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Mew The Gato 01-02-2017 11:19 PM

UPN PASBL: RealMrGame10 Vs. GX Prodigy

RealMrGame10 (C) v GX Prodigy(GX) (A)
Equilevel 1
Strict 72 HR DQ
GX Prodigy has taken upon himself the intimidating task of battling and defeating all the PBN rank holders in a row. In this case, he faces Rank 15: RealMrGame10.


Graveyard: The Graveyard is an ominous place, and the atmosphere created by the eerie surroundings will render all but the most staunch of Pokemon on edge when battling here. This effect does not extend to Ghost or Dark type Pokemon, who feel much more comfortable in these surroundings. Although the surrounding gravestones can be destroyed or used in attacks, this is not advised. Any sort of damage dealt to the gravestones will be immediately punished, with the spirits of those residing within the grave inflicting a debilitating curse on the Pokemon who damaged them, reducing their offensive stats slightly. The ground here is simply made up of a well kept lawn, meaning the ground is open to manipulation. Importantly, moves such as Bulldoze will have no effect upon the destruction of the gravestones. Battles in the Graveyard will always be undertaken at night, with all the appropriate effects, most notably reduced visibility for those unable to see well in the dark. This arena is outdoors only.
Squads, please.

RealMrGame10 01-03-2017 12:23 AM

Thanks for reffing, MtG, good luck, GX!

Jameson the Zangoose (Level 2 Female) (Uplevel)
Bio: Jameson has seen plenty of war in her day. When she was only level 7, she was drafted for the legendary Seviper/Zangoose Wars. When her best friend, Johnson, fell in battle after charging headfirst into the fray of battle, Jameson learned a valuable lesson. How to live to fight another day. After that, she developed a technique with which to safely mask she and her allies’ retreat so that such a thing would never happen again.
Special Technique: Tactical Retreat! (Normal)
Using significant energy, Jameson creates a few spheres of Normal typed energy. Throwing them down, they explode into a flash of very bright light and loud sound. This briefly interrupts the opponent and for the round afterwards they will be somewhat disoriented. Upon using this technique, Jameson is switched out in a manner similar to Baton Pass.
Hidden Power: Ground

Anne the Mimikyu (Level 1 Female)
No sig

Lizzy the Galvantula (Level 1 Female)
When sparring with my Rhyhorn, Rhynaut, and my Growlithe, Seijuro, Lizzy noted that she seemed to lack significantly in abilities to deal with their typings. When asking my Emolga, Amelia, about how to rectify this, Amelia was not quite certain at first. Stumped, Lizzy voluntarily sat out of the next training session. While watching, she noted an instance in which Amelia's Electro Ball curved the path of a Water Gun ever so slightly with the static charge. Lizzy's mind began racing, coming up with a solution. She found her answer in a storm one day. While the rest of my team and I found shelter, Lizzy found a way to manipulate water with her electricity.
Signature Technique (EL/WA): Storm Cannon
Using a mixture of significant Water type energy and significant electric type energy (overall significant energy), Lizzy generates a basin of electricity above her head. This basin attracts and collects the moisture in the air and water around her, and when the basin reaches critical capacity, she launches the water at her opponent at the speed of a Water Gun. Underneath normal conditions, the charge time takes about the time of a Solar Beam during a Rain Dance and deals significant Water type damage. Under a Rain Dance, the charge time is roughly the speed of a Solar Beam under Sunny Day and deals heavy Water damage. However, if Storm Cannon is used under a Rain Dance, Lizzy will immediately feel somewhat winded afterwards. This technique can only be used twice per battle.
Hidden Power: Fire
Bugcatcher's Token attached

Billy the Marshtomp (Level 1 Male)
No sig
Hidden Power: Flying
Swampertite attached

Felicia the Lileep (Level 1 Female)
Deep in the rainforest, at the base of the Tree of Atonement, there is a seed. In years to come it will grow, without sunlight or water it will feed, not caring about the sanctity of the Tree of Atonement, not needing to know. When it is full grown, it will choke the Tree of Atonement, and all will be turned on its head. Right will be left, up will be down, and no one will be safe. Except the ones who were in danger. This seed is called the Seed of Unforgiveness. Felicia, the Princess of Vice, is its mother. The years of holding the Seed in her body has left her with the ability to call upon a small portion of its powers.
Special Technique (GR): Realm of Unforgiveness
Using major Grass Energy, Felicia surrounds herself and her opponent with the Vines of Unforgiveness, which are indestructible and last for three rounds. While within the Vines of Unforgiveness, the battlefield acts as though it is under the effects of Trick Room and Grassy Terrain. It is impossible to manipulate the environment in the Vines of Unforgiveness, but they can be forced to retreat with a Fire type move of heavy power or higher. While the Vines of Unforgiveness are active, Felicia is considered to be under the effects of Swagger, but without the attack boost. Felicia can only use this Technique twice per battle.
Hidden Power: Fire

Joshua the Pinsir (Level 1 Male)
No sig
Hidden Power: Rock
Pinsirite attached

GX Prodigy 01-03-2017 12:59 AM

Invictus: Level 2 Male Rhyhorn (Uplevel)

Species Characteristics: Slung low to the ground, Rhyhorn are excellent at charging and tackling attacks. Any ramming attacks they use are more effective, as they will be able to hit the Pokémon and keep running, adding a little "trampling" damage. However, they are not great at changing direction or slowing down once up to speed. Electric attacks which are deliberately targeted at its horn have a 5% chance of dealing neutral damage. They can see in the dark.
[Ground]: Ground-type Pokémon are considered to be immune to electricity while standing on the ground. If a Ground Pokémon is in the air, they take 0.75x the usual damage from Electric-type attacks, and will take neutral damage from Electric when wet. Ground types do not suffer from recoil damage when using Electric attacks in the water. Ground-type Pokémon are more adept at manipulating outdoor and 'natural' environments than other Pokémon and will spend less energy using Dig, Earthquake etc. This allows them to use Ground attacks on any surface, with the exception of Dig. They can also cause the ground to shake more vigorously when using Earthquake and Bulldoze.
[Rock]:Rock-type Pokémon generally have hard bodies, which makes them resistant to physical hits and projectiles. They are also resistant to XX attacks. This defensive ability extends to their moves, making defensive attacks like Protect and Harden cost less energy. They are difficult to burn or poison and prefer hot environments to cold ones. Most are so heavy that they will sink in water, so they stay away from deep-water sources if possible. They are adept at controlling rocks and will use less energy than other Pokémon when using Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock etc. to manipulate the arena.

Special Resistance: Steaming Protection
Due to being in the lava as an egg, Invictus is always in a steaming state. Every part of his body radiates steam and he radiates hot energy from his core. Because of this natural heat, grass and water type moves are not as effective as usual and only deal 2x as much damage. For some reason, however, fire and flying attacks deal neutral damage, and he is 2x weak to ghost.

Hidden Power: Fairy

Item: N/A

Dread: Level 1 Male Duskull

Species Characteristics: Though they can become solid or invisible, Duskull are nearly always ethereal. They levitate by default but have a lower flight ceiling than most levitating Pokémon. Though rather slow, they make up for this with a fantastic ability to hide, able to reside in walls and other solid objects for a little longer than other ghosts and able to pass through thicker walls. Their defense and special defense are slightly higher than those of other Ghosts. They can be poisoned.
[Ghost]: Ghost-type Pokémon fight more enthusiastically at night, though are not put off by fighting in the day, and can see in the dark. Ghosts are resistant to curses and curses imposed on them will last for a shorter time and be less potent. Their fear inducing attacks are more effective than those used by other Pokémon. Ghost types can be poisoned, unless stated otherwise. Ghost-types are not fully immune to Normal, Fighting or typeless attacks as in the games, taking neutral damage, but some may change their state in order to reduce damage from physical moves.

No Sig

Hidden Power: Fighting

Item: N/A

Elite: Level 1 Male Starly

Species Characteristics: Starly are more effective in numbers. When battling alongside another Flying Pokémon, they gain a boost in confidence that gives them a boost in attack. They have exceptional eyesight and enhanced accuracy which is very difficult to lower.
[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon are able to use support moves to greater effect than other Pokémon, with them being performed slightly quicker and being slightly more potent. Being beings of great balance, they benefit more from the positive effects of weather and other arena affecting moves, but will not suffer as badly from the negative effects. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.
[Flying]: Flying-type Pokémon are faster and more agile in their chosen mode of transportation than other Pokémon. Because of their skill in controlling their movement, they are more difficult to evade when using physical moves and more likely to succeed in dodging attacks. This also means that they are much harder to knock off course after gathering momentum. They are also more adept at commanding the wind, and they can use these attacks with slightly less energy than normal. Flying type Pokémon are affected normally by the damaging effects of Ground-typed energy and take neutral damage from Ground type moves in the ASB. They fight more enthusiastically in spacious arenas but are not put off by cramped conditions.

Special Training: All Seeing Eye
Elite subconsciously puts energy into his eyes and can now see the weakspots of pokemon. Due to the his natural and enahnced accuracy, he has a 25% chance of hitting that weakspot and deal 10% more damage and any defensive boosts will be disregarded. Because of the energy he puts in his eyes, he loses light energy at the end of every round.

Hidden Power: Ground

Item: N/A

Lacero: Level 1 Male Sneasel

Species Characteristics: Sneasel can retract or extend its claws at will. When moving and trying to be stealthy, a Sneasel will retract its claws. When attacking or moving on slippery surfaces, they will be extended. Attacks made using its claws deal 1.1x more damage than usual. Sneasel are adept at hiding itself and can move completely silently. They are also very agile and adept climbers.
[Dark]: Dark-types can see in the dark. They fight more enthusiastically at night and are more effective at hiding in dark environments than other Pokémon, though light does not adversely affect them. Their Dark type attacks will also become much more intimidating during the night, giving them a small additional chance to flinch. They are immune to the damaging effects of Psychic-type energy but may still be lifted and manipulated by telekinesis. They are slightly better at tricking opponents than other Pokémon, allowing them to plant more potent curses and to use moves like Feint Attack to greater effect.
[Ice]: Ice-type Pokémon are highly resistant to cold and fight more enthusiastically in cold environments. However, they hate hot temperatures, and will not fight as enthusiastically. If their STAB attacks have a secondary effect, they are slightly more likely to have their effects triggered. Their Ice type moves are significantly colder than those used by any other Pokemon, giving them a much greater ability to numb and slow the foe. In addition, any areas frozen by an Ice type will become sore even after the ice has been knocked loose, creating a painful area like Crush Claw does. Their chilled bodies allow them to create ice more readily than other Pokemon, significantly speeding up their Ice type attacks. Ice-types are generally sure footed and difficult to knock over, moving with ease across slippery surfaces and through strong winds and storms.

Special Resistance: Self-Defense
Lacero's training with Malamar dropped its fighting weakness down by one stage; thus, he is only 2x weak to fighting. Since he focused so much on defense, he is now no longer resistant to ice type moves because it's a defensive type and he was not trained on fighting defensive power.

Hidden Power: Fire

Item: N/A

Ares: Level 1 Male Machop

Species Characteristics: The weakest of the Machop line, but not weak Pokémon-wise by a long shot, Machop's punch and chop based moves deal 1.1x damage. Machop can lift twice as much for a particular attack than what is normally stated. They pay for this strength with reduced dexterity and are not as accurate when using physical attacks at speed. They can see in the dark.
[Fighting]: Fighting-type Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, giving them greater endurance and readiness than other Pokémon and allowing them to push themselves harder for longer. They are more accurate with their physical blows and more adept at blocking and countering physical attacks, able to do this against most physical assaults. Being physically powerful, they can lift much more than normal Pokémon, though this does not grant them an attack boost. They fight more enthusiastically in urban environments but are not adversely affected by more natural surroundings.

Special Training: Type Change (Fighting/Psychic)
Ares has the extra type Psychic added to it due to reasons specified above with all of the regular characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and resistances. Due to his training with Gallade, he has picked up the moves Psycho Cut and Zen Headbutt. Due to him gaining the Psychic type, he will no longer use the moves Double-Edge, Close Combat, and Dynamic Punch as he now deems them too reckless. His eyes and ridges on his head are now pink, all other colors remain the same.

Hidden Power: Ghost

Item: N/A

Petr: Level 1 Male Snubbull

Species Characteristics: Snubbull are proud Pokémon and more susceptible to moves that induce anger. However, they are also resistant to fear-inducing effects. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves, and they have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team. Snubbull's biting attacks are 1.1x more powerful.
[Fairy]: Fairy-types are generally pure hearted and gregarious. They prefer natural environments and will fight more enthusiastically in them, but they will not be off put by urban environments. Any attack used by a Fairy-type which manipulates the environment is slightly more effective owing to the magical energies involved and attacks which boost allied Pokémon is slightly more effective at providing a buff. They are immune to the damaging effects of Dragon-typed energy.

Special Training: The Power of the Earth!
Due to his desperate attitude and time with the Seismitoad, he is know familiar with the ground type. Because of his long journey, he never had time to learn the moves Close Combat, Thunder, and Double-Edge. Although he is familiar with the ground type, he rushed the Seismitoad in order to return quickly. As a result, he is not efficient with ground type moves as they cost 10% more type energy.

Hidden Power: Psychic

Item: N/A


Leading off with Petr.

RealMrGame10 01-03-2017 10:23 AM

Lizzy, starting as far from Snubbull as possible. Keep your distance and use some gravestones as cover as you Screech. If Snubbull has seen you, try and use the darkness to quickly Spider Web him up. If he has not, get on the back of a conveniently placed gravestone far away from him and hide as you drop a QC Sub nearby.

GX Prodigy 01-03-2017 12:32 PM

All right, Petr, let Lizzy Screech for no reason and then sniff her out with your incredible sense to find her location. Once you see Lizzy begin shooting the Spider Web, Let loose an Incinerate to destroy it and to hit Lizzy. Then let's give her a good first impression by ending with an Overheat.

Mew The Gato 01-04-2017 07:30 AM

Round 1
Both sides are on edge as the trainers take their positions, and not just because they are wandering a graveyard after dusk. Brimming with confidence, GX Prodigy is the first to choose his Pokemon, and his opponent responds in kind.


Snubbull (Fairy): Snubbull are proud Pokémon and more susceptible to moves that induce anger. However, they are also resistant to fear-inducing effects. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves, and they have an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team. Snubbull's biting attacks are 1.1x more powerful.

Galvantula (Bug/Electric): Galvantula are excellent climbers and can scale sheer surfaces. Much like Ariados, they are able to travel using their String Shot, which is slightly charged with electrical energy and can do slight electrical damage on contact, and will be more effective than usual.
Petr may be the smaller of the two, but it seems that he is just as intrepid as his trainer, glaring out into the darkness with his perpetual glare. A lesser foe, perhaps a wild Pokemon, may have been sent packing -- such is the force behind those eyes -- but Lizzy is simply unsure of what to make of this opponent. Always one to minimize risks, however, she decides not to take any chances, seeking cover behind one of the many gravestones lining the arena, making very little sound as they puts it between herself and her opponent, cautiously peering out from behind. The Snubbull seems to be a patient one, though, and, unable to read her opponent's mind, the Bug Type decides to see if she cannot startle him. Rearing her head, she runs her pedipalps against each other so quickly that a Screech rings out, stunning the Fairy Type no matter brave she is, her sensitive hearing stung, her ears ringing. She manages to recover, however, and approaches her opponent's hiding place with as menacing an expression as she can muster, her ears and nose guiding her where her eyes have failed. Concern, the Galvantula immediately takes to action, beginning to issue silk from her mouth, and using her limbs to shape it into a Web.

As her potential aggressor closes in -- not without some degree of caution on his own part -- Lizzy is ready, the Spider releasing the web in her opponent's direction. Suddenly, the canine stops, looking up to see a large tangle of thread about to fall upon him... and reacts with someone patting himself on his back for anticipating their foe's next action. Licks of flame visible at the periphery of his mouth even when it is closed, he opens it wide to release a large blast of flame, hoping to Incinerate the web before it reaches him. While the idea is sound, and leaves the arachnid dancing in alarm, the fire is unable to do more than weaken the web due to its resistant properties. As it falls on its target, his size makes it difficult for him to move against it, his nonplussed struggling serving to do nothing but entangle him. Growling in bewilderment, he shifts his immediate attention from the problem at hand to its cause, and makes an attempt at sweet revenge. Bringing out all the fire he has left, his mouth steaming and Overheat surging through his own body, he unleashes a massive flare, cleanly scorching through the webbing around his mouth -- although unable to burn the webbing troubling his limbs -- and consuming the Galvantula. The Bug Type screeches out again, this time in pain, although it appears that she has managed to use the gravestone to her protect herself from the attack to some small extent.

Petr has taken no damage, but will be slow to act going into the next round, and is cleanly out of Fire Type energy. Lizzy is down to her second third mark already, but is fresh and ready to return the favour.

GX Prodigy 01-04-2017 09:12 AM

Use Dazzling Gleam to cut through the remainder of the web and strike. Then, use Super Fang and don't let go. If he tries to use a move, position yourself in a way that he hits the remainder of webs on you if the Dazzling Gleam didn't clear off all the webs.

RealMrGame10 01-04-2017 11:02 AM

Close your eyes and Poison Jab the Snubbull in the face. After you feel the Dazzling Gleam, open your eyes, and if the Snubbull's going to be able to hit you with the Super Fang, smack him with a free limb with another Poison Jab, but otherwise back up and use a ranged Cross Poison. Either way, finish with a Giga Drain. Three confirmed.

Mew The Gato 01-04-2017 11:14 AM

Closing eyes, unless used in conjunction with a move where it seems natural to do so (such as Meditate) will be considered a move. This will make this a four-mover.

RealMrGame10 01-04-2017 12:25 PM

Understood, thank you for letting me know.

Back up as you set up a Light Screen. If he's still webbed up, continue moving backwards as you Ranged Cross Poison. If he's not, Poison Jab him in the side. Either way, finish with a Giga Drain. Three

Mew The Gato 01-06-2017 11:22 AM

Round 2
Petr slumps slightly, the unload, early into the battle as it is, having taken a lot out of him, forced to, for a few agonizing moments, what his opponent is doing, unable to interfere. Lizzy makes full use of this opportunity, her multiple eyes glowing, and she shifts her gaze to draw an rectagular outline with her eyes. It then fills with Light, separating the two Pokemon from each other. The Snubbull is not going to let his opponent get one step further, however, recovering with the enthusiasm that only utter confidence can bring about. The only obstruction in his sight -- or rather, lack of sight -- is the low visibility, and, unwilling to let this be a dampener to his otherwise blazing road forward, he strives to get rid of the darkness. Collecting as much of the webbing as he can in front of him, he closes his eyes, his body starting to get hot, streaks of light spreading in all directions. Then her eyes snap open, a gesture that is consumed by the Dazzling nature of his own Gleam, a pink blast of light tearing through more of the weakened webbing and rushing on to meet its target. The Screen, however, proves to be an obstacle that it cannot hope to overcome; even as it absorbs the damage, it reflects the blinding radiance back to the canine.

Petr howls in frustration, his vision inhibited, a factor that, in conjunction with the already-low visibility, renders him nigh blind. He claws at his eyes, but to no avail, and he has no idea what his opponent might be doing. Most of all, he does not want _her_ to get her way. The most he manages to do, now, is rely on his senses of smell and hearing -- commendably sharp, fortunately for him -- which guide him in his opponent's general direction. Gauging that he is drawing near to his opponent, he tenses, ready to leap, and this is the cue the Galvantula needs. Bracing herself against the ground, ready to make a stand for herself, she raises one of her forelimbs, the purple glint of Poison emerging at the tip. The Snubbull's attack comes suddenly, heralded by nothing but a growl, but, with great satisfaction, Lizzy feels as if she has seen it coming from miles away. The shield is unable to move out of the way in time, and is promptly shattered by Petr, yes, but the spider herself is ready. The Fairy Type barely manages to get a grip with his Super Fangs when a Jab to her side knocks him off and sends him sprawling, the pain seasoned with the sickly feeling of toxins running rampant in his system. Apparently Lizzy is not satisfied with this, though -- she wants to knock the hyperactive canine's energy down a peg, it would seem. Her pedipalps shoot out twin tendrils that latch onto the Snubbull, and she feels a Giga amount of her energy being Drained away, just like that.

Lizzy took very little damage, closing a notable deal of her opponent's lead, although her Poison Type energy can only afford another Poison Jab. On the other hand, Petr's vision is recovering and he should be more-or-less unhampered by the webbing now. Both sides are tiring, although they can eke out a two if they need to.

RealMrGame10 01-06-2017 12:02 PM

Make some distance between you two as you Discharge, followed by a Poison Sting.

GX Prodigy 01-06-2017 12:06 PM

Snarl her out of the discharge while running behind the gravestone to your immediate right to protect yourself from the oncoming poison sting.

Mew The Gato 01-08-2017 12:05 PM

Round 3
Lizzy sees to be thrilled by her recent success, but her opponent is still close by. Small as he may be, he is extremely tenacious, a fact that she has already become well-acquainted with. Staying in proximity of him, therefore, is perhaps not the wisest course of action. Beating a retreat, she prepares to defend herself and keep her foe at bay, just in case she shows signs of aggression, her fur standing on end, glowing blue slightly due to the static accumulating around her frame. The Snubbull's already ever-frowning face contorts into something much more menacing, her eyes bloodshot from the strain they have received from his own attack the previous round, and, though the spider can see perfectly fine even in the darkness, she cannot help but be alarmed by how much a Pokemon smaller than her can set her on edge. It is, perhaps, the ominous energy emanating from the arena itself that is making this happen, the restless spirits manifesting themselves in the form of fear, and trying to directly target their hearts because they cannot harm their bodies. With this backing him, the Snubbull lets loose a Snarl, startling the arachnid and cutting her move short, resulting in her releasing an incomplete Discharge.

Petr shrugs it off, his elation matching his opponent's coming into the round, but he is taken aback somewhat when he sees his opponent's reaction. Although the Galvantula's move had been interrupted, and she shudders for a few moments, she is still the larger of the two, and very much still in the fight. Going for a weak but accurate option this time, she presses the front of her body to the ground, raising her bottom so that nearly the entirety of her fur, once again standing up, is pointed in the Snubbull's direction. As her fur begins to quiver, and the Fairy Type begins to smell Poison in the air, he realizes that, no matter how enthusiastic he is, there are some attacks he does not want to end up on the receiving end of. As the Stings suddenly fire off like a machine gun, he makes a mad dash for the nearest gravestone, taking cover behind it. Although he feels some of the projectiles reach him, breaking upon contact but not without leaving him with a jolt of pain, he manages to take cover in time to block the rest of the attack. The spirits do not respond, however; as in the case of Petr's Overheat, the gravestones have not taken any meaningful damage, and so, for now, Lizzy is spared the spirits' retribution.

Both Pokemon lost a small amount of health, but would appreciate a breather, although Petr is feeling somewhat better in that regard. Lizzy's Poison Type energy can fuel another Poison Sting.

GX Prodigy 01-08-2017 12:27 PM

Using your great sense of smell and hearing, find your way to Lizzy or atleast the general direction and use Bulldoze, preferably to interrupt a move. Then let loose a scattershot variation of Sludge Bomb, spread if you can't see hik, focused if you can.

RealMrGame10 01-08-2017 02:00 PM

Bounce and latch onto the back of his head

Mew The Gato 01-10-2017 02:00 PM

Round 4
Petr is still rather close by, and, peeking out from behind his protective gravestone, he manages to track down his opponent rather easily, given the combination of his sharp senses. Nonetheless, it seems that, in light of recent events, he would prefer to be a little more cautious in his means. After all, even if brimming with confidence, resistant to the frightening effects of the arena, he sees the point in strategy. Raising one of his feet, he slams it into the ground with a battle howl, and then begins to alternate between his feet, again and again, smashing the ground like a Bulldozer, he... does not get the reaction she had expected. Instead of crying out in pain, it seems that Lizzy has managed to Bounce up just in time. The arachnid lands on the smaller Pokemon, knocking him over. He struggles somewhat, briefly considering following up with his next attack, but quickly reconsidering -- he cannot get a good shot at his opponent as things are, and he does not want to risk hitting himself with an attack super effective on him.

Only Petr took damage, both sides are fresher off. Petr retains much of his Ground Type energy.

RealMrGame10 01-10-2017 03:25 PM

Jump back and cover your skittering away with a Poison Sting. Follow with a Token-boosted Discharge as you continue making distance.

GX Prodigy 01-10-2017 03:59 PM

Protect into Super Fang. Don't let go

Mew The Gato 01-12-2017 02:19 PM

Round 5
This is a very uncomfortable position for the Petr, this special state of discomfort comparable only to being yanked back by one's hair. Such positions, however, are prone to evoking violent reactions from their victims, and, in result, Lizzy decides that she does not want to push her luck too far. As a last insult to injury, she uses her foe's face as a launching pad to jump away, and as she lands, her forelimbs serve as an axis for her to spin her body around in alertness to her foe's every movement, even his annoyed groan as he rises to his feet. Fear, however, has the power to distort what is real, the power to turn triumphs into bloodcurdling failures, and this groan is registered by the Galvantula not as a lasting effect of her efforts, something she can hold over her opponent, but as a declaration of war -- specifically, a proclamation that the enemy intends to strike. In the manner of an ambush, however, she is the first to strike, spurred on by this hypothetical, and she expends the rest of her Poison Type energy to make her seem more dangerous than before, by virtue of her fur standing up straight -- which her opponent, from experience, should know is a sign of aggression -- and then she really _does_ become more dangerous.

This statement is justified thoroughly in her opponent's mind, at the very least, a fact that can be gauged from his reaction. It is not to try to break through the attack to get in his own, no, it is not even to weather it and retaliate. Instead, it is to brace himself for the worst, and summon the Protection meant only for such crises. The Stings, Poisonous as they may be, meet their end at the hands of the shield -- and return the favour, but this only further convinces Lizzy of her opponent's competence. Ergo, she redoubles her efforts, this time taking advantage of her badge's impressive specialization, not on raw power, but on tricks more subtle, and yet ones that might make or break the game. Her fur continues to be straight as the electricity builds up, and the night is briefly illuminated by the Discharge, which flows as a wave -- and is just as noisy -- overwhelming the canine's senses and shocking him figuratively and literally. And unfortunately for him, after failing more than once before, her token finally shines through, binding him up in Paralysis. His body numbed, the sound of electricity filling his ears more than anything else, he tries to act, but finds his body freeze up.

Lizzy has closed up her opponent's lead, leaving Petr rather seriously Paralyzed, but has now run dry of Poison Type energy. Both Pokemon are energetic enough, especially Petr.

GX Prodigy 01-17-2017 08:18 AM

Try to blind him with a Dazzling Gleam, then bulldoze him out of a move. If he ends up on top of you then Crunch instead

RealMrGame10 01-17-2017 08:49 AM

Light Screen, Magnet Rise

Mew The Gato 01-21-2017 08:47 AM

When anger is unleashed, it is spent. Until it builds up again, it leaves a drought in its wake. But when it fails to find any opening, whether due to constraint or an individual's own restraint, it manifests, nonetheless, as a grudge... or a bomb waiting to explode. The latter would be an apt description of Petr at this point, fuming at bound by the Paralysis, the sound of electricity serving as a constant reminder of his predicament, rubbing it in with his each passing moment. But this only means that, when the time comes, he will be all the more ready to make his opponent feel sorry. This, evidently, is something Lizzy anticipates, and makes due preparations for, for fear of letting a victory be offered to her, only to be snatched away at the last moment by a poor stroke of chance. She invests her remaining Psychic Type energy into another Screen of Light, a faint hum picking up as the air in front of her begins to shimmer, before the shield forms itself more precisely, chiseling out its fine edges, and flashing momentarily to signal its completion. For now, however, it does not serve any purpose -- the Snubbull, despite the best of his efforts, succumbs to his Paralysis and is unable to attack. His eyes are wide open as he recovers from this sudden jolt, reflecting his shock more than an attempt to see through the darkness. This time, though, he does not fail, raising his feet to repeatedly stomp on the ground. The lack of reaction, as he comes to a stop, though, his Bulldoze coming to an end, makes him realize something is wrong. The truth is, his opponent, using [b]Magnet[b/]ic forces, has managed to Rise up into the air, evading the attack entirely.

No damage traded, both sides are good to go. Petr's Ground Type energy can fuel a Bulldoze, while Lizzy's Psychic Type energy is out.

RealMrGame10 01-21-2017 05:36 PM

Quietly back away as you trap it in a Spider Web. If it comes at you, give it another taste of Discharge, but otherwise take it easy.

RealMrGame10 02-09-2017 09:11 AM

Just a bump for GX whenever they can get to this

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