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Freya 08-23-2016 09:38 AM

Freya's Art Doodles
Hellooo :)
I have never posted my art work onto anything so this is all new to me.

I am trying to get back into my anime drawing hobby as I haven't been drawing for about 2-3 years due to University work taking priority.

Any comments, questions or criticism would be nice :) even if it is negative.
Everyones feedback is important to me as I want to improve and get back into this.

This is my first drawing which I did as a request after all this time.

Freya 08-23-2016 11:30 AM

For the past year and a half, some of my University work has been photography which I have never tried before.

Some of the work has been tweaked with photoshop such as colour saturation. The photography expresses the beauty in nature which we sometimes miss. By enhancing colours, I feel that I create an alternative reality, my own world.

This work was part of my mid year exhibition.

Freya 08-31-2016 05:14 PM

These drawings were part of a small project in University.

I enjoyed these as it was a good start for getting back into drawing.

However some lecturers disagreed and thought that I did it to pass time in studio space :?

I had to resize some of these as they did not fit onto the page :D

I am not sure if it is worth to carry on drawing these doodles.

Any thoughts?

Ironthunder 08-31-2016 05:22 PM

Holy damn these are incredible.

Freya 09-01-2016 07:21 AM

These doodles are about 3-5 years old. My first anime doodles for my wall.

Some are copies from manga.

Had to resize these as well :D

Freya 09-08-2016 12:10 PM

These are from first year university work.

I always liked patterns. They do not have to be complex.
Sometimes too much is not appealing to the eyes.

I do occasionally draw stuff onto clothes and shoes. Some are my own design, other not.
I find it very cool if the design is my own as it means that that piece of clothing with that design are the only ones in the world.


Emi 09-08-2016 12:16 PM

Teach me your ways

Freya 09-08-2016 12:48 PM

:D I can suggest and help out with learning.
However no one can be the same, everyone has their own style.

I am aspiring to become a teacher :D

Emi 09-08-2016 12:51 PM

I was kidding but you are really, really good. How often do you draw / practice? And what are your preferred drawing tools?

Freya 09-08-2016 01:11 PM

Thank you :)

Well these past few years, I drew about 5-10 pieces of work that were all done in a week or so.

But before that, when drawing was part of my college and school work. I produced from 30-50 per week. Some sketches or finished work.

I prefer monochrome pencil drawing as it allows me to create detailed work.
I have tried to draw with pen tablet on photoshop, however it was not the same for me.
It is nice to add ink onto a pencil drawing. It creates elegant line marks.

Emi 09-08-2016 04:48 PM

>30-50 per week

Damn, I've never been anywhere near that active. XD

Freya 09-08-2016 05:15 PM

Yeah but that was because half of my class work was activities involved in drawing.

A good way to practise is life drawing which I had to do once a week for a year.
At first, I only did maybe 1 or 2 sketches, but once I got the hang of it, did about 10 or so per session.

Aposteriori 09-08-2016 05:31 PM


I wish I could doodle as good as you can. So if these are doodles, what do you call artwork?

Your doodles are artwork

Freya 09-08-2016 05:39 PM

Doodles for me is work which is not part of my university work.

After hearing often that this work is doodles, does not go with the other work.
That it is just something I drew to waste time. It got into my head.
I did receive good comments, but I see it now as something that has no meaning.

Freya 09-09-2016 10:36 AM

These are rough sketches of life drawing from about 3 years ago.
This is when I started to learn cross hatching technique.
I love is as it is a good alternative to shading, especially when you are not allowed.
I think cross hatching looks advanced compared to shading

Connor 09-09-2016 01:10 PM

These are honestly pretty phenomenal. You have a real talent here. Definitely something you should persist with.

Freya 09-09-2016 01:53 PM

Thank you :)
I am trying to start again but I guess I just lost my art mojo these past few years :?
Started doing art requests for friends so hopefully that will help me get back into it.

Freya 09-10-2016 07:32 PM

As a promise to someone that I will draw another piece, as they requested.
I drew a chibi version of that person
Some of you may recognise who it is =P
Any guesses?

This is my first time drawing chibi of a real person 8O
I do think black and white looked better before I started to colour it in

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