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Sneaze 02-23-2014 01:31 PM

UPN PASBL: Concept vs. Connor
Right, so Connor has challenged Concept in a water-based battle, seemingly in some sort of Gym Scenario-esque attempt at proving himself, which seems to be a thing happening more and more frequently these days, though whether it'll be all Waters I don't know. And I suppose it's natural to want to prove yourself with Waters by taking on the person who only just recently left the Water Gym. Anyway, a quick look at the stats.


Originally Posted by Stats
4 v 4 Singles
Equiall 3
72 Hour DQ
Switch = KO

Having left the Arena picking up to myself, we'll be going with an arena that was supposed to be used in the Winter Whirl Cup, only to never see any action thanks to myself having to break out the DQ Hammer on my opponent. It's a pretty fitting arena for something such as this, the Cerulean City Gym.


Originally Posted by Arena
Cerulean City Gym - The most famous Water Gym in the world has opened its doors for the Water event of the decade, providing their sizable pool for a Round 2 battle. The pool has been altered somewhat, with many of the platforms removed but a square of thin decks left in the dead center. The decks are extremely sturdy and unbreakable, but are rather narrow and cannot hold Pokémon much larger than a Blastoise comfortably. The center of the decks are open to the water. On either end of the pool, there are two medium-sized platforms, both about 8 meters in diameter. The pool is quite deep, filled with smaller Water Pokémon, though they're unlikely to bother any combatants unless directly assaulted. At the bottom, a small coral reef fills the pool, allowing for smaller Pokémon to hide.

You both know how this goes. Connor, start us off if you'd be so kind.

Connor 02-23-2014 01:40 PM

Time to get thoroughly schooled, no doubt. Good luck to you, 'Cept, and cheers to Sneezey for agreeing to referee this.

Naotsugu: Shiny Male Blastoise [Level 4]
Hidden Power Electric

Kanami: Female Lombre [Level 3]
Hidden Power Water

Serara: Female Milotic [Level 3]
Hidden Power Flying

Soujirou: Male Mantine [Level 3]
Hidden Power Ground

Isaac: Male Crawdaunt [Level 3]
Hidden Power Water

Yuma: Female Qwilfish [Level 3]
Hidden Power Grass

Concept 02-23-2014 02:12 PM

Bringing the Skull and Cross Badge and the Tree Star Badge, attached to Lombre and Lapras respectively through the attachment thread. Effects listed with the attached pokemon. Pretty sure there's nothing in this arena that would actually trigger Elsie's, but it's there.

Level 4:

Christiaan the Politoed (Male)
Politoed: (Water) While not as good a swimmer as a Poliwrath, a Politoed can jump much farther. Politoed are equally adept on land or in water. A Politoed may croak as a move. This has effects identical to Charm against any Poliwag or Poliwhirl in the area. All of the Poliwag family secretes a sort of slime when out of the water, which makes them more slippery and harder to grab, though Politoed are not as slippery as its tadpole counterparts.
For some reason, everyone seems obsessed with Mexican 'mon.
Mine is Dutch.
Christiaan is the result of a Poliwhirl breeding with a pure-bred Ludicolo. His mother, sadly died during childbirth, and he lived in the Eterna forest, raised by the Ludicolo. As such, his upbringing was not what is typical for a Poliwag. The poor lad suffered terrible headaches from the effects of moss rock, and the training he received didn't exactly seem fitting for a water type.

Hidden Power: Grass
No sig.

Level 3:

Hercule the Poliwhirl (Male)
Poliwhirl (Water): Poliwhirl are capable of decent movement on land, though they still prefer the water. All of the Poliwag family secrete a sort of slime when out of the water, which makes them more slippery and harder to grab.
Despite his brother Christiaan constantly urging Hercule to use the "little grey cells", Hercule prefers to punch his way through his problems. So when he had problems with faster and fresher foes he came up with an ... "interesting" solution. Involving MOAR PUNCHING!

Signature Move: Gut Buster (Fighting)
Hercule punches the opponent in a soft and vulnerable area. This requires a moment of concentration and significant energy, and does mild damage. However, it also winds the opponent, which has the effect of making them feel like they've been using energy at a high rate with all the associated drawbacks (tiredness, inefficient energy use and what have you) for a short period (up to a round). Refs should modify the effectiveness of this move based on various factors using their common sense. While the move can be used as much as he likes, the additional effect will only work once per opponent as pokemon quickly adapt to this type of thing.

Chief Sitting Duck the Lombre (Male)
Lombre (Grass/Water): Though able to swim and stay underwater for a fair amount of time, Lombre are not the best swimmers and prefer to stay near the surface of the water. Lombre are capable of restoring more health and energy then grass Pokémon normally get in the rain. Grass types live anywhere that can support vegetation, though most prefer temperate to tropical climates. Grass types enjoy both bright sun and rain. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls.
Quite possibly the only non-mexican Ludicolo ever, Chief Sitting Duck grew up in the Mojave desert. He was part of - and later leader of - a small indiginous tribe that got shitted on by some colonising Meganium. Out-competed for resources, the tribe were beginning to lose faith in Sitting Ducks leadership, and they almost threw him out when he announced plans to lead them deeper into the desert. However, it paid off, as they managed to find areas too inhospitable for the Meganium to survive and colonise. His people survived by living around several oasises.
The Meganium's are now acting like they've lived in the area forever and like they're better than everyone else and have oh so graciously "allowed" the Lotad a small area of their own land as a reservation for them to live on. This pisses the chief off no end, and he's come to me to learn to fight to he can exact his revenge for the defamation of his people, one casino at a time.

Special Training: Oasis (Water)
Surviving as he did in the dry desert by moving from one oasis to the next, Ludicolo gets the benefit of his grass type and species characteristic (slight health and energy restoration in rain) when in any significant body of water (ie one you can use surf in). This does not stack if he's both in a body of water and it's raining.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal
The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a small amount of health, on a par with the effects of Aqua Ring, up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

Odyssey the Lapras (Female)
Lapras: (Water/Ice) Lapras is slow and ungainly on land, but is incredibly fast and agile in water, particularly on top. As a carrier Pokemon, Lapras can carry up to 1.5 times its weight and not have its speed affected. Lapras’ shell is hard, and any attacks there are reduced to 75% damage.
Odyssey is the newest member of my squad, a loveable water type. She was mildy annoyed that she's confined to the waves, and had decided to take it out on less aquatic familiar pokemon.
She's a Lapras. She can't get around on land and is very annoyed about it, so has channeled that resentment into creating a group of water types dedicated to taking the land from us pathetic airbreathers.
I make sure she keeps this quiet from the rest of the team.

Signature Move: Deluge (Water)
Lapras spreads significant water energy across the field, most of which turns into a two foot deep layer of water held in place by water energy. This sudden deluge is held in place by the water energy for four rounds before draining away (speed of draining dependant on arena, from basically instantly in things like sand to basically never in enclosed spaces).
Badge Effect: Fossil Fortitude (Tree Star Badge)
The attached Pokemon is treated as though it is one level higher than it actually is--the Pokemon will remain at its actual level, but the badge bestows it with extra power. The actual benefit is up to the ref's scale (extra health/energy, increased attack/defense power) but there must be some benefit given. This badge is attached to one Pokemon in signature submissions but can be changed to a different Pokemon at will. This effect does not trigger the disobedience clause should another uplevel be used in the same battle, as it does not actually raise the level of the Pokemon.

Echo Falls the Milotic (Female)
Milotic (Water): Milotic's Attract and similar attacks are much more effective then normal. As an attack once per battle, it can calm down an opponent with a calming aura. Doing so can get rid of any mental boosting moves the opponent might have (excepting Calm Mind).
Hidden Power: Dragon
Signature Move: Feignt (XX)
Once per match, Echo Falls may pretend to faint. How convincing this is depends on the circumstances - if she's very low on health or energy this will have a high success rate, whilst if she's fresh no-one will be fooled. It will also be more successful if something has just happened that could conceivably make her faint (taking damage or using energy). If the opposing pokemon is convinced, the match proceeds as if she had fainted, which can have effects including but not necessarily limited to (in case I missed something that happens when a pokemon faints) the following;
1) Pokemon will no longer deliberately target her (in doubles).
2) The round will end (in singles).

Isaias the Marill (Male)
Marill (Water/Fairy): Marrill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks. Marrills may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it does not wish to do so.
No sig.


Connor 02-23-2014 02:31 PM

This can go one of two ways, hilariously well or horrendously poorly.

"Soujirou, straight into the pond. Close the distance between you and smack him with a Headbutt, then back up a little while giving him a Twister to think about."

Concept 02-23-2014 06:58 PM

Dive to evade and strike, then follow up with an icy wind while you're right up in his grill.

Sneaze 02-25-2014 06:15 PM

Round The First
Confirming the ref's suspicions, our battlers show their squads, revealing that they each have brought nothing but Pokemon of the Water type. Concept provides no hesitation in selecting his first choice of Pokemon, and with a bright flash a Poliwhirl takes to the field, our blue amphibian friend going by the name Hercule. After a moment, Connor responds, tossing his own Pokeball out above the water. A Mantine appears, gliding just above the surface, this particular ray by the name of Soujirou. The ref pulls out their handy dandy ASBdex to get a proper description of the capabilities of both species before the battle gets underway.


Originally Posted by Species Characteristics
Poliwhirl (Water): Poliwhirl are capable of decent movement on land, though they still prefer the water. All of the Poliwag family secrete a sort of slime when out of the water, which makes them more slippery and harder to grab.

Mantine (Water/Flying): Mantine are fish, thus they are helpless on land but elegant in the water. Fortunately for Mantine, it can fly above the ground, though it is difficult for it to get airborne on the ground.

The gliding fish immediately starts off by plunging into the waters of the gym arena, heading a few feet down before turning back towards his bipedal foe. The Mantine proceeds to charge at Hercule, lunging back out of the water, but just as Soujirou surfaces, the Poliwhirl jumps into the water, expertly diving in just underneath the body of the Mantine. Soujirou continues to glide up and over where Hercule stood on the platform, plunging back down into the waters on the other side, while Hercule continues the arc of his own plunge, turning it into a full loop to catch the Mantine in the stomace as he resubmerges.

Somewhat stunned by what just happened, it takes a moment for the Mantine to come to realize that his foe is directly below him. In this moment, Hercule has already begun preparing his followup blow, the Poliwhirl inhaling sharply as icy energy forms inside his lungs. From point blank range, Soujirou has little chance to react as the chilling blast is exhaled, and takes the full brunt of the cold, causing his body to feel a bit numb as the otherwise warm water cools drastically around him. A little fed up with his foe already, the Mantine looks to put some distance between them, whipping its wing-like fins into a frenzy to cause the water around them to swirl and form a tight cyclone. Their close proximity to the surface causes the resulting water and wind to rise up above the rest of the water, carrying Hercule along with it before tossing the Poliwhirl from its vortex and causing him to land with a splash a nice ways away. The wind dies down shortly, causing the rest of the water it had picked up to come crashing back down to the surface between the two combatants, leaving it a bit turbulent as the round comes to a close, as it will remain for the beginning of the next round.

A fair couple of blows traded leave both combatants looking fairly even as the match gets started, both still fairly well off. Energy use for both sides was about average, and they're both raring and ready to fight.

Concept, orders if you'd be so kind.

Connor 03-11-2014 06:38 PM

So, in regards to what has happened on the Skype, requesting this be officially cancelled.

Sneaze 03-11-2014 06:44 PM

Officially canceled, nothing for nobody.

Enjoy your retirement, 'Cept!

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