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Jerichi 09-24-2011 12:04 PM

Registration Thread
Welcome to Wild Future!

Before you can get started, you'll need to create a character and receive your starting Pokemon. Once you've created your character and been approved, you can post your Quest Log (where you'll keep all your info) and post a thread in one of the four starting areas, Viridian, Cerulean, Azelea or Olivine.

Here is the registration template:

Class: (Major, Minor and Weakness)
Starter Group:

Upon approval of your character, you will be selected one Pokemon randomly from a "starter group" of your choice, along with an Egg Move for that Pokemon. You get one veto on the Pokemon and one veto on the Egg Move, which means we will reroll for you one more time. Once you've used your veto, you must use the Pokemon that was rolled for you the second time.

Starters are as follows:

Information on classes can be found in the FAQ. Please only select a combination that we have outlined - we have a large variety and have done our best to pick out compatible type combinations. Also, don't forget to pick a Weakness as well! Dragon cannot be used as a Major, Minor OR Weakness as well.

Since this RP is meant for experienced and mature RPers, your character post will be used as a kind of "test" to see your ability to write and your creativity. It does not need to be a novel, but it should be well-written and legible. We reserve the right to reject characters that are offensive, overpowered or poorly composed.

When you are approved, along with your Pokemon, you will start with a small provisions pack:
Spoiler: show
  • 6 Poke Balls
  • 3 Potions
  • 1 Revive
  • 2 of each Basic Berry (Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear)
  • 1 Escape Rope
  • 2 pieces of Mail in styles of your choosing (Please specify, style options are listed here)
  • 1 Fishing Pole
  • 1 TM Case
  • 1 Berry Pouch
  • PokeGear with the Phone card loaded
  • Pokedex

Once you've been approved and you're happy with your Pokemon (or you've used your veto), feel free to post a thread in Quest Logs and the starting area of your choice and an updator will be along to get you started!

Bon Voyage!

Handymankg2 12-22-2011 02:21 PM

Name: Shaun Sanders
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Class: Eskimo (Ice Major, Water Minor) (Weakness: Steel)
Appearance: Shaun is nothing incredible to look upon. His height is distinctly average for his age, and his weight is slightly under the norm due to not always getting a good few square meals a day. His hair is black and messy, not quite shoulder length. Clothes wise, his favourite item of clothing is his patchwork jacket, full of a myriad of colours. His trousers are basic jeans with a couple of tears in them. In winter, he usually wears a black, large buttoned coat with a multicoloured scarf adorning his neck. His eyes are a murky brown.

Personality: Shaun is a very curious young man. His years on the road have taught him to be constantly ready to adapt to new situations and is very vigilant and aware of what's going on around him. He is extremely patient and willing to wait, sometimes to the extent that he'll sit around doing nothing for hours on end just for a rare glimpse of a particular kind of Pokemon. He has very little idea of timing and doesn't really care for keeping it. He's friendly to new people, but has never really had any proper friendships, so is unsure how to talk to people past basic pleasantries and will likely take a long time to open up to anyone. His moral code is distinctly lacking, with theft being fair game to him as long as it's something that wouldn't be missed (in his opinion).

Background: Shaun is too young to remember much of a time before the disasters, but his parents had told him about it so many times that it had become cemented in his brain. He was raised in a particularly unpleasant street in Saffron City, Kanto. Though his family was never short of money, Mr and Mrs Sanders were very, very conscious of what they did have. The family were obsessed with every last piece of income coming in and out of their house, and were saving for a sunny day when they could afford an early retirement from their work (his father being a Literature Professor at a local college and his mother working in finance) . His father was a lot older than his mother when Shaun was born, already fifty years old to his mother's thirty years. Therefore, his hopes of retirement were coming soon, and the money saved underneath their mattress was almost enough to afford their escape.

The Disaster came at precisely the wrong moment for their family. The mass rains did not bode well for the poorly built house they lived in. Though the three of them escaped unharmed, the entirety of their life's savings were drained away. From that day onwards, the Sanders gave up on conformity and decided to live as travellers. As such, Shaun was raised on the road, his father and mother's combined knowledge being more than enough to give him a standard education. Due to travelling alone with his parents for so long, he learnt all his pop culture from them and them alone, meaning he has large gaps in his knowledge about the simplest of things. After travelling the Kanto region as a family for many years, Shaun's parents decided he had come of an age at which he was educated enough to explore the world on his own. He chose Johto as his first port of call.
Starter Group: 3

Jerichi 12-22-2011 02:34 PM

As his first roll, Handy-chan gets a little male Rufflet http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn627.gif with Hone Claws to start him off!

Concept 12-22-2011 03:57 PM

Name: John Harris

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Class: Mystic (Fighting major, Fire minor, Steel weakness)

Appearance: Slightly under average height – something he can get sensitive about on occasion – John is not what you'd call physically imposing. He's rather slight, although this is partially disguised by the old, worn brown leather jacket he wears over his standard blue shirt. He prefers to keep his brown/blonde hair short, so as not to get in his eyes (green, if you're wondering), and to remain clean shaven, but neither are always possible when traipsing around the wilds.

While he would rather wear jeans, he's resorted to tougher, grey trousers because jeans are simply too much trouble to walk in the cold and wet in. Similarly, he's had to forgo his favourite trainers in for hiking boots simply as a matter of practicality. His limbs are longer than you'd expect for someone his size, making him look somewhat gangly. The most obvious equipment he carries around are a large black hiking bag and his pokeball belt – the latter specially modified to carry seven pokeballs, with the seventh slot containing a permanently empty pokeball (see background)

Personality: A lot of people get the initial impression that John is kind of a jerk, and to an extent they're not wrong. Incredibly impulsive and stubborn to the point of sometimes almost becoming a self parody, he has a tendency to make snap judgements and stick to them long after any reasonable person has accepted their mistake. He's also prone to speaking and acting without thinking, which often gets him into hot water. That said, he's incredibly loyal to those who he feels earn it – make friends with him and he will stick with you come hell, high water or threat of extreme body horror. And once you've broken through his stubbornness, he regrets a lot of his more rash actions, particularly when they upset the people he cares about.

While the aforementioned traits combined with a certain carelessness might lead people to suspect he's ill suited to travelling around the sometimes dangerous lands of Kanto and Johto, he constantly surprises those around him. He's something like a rubber ball – under slight pressure he's easily stretched, but the more and more you push him the more resilient he becomes through a combination of quick thinking, imagination and sheer bloodymindedness. His absent-mindedness might make him short of food for a day, but stick him in the middle of nowhere with no supplies and dammit he will find a way to get by, if for no other reason than to prove he can.

Background: As a child, John grew up in Goldenrod. He had a bit of a rough time at school until finally, on his 13th birthday, when he received his starter pokemon and left for an adventure. He and his Stantler, Arthur, were about two weeks into their journey and had almost reached Azalea town when the Disaster struck. He became lost in the blizzard, separated from Arthur, until he stumbled into a small pokemon centre. There he remained until the storms died down. As soon as possible, he headed out into the wilds, ranging farther each day in a desperate search for his pokemon.

Eventually, his mother managed to locate him through rescue agencies, and bought him home to the remains of Goldenrod. Life was tough, and the pair ended up living in the more rural areas of Goldenrod plains until his mothers death a little over ten years after the Disaster. With nothing more tying him here, John has wandered again, looking for something – anything – to hold onto again, in replacement for his lost family and pokemon. To this day, he carries the pokeball once occupied by Arthur.

Starter Group: 2

Jerichi 12-22-2011 04:17 PM

For his first roll, 'Ceptikins gets a female Snover http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn459.gif with Skull Bash.

Concept 12-22-2011 04:18 PM

It's also not in group 2, Jer :p.

Jerichi 12-22-2011 04:18 PM

durrhurr editing

Concept 12-22-2011 04:21 PM

Cheers m'dear.

Tyranidos 12-22-2011 05:44 PM

Name: Lloyd Grant

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Class: Arcanist (Fire major, Psychic minor, Flying weakness)

Appearance: Nothing too fancy. Lloyd typically wears a standard t-shirt and jeans combination. Footwear includes long socks and sneakers. Depending on how cold it is, he puts on a sweatshirt or sweater (or both if it's really cold). He has short black hair and green eyes. He's about average height and weight.

Personality: Lloyd, generally, keeps to himself. He'll talk to others if he is talked to, otherwise he tries to avoid conversations with others. He does his best to help others whenever possible, but he's the kind of person who would be the first to leave in the event of a big disaster, know what I mean? Anyways, he can get emotional but he never shows it. However, excitement and/or triumph can entice a fist pump from Lloyd.

Background: Lloyd used to be an outgoing kid. His parents had difficulty keeping him contained. At the tender age of 8, the idea of traveling across vast lands with a Pokemon companion filled him with excitement. In just two short years, such an idea would become a reality. Two years seemed like an eternity to him, however. He woke up after what seemed like an eternity. A few days had past since The Disasters had ceased and the past month or so was just a surreal nightmare to him. But unlike a pleasant dream, people remember nightmares. He only had his grandmother left, who had kept him safe as the rest of his nuclear family perished.

As time marched on, the idea of traveling across vast lands with a Pokemon companion never crossed his mind. He devoted all his time to taking care of himself and his aging grandmother. Lloyd had become a self-relying man in the 10 years living with his grandmother, and she had seen what he was capable of. It took days of convincing, but finally after firmly telling Lloyd that she could care for herself, Lloyd's grandmother managed to get Lloyd to go after his childhood dream.

Starter Group: 1

Copygoo 12-22-2011 06:58 PM

Name: Alexander Strider

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Class: Naturalist (Major: Bug, Minor: Grass, Weakness: Rock)

Appearance: Alex has, miraculously, kept a single royal blue collared shirt perfectly clean even after the Disaster. He dons the bright, short t-shirt every day, but will exchange it for a far more practical tattered white shirt and ski jacket combo at the slightest sign of bad weather. He has retained a pair of loose, dark blue jeans for his journey. His clean white and gray sneakers were washed away in the Disaster, and so he sports a pair of old but strong hiking boots. After the disaster he grew thin and gangly, although he is beginning to gain a bit of that weight back in both fat and muscle. He keeps his charcoal black hair cropped clean as well as he can (short enough to not quite reach over the ears), although there is always an embarrassing cowlick or bundle of hair poking out that he can't seem to keep down.

Personality: Alex believes in presentation over everything; where this peculiar attribute originated, nobody knows, but he always tries to keep himself as clean as possible and make as good as a first impression as he can. He handles his superiors with a level of respect bordering on irritating, but he has a sense of humor refined enough to make friends. When Alex has a bad day, he has a bad day. If enough things go wrong, he quickly switches from cheery and relaxed to extremely irritable and strung-out. Until he hits that point, however, he can soak up negativeness and retain a positive demeanor. Alexander is bisexual. Nobody knows of this; those that did were close friends that were separated from him after the Disaster.

Background: Alexander lived between Olivine and Ecruteak for the first four years of his life, flitting over to Olivine during most vacations and remaining in Ecruteak otherwise. Even as a toddler Alex LOVED the city. When the Disaster struck, he and his family were fortunately located in Ecruteak. Obviously, Alex was barred from going back to Olivine with the damage it had sustained. Although reports from travelers stated that Olivine had picked itself back up, Alexander's family still felt that Alex was far better off at home in Ecruteak.

Several benefits arose, however, from staying in Ecruteak. Here Alexander discovered a love for Bug and Grass Pokemon, which hid amongst the foliage that swiftly invaded the town. While he still preferred modern conveniences and atmosphere, the vast quantity of Bugs kept him happy the ten years after the Disaster. While he never formally "captured" or "befriended" a specific Pokemon, he did learn quite a bit about the habits and biology of Bug and Grass Pokemon. Finally, after getting his own real Pokemon for the first time, Alexander has prepared himself for a trip back to Olivine in order to reexperience the city, and perhaps see the rest of Johto as well.

Starter Group: 1

Jerichi 12-22-2011 07:02 PM

For T-Dos, a Male Charmander http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn004.gif with the Egg Move Ancientpower. Exciting!

Copy, on the other hand, gets a Male Snubbull http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn209.gif (4 realz this time) with the Egg Move Crunch.

Copygoo 12-22-2011 07:05 PM


Thanks Jeri!

Ethereal 12-22-2011 08:50 PM

Name: Juniper Ahma

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: Creeper (Bug Major, Ghost Minor, and Fire Weakness)

Appearance: Juniper (or June, if you wish) has a wardrobe of various altered attire she's found in many old boxes inside of her grandmother's house. Because of her distaste for skirts and dresses, she's typically seen wearing her grandfather's faded baseball tees (she got her grandma to take them in) and baggy OD wool trousers that offer some ease of movement. On her feet are russet brown service shoes caked in mud from days spent running around in the mud. Her dark brown hair is always tied up in a sloppy bun with a nearby writing utensil or chopstick, and she never does anything else with it except clean it. She eats very well, but she has a fairly slim figure because the only food she can eat is what's available in her grandmother's garden, which has taken a hit throughout the Disaster, but is still thriving and improving since then. When she steps out, she'll put on an old overcoat to brace herself for the cold.

Personality: Juniper has adopted a few basic principles throughout her life, and one that she occasionally regards as the most important is that respect is given to those who deserve it. While she is very benevolent and charismatic towards her family and friends, she has no problem antagonizing those that behave maliciously and, in the simplest way of expressing it, like assholes. Despite the fact that she has a very fine line in between the people she likes and doesn't, she feels a sort of obligation to help others in need because she knows what it feels like to be alone and helpless. When she does make a friend, she can be silly, loyal, caring, and creepy all at the same time; though she acts like a complete stranger at first, she eventually opens up.

Background: Juniper was born in Azalea Town at her great grandparent's house, where her great grandmother was on her death bed, for her father wanted his grandmother to be able to see June before she passed on. She and her parents stayed in Azalea until her great grandmother's funeral was held before returning to their home in Goldenrod City, but her grandparents decided to move to the house in Azalea because they were getting a bit old for the fast paced city life.

June lived with her parents in Goldenrod during her early childhood; however, she came back home from the National Park with her friends to discover that her parents had died in a house fire and that everything was lost with them. This was just before her fourth birthday, and the only items she could pick out of the rubble was her dad's old watch: a plain steel timepiece on a worn leather strap with Amelia Ahma (her mother's name) inked onto it.

Shortly after this tragic event, she moved in with her grandparents in Azalea Town, where she was raised with "strict love". She had grown to revere her (paternal) grandparents, but she was rarely allowed to go out and had to always do her chores and studies before doing any of her hobbies; most of all, she had to treat them with a high level of respect unless she wanted to be treated poorly. She grew an especially close tie to her grandpa, who shaped up many of her ideals and opinions. When he passed away of a weak heart, she took up most of the work around the house, and had actually brought it upon herself to repair parts of her home wrecked in the Disaster. She took the plants that could be salvaged indoors so they could be kept alive.

Starter Group: 4

Jerichi 12-22-2011 10:36 PM

For Ethe, an interesting starter - a Female Skorupi http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn451.gif with Iron Tail!

Lonely Cubone 12-23-2011 10:49 AM

Name: Harold Wells

Gender: Male

Age: 51

Class: Shaman- Major Ghost, Minor Grass, Weak Steel

Appearance: The best word to describe Harold’s appearance would probably be “weathered”. His face holds the skin of a much older man, craggy and wrinkled in places and with a brow showing the years more than he would like. His hair is grey and wispy, not receding, but generally covered by the large brown hood of his travelling cloak, which covers his thin frame amply. Underneath his clothes are practical and dull, in keeping with his life of wandering. Juxtaposed to his plain, dull appearance however are his vividly blue eyes, which are still keen and bright even though the years have ravaged their surrounds.

Personality: Solitary and introverted, Harold was always distant from other people, but the events detailed in his background have stretched this to breaking point. Almost wild in his aversion to the big cities that Kanto still clings to, he prefers to travel alone and at night and almost shrinks away under his baggy hood when forced to communicate. Taming him will be as much of a challenge as taming any Pokémon in this land.

Background: Despite his advancing years, Harold has only recently cultivated an interest in Pokémon. In the years before the disasters, he led a comfortable if dull life as a technician in the Power Plant near Cerulean City, a job he enjoyed as he had found more interest in machines than in people since his childhood. However, he was fired from the Power Plant after being implicated in the security lapses which allowed a Team Rocket member to steal a crucial component and cut off power to most of Kanto, a hugely embarrassing event for the power company and for Harold himself.

To say that Harold took his firing badly would be an understatement. He never returned home after that ill fated meeting with the apoplectic director, and many, including the police, believed he had drowned himself in the nearby river, but with no close family members the disappearance was never fully investigated. In reality, he spent the next year in a state of despair, living in the depths of Mt. Moon and surviving off the land, not able to face human contact or his shame and rejecting all forms of electrical technology which had once fascinated him.

The disastrous events of the following year had little effect on a man with little left to lose, but with society collapsing around him, Harold grew closer to nature and became morbidly obsessed with death, travelling at night to Lavender Town to witness the mass migration from ruined Viridian. Over the following years, his personality changed to embrace nature rather than the technology he once was so fascinated by, although his isolation no doubt caused some more deep seated psychological changes that will become clearer in time.

He emerges now into the public arena, sure that time and the intervening events will have dulled the painful memories of the power cut, still unsure of other people but seeking to continue his travels and bring himself closer to nature, and Pokémon too as part of that natural world.

Starter Group: 4

Jerichi 12-23-2011 02:16 PM

Elsie, you receive a Pikachu http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn025.gif with the egg move Present!

So many of the same starters.

Concept 12-23-2011 02:18 PM

I do feel decidedly special as one of the few people with a unique starter.

Lonely Cubone 12-23-2011 02:26 PM

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and re-roll that if you don't mind Jeri, pretty much every other Pokémon in that category fits the character better!

Jerichi 12-23-2011 02:31 PM

Your re-roll is for an Aipom, http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn190.gif this time with Bounce!

Slash 12-29-2011 06:42 AM

Name: Kairne Ap Merlin Tir Hawke (Just Kairne will do, however)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Class: Druid (Grass Major, Psychic Minor; Steel Weakness)

Appearance: A bit over 6 feet tall, and about 275 pounds in weight, Kairne is wide-set, and built like a linebacker, proportionally wide in his hips, wrists, legs, and feet; albeit having more than a bit of a gut. His hair is of medium length, in a bronze Mohican on his head, a small ponytail hanging behind him, and a gentle yet present hirsute dusting on his arms and legs, as well as wherever else visible. Of largely caucasian descent, his skin is somewhat light, with a hint of a russet tinge in the light. His hazel eyes are sadly afflicted with astigmatism, and they peer out behind thick glasses. His bronze goatee only somewhat hide the weathered skin upon his cheeks, and his glasses do little to hide the dark circles beneath his eyes, and yet, above those circles, his eyes still shine with a vibrancy rarely seen, a knowledge of something deep inside.

Kairne's dress can vary wildly, but generally, he wears earthy tones. The common dress for him tends to consist of a tawny long-sleeve shirt, topped by a dark green sleeveless shirt. His pants are a dark brown, a material thicker than denim and warm in the cold. Being a Druid, however, means that he has his clergy duties as well, and he keeps a spare black robe on him for when he is ask to cast blessings on travelers and others who commute through the dangerous paths. He is generally barefoot, but has a pair of thin sandals in case they are needed.

Personality: Kairne is a Druid, and has worked to center himself emotionally, having a better grasp of both his own anger and others. He can have a hard time sensing sarcasm at times, however, his sense of humor being rather dry and admittedly macabre. He enjoys laying under a tree with a book, reading anything from The Satanic Bible to the Qur'an. He likes reading religious texts, and analyzing the grain or more of truth within at least some of the moral teachings of every spiritual path, even those that are not his. he is thankful to be able to live in a world in which he has the freedom to do that, just lounge and read anything.

Kairne is very serious about his Druidic faith, being a Druidic student under a Grand Master for years. He shows much reverence for the Earth and her gifts to mankind, not taking the planet for granted. He's seen what happens when people take the planet for granted.

Background: The Disaster happened a decade ago. However, Kairne's story starts much earlier. Kairne was born into a very religious family, the youngest of four. He does not like to talk about things that happened in that house, because he prefers not to dwell on the negatives, but it was a poor environment to raise a child in. The physical and mental abuse suffered within those walls still haunts a part of him, deep inside, to this very day.

Kairne is not the name he was born with, not the name he was baptised under. And yet it truly is his name, has been since Merlin took him in as a son. Merlin was not Kairne's biological father, but he may as well have been to Kairne. He adopted Kairne at the age of ten, before even The Disaster, and gave him a home to be loved in. This came about as a result of a conflict at Kairne's previous home. Being a bit of an early bloomer, Kairne was noticing some changes in himself. Quite frankly, Kairne was gay, and when he told his biological father that he "liked boys", the man blew up in a powerful rage. Kairne was beat bloody and pushed out the door.

Merlin had been an acquaintance of the familiy's, although his "proclivities", as Kairne's biological parents would say, were frowned upon by the family as a whole. Merlin happened to be walking by, quite often that he would be there at just the perfect time for something, and he tended to the injuries that had been inflicyed to Kairne. Most healed, but Kairne is still somewhat lame, his right ankle never completely healed from the ordeal.

A couple years went by, and Kairne lived rather happily with Merlin as his legal guardian, the former never having a real father and the latter never siring a son. When he turned thirteen, Kairne asked two things of Merlin. The first was to become legally adopted by him, so he would truly be Merlin's son. The second, he wanted to learn the art of Druidry "from [his] father". Merlin had swelled with pride upon hearing this, was overjoyed. In a matter of days, the paperwork was filled out. They just needed to make a court appearance to completely finalize it.

Then The Disaster struck.

The local government more or less shattered, the world at its knees, Merlin never was able to legally adopt Kairne. But they both knew all the while that they were still truly a father and his son. Kairne learned the Druidic arts from the best, a Grandmaster named Merlin. Upon earning the title of Druid, Merlin told him to choose a name for himself, to bear with pride as a Druid. After much careful deliberation, Kairne, of course, picked Kairne, an homage to his patron god Hermes, and an association with the Earth from which he has learned. The middle of his name simply means "Son of Merlin", and the latter part denotes the clan he is a part of, the clan of Hawke, his father's clan.

Starter Group: 1, please

Jerichi 12-29-2011 08:02 AM

Kairne receives a peppy Tyrogue http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn236.gif with Vacuum Wave.

Marion Ette 03-25-2012 01:08 PM

((Decided to go with a character that's very different from my FB persona... I couldn't resist using this type of character for a post-apocalyptic setting.))

Name: Miki Koume

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Class: Beauty (Major: Normal, Minor: Fire, Weakness: Fighting)

Appearance: Miki's light pink hair is her most eye-catching feature, and it always styled meticulously and beautifully in some form or another. She uses bits and bobs that she finds in her travels to accessories, and she has become incredibly thrifty and creative when it comes to styling herself. While she seems to have a taste for designer clothing, the clothes she wears are usually a couple sizes too small, and are covered in tears, holes and stains. Many of the designer fashions she wears are pre-disaster period, suggesting that she has hoarded these items since she was thirteen years of age. Even her large duffel bag was formerly a cute, pink bag with a smiling Cherrim embroided on the side, complete with tiny Cherubi charms on the zippers; now all but one of the zipper charms have fallen off, and the smiling Cherrim's formerly bright and cheery face has grown dark with years of accumulated filth. Miki's skin is tanned from years of wandering Johto, though her pale blue eyes suggest that she was once pale-skinned, as well. If you ever ask her about her tanned skin, she will laugh and tell you that before the disaster, women would kill for this kind of look. She has paid a terrible price for it, but she may as well flaunt it, she figures. She loves cute accessories (especially of Pokemon), and often will trade items necessary to her survival for them (much to the delight of those who trade with her). In a strange way, she considers this a way of helping others while feeding an addiction that should have become obsolete due to circumstances a long time ago.

Personality: Miki is adorably charming, even despite the years of post-apocalyptic living and the dirt and grime that never seems to wash away. Her inner glow seems unextinguished by her surroundings, and she has maintained the exhuberant, bubbly personality that has been her trademark since her youth. Though her interests in fashion, accessories and overall "cuteness" may mark her by those who first meet her as an incredibly shallow individual, she is decidedly selfless where it counts and she is determined to help whoever she can on her journey. On the flipside, Miki has a very dark sense of humor, though she would not normally reveal this aspect of her personality to someone she doesn't know well. Despite years of dealing with very rough and difficult people, she is still altogether too trusting of others, and believes that people are inherently good despite some of the awful experiences she has faced.

Background: Miki came from a family of wealthy Pokemon breeders in Celadon City. Miki had a natural talent with certain types of Pokemon, and always seemed destined for the Cute Contest Circuits; as a little girl, she was obsessed with all things cute, feminine and kawaii. She formed natural and easy bonds with adorable Pokemon, as she shared their bubbly, innocent personalities. Her parents saw to exploit this immediately, having her enter (and often win) contests where children and Pokemon would compete together to prove their inherent cuteness. These contests were often very demanding on Miki, but she never once resented or regretted participating, as she felt happiest when she was onstage performing with Stella, her Cleffa. Stella was a birthday present from Miki's parents when she was only four years of age; Stella was only an egg at the time, and her parents taught her how to care for it, love it, and ultimately help it hatch. Miki's eyes lit up when she saw her Cleffa, just as Cleffa's lit up when she first saw Miki, and from that day forward, the two were inseperable.
At the age of ten, Miki began competing in Cuteness Contests and Super Contests, and won a number of ribbons with her Cleffa. Three years later, Miki and Stella had just won a prestigious Hyper-Rank Contest in Goldenrod City when the drought hit Johto. Miki had never evolved Stella in order to ensure that her cuteness would always win the hearts of the judges; unfortunately, it was this lack of evolution and training that made Stella ill-equipped for the earthquakes that would ravage Goldenrod City on the second day of the Disasters. Stella was hit by falling debris and was instantly killed, leaving Miki completely torn apart by grief. Miki's parents were in Kanto during the time of the Disasters, and their fate remains unknown. She and the other contestants ended up scavenging the remains of their luxurious resort hotel, drinking the chlorinated water that was once part of the swimming pool, and raiding vending machines, restaurants and Pokemarts. Miki was young and weak, and most trainers like her perished in this event due to small stature and the inability to fight effectively for resources; however, Miki used her charm and charisma, as well as her attractiveness, to survive, though the experiences she endured at the hands of the men she relied upon for survival are unspeakable. Miki believed that during this time, she was guided by dreams and visions of her Cleffa, Stella, who led her to the people and places she needed to go to live on. She keeps a small box in her duffel bag containing all of the medals and awards Stella has won as a reminder of her dear, dear friend.

Miki has not been to school since the event, but she is very knowledgeable in the study of Pokemon linguistics, and is rumored to have been the lover of a prominent Pokemon researcher for a number of years. She still looks as beautiful and helpless as she did when she was thirteen... but one must wonder, if looks told the whole truth, how did she survive so long...?

Starter Group: 3

Jerichi 04-10-2012 08:06 PM

Sorry for the ridiculous delay; not really at the front of my mind right now...

You receive a Ponyta http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn077.gif complete with Low Kick!

Cascade 06-10-2013 01:26 AM

Took far too long to do this.
Name: Lucas Yeats

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Class: Hellraiser [Dark major, Fire minor, Water weakness]

Appearance: Of average height and sturdy stature, years of manual labor in a lumber mill outside the re-emerging Viridian village have done Lucas Yeats well. He suffers from a perpetual farmer’s tan, though you’d never know since he hardly ever deviates from his tried-and-true t-shirt and khakis ensemble. (He carries a black hooded sweatshirt around in his pack in the event of cold weather.) His brown hair spills over his ears and across his dark brown eyes, enabling a well-constructed façade of emotional neutrality. He prefers a shaven look but doesn’t always stick to a daily schedule; as such, his facial hair expresses itself as a perpetual five o’clock shadow. One of Lucas’s most prized possessions adorns his feet – a pair of brown leather boots he made himself. As such, they aren’t particularly snazzy, instead rather plain and straightforward. The others are kept in his wallet: his trainer identification card from before the Disaster and a faded family photo.

Personality: Whereas Lucas spent his early years as a bubbly child from Pacifidlog Town, the Disaster presented certain challenges that forced him to develop otherwise (though the same could be said for the majority of today’s survivors). He always was shy, but this shyness now masquerades as a seeming aloofness towards others, humans and Pokémon alike. His emotions broil underneath the surface of his skin but he has developed a startling sense of self-control. As is the case with many who bottle these feelings, Lucas occasionally experiences outbursts of emotional intensity: fits of rage, swells of melancholy, and even soaring shouts of joy. When he was an adolescent these experiences would frequently turn violent and land him in compromising situations. He has since learned to vent himself away from the company of others.

Despite this standoffishness, however, Lucas Yeats quickly attaches himself to others. Girls can find him overbearing and controlling while also emotionally distant. The foster family that took him in, while extremely important to him, will likely never know how much Lucas does in fact care for them. He has a certain weakness for the young: his closest friend is likely the ten-year-old son of his foster parents, River. In the rare event he finds one on his way to the mill, he admires Pokémon nests from a distance.

The floods that swallowed his hometown of Pacifidlog during the Disaster have given him a phobia of deep water. This fear is what drove him to Viridian as soon as he arrived at Cerulean City. As to whether or not it can be overcome remains to be seen.

Background: When Lucas Yeats was eleven years old, he was your typical Pacifidlog child: active, tanned, and relatively outgoing. His mother and father were researchers at the Pacifidlog Marine Laboratory and contributed to world-class studies of oceanography and the behavior of local populations of water-types. His older sister, Fiora, then twenty years of age, was an established trainer of the Hoenn region and making her fourth stab at the Hoenn Pokémon League challenge; the year prior she’d placed in the top 4 and this year was projected to be a serious contender for Champion. Lucas’s fondest memories involve his sister’s visits to the floating village, always bringing him trinkets from cities all over Hoenn. For his 11th birthday, Fiora brought “little Lucca” an egg to commemorate his impending trainer’s certification, when he would embark on his own journey. She claimed not to know what was in it, but he strongly suspected that it was the offspring of her own Tropius, Leif.

The Disaster struck unexpectedly, however. His parents and their coworkers at the Marine Lab were able to pick up on the environmental cues quickly enough to give the inhabitants a few spare moments to prepare themselves. Several families chose to escape on the backs of their water-types, while others were left flabbergasted by the sudden abandonment of their own. Sea-faring vessels packed with people were deployed to Slateport City in a mass exodus of the village. The evacuation was far from orderly, however. Ships were sent half-filled, orders misinterpreted, and once it was time for families of the laboratory officials to leave, resources were limited. The ocean began to swell and people began to panic as they made their own plans; the wooden bridges connecting the residential platforms began to groan and even splinter as the water churned below their feet. Lucas stumbled with his parents amid a storm of angry shouts, swirling clouds, and ocean spray when suddenly he saw his sister Fiora descend from the sky atop her Tropius. He found himself scooped up and slung across the back of the Pokémon. The last thing he remembers seeing as he ascended the tempest is the whirlpool he once called home, flotsam and jetsam angrily swept around and around to a dark abyss. He briefly lamented the loss of his egg before passing out.

He was jostled awake upon landing in Slateport. News had arrived from towns up north that Mt. Chimney was on the brink of eruption. A thick black smog began to mix with the storm clouds on the horizon. Flooding had claimed not only his own town, but also Sootopolis, Mossdeep, Dewford and Lilycove. With the fate of the western coast largely unknown, and the impending instability of the north, League and city officials decided a mass exodus to the nearby regions of Kanto and Johto were in order. His sister left with a platoon of other trainers to rescue those that they could from endangered regions, leaving Lucas and his parents in the surging chaos of the port city. Officers immediately parted the masses into two large groups for the first deployment, and in the ensuing madness Lucas somehow lost contact with his mother and father. Unable to fight against the flow of the procession or attract the attention of a harried officer, he found himself alone in the cargo hold with thousands of other estranged Hoenn residents headed towards Cerulean City. Though he searched day by day and deck by deck, he could not find them. He did manage to attract the attention of a man and his pregnant wife, who promised to take care of him in the interim.

When it became clear upon arrival at their destination that Lucas would not find his family, they decided to take him in. They stayed in the metro for a few days to gather their bearings; flooding had already taken its toll on the port city of Cerulean, but the worst parts of the Disaster were largely passed. Once the vast environmental changes were accounted for, Lucas and his foster parents moved with a refugee group to reestablish Viridian City, where he spent the majority of his adolescence working with his foster father at his lumber mill.

Lucas never did learn the exact fate of the ship his parents were shuffled onto, but he firmly believes them to be alive somewhere in Johto. He was never able to come into contact with his sister either; whether she died attempting to help in Northern Hoenn, or survived and settled elsewhere, he was never able to ascertain. His decision to take up the trainer’s path is motivated not only by a desire to take up his sister’s gauntlet and reignite the glory of the Pokémon trainer, but also to discover the answer to these unanswered questions.

Starter Group: 2

Jerichi 06-10-2013 04:32 PM

Your first roll is a Phanpy http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn231.gif with Heavy Slam!

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