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DaisyInari 09-03-2011 04:53 PM

Daisy's Artitorium
Stupid thread title is stupid~

I'm going to post all my drawings here, but anyone else can too~ I should find all the ones I made before so I can put it here for faster access if I need to...

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 05:00 PM

Ooh, Britpack drawings first~ Spoilered for your viewing convenience!

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 05:09 PM


It's Hana Time.

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 05:13 PM

I don't know why I'm posting this here, but I was proud of my Kuno Contest Entry...

The Trainer looked up, shielding his eyes at the blue expanse. Squinting, he faintly saw his next destination: a small gray blip moving stealthily among the clouds. Taking out his badge case, he examined the 8 glinting badges, tokens of his win against the leaders of this region. He knew he wasn’t even remotely ready to confront Team Kuno until he had gained enough experience. Steeling his mind for the journey, he took out his pokeball and released his Pidgeot. The massive bird cooed contentedly as the Trainer clambered onto her back, securing himself safely. Beating her powerful wings, the Pidgeot took to the sky and rapidly approached the flying base of Team Kuno, a few thousand feet in the air.

Spoiler: show

Up close, the Trainer could see just how massive this headquarters was. The small gray blip was an enormous mechanical Wailord, swimming through the air without any visible propellers or jets. Its red eyes were glowing brightly, and the flippers were slowly moving up and down effortlessly. Impressive as the steel creature was, it was the structure that was on top that caught his eye- a giant sand-colored wall enclosing the main buildings of Team Kuno’s base. Within the oval-shaped barrier, there were 5 towers arrange in a cluster on one side. Each tower had an antenna sticking out, pulsating in a lime green, light blue, purple, pink and yellow color. A dense forest covered the land around them, stopping abruptly into a small clearing. In that clearing, a sixth building stood. Looking like a miniature castle, the antenna on this structure glowed a deep blue.

You have to start somewhere, the Trainer thought as he started his descent toward the tower with the yellow antenna.

Spoiler: show

As he neared the top of the building, the Trainer noticed a figure jumping and waving at him. Landing on the stony surface, he saw the person skip towards him. Upon closer look, he realized that the mysterious figure was a girl, with tan skin, short fly-away black hair, and a big grin on her face. She was wearing a yellow dress, but the bottom half seemed to imitate clouds. The girl was also wearing a yellow headband, with two flowy ribbons sprouting out like ears. As he stared at her, intrigued, the girl began to speak.

Oooh, lookie here~ It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new face here~ Hi mister, what brings you here?


Oh, I see. Not the type of person you were expecting, right? I don't usually dress like this, it's just a costume I like to put on- KYAA IS THAT A PIDGEOT? *runs toward the pokemon and starts hugging it*

<3 <3 <3 So cute~ Such lovely feathers~ *squeals in delight*

... -__-;

Huh? Oh right~ *stops hugging* Ehehe, I guess you know I like bird pokemon now~ Anyways, welcome to the hideout of Team Kuno! By the look of confusion on your face, you probably don't know who I am. Call me Daisy, and I'm sort of a Mini-Boss~ *takes out her pokeballs*

Are you ready? Just remember, have fun~ *sends out 2 Shiny Altaria, a Blaziken, an Empoleon, a Skarmory and a Xatu*

Spoiler: show

That was... weird, the Trainer concluded as he made his way to the next tower, this one sporting the purple antenna.

That girl threw the battle. She knew I had the disadvantage and was so close to beating me. Even when she lost, all she did was congratulate me with a smile and gave me a hug. She even restored my pokemon's health... What the heck is going on here...?

Entering through the oaken doors, the Trainer walked around, wondering why there were no people in such an enormous place. Making his way to the top, he sees another girl near the window. Her long black shiny hair was a sharp contrast to her semi-pale skin. Her expression was more serene than Daisy's, who was always either smiling or giggling. Instead of a yellow cottony dress, this girl wore a white and light blue kimono. As the Trainer stood warily a few yards away, the next Mini-Boss spoke, her voice soft but carrying well.

Ah, so this is the person Daisy just told me about. Welcome,Trainer. I am Yuki, head of this tower. *laughs softly* You don't need to be so worried, nothing bad is going to happen to you. I guess you're here to beat me, right? You have only beaten Daisy, but that still leaves *holds up her hand* 4 Mini-Bosses left to defeat. *eyes light up* Just like in the Zelda games...

*sends out 2 shiny Corsola, a Meganium, a Gardevoir, a Togekiss, and a Mincinno*

Good luck.

Spoiler: show

This place keeps making me more and more confused, the Trainer thought as he hacked his way to the lime green building. That kimono lady, she threw the game too. Sending out pokemon weak to mine... It's like the deeper I go, the less I know.




The Trainer recoils in surprise, suddenly met by two similarly dressed people. Clad in blue, silvers, and dark grays, the boy and the girl wore irritated expressions.






*both trainers send out 2 Crobat, 2 Mightyena, and 2 Stoutland*


Spoiler: show

Leaving the outdoors and two unconcious grunts and their pokemon, the Trainer stepped into the next tower, immediately engulfed in darkness. As his eyes adjusted to the dimness, the Trainer had an ominous feeling. I'm being watched, he thought. He walked through the main hallway, grudgingly admiring the plush deep red carpet with gold trim. Suddenly, the Trainer felt a slight breeze behind him. He whirled around, but found nothing. Once or twice, he could have sworn he heard a snicker. The Trainer then started running for the stairs to the top of the tower, but was stopped by a falling shadow. He took up a fighting stance as the hallway began to brighten and the dark figure's features began to become more prominent. Dressed like a ninja, this person's costume was light green. The head covering had two golden stripes, and a red zig-zag belt stretched across his waist. A long scarf curled behind him, twisting like a tail. Looking out from under his hood, the third Mini-Boss grinned mischievously.

Hehe~ <3 Well look what we have here. Yuki and Daisy told me a lot about you, you know. So you want to take down Team Kuno? *snickers* Like that'll ever happen. But... maybe you'll shock us all. However, if you don't watch your step...

*disappears and reappears behind the Trainer*

Who knows what'll happen to you~ <3

*sends out 2 Kecleon, a Wigglytuff, a Clefable, a Spinda, and a Blissey*

My name's Jerichi~ It's a pleasure to meet you~

Spoiler: show

Stepping out of Jerichi's tower, the Trainer walked dejectedly toward the pink-antenna structure in the distance. He was on the verge of giving up and flying back home. He totally went easy on me, thought the Trainer. He didn't even bother to hide it like the others. Why? Why is everyone acting this way? *sigh*

Once inside the next building, the Trainer acted calmly, almost indifferently. Nothing was going to surprise him after all he had been through. Making his way up the stairs, he found nobody waiting for him. Confused, he called out. Then, very faintly, he heard a girl's voice. From behind a column, a petite girl in a dark blue costume peeked out. Wrapping her arms around herself, she says meekly,

Um... I'm over here... S-sorry about that. It's just... I'm kinda shy... >_<


Y-yeah. I'm Hanatori, one of the Mini-Bosses. I already know about you from the others. *fidgets* You seem like a nice person, but it looks like I can't avoid battling you... *blushes*

*releases her 2 Jumpluff, a Gliscor, a Butterfree, a Parasect, and a Tangrowth*

D-do your best. I mean, I know I'm going to lose anyway. I don't have the skill or the c-confidence or a good battler, so... *hides behind the pillar*


Spoiler: show

That girl, the Trainer thought as he climbed the steps of the last tower, the one holding the light blue antenna. Even if I won, she didn't make it so easy for me. There were some times I actually thought I would lose... "No skill" my ass...

Entering the highest room in the tower, the Trainer approached the last of the Mini-Bosses. However, he found not one, but two people waiting for him. One was a girl, clad in a blue and cream dress with blue arm sleeves. She was sitting on a cushioned bench, one of her arms wrapped around the guy standing behind her. His face made the Trainer want to scream, "OBJECTION!", and he was wearing a brown coat that had the appearance of a turtle shell. They gave him a welcoming smile and began their introductions.

Look, Muyo, our trainer made it~ Hi hi, trainer!

Aybiiel, I don't know why you insist on being so friendly with him. You know what we have to do. You know what Lord Kuno said...

:3 Hush, Muyo. Everyone else had their fun with him. Even Hana said she enjoyed her time. Why, I can't remember the last time we had someone come visit us~ Ooh, I can't wait for this battle to start~ <3

*groans* If we get in trouble, I'm blaming you. *points* You. Trainer. I don't know what Lord Kuno sees in you, but you better give me a fight to remember.

*sends out a Lapras, a Blastoise, a Steelix, an Arcanine, a Scizor, and a Torkoal*


Spoiler: show


This is it, the Trainer thought as he looked up at the main building. Those two... they make a very strong pair... Especially that Aybiiel person...The large golden doors slowly opened, blasting the Trainer with cool air. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside, ready to confront the leader of this organization and take it down.

The room he enterd was hollow but massive. Richly decorated, the interior was filled with wine red curtains and gold trim. The black marble floors shone brilliantly, but the only thing in the Trainer's vision was the leader of Team Kuno, Kuno himself.

...Well, herself too.

The Trainer rubbed his eyes. There was only one person standing in the center of the room, but that person seemed to shift between two. Blink once, and Lord Kuno stood, dressed like a prince in varying shades of blue. Blink again, and Lady Kuno took his place, her long, silky red hair matching well with her deep pink dress. Finally, the image settled on Lord Kuno. Awesomely adjusting his glasses, the leader spoke.

*bows* Welcome to my humble abode. Yes, I am the Leader of Team Kuno. What's that? Calling this organization after yourself is stupid? *smiles* Ah, but when you're as awesome as I am, it's not stupid at all. Why are you here? To take us down? Why? What did we do? Did you think my goal was world domination? *chuckles* My silly boy, don't be so naive. True, my dreams for Team Kuno have changed over the years. First it was all about money, then world domination. There was this one phase I had that wanted all the people in the world to release their pokemon. I even thought I could capture god. But, I finally came to a conclusion. I AM god, so there's nothing I can't do. So the current goal of Team Kuno? Well, the only reason it is still here is for my amusement. Just like you.

*snaps fingers and a Latios, a Mewtwo, a male Jynx, a red Glalie, a Nidoking, and a male Alakazam appear*

I'm going to give you a test. Pass, and I'll be merciful. Fail... Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't tell you the consequences.


The Trainer is breathing heavily, staring at his opponent with a look of bewilderment tinged with fear. He and his pokemon never had to fight so hard before, yet Lord Kuno and his team hadn't even broken a sweat. So, he thought, this is the power of Team Kuno's boss. The Trainer collapsed onto his knees, and Lord Kuno looked at him with a vague interest.

Hmm... I think it's time for a change of face.

The Trainer blinked again as he watched Lord Kuno's form go blurry. With a flawless transition Lord Kuno became Lady Kuno, his expressionless face becoming one full of concern. The now female boss hurried over to the Trainer, tripping slightly along the way. Pulling out Max Potions and Revives, she began to heal his pokemon.

;_; Sorry, the other me can be a real jerk sometimes. *fusses fusses* He wouldn't really put you in any real harm, but he does sometimes get carried away. However, all of the stuff he said was true. *picks herself up and goes back to her spot*

^_^ You know, you're really special. We've had few people come here to before, but they didn't have that... one thing that we wanted. That's why Lord Kuno tested you, and that's also why it's my turn to do the same.

*snaps fingers and Lord Kuno's pokemon turn into a Latias, and Articuno, a Kangaskhan, a Froslass, a female Alakazam and a Nidoqueen*

*giggles* I think this will turn out exactly as I hope~ <3


*giggles* Yes! Yes yes yes! You pass with flying colors~ <3 <3 <3 Lord Kuno will be very happy! Oh wait, I'M Lord Kuno too! Ehehe~


I know what you're thinking. "What's gonna happen to me now?" Well, there's only one thing we have for someone like you~ *holds out hand*

Would you like to join us?


^_^ I'll take that as a yes~ <3 Oh! But we'll need your name. What is it?

...*whispers in her ear*

:3 That sounds too plain. How about we call you... Stlbk?

.......Sounds good to me.

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 08:22 PM

There was a period of time where I was drawing all day, erry day. And what did I draw? Avatars for everyone, of course~

...Dang, I had a lot of time on my hands.

For Quintowill

For Copygoo

For DavetheFishGuy

For SM

For Firewater

For EmpoleonDynamite

For LonelyCubone

For KratosAurion

For Kush

For Brandan

For Oliver101

For PokeHunter

For Rangeetsuper

For Roseheart

For SP-Eevee

For BlazeVA

For Treepandaone

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 08:45 PM

Now, here are random pics~ Just stuff like other avatar requests or just actual doodles I thought of myself~

Articuno and Heatran

A girl and her Lapras

Miltank and Phanpy

Christmas Sunflora

Whimsipluff (or was it Jumpcott?)

What I thought Jeri said about his Battle Subway Quartet

Torkoal Stu and Jeri drawing time

^_^; Sorry to anyone who thinks this is a bit much. Feel free to ask me for any requests except don't because I suck at drawing so bad.~

DaisyInari 09-03-2011 08:48 PM

These pictures are very special~ I worked especially long on these ones, but I'm very pleased with how they turned out~

Breakfast time

Relaxing at the pool

Spa time

Copygoo 09-04-2011 10:03 AM

:o I remember when you showed me those at school and I completely gushed over them and guessed who everyone was, and all our other friends had no idea what we were going on about.

I love all of these. :3

Lady Kuno 09-04-2011 12:08 PM

I still think you should of went with my Artsplosion name. Or at least Artpocalypse.

Regardless, pretty darn good as always, Daisy.

Emi 09-04-2011 03:37 PM


This is excellent. You must teach me, Daisy!

DaisyInari 09-05-2011 12:34 PM


Well, anyway. The three drawings are my version of what gym leaders'/trainers' gyms in PASBL would look like. I just finished the last one right now, and comments are always welcome! Descriptions are in the links, but I don't think Kratos has an "official" one like the two gym leaders do~

Torkoal Stu's Combeenation Gym Arena- Bug

DavetheFishGuy's Hell's Aquarium Gym Arena- Fish

KratosAurion's Sand Box Gym Arena- Ground

DaisyInari 09-05-2011 03:10 PM

Silver Wind asked me to create a chibi version of his Fizzy Bubbles sprite. It was kinda hard since I don't usually draw chibis and the sprite showed mostly the back, not the front...

D: I'm sorry if you don't like it Silver. I guess I could redo it if need be, but I'd need some more details next time.

Also, I couldn't make it transparent because I messed up. :x You're gonna have to ask someone else to do that for you.

DaisyInari 09-11-2011 12:37 PM

:D I finished this yesterday, but you weren't on Elsie! But now you are, so now you can see how HORRIBLE pretty good it turned out~

There are two versions! One with a true transparent background with a white outline (it's a little jaggy for some reason, stupid SAI) and one with a "transparent" background for those of you using black smart~ No white outline on this one!

If I had to say which one I was most proud of, I'd say I love how Matthew Flareon Patel and Todd Leafeon Ingram came out. But I don't like how Todd's eyeglows came out... D:

So enjoy your Eevil Exes, Elsie! Heehee, and you too, Kratos- I know how excited you were for this. ^_^

Lonely Cubone 09-11-2011 12:41 PM

I want to marry that picture and make beautiful doodle babies with it.


Emi 09-11-2011 12:41 PM

It looks extremely good. Though, having never watched or read anything on this, I have no idea who is who. Still good!

Torkoal Stu 09-11-2011 12:44 PM

Oh Daisy~
That is SO incredible : D

I absolutely heart your Lucas Lee 8D

You should be very proud~

DaveTheFishGuy 09-11-2011 12:55 PM

And it was glorious.

Lady Kuno 09-11-2011 01:04 PM


Would view again.

Concept 09-11-2011 01:27 PM


You're everyone's favourite newbie, Daisy. Awesome artwork xD.

pengyzu 09-11-2011 04:06 PM


It's beautiful!!!! *levitates*

Glaceon is cool :3

Emi 09-11-2011 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by pengyzu (Post 269086)

It's beautiful!!!! *levitates*

Glaceon is cool :3

I say.

DaisyInari 09-11-2011 06:23 PM

^_^ Thank you guys so, so much for your kind words~ <333 I do all of this for you, so I'm very happy~

I doubt I'm everyone's favorite newbie, but when my art is so good that people want to have beautiful doodle babies with them, it makes me blush~ ^_^;

Copygoo 09-11-2011 06:45 PM

<3 it so much. I could fill a bucket with that drawing.

Bearded Vaporeon Lucas Lee is my favorite. xD You should draw more of these guys, especially him.

Emi 09-11-2011 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by DaisyInari (Post 269141)
^_^ Thank you guys so, so much for your kind words~ <333 I do all of this for you, so I'm very happy~

I doubt I'm everyone's favorite newbie, but when my art is so good that people want to have beautiful doodle babies with them, it makes me blush~ ^_^;

You are my favorite newbie....other than maybe Kusari...or myself.

XanderKetsu 09-11-2011 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by blazeVA (Post 269031)
It looks extremely good. Though, having never watched or read anything on this, I have no idea who is who. Still good!

We must fix this.

Beautiful work, Daisy.

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