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KamenAeons 03-06-2016 11:46 PM

UPN PASBL: S_M vs Slash

3 v 3
Equilevel (assuming 1, but whichever, I guess)
Switch = KO
Rock Arena
Oh boy. You guys know the drill. Shiny_Ma(gneto)n, let's roll.

S_M 03-07-2016 12:53 PM

Not sure about the equilevel 1, I had planned on using my TL6 squad, but I mean if you want to do 1 then we can I guess, I mean that might be fun! But I'll just post my squad now and we can adjust accordingly. Also I'm a big fan of the Avatar (and Supernatural I think?) sigs!

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

Level 7
Apollo: Male Dragonite
Bio: Apollo is one of the very few of my Pokemon who have been with my squad from the very beginning. However, his ability has only recently been realized, now a prime fighter of my squad, and obviously a very fierce opponent to face, doing very well in all of his battles. Most recently, however, he lost to another Dragonair, a battle very, very close to the very end. Convinced that if he would have lasted another round he would have won the battle, he trained endlessly until he regained his confidence, and gained a very useful characteristic from it...
Signature Training: Dragon's Strength (Dragon)
From his extensive training, if Apollo normally would be knocked out, he will remain active on the field until the next turn, at the end of which he will faint, no matter what. Apollo may be knocked out sooner by opponent attacks, however, provided they would be enough to knock it out.

Level 6
Cortex: Male Gallade @ Galladite
Bio: Unlike many of his species, Cortex is a foolhardy extrovert. Cortex has numerous times gotten into altercations with other Pokemon with the smallest provocation; luckily for him, his psychic prowess has usually allowed him to escape unscathed, either through using its Psychic to attack its opponents mercilessly or by Teleporting away from the danger. However, once Cortex found himself in a barfight with a gang of old, irrelevant, somewhat overweight ghost and dark types which called themselves the Wild Hogs. While normally Cortex would recognize the danger the type-advantaged opponents presented and would Teleport away, in this case an opposing Gengar used Mean Look, sealing Cortex's fate. Multiple Thunderbolts, Night Shades, and other attacks did massive damage to the young psychic. Battered and bruised on the brink of death following the battle, Cortex set off in search of a way which would allow him to defeat these foes. After tutelage under a number of dark and ghost Pokemon proved ineffective and Cortex was unable to learn any move that would give him protection against the ghosts' multiple beam attacks, Cortex heard word about a master Pokemon which was able to bend attacks back toward its opponent with ease. Searching for this master, Cortex developed quite a reputation as a ruthless vagrant as he traveled across the land, senselessly attacking Pokemon unless they gave him the information he was seeking. Eventually Cortex found a Zubat which was willing to share the information; its parents had been killed in a battle in an alleyway sometime before, where an Alakazam had been able to redirect all of their attacks back at them before Psychically sending a building toppling down onto them. Cortex then journeyed to the sewers of Saffron City, where he found this Alakazam; after several months of hard training, the scars of which still remain on his body, Cortex learned Kinesis and Miracle Eye. He then traveled back to the bar where the ghosts and darks had defeated him so long ago, and he easily turned their Thunderbolts and Night Shades back against them, using Miracle Eye to render the dark types susceptible to his Psychic onslaught. He left them unconscious on the floor as he set back out into the world, finally vindicated.
Special Training: Alakazam's Training (Psychic)
Cortex may use Kinesis and Miracle Eye, though his training has neglected Magical Leaf, Charge Beam, Grass Knot, Future Sight, and Icy Wind, and he may not use these attacks.

Isis: Female Flygon (lol I should probably change this name)

Justinian: Male Nidoking

Orion: Male Lucario @ Lucarionite
Bio: Abandoned as a pup, he was found by a trainer who lived in the middle of nowhere. But it wasn’t just a regular nowhere, but rather nowhere in the middle of Canada. So it was cold. Orion trained here for quite some time, becoming quite accustomed to the frigid conditions that he lived in. He eventually moved on to another tropical region. But creepy stuff started happening, and it's up to Orion to save his new home! A group of ice types had infiltrated the area, turning it into a frozen wasteland; Orion was the only one able to withstand the frigid temperatures and beat down the ice types, enabling the region to return to a state of lush productivity.
Special Training: Heart of Ice (Ice)
Orion is very resistant to cold temperatures and hypothermia and is sure-footed on ice. This does not affect his ability to withstand ice type attacks.

Cascade: Gend. Starmie
Bio: The lake that Cascade lived in before its capture originally was sparkling clean. However, businesses from the cities began to run pipes to the lake and dump toxic waste into it. The water types in the lake either died or migrated to another area, though Cascade chose to stay in its home. Poison types were attracted to the area and Cascade found itself needing to use its psychic abilities to keep them at bay as well. Eventually, however, a Tentacruel moved into the area. Twice the size of a normal Tentacruel, Cascade’s psychic abilities were largely ineffective against it. It was forced to leave the area and while in exile from its home, Cascade trained itself until it learned to use a more powerful psychic move. After learning this move, it returned in triumph, defeating the Tentacruel and driving the remaining poison types out.
Special Attack: Death Star (Psychic)
Cascade glows gold with psychic energy for several seconds, during which time its weakness to dark, ghost, and bug attacks will double to be double-super-effective against it. After the charging time is complete, Cascade will release the psychic energy in the form of golden beams from each of its points. These beams will join together a few feet in front of Cascade and the resulting beam will attempt to strike its target. This attack is deals damage equal to a Hyper Beam and takes as much energy. This attack may be used once per battle. Cascade cannot use Hyper Beam.

Slash 03-07-2016 05:17 PM

Equilevel 1 doesn't devolve anything. Equiall does. When playing Equilevel, there's almost no reason to do any Equilevel other than 1, since gameplay is essentially the same and has the added benefit of anything you bring that isn't up to your TL levelling up. But since you sent out as Equilevel 6, I'm cool with just going that.

My Korra was directly based off your Aang. You were gone, possibly forever, and I was continuing the legacy.

Bringing a Badge, too

Fundamental Badge
Global Badge
This Badge represents the perils and dangers a new Trainer must face, earned by besting Slash in the tall grass.
Badge Effect: Basic Perils
Statuses and debuffs inflicted by the badgeholder's Pokemon are more potent and harder to dispel. While these effects are still subject to diminishing returns, they are slightly less affected by them.

Also bringing Cameruptite

A Pimp Named Slickback: Mr. Mime Lv 7 (M) (uplevel)
Hidden Power Fire
Sig: Special Training: Pimpslapping
A Pimp Named Slickback can convert any move with "Punch" in its name that he has access to into a Slap (such as Fire Slap and Mega Slap). He can be ordered to charge Fairy or Psychic energy into Mega Slap or Double-Slap, making the slap that type. All his Slap moves have a 20% chance to lower physical defense.

Sarat A'lch: Glaceon Lv 6 (M) [shiny]
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Power Crystals
A'lch can use an odd variation of the moves Stealth Rock, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Diamond Storm. Instead of stone, they are made of a beautiful translucent ice and as such use Ice energy rather than Rock and are Ice-type as opposed to their normal Rock-typing. These attacks may not be used by him in their normal, Rock-Typed versions. He can use these attacks the same way a Rock-Type Pokemon would use them in their normal variation, and can generate the ice for them out of energy instead of the ice having to be present in the arena, with no penalty to power or energy of the moves. These constructs are slightly more solid than the Rock moves would be, and they have a high chance to leave chilling on the foe on contact. This chance as well as the severity of the chilling increases with prolonged contact. These variations do not count as the normal version of the attack for the purposes of moves such as Mimic, Copycat, or Imprison (in calling these moves, "Rock" or "Stone" is replaced by "Ice", such as "Ice Tomb", and Diamond Storm's variant will be called Diamond Blizzard). He loses Blizzard and Double-Edge.

Korra: Smeargle Lv 6 (F)
Sketched moves (18/22): Roost, Hyper Beam, Focus Energy, Explosion, Confide, Safeguard, Tri Attack, Secret Power, Bide, Baton Pass, Barrier, Psychic, Spite, Focus Blast, Dynamic Punch, Memento, Giga Drain, Struggle Bug
Earth (4/5): Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Ancient Power, Stone Edge
Fire (5/5): Flamethrower, Sacred Fire, Lava Plume, Eruption, Magma Storm
Water (4/5): Bubble Beam, Avalanche, Water Shuriken, Freeze-Dry
Air (5/5): Aeroblast, Twister, Sky Attack, Defog, Chatter
Special Training: Avatar State
Korra may Sketch 5 extra moves of each of these four categories: Flying, Fire, Water/Ice, Ground/Rock. She also gains use of a Hidden Power of each of the specified types. She can use her moves as though she carried those types, such as using Freeze-Dry as though she were an Ice-type, using the remote forms of Rock moves that Rock-types can use, using Roost as a Flying-type can etc. This does not mean she has unlimited STAB with such moves, however, her type energies still being granted by the number of moves of each type, although she does carry some extra energy of these types.

Nameless: Camerupt Lv 6 (M)
Hidden Power Grass
Attached: Cameruptite
Sig: Special Attack: Mantle Burst (Ground)
Nameless focuses energy into his hump and shoots a burst of molten magma and Ground energy at the foe. This hits entirely as special. This attack deals heavy damage of the specified type for equal energy cost, also of the specified type, and has a significantly higher chance than Lava Plume to cause a burn, the burns being also more severe. This has two other variations, Vulcan Burst, which works entirely the same, only with Fire energy in place of the Ground energy, or Magma Burst, which does the same with Rock energy.

Ghazan: Dugtrio Lv 6 (M)
Sig: Special Training: Lava Bending
Ghazan can use a Lava variation of all his Rock moves, wherein the rock is converted to lava and Rock energy is replaced by Fire energy. These techniques are otherwise nearly identical to their non-altered counterparts, although all moves that use actual lava gain a 20% chance to burn on contact. These moves are not considered the same move as their unaltered counterparts, so, for example, a Lava Stone Edge is not considered the same move as a regular Stone Edge for any reason. He has Fire familiarity with which to use these techniques. However, he loses access to Feint Attack, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Beat Up, and Curse.

Set: Gyarados Lv 6 (M)
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Training: Divine Storm God
Set is now an Electric/Flying type, having become one with the storm. In losing the Water type, he only has standard 2 HB familiarity with the type, although he retains the benefits of the Type Characteristic. In rejection of its Dragon heritage, now all its Dragon moves are no longer of the Dragon type. Instead, they are used in either a "Storm God" variation or a "Divine" variation, the former making them Electric-typed and the, latter Flying-typed, instead of being Dragon-typed (the call for these will replace "Dragon" in the name with the variant term, such as "Divine Pulse", or add the variant term to the name, such as "Storm God Twister"). Having power over all foul weather has also granted him Heat Wave, although he only has the Fire energy to use it once, and loses all other moves that require Fire energy, including moves such as Dragon Rage and Scald. He has also lost Crunch, Dark Pulse, Avalanche, Ice Beam, Payback, Torment, Hydro Pump, Avalanche, Sandstorm, Reflect, Stone Edge, Double Team, Outrage, and Uproar. As a blessed blade can pierce even the mightiest gods, he no longer resists Steel, taking neutral damage from the type. He also can never Mega.

This is what passes for a murdersquad for me.

Sarat, come forth!

S_M 03-08-2016 02:08 PM

Oh at least I used to ref that higher level Pokemon were generally better in terms of fighting ability, type energy, etc (a lv6 vs lv6 fight was different than a lv1 vs lv1 fight) but I guess that was a long time ago. It also seems silly to have a Lv2 Dragonite lol

Cortex, you're up! Mega Evolve, then give your opponent a Mean Look to intimidate it! Go in for a Power-up Punch afterward!

(mega evolving doesn't count as a move right?)

KamenAeons 03-09-2016 12:08 AM

Mega Evolving does not count as a move, but it still takes some time, during which a foe can prepare a counterattack.

We also have standardised type energy amounts and are generally capable of determining the fighting ability of a Pokemon.

Slash 03-09-2016 07:09 AM

You really think that's going to work on me? Refresh after the Mean Look to rid yourself of the curse. Then Baton Pass out to Set

KamenAeons 03-25-2016 04:27 AM

A simple battleground for a veteran battler coming out of the floorboards and our resident sigmaker of 2015 and I assume 2016 because my memory is foul. Let's go!

Extending his armblades for his age-old friend, Cortex gallantly stands by S_M, primed for battle! Having seized the chance to start off strong, could S_M fend off Slash and his Glaceon, Sarat? Or is it A'lch? WHO KNOWS?


Gallade (Psychic/Fighting): Gallade are able to extend their arms and elbows. Their arms are also very sharp, and cutting attacks do slightly more damage. Their empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. They also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy. In its Mega Form, Gallade becomes a dashing knight, sworn to defend its trainer. Its slashing moves become x1.2 more powerful. Due to its heightened concentration, it is far less vulnerable to mind-altering moves and cannot be flinched.

Glaceon (Ice): Members of the Eevee line have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. Their Baton Pass and Helping Hand attacks take slightly less time and energy to perform compared to other Pokémon. Glaceon's light colouring and ice-like body patterns allow them to hide better among ice and in blizzards. Glaceon deals slightly more damage with Ice typed attacks than usual.
As the first match up begins, our ancient veteran's Mega Ring shimmers brightly before Cortex's Galladite shines in response, bathing the arena in a rainbow of light! Sight is restored as Cortex's form is cocooned in a shell of purple, before it gets slashed to pieces to reveal his Mega Evolved form! Complete with cape, Cortex adopts a fighting stance all while Sarat stands his ground! But hey ho, spell card activate! The Mega Gallade's eyes glisten with a blue light while glaring intensely at his frigid foe! His noble form and fighting spirit causes the Glaceon to buckle at his knees, noticeably unnerved by the fearsome display as he finds himself sealed in this match up by the glare's curse!

Frozen in place, Sarat tries to regather his wits as Cortex deftly speeds towards him with a glowing fist! Shouting as he brings the hand down, the Gallade socks his enemy with his overcharged strike, smirking as his limbs overflow with power left behind from the blow! All the while, Sarat shakes off the pain, focusing on quelling his curse that seals him in this duel with a noble foe. His sky blue form takes on a healthy green glow as the lock on his body is released, Sarat now able to flee from this disadvantage. To which, he immediately does! Sarat bids farewell to the Gallade as he passes on his baton to his allies, replacing his small frame with the body of a STORM GOD! Set stares down at his adversary, Sarat's worry of the Gallade clinging onto him somewhat as he turns to his trainer for instructions.

Cortex managed to give himself a boost to physical attacks, which will prove very nifty given GIANT SEA SERPENT IS ON THE FIRST. Set's inherited mindset should right itself up in a while, but again, he seems to be a bit wary of Cortex even with his advantage. Sarat's retreated to safety for now.


Slash 03-25-2016 04:26 PM

Let's show him how we roll. Divine Tail, then Divine Breath

S_M 03-26-2016 03:58 PM

Mimic that Baton Pass while your opponent is cowering in fear. If successful, Baton Pass to Isis; if not, well that sucks, use Rock Slide instead.

S_M 04-07-2016 07:12 AM

Bump for Kamen, who I think is still around based on the edited TA post and we don't need to find another ref right?

KamenAeons 04-07-2016 07:34 AM

No not yet. I know I have to ref this but apparently putting thought to text is really hard as fuck right now.

KamenAeons 04-09-2016 08:43 AM

Round 2: On a roll
Set bellows apprehensively as he feels Sarat's sins weighing down his neck, the Mega Gallade remaining poised in the face of danger. Seizing his chance, Cortex remembers Sarat's escape tactic, keeping it stored in his memory just as his current foe swings his colossal tail. Sacred light envelops the mass of flesh as Cortex lifts his arms up to absorb the momentum, a huge burst of wind howling on impact! The Mega Gallade barrels through the air, righting himself up while deftly landing flawlessly on his feet. Having been sent flying quite far from his opponent, both S_M and Cortex conclude it's safest to retreat, using the move he had just copied from his previous opponent to do so! Set hisses as he billows a searing cloud of misty flames, but Cortex is already on his way out! The knight bows out, vanishing to the safety of his Poke Ball before the cloud washes over where he stood! As the flames flicker away, Set finds a new adversary in his way, S_M's spirit of the desert, Isis! ALOHA SNACKBAR TIME FOLKS.


Gyarados (Water/Flying): Gyarados are terrifying and their fear based attacks are much more effective than normal. Gyarados are equally at home on land or in the water. They are not particularly agile in either medium despite their Flying typing, however. They can see in the dark. Their incredible jaw strength gives them a 20% boost to their biting attacks. In its Mega Forme, Gyarados becomes Water/Dark typed. Its appearance gives off an extremely intimidating aura, causing smaller and more timid Pokémon to cower, reducing the willingness of its foes to attack, as well as giving it the ability to intimidate Pokemon who would normally hold a resistance.

Flygon (Ground/Dragon): Flygon are not as proficient at digging as their basic form but can still conceal themselves well within sandy environments and fight more enthusiastically in them. Flygon's shielded eyes are adapted to seeing in a sandstorm and such are not hindered in heavy sand or fog. Flygon can see in the dark and are resistant to light based attacks targeted at the eyes such as Flash. They are agile fliers, though not exceptionally fast, and are familiar with the Bug type. Because they flap their wings so quickly and produce a near ultrasonic but distracting noise, attacks which use their wings to strike have a 10% flinch chance against its targets.
Isis is unharmed, with Cortex's super focused mindset and Attack boost empowering her for a brief and moderate period of time respectively. Cortex took a fair chunk of damage, but is back in his ball so it's all good. Set's not too happy with the turn of events, but perhaps this storm god can turn the tides on Isis.

(By the way, I might start quoting Priscilla at some point.)

S_M 04-09-2016 05:11 PM

Use Earthquake (not direct contact), then ascend upward and backward as you try to hit it in the eyes with a Mud Shot.

KamenAeons 05-02-2016 04:22 AM

Slash go order in things so I have something to do when I'm not dying by papers

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