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Concept 03-29-2010 10:33 AM


This thread is to record mine and LC's attempts to run pokemon under some pretty insane rules. They are:

-No buying healing items (maybe no using healing items?)
-No fighting wild 'mon except to capture them
-Level-up moves only, HM's on slaves.

As it stands, I'm running on leafgreen. Rob has agreed to man up and do it on leaf green too. I invite you all to read, and lol, and post.


Concept: Mt Moon.

Lonely Cubone: Brock attempts: 1

Kuno: Mt Moon.

Lonely Cubone 03-29-2010 11:21 AM

Just starting this off now...crazy stuff.

Treepandaone 03-29-2010 11:28 AM

If you do it on No$GBA, you could record it for the lulz.

Lonely Cubone 03-29-2010 11:53 AM

Okay, so starting this off with a quick explanation of “my plan”. Like Concept, I’ll be using Leaf Green, and I suspect we’ll both be getting as high levelled a Butterfree as possible for Brock, which we think is level 12. In order to slightly simplify matters for myself, I’ll be picking Squirtle as my starter, which means the rival’s Viridian fight will not be quite as hard, if I take it late enough to have a Butterfree with confusion. The main problems with this run are early ones, as Brock will be a gigantic bitch, as will Poison if I get unlucky fighting Weedle in Viridian- training on Caterpie and the cocoon Pokémon seems to the best idea, but no fighting Wild Pokémon means it comes down to luck against trainers, with only one or two Antidotes available on the ground.

Whilst I’d be delighted to break the first Gym, the other problems will be later in the game- Koga and Blaine will be tricky, especially considering the best Gen I Bug (Scyther) was Red-version exclusive. Stupid idea this, as it leaves us with Butterfree, Beedrill, Pinsir and Venomoth as viable team choices as Parasect is terribad. Still, lets cross that bridge when we come to it: Part I of the plan is a good strong Butterfree and five Kamikaze Weedle/Kakuna to take hits and hopefully poison that bloody Onix.

Just starting on my old DS Lite now, the screen is horribly small. Lets do this...

Concept 03-29-2010 12:02 PM

A quick addition; level 10 is the max we can get for the Brock fight, turning level 11 during the fight after Geodude goes down (I think). It's just about possible to reach level 10 by the Gary fight (if starting with a level 5 Caterpie) again I'm fairly sure, based on some quick numbers. I've managed to catch a modest level 5 Caterpie. I've chosen Charmander, on the basis that Gary's late game squad will be easier (show's my optimism at getting that far :p). This is because Blastoise is easier to take down than Gyarados with a bug squad, Exeggutor is easier than Venusaur thanks to 4x bug weakness and Charizard is a bitch whilst Arcanine is less so. So far I've beaten one bug catcher, at the cost of the sacrifice of one weedle.

My plan for the Brock fight involves hopefully stalling him out of rock tombs (10pp) using a bunch of +defence natures Kakuna, or failing that the three potions it's possible to find early game just lying around. Given the number of weedle I plan to sacrifice and that we can't buy healing items, I've spent all my money on pokeballs.

EDIT the first: A lucky critical on the part of bug catcher Anthony forced me to sacrifice both a Weedle and a potion I wouldn't have otherwise. Not amused.

EDIT the second: A quick bit of checking veekun has led me to find out that Metapod has slightly higher base health and defence than Kakuna, as well has being slightly more common in leaf green. Thus, they will be used to stall Brock instead.

Lonely Cubone 03-29-2010 02:50 PM

Okay, so having now fought all the trainers between the start and Brock with the exception of the GT and the Viridian Rival Battle, which I'm not 100% sure if I'll go for yet. I think we underestimated the experience available, as my Butterfree has just evolved- on the last Pokemon Trainer of the Forest.

Butterfree - #12 (Bashful)
HP: 20 - 29
Att: 20 - 29
Def: 10 - 19
SpA: 20 - 29
SpD: 10 - 19
Speed: 10 - 19

Lucked out a bit with a good all round Butterfree.

Edit: GTs Geodude and Sandshrew took 3 Confusions each- definately need to make an attempt at the rival as Butterfree is only L11 and a third. Time to catch more Kamikaze-Caterpie's.

No RAEG yet, touch wood.

Lonely Cubone 03-29-2010 03:42 PM

Good News: Rival was a piece of piss.

Bad News: Brock was not.

5 Trashmon one hitted with Rock Tombs, no misses

Butterfree gets off one Confusion for 20% damage and gets OHKOd by Rock Tomb at Level 12.

ARSE. Brock got very lucky with all those Rock Tombs hitting, but still, I don't think this is going to be possible without insane luck.

Took a save file right before, trying again in spirit of challenge y/n/raeg?

Concept 03-29-2010 03:46 PM


Not try'd rival or Brock yet, next on my list.

EDIT the first: Metapod got poisoned, had to use an antidote to save it as it's my only 'mon and shed skin didn't trigger in the battle.

Concept 03-29-2010 04:30 PM

Battle all the trainers pre-Brock. Rival Rob was a doss. Unfortunately still 12 exp short of level 12, but let's see if I can beat Brock. Wish me luck biatches.

EDIT the first: Yeah, Brock's going to take a lot of luck. Rock tomb OHKO's everything.

EDIT the second: Given that my only usable mon has now had to be released, I'm restarting this challenge with a new strategy for taking down Brock. Hopefully it'll work this time.

iAmDewgong 03-30-2010 01:53 AM

GL guys :D

Lady Kuno 03-30-2010 01:00 PM

So is like saving not allowed? Or is this some nethack shit.

Concept 03-30-2010 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by Holy Emperor (Post 128963)
So is like saving not allowed? Or is this some nethack shit.

Save-resetting for stuff like trying to catch a decently natured Butterfree or whatever is allowed (or that time I accidently broke the no KOing wild pokemon rule thanks to a crit on a 'mon I was trying to catch), but no resetting to save that 'mon you have to release coz it got KO's.

Hence why I can see us getting sick of the early game up til Brock >.<, he's a bitch under these rules.

Lady Kuno 03-30-2010 01:32 PM

I might try it but I'm not so great at fire red and stuff. Can you use your starter at all?

Concept 03-30-2010 01:35 PM

For catching your first bug.

EDIT the first: Also, just letting y'all know that we've yet to figure out a way to bypass Brock that doesn't rely on major luck. I have a new idea which I'm going to test tomorrow.

Lady Kuno 03-30-2010 02:05 PM

So Pokecenter is ok for healing?

Concept 03-30-2010 02:06 PM

PP would make it pretty much impossible otherwise. Although it'd be interesting to see if no pokecenter challenge could be done/how difficult it is alone.

empoleon dynamite 03-30-2010 02:46 PM

How about Harden/Poison Sting Beedrill? If you can inflict status it should be quite easy, right? *shrug*

Concept 03-30-2010 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite (Post 128985)
How about Harden/Poison Sting Beedrill? If you can inflict status it should be quite easy, right? *shrug*

S'what I'm planning on trying. We originally dismissed it because Beedrill can do jack all damage per attack, poison sting has a fairly low poison chance and Onix' rock tomb does a lot more damage per hit than Beedrill's attacks at the highest level we can get it to. However hopefully rock tomb won't be a OHKO on Beedrill like it was on Butterfree, so if we can stall him out of say, 7 rock tombs with sacrificial 'mon it might be possible to keep Beedrill alive with the 4 free potions lying around (seeing as we can't buy new ones) and with poison we might get lucky.

EDIT the first: Also wondering whether a level 9/10 Kakuna might survive one RT hit.It's possible to get a Kakuna to level 9, turning 10 after Brocks Geodude, whilst still having Butterfree for confusion. Just.

Firewater 03-30-2010 03:09 PM

it's possible to do, I've done it... just not with the level restrictions, and a lot of luck

Concept 03-30-2010 03:12 PM

I've run a bug monotype before, that's pretty easy (except for Blaine). It's the other restrictions that are really making it a bitch.

Firewater 03-30-2010 03:18 PM

that's the truth.

empoleon dynamite 03-30-2010 03:40 PM

This is interesting, can you please list all the rules in the first post? Brock's gunna be a real bitch, but when Scyther and Pinsir come along I'd imagine your run would be easier (Paras should be usefull with its status moves). Btw, are you allowed Scizor?

Concept 03-30-2010 03:43 PM

Rules are in the first post. Can't get Scizor before the national dex obviously, but after that I don't see the problem. Unfortunately Scyther is FR exclusive and both me and LC are running LG.

Lady Kuno 03-30-2010 04:15 PM

Oh so you can use healing items you just cant buy any?

Concept 03-30-2010 04:16 PM

Feel free to go with no healing items if you want, but getting poisoned once just a tad too far from the centre would mean losing a mon :s.

Hmm. Might be worth trying actually. Sufficient bugs are part-poison to make that not too much of a concern. It's already impossible, why not make it more so?

If you want to try it feel free to change whatever rules you want tbh, this is just a set of rules me and LC came up with for us to try after he complained that I was making HG too hard for myself by using set and not using more 'mon than the gym leader. I'm not going to go rule Nazi on you.

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