND making a terrible switching decision, as we shall soon see...


Butterfree: (Bug/Flying) Butterfree’s powders are slightly more effective than normal. It is also considered to be familiar with psychic abilities, and may use Psychic to lift Pokemon. Butterfree can see in the dark.
Immediately, the fluttering bug widens its already unnaturally large eye in surprise. Jules the Marshtomp suffers no illusions about her job - to battle! Drawing on the power of the ancients, she launches an deceptively small orb of Rock energy at the fragile little butterfly. It moves slowly towards the terrified insect, lightly brushing its body...blasting the poor bug back across the designated arena! Such force! Butterfree is forced to flap its wings frantically, trying to avoid landing in the treacherously wet ocean waves. The Marshtomp is in luck; her attack has given her a little boost in all of her stats, the lucky frog...fish...thing.

Mercilessly, Jules serenades the already suffering Butterfree, the sound taking on a tactile quality to it in a series of brightly colored music notes! These magical notes crash into poor Butterfree, leaving it looking saggy and rather dispirited at such crushing blows so soon. Jules looks rather smug.

Butterfree used no energy this round but took quite a beating, landing a decent way above its midpoint in health. Clearly, the Advisory Warning Shuckle is required:

:213: : Never switch into a super-effective attack! Don't do it! Especially when it's a Rock attack on a Butterfree! Don't! You're lucky this guy shows you mercy and uses the 2x/3x system...

Thank you, Advisory Warning Shuckle. Your wisdom is unfathomable, your intellectual ability is staggering, and your might is truly awesome to behold.

Jules applied rigorous energy use to good ends, sacrificing a heavy amount of energy. She's settled a fair ways above her first quarter of energy, but looking fresh and indomitable, a daunting challenge for the fragile butterfly.

But Butterfrees can be surprisingly resilient at times. Who knows how this match will end...

SphealDrill 07-27-2012 09:56 PM

I guess I was unclear on my orders (being to use the 'invulenerability' portion of the Baton Pass to block the Ancientpower).

Whether the round gets re-done or not doesn't change much, I guess. Energy Ball. If he moves in close enough to attack, Giga Drain.

gmoyes 07-28-2012 02:28 PM

Uh, Jules is a guy -_-'
Protect the Energy Ball, keep your distance and Ice Beam it.

gmoyes 08-10-2012 10:39 PM

Bumping this.

Shuckle 08-16-2012 01:38 AM

Shuckle sez: Who cares what number round this is...OW! 6...
Aiaiai, endless ref procrastination cycle, sorry. Soon as the bonus goes, the motivation goes with it. Here's your reffing. BTW, I'm going to stick with the 2/3 system for the duration of the match for consistency but if you'd ever like me to switch to 1.5/2.5 just say the word.

Jules, upset a bit about some sort of mistaken gender identity (Preposterous!), is suddenly confronted with a fearsome orb of grass energy! Butterfree, though wounded severely from the painful Ancientpower, has recovered admirably and launched the Energy Ball directly at Jules! The hardy Marshtomp readied itself for the blow, though, conjuring a barrier of bright green energy to send the maliciously aimed Energy Ball skittering away in a breathtakingly beautiful shower of sparks.

:213:: Pretty~!

The Butterfree watches warily as the Marshtomp readies its counterattack; with a rush of freezing wind, the Ice Beam zigzags at a terrific speed across the arena to strike the Butterfree...a direct hit! Right on the body. Fortunately for Butterfree, the jagged protrusion of crystalline ice that has formed on her body is not in any area vital for flight, but sadly she does not have the strength to fly around as freely, encumbered so with the heavy frost. Jules surveys his handiwork with grim satisfaction, staying at a comfortable distance while Butterfree flaps futilely a few feet off the foam of the ocean waves, struggling to stay high and dry. Some heat is probably required to melt this ice...

Butterfree took a bit of a beating this round, dropping to halfway between the midpoint and the final quarter mark. However, she flaps resolutely and with purpose, so perhaps this fight isn't over yet.

Jules is feeling fit and fantastic. He used a lot of energy but it was to good ends; he just scraped the dregs of that second hyper beam of energy. If he wants people to remember he's male, he should a.) be a manlier Pokemon and b.) have a name that isn't this effeminate.

That is all. Gmoyes, orders please.

gmoyes 08-16-2012 10:03 AM

Most Marshomps are guys...
Water Pulse x2. Replace the second one with a Yawn if it's confused after the first one.

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