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kawaiiconcept 09-22-2017 01:19 AM

Kawaii scrambled after Ami "come on I didn't say I wouldn't go through." She followed closely behind the other trainer.
Frieghya sent out reassuring waves its alright.
Rumpleteaser nodded "that's me."
Victoria nodded "they will appreciate it ."

Median Dia 09-22-2017 07:45 PM

A split second after after Kawaii stepped into the silken dome, air pressure suddenly shifted, hard, and sucked her into what felt like a narrow tube. Less than a second later, the force seemed to slow down a little before ejecting her onto solid ground. Ami was, of course, waiting "So, what did ya think?"

Nadie nodded, feeling much more at ease. 'Okay, what does she say?'

'Excellent...' Aside from an odd looking bulbasaur sleeping in a corner, the group didn't encounter anything until the got to the pool, at which point a dewpider burst out from the surface, evidently having just been attacked.

'How many times do I have to tell you, it isn't just your pool!'
he yelled as he stood up, still unaware of the approaching gals.

'I claim whatever I want, and I claim this water!'
an angry-sounding voice countered back. 'An' you'd best keep than in mind before ah blast that head o' yours off!'

Glimmer huffed. 'The fiend's in there, it seems...' She shook her head and shrugged. 'Not that it matters any.' And with that declaration, she pulled out the leaf from her head and stepped forward.

~ ~ ~

'Oh, dat would be kinda cool to do!'
Butternut agreed. 'But wouldn' dat be problematic fer some o' dem? What if dey were sleepin' when you call?'

'Oh, it would definitely be gruesome!' Elen agreed with an almost malicious chuckle. 'Though I'd have to be a bit careful- cut the wrong area, and they'll bleed out too quickly to make those agonized dying sounds for real long, right?'

'I am?' Bell asked, a little surprised. 'Well, most of the things I've made weren't my idea.' He headbutted the ball, which bounced off hie Bubble and back towards Anion. 'I Can't go taking all the credit!'

Missingno. Master 09-23-2017 09:13 PM

"I-it's happened t-to me before, actually," replied Zygill. "It doesn't d-disturb our sleep o-or wake us up, b-but whatever happens w-when we do this, w-we see as a dream wh-while we're sleeping. A-as long as at least one of us is awake, we all can attack together. I-It's hard to explain," he added almost apologetically.

"Oh, yes," Fatale nodded. "You know, you're all right, Elenchos," she added. "You don't strike me as being quite as sadistic as I can be, but you can still appreciate the gruesome things I so love to talk about. My Severus is quite like that as well," she remarked, her eyes softening ever so slightly at the mention of the Dustox she loved.

"I'll give you that," conceded Anion, backing up a bit, before dashing forward with a mild Quick Attack to send the ball back towards Bell. "But you still made them happen, didn't you? I mean, those cocoon things are just awesome!"

Median Dia 09-26-2017 03:39 PM

'Dat's... weird.' Butternut managed to croak out. 'Can' imagine havin' dat happen to me at all...'

Elen chuckled a little. 'I'm glad you think so! Severus is the lucky guy, I take it?'

'If you put it like that, I guess you're right!' Bell answered. He attempted to hit the ball back at her with a Bubble, but missed the angle slightly and launched it towards Edrick instead. 'Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to-'

The grubbin had already caught the sphere between his pincers and attempted to toss it back towards Anion, but with less-than-stellar results. 'Aww...'

Missingno. Master 09-27-2017 10:56 AM

"Y-yeah... i-it's an ability th-that only we Wishiwashi have, a-as far as I know," said Zygill. "B-But, I'm sure y-you're able to do things I can't imagine, too, right?"

"Indeed," Fatale nodded. "A very good man. Handsome, a skilled battler... I am sure young Artemis inherited much of her skill from her father," she said.

"Dad's awesome," Artemis piped up. "When I evolve again, I'm gonna ask him to teach me to fly!"

Anion was mildly impressed that even with no warning, Edrick was able to catch the ball. Throwing it to Anion, on the other hand, was a whole other swarm of Yanma. "Hey don't feel bad about that," grinned the Minun as she walked over to grab the ball. "You'll get the hang of throwing it. You're already good at catching it. Wanna try again?" she offered, holding up the ball.

kawaiiconcept 09-28-2017 05:14 PM

Kawaii wrinkled her nose "not ideal but it was fun."
Frieghya squinted at the paper and read the message telepathically to her mate.
Victoria smirked and watched her recruit. Rumpleteaser watched, studying the movements of her sister carefully.

Median Dia 09-29-2017 07:10 PM

"Huh, you're the first person to give a remotely negative response!" Ami declared with a laugh. "I totally expect to get one well before now! Anyway..." She turned around and made a wide motion toward the space they had found themselves in. "Welcome to the Pokemon's Loop! It's still a bit empty despite housing two peoples' teams, though."

'W-wait, really?!' Nadie called out in astonishment. 'Sh-she doesn't even let us in there normally, so th-this is quite the honor!' He took a moment to breathe deeply, trying to calm his nerves somewhat. 'You were at the Casino during the raid, so I don't think Ami has anything to hide from us, anyway. Still, this is pretty awesome...'

'Hey, what're ya doin', ya psychotic imp?!' A very angry looking clauncher suddenly burst out of the water, imediately aiming his claw at his assailant. 'I'll make ya regret doin' tha-' His eyes widened as he realized that a barrage of stars was already swarming Swiftly his way, apparently called upon by the Power of Nature itself. 'Gaargh!'

'G-glimmer, you know there's an arena for battling!' Bell exclaimed over the splooshing sound that Kodiac's fall made. 'I know he isn't the nicest, but that was just as uncalled for as his outbursts!'

'...Hardly,' the nuzleaf replied coldly as she began to gather Dark energy. She stood her ground as a burst of Water breached the pool's surface with the force of a small Gun, before releasing her charged power to Torment her prey. 'He's abusing us all, and I'm wiping his scum from the earth!'

~ ~ ~

'Oh, yeah, I sure can!' Butternut declared, quite excitedly. 'I'm really good at growin' pum'kins- an' explosive ones, at that!'

'It sounds like you chose the right guy, then!' the inkay said cheerfully. 'And it seems like you have a lot to look forward to once you evolve, Artemis! Most pokemon don't see quite as many new skills open up to them, you know.'

Edrick thought for moment, trying to find a better way to do this. '...U-um, I think... I have an idea.'

Missingno. Master 09-29-2017 08:49 PM

"E-Explosive pumpkins?" repeated Zygill. "H-How do you do that?"

Fatale nodded. If Beautifly anatomy allowed for it, she would be betraying the smallest of smiles at this moment.

"Oh, yes," replied the Shiny Cascoon. "I can't wait, I'm gonna learn so much, from both Mom and Dad."

"Yeah? What is it?" asked Anion.

Median Dia 09-29-2017 09:14 PM

'Easily! Just sit back an' watch!' The jack-o-lanturn on Butternut's back spat out a seed onto the ground between them, which immediately took root and started to sprout a little. 'It ain't da fastest move in da world, but it's far faster than normal.' He admitted.

'And man, must that be a big help!' Eenchos allowed himself a brief chuckle. 'Of course, this is a certain beauty in figuring things out yourself, but I'm not gonna turn doaw a few pointers either!'

'Y-you two were using attacks, right?' the grubbin asked cautiosly.

'Every once and a while, yes,'
Bell answered, his curiosity clear in his voice. 'What'cha thinkin'?'

Edrick took a deep breath, before looking at Anion with a little more resolve in his eyes. 'C-can you throw it back to me, p-please?'

Missingno. Master 10-01-2017 05:13 PM

Zygill watched the sprout with interest. "Wow," he murmured. "It's still the fastest I've ever seen a plant grow," he replied, looking intrigued as he wondered what would happen next.

"Dad says something like that," replied Artemis. "He says that it's always nice to be able to do something without help, but also that there's no shame in accepting help if it's needed." Fatale said nothing, but nodded her agreement with this advice- she'd had to learn this herself not all that long ago.

"Sure," replied Anion, tossing the ball back to the Grubbin, wondering what he had in mind.

Median Dia 10-11-2017 08:52 PM

(Holy-comoly smokestacks! It's been 10 days and I still haven't replied?! Man, I'm slipping)

'Waaait fer iiit...' Butternut watched intently as a distinct pumpkin started to grow, then mature at a rapid rate. 'An' now!' He plucked the gourd from its vine, waited a split second, and tossed it straight into the air- where it erupted in an orange burst of energy. 'Kaboom~!' Butternut laughed a bit, reveling in the rare use of his kind's signature attack.

'In any case, best of luck on evolving quickly,' Elen answered, a bit awkwardly. 'I don't think I need to say this, but learning does little good if you can't practice it as well...'

'A-ah!' Edrick attempted to smack the ball back with a Mud Slap, but missed the timing and got bonked on the head instead. 'Ow! I messed up...'

'Don't worry about it,' Bell consoled him. 'You just need a little practice, that's all!'

Ed tilted his head. 'Prac... tice...'?

Missingno. Master 10-14-2017 09:43 PM

Zygill's eyes widened with awe as the pumpkin exploded. "Woooow, so cool!" he smiled.

"Thank you," replied Artemis, nodding as best as a Cascoon could be expected to.

"It shouldn't be very long," explained Fatale. "I myself spent less than a week as a Silcoon."

"Yeah, practice," explained Anion. "That's when you keep trying to do something you're not that good at yet. That's how you get better at it."

Median Dia 10-14-2017 10:00 PM

Butternut chuckled in satisfaction. 'An' dat is somethin' only my kin' can do!'

'Less than a week?!' Elen echoed in shock. 'Th-th-that's absurdly fast!'

'Ah, o-okay...' He grabbed the ball and tossed it to Bell, who caught it in mid-air with a String Shot and whirled it to Anion.

'If you want, I can help you with silk skills,' the dewpider suggested. 'The basics should come naturally to you as a fellow Bug Type!'

Missingno. Master 10-16-2017 12:10 AM

"Wow," smiled Zygill. "Um... I'll show you what I was talking about earlier, but... i-is there some water around here?" he asked. "I could do it out of water, but I... I prefer to be swimming in something, given the choice."

"Oh, all cocoon Pokémon have speedy evolutions," piped up Eon. "Severus said he was only a Cascoon for a little while, and Melittin wasn't a Kakuna for very long... Albus is still a Kakuna, though he doesn't plan to evolve into Beedrill... Oh, but it's not just cocoons, either! Norbert said he was only a Fraxure for two seconds!"

"Hey, there's an idea," grinned Anion as she smacked the ball headfirst with a Quick Attack, sending it back to the Grubbin. "Bell knows a lot about working with that stuff, you could learn a lot from him."

Median Dia 10-17-2017 06:24 PM

'Yeah, we gots a pool in dis place,' Butternut answered. 'It ca' be quite da trip dere, do~!'

'Two seconds?!' Elen took a moment to process this new information. 'Guess that's just the kind of thing us two-stagers will never get to experience. Two seconds, though...'

'R-really?' Ed asked, just before Mud Slapping the ball again (with somewhat better results).

Bell moved to catch it and simply tossed it to Anion. 'Well, it looks like I'll be doing a bit of teaching eventually anyways. I gotta start with someone!'

Missingno. Master 10-17-2017 06:58 PM

"O-oh, I see," murmured Zygill. "Um... m-maybe I could get one of my teammates to carry me," he offered.

"I wish I could've seen it for myself- this was before I was even born," smiled the Shiny Eevee. "Norbert was just really ready to evolve, and did all of it all at once."

"Hey, getting better already," Anion grinned, catching the ball, before tossing it back to Bell.

Median Dia 10-19-2017 11:47 AM

'Dat ain' a bad idea,' Butternut admitted. 'Do' I suppose dey won' be as surprised by it as I probably will be...'

the inkay agreed, a tad surprised this the eevee of all people had wanted to see an evolution. 'It sounds like it was a fair bit before my time, as well- not that it means anything, of course!'

'I g-guess I am,' Ed echoed, evidently getting a bit more confident now.

Bell unleashed a small wave of Infesting insects, weak enough to dissipate after bouncing the ball bouncing just before Anion. 'And that's one thing I could use some work on. Then again, that isn't supposed to be a precise move in the first place...'

Missingno. Master 11-08-2017 06:55 PM

OOC: ...How did it take me this long to realize I didn't respond to this like I thought I had? >_<

"Th-that's true," admitted the Wishiwashi. He looked over, spotting the Shiny Eevee. "Um... E-Eon?" he called.

Eon perked up upon hearing one of her teammates. "Oops, gotta go," she said to Elenchos. "Talk to you later!" And she dashed over to the Water-type. "Hiya, Zygill," she smiled. "Who's your friend?" she added, glancing at Butternut. "You kinda look like a Bulbasaur, but I never seen one that looks like you before."

After Eon had run off, Artemis looked over in that direction. "Oh, that's Zygill over there," she said to Elenchos. "One of our newest teammates. Looks pretty weak, until you see what he's really capable of in battle."

Anion had taken a few steps back before charging forward to meet the ball with Quick Attack, sending it Edrick's way. "Oh, what, Infestation?" she said to Bell. "Yeah, some of my teammates know that move. Took them some doing to get the hang of it, too. Me, I want to get going on learning more Electric moves," she remarked, for this took place prior to her learning Thunderbolt.

Missingno. Master 05-15-2018 09:10 PM

"Good," Keith grinned, looking down upon the landscape below. "We're getting there, Colin! You can start descending now!"

"Yan ya," rumbled the Yanmega who was currently carrying his Trainer through the sky. The Bug/Flying-type, heeding Keith's orders, started to descend. The way down was clear, they were nearing the ground-


"Yan ya?!" exclaimed Colin. Startled by the Bug/Ghost-type that appeared before them suddenly, the Yanmega dropped Keith. Thankfully, they were but a few feet from the ground by this point, so Keith landed on his feet. None too gracefully, but on his feet nonetheless.

"What the-" Keith murmured, looking at the Shedinja. "A Shedinja?"

"Yep," came a voice from behind them. Keith turned to look, and saw a young teenage girl walking their way, dressed in brightly colored clothes and no footwear whatsoever. "This is Vanish. Vanish, this is Keith- he was Luna, George, and Andromeda's old Trainer."

"Hey, Terri," Keith greeted the odd young Trainer. "So I take it my old Pokémon are doing good?"

"They are," smiled Terri. "I was wondering when we'd run into you."

"Wh- well, how'd you know we'd be out this way- Luna," Keith sighed, giving a small smile as he answered his own question. "Yeah, she's the same as ever, isn't she?"

"She told me to come out this way today if I wanted to run into you," explained Terri. "Sorry about Vanish- it was only saying hello."

"Hey, could've been worse," Keith grinned, with a nod to the Shedinja. "At least you waited until we were almost on the ground. Beats the heck out of the alternative."

"So what are you doing out here?" Terri asked. "Luna didn't tell me all the details."

"Yeah, she hasn't changed a bit," Keith grinned. "I came out this way to go visit some friends." He plucked a Fast Ball off his belt as he spoke. "And one of them has this Dewpider that my Minun's friends with, so yeah, she had a role to play in me deciding to visit as well. Want to come along and meet them?"

Terri gave her usual mysterious smile. "I'd like that," she replied. As Keith led the way to the Crystalline Cathedral, with Meowth on his shoulder and Colin hovering overhead, Terri and her Shedinja followed behind, the former eyeing the churchlike structure curiously, humming an odd, almost eerie sort of tune as Keith knocked on the door.

Median Dia 05-15-2018 09:29 PM

Chroma looked up from a musty tome to see a yanmega fly by, carrying along a certain someone who had been to this place before. "Well, I can't say I'm too surprised," she muttered as she closed the book and pocketed the stone she had been researching. I probably shouldn't keep him waiting, huh?"

She quickly navigated the labyrinth of teleportation circles so that she reached the front door in mere seconds, and opened it wide. "Welcome back, Master Masters! ...Oh!" She hadn't expected him to bring along a human friend, yet alone one so steeped in intrigue. "And you are?" She asked, hoping that she didn't wind up coming off as dismissive or anything. First impressions were important, after all.

Missingno. Master 05-15-2018 09:59 PM

Keith did not have long to wait before the door opened wide, courtesy of one Dichromatia Schmeltzer. Chroma greeted Keith, but he didn't get a chance to respond to this, for she very quickly noticed that Keith was accompanied by someone else.

Terri gave her usual mysterious smile in response to Chroma's words. "I'm Terri Alph," she replied. "I'm a Pokémon Trainer from Alph, Johto. This is Vanish," she added, very gently stroking the Shedinja's fragile shell, sure though she was that Wonder Guard was gonna prevent any matter of accidental damage.

"And on the subject of introductions, this is Colin," Keith added, gesturing to his Yanmega.

Terri tilted her head a bit. "You must be one of Keith's friends, right?" she asked Chroma. "What's your name?"

Median Dia 05-16-2018 01:36 PM

"Nice to meet you, Terri," Chroma replied, quietly noting that her last name and the name of her hometown were the same. Was it recently founded or something? She nodded politely as both visitors introduced their pokemon. "Bug Types seem to be getting really popular these days, huh? Anyway, I'm Dichromatia Scmeltzer, though most people just call me Chroma." She stepped back inside and stepped to the side. "Please, come inside and escape the heat!"

Missingno. Master 05-16-2018 06:03 PM

Terri nodded as Chroma introduced herself. "Nice to meet you, Dichromatia," she replied. "I like that name," she added.

At that point, Chroma stepped aside, welcoming Keith and Terri inside and out of the heat, an offer both Trainers were happy to accept. "Thanks," Keith said gratefully, leading the way inside. Colin, Terri, and Vanish were quick to follow.

"Chroma, is it OK if we let out our Pokémon?" asked Terri. Keith, sure though he was of the answer, waited for it nevertheless. Which is more than he could say for a certain Minun of his- Anion burst free of her Poké Ball at Terri's question, as if on cue. Smiling at her familiar surroundings, the Minun wandered off, looking to see if she could locate Bell.

Median Dia 05-16-2018 10:01 PM

Chroma nodded confirmation when asked if it was fine to let the visitors' pokemon roam free (not that Keith's minun cared, apparently). "Sure, as long as they aren't too large. This place might be grand, but it is still our living space!"

A pair of swoobat met Anion when she entered the hallway. 'Oh, you were right! We do have visitors!' exclaimed one of them, a female from the sound of her voice. 'Hello~!'

Missingno. Master 05-17-2018 06:49 PM

"No problem there," Keith nodded. Meowth, Colin, and Anion were already out of their balls, so it was only three spherical objects Keith picked off his belt, enlarged, and tossed into the air. "Alright, then- Winter, Six, Stewie, come on out!"

From the Christmas Ball, in a swirl of snowflakes there emerged one singular sentient snowflake who, at the sight of several unfamiliar faces, hid shyly behind Keith. "Gonal..." he murmured in a slightly echoey sort of voice.

From the Ultra Ball emerged, at first glance, a larger Ultra Ball. Then, it emerged from its instinctive Defense Curl, revealing itself to be an Amoonguss whose cap and shields, rather than looking like the standard Poké Ball, instead resembled the Ultra Ball. Six looked about as shy as Winter. While he didn't hide behind anything or anyone, the Amoonguss still looked as though he wasn't about to be the one to start a conversation.

Finally, there emerged from the Luxury Ball a Ledian who, at one time, bore a color scheme befitting his current ball, but right now, looked just like a normal Ledian. "Led ledi!"Stewie stated. Noticing Chroma, and recognizing her as one of the "hat man's cohorts" who helped to fight him on Stargazer Island, he gave a respectful nod as a greeting.

"None of mine should be too big, either," Terri added, throwing a Poké Ball, a Space Ball, a Lure Ball, a Luxury Ball, and a Psychic Ball, which sent out, respectively, a Ninjask, a Swoobat, an Inkay, a Medicham, and a Starmie.

Keith smiled, giving a happy chuckle as the Swoobat, Inkay, and Starmie converged on him. "Heeeey, good to see you guys again," he smiled, hugging the trio of Psychic-types.

Likewise, came the telepathic voice of Andromeda, Terri's Starmie. We are doing well in Terri's care, but it is always good to see you again.

I foresaw you coming here today, so I gave Terri a little nudge in the right direction, added Luna.

"Heh, you haven't changed a bit, have you, Luna?" Keith grinned.

"Inkay! Inkay!" George smiled.

Terri turned to Chroma. "That's Luna, my Swoobat; Andromeda, my Starmie; and George, my Inkay. All three of them used to belong to Keith, but decided they wanted to travel with me. It's because of Luna I crossed paths with Keith today- they all wanted to see him again. And this is Anger, and this is Observe," she added, introducing her Ninjask and her Medicham respectively.

"Ah, yes- introductions," Keith added, once he was done hugging his old friends. "This is Winter, my Cryogonal, and Six, my Amoonguss. And, well, you remember Stewie," he added, gesturing to the Ledian.


Anion grinned at the pair of Swoobat. "Heh, yeah, you do," she replied. "Name's Anion. My Trainer's back that way if you wanna meet him, too. What're your names? And can either of you tell me where I can find Bell?"

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