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KamenAeons 06-09-2015 10:42 AM

UPN PASBL: Lucario188 vs. Connor
Right, this was something I was asked to ref a while ago so let's go!

4 vs. 4
Equilevel 3
48hr DQ
Return = KO
Echo Cave (Indoor Custom Arena): Pokemon enjoy the echoey quality of this small limestone cavern. Many Pokemon that use ultrasonic waves live here. Sound-based attacks have been found to 10% more damaging or effective, whichever applies. Water has pooled in this cavern to depths that could drown a trainer of average height, approximately 4' 5" tall, but these water bodies are small and easy enough to climb out of.
Special Rules: Cave rules, Wild Pokemon (Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Wobbuffet, Dunsparce, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Nosepass, Mawile, Wynaut, Probopass, Woobat, Swoobat, Noibat, Noivern)

> Equilevel
Oh god this will righteously suck. Anyhoo, coffee! I mean Luka! Squad! *echoes*

Lucario188 06-16-2015 10:39 PM

Oh man I didn't know this was posted a week ago I'm sorry :-/ Thank you for the battle Connor, and thank you for reffing Kamen! Let's have fun~

I'm cool with equiall if Connor wants to change. I don't remember why I put equilevel, but I'm fine either way.

Flint: Level 4 Male Charizard (Uplevel)
No Signature Move.
Hidden Power: Water

Nico: Level 3 Male Luxray
No Signature Move.
Hidden Power: Water

Kilvin: Level 3 Male Skarmory
No Signature Move.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Sedge: Level 3 Male Marshtomp
No Signature Move.
Hidden Power Type: Electric

Level 3 Porygon2
No Signature Move.
Hidden Power Type: Water

Elodin: Level 3 Male Kirlia
No Signature Move.

Connor 06-17-2015 10:34 AM

Good luck, Luka. Always a pleasure to battle you. Let's see how you can roll.

Level 4

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn668m.gif Braveheart: Male Pyroar
Pyroar: Pyroar (Fire/Normal): Pyroar are very proud and protective Pokémon. Though rage-enducing attacks will be more effective, they will also sharply boost their attack. Any move involving roaring or growling will be more intimidating and more effective when used by Pyroar, even those which would not normally have this effect. Their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making them more vulnerable to sound-based status attacks. Their sense of smell is similarly enhanced, allowing them to track foes and detect true foes in a Double Team.
Biography: Braveheart, as his name suggests, is a hugely brave Pokemon. This has manifested in him often being likened to a fool, his sheer tenacity and determination overcoming many of his own faults. Of course, these tendencies do not mesh particularly well with one of his most favoured past times - explosives construction.
Signature Training - Ballistics Boy
Braveheart has learned how to use Mud Bomb, Seed Bomb, Magnet Bomb and Sludge Bomb. He has enough offtype to use each of these twice per battle. Braveheart may no longer use Fire Blast or Overheat.
Hidden Power: Water

Level 3

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn344.gif Petra: Genderless Claydol
Claydol: As they have eyes all around their heads, Claydol are almost impossible to surprise or sneak up on. They have spherical arms that are capable of firing beam attacks. These arms are not attached to Claydol’s body and can be separated out a foot or so, allowing them to attack from unexpected angles. As living draydols, techniques which focus on spinning will be quicker to use and more effective than normal when used by Claydol. They levitate by default and are inorganic.
Biography: For as long as Petra has held sentience, the animated doll has held a deep connection to the souls of the beyond. Often plagued by visions from the departed, Petra at first rejected this latent ability, considering it a malfunction of being. Despite this deep set denial, the symptoms never once fled Petra's body, and eventually they were accepted. Instead beginning to use this connection to further the needs of his existence, Petra realised a resonance with the dead could leave a lasting impression on the living, and from this a Signature Move was born.
Signature Move - Lich:
Petra strikes at the ground with one of it's turrets, sending a snaking trail of Ground type energy towards the opponent. This will shortly explode beneath the foe as the spirits of the departed strike at the opponent, draining them of fluids before restoring Petra's own life force. This attack will deal Heavy Ground- type damage, for equivalent energy, and will heal half of the damage dealt back to Petra subject to diminishing returns. Due to the dehydrating effects of Lich, the attack is considered super effective against both Grass and Water type Pokemon, but considered resisted by Steel, Rock and Ground Pokemon. Lich may only be used twice per battle.
Hidden Power: Fire

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn121.gif Rime: Gendleress Starmie
Starmie: Starmie do not have eyes and thus cannot be affected by moves such as Confuse Ray or Flash. However, they use their psychic senses and an excellent sense of touch to detect opponents with ease. Starmie can levitate. A Starmie’s core is its most vulnerable point and they will take a bit more damage if attacked there with physical moves. As starfish, they easily recover from serious injuries and will never have to stay in a Pokémon centre for longer than one battle, unless they are placed there because their core has been damaged.
Biography: Rime is a paragon of divinity. Being well known throughout the land, the traveling priest has conjured many a miracle, her immense devotion to her religion setting many a common folk into awe. This absolute fealty to the high powers has seen Rime blessed with immense knowledge and power, and this is reflected in her battling style, calm and steady.
Signature Training - Ply Well:
Rime can now use Wish, and will receive a greater boost in using it than most other Pokemon. She will feel more revitalised after having used it, and will recover a Significant amount of typeless energy as opposed to Good.
Hidden Power: Fighting

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn437.gif Bartholomew: Genderless Bronzong
Bronzong: Bronzong may levitate a short distance above the ground, though they move rather slowly, and are inorganic. Bronzong are a bit more resistant to heat than other Steel-types.
Biography: Being of an ancient culture, Bartholomew has had aeons to practice his arcane arts. This has led to a rather broken psyche being deeply instilled within his mind, but has likewise gifted Bart with an ability beyond all comprehension. His connection with the Earth and by extension the past spirits which reside there is above all else his one pride, the one morsel of his mind which he has forcibly retained.
Signature Move - Call of the Haunted:
Gathering Heavy Psychic energy, Bartholomew emits a sharp tone, awakening slumbering spirits lying beneath the arena. These spirits will immediately emerge and sap the foe of Considerable typeless energy, before disappearing back into the depths of the surroundings. Every time a new opponent is sent out, these spirits will emerge once more, likewise draining a Considerable amount of typeless energy. This will affect the overall fatigue of the victim, and is not subject to diminishing returns unless it triggers against the same Pokemon more than once. Call of the Haunted can be dispelled in the same manner as Stealth Rock.
Hidden Power: Fighting

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn053.gif Akame: Female Persian
Persian: Meowth and Persian can see in the dark, and are well adapted to moving silently so that no one can hear them move. They are able climbers and have excellent poise and balance. As a cat, they will usually land on their feet, and can slip through gaps that might seem too thin at first glance with little drop in speed. A Persian's Payday attack produces more coins and does more damage than normal. Persian is a proud Pokémon and thus more susceptible to moves that induce anger.
Biography: Akame, from birth, was trained to be an assassin. Her body was subject to grueling training, all manners of poisons injected into her so that she would slowly become accustomed. Eventually, she escaped her hellish entrapment, managing to free herself from the hold of the deranged organisation, but she would forever be changed.
Signature Technique - Murasame
Akame's fangs and claws now secrete dangerous levels of poison. This means that all attacks which involve clawing or biting her opponent hold a 10% chance to inflict Toxic poisoning. However, all of these attacks likewise become more strenuous, holding a x1.1 increase to energy use.
Hidden Power: Psychic

http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pn530.gif Zagan: Male Excadrill
Excadrill: Excadrill's claws are as tough as steel and covered in sharp grooves, allowing them to dig through any surface with great ease. They dig like a drill, rotating extremely quickly, letting them travel very fast through the ground for little energy. They can dig through most surfaces and tunnel in almost anything aside from many feet of solid concrete or bedrock. Their tunnels are also sturdy, and, if desired, can be made so they do not collapse after being dug. Their claw based attacks deal 1.2x damage.
Biography: Zagan has always had a rather special connection with the Earth beneath his feet. Responding readily, the ground shifts and melds to the will of Zagan as easily as breathing. This has slowly manifested a rather specific ability of his, empowering his approach to everything.
Signature Training - Alma Terra:
All of Zagan's moves which manipulate the terrain in some way deal 20% more damage, but do not require any extra energy to execute. These include moves such as Earthquake, which directly channel through the terrain, as well as Rock Slide, which alters the terrain in order to attack.
Hidden Power: Electric

Braveheart and Petra, take to the stage.

Lucario188 06-17-2015 10:12 PM

Thank you, Ditto.

"Elodin and Porygon2, I choose you!

Porygon2, use Tri Attack on Pyroar.
Elodin, attack Claydol with a focused Hyper Voice.

Then Porygon2, use Secret Power on Claydol.
Finally Elodin, use Psyshock on Pyroar."

Connor 06-18-2015 02:43 AM

Don't know whether to be annoyed or impressed you avoided my attempt to lure your Marshomp out and murder it.

Braveheart, charge forwards with abandon, and Iron Tail Elodin, preferably carving through Tri Attack on your way.
Petra, take the Hyper Voice, then smash Elodin with a Shadow Ball.

Braveheart, trade blows and slam Elodin with a juicy Magnet Bomb.
Petra, be as subtle as Red and hit Elodin with a second Shadow Ball.

I am so sorry.

KamenAeons 06-23-2015 12:20 AM

Cibbir, you terrible person.

KamenAeons 06-30-2015 08:54 PM

Round 1: Destruction
As water drips down from the stalactites above, pooling in the shallows of Echo Cave, three intrepid trainers cross paths in this limestone cavern. With his usual mask hiding his face, the referee simply nods to his two battlers, silently gesturing them to send in their Pokemon. The Ground Gym Leader, feeling somewhat used to the dark conditions akin to his battleground, the Tiger's Maw, sends out his duet of his bravest feline and his rather daunting draydol! Luka responds by sending the computer program that the referee was sort of familiar with and a dainty dancer. Oh how that dancer is going to have a crap future. Stretching his legs, Elodin nods in acknowledgement of his teammate before surveying the arena, along with his opponents. The regal form of Braveheart stares right back at him while Petra ominously levitates among some stalagmites, a haunting feeling radiating from the Claydol.

As the drums of war begin to rumble, Porygon2 starts off the proceedings with a cluster of primary colours coalescing before its interface. With a low whine, the tri-coloured beam of energy corkscrews towards Braveheart as he pounces at the wide-open Kirlia, who's turned away from the Pyroar! Elodin unleashes his inner Dragonborn with a hearty yell, rippling soundwaves through the cavern and magnifying the frequency of the waves as they rattle Petra's clay frame! Despite being able to deal some good damage against his target, Elodin gasps as he sees Braveheart come in, the Pyroar being blasted from the side by Porygon2's beam on the way in! Planting his feet on the ground, the lion with burning guts sweeps his tail sheathed in metal around and slams it into Elodin! The Kirlia gasps as he is thrown into a stalagmite, waist ringing in pain from the super effective hit, but his situation only gets worse. Petra's body rumbles as shadows coil and writhe in its arms, pouring themselves into a spherical mass that gets sent flying towards the fairy, whirling and crackling with spectral wind and energy! Trying to roll out of the way, Elodin gets caught in the explosion resulting from the impact of the Shadow Ball, and gets tossed into the ground by the winds!

Looking on in horror, Porygon2 shoots off to its teammate's aid, ramming its beak into Petra's side with a pink sheen coating it! The Claydol shudders from the impact, seeming less responsive as a result of the tackle as Porygon2 notices some of its many eyes have begun to power down. Perhaps it has become drowsy as a result of the coating of energy around the tackle… Braveheart watches triumphantly as his own target, the Kirlia, is finally back on his feet after that terrible bombardment. With a throaty cough from Braveheart, the Pyroar summons a small silver orb of Steel energy to his aid, which begins to slowly move towards the weakened Psychic! Panicking, Elodin tries to push it away with a wave of force, barely repelling it before it continues its course towards him! While Elodin tries to run from the projectile chasing after him, Braveheart's body is struck hard by the wave, the force manifesting itself in a physical form to target his core! However, it would take much more than a blast of defiance to bring him down. Smirking, Braveheart watches as Elodin screams out once again in pain, the magnetic sphere having hit him at last. At the other side of the cavern, Petra's body repeats its first attack, being produced somewhat slower than before due to its drowsiness, but still creating a sphere of ghostly doom just as big. It's not fun for Elodin.

Elodin got wrecked this round, deep into his final third, while Porygon2 remains untouched. Energy remains not a concern. Elodin's trying to keep himself standing with a stalagmite, while Porygon2 hovers around Petra
Braveheart and Petra took roughly the same amount of damage, but they've shot through their reserves of Steel and Ghost respectively. Petra is quite far from Braveheart right now, while Braveheart is about a few metres from Elodin.

Connor 07-01-2015 06:37 AM

I am so sorry I'm not a good person I know.

Braveheart use Noble Roar to buy Petra enough time to get a Cosmic Power off.
Petra, follow by barreling into Elodin with Gyro Ball, while Braveheart directs a Flamethrower at the same target.

Lucario188 07-05-2015 10:59 PM

"Let's do this.
Elodin, Taunt them out of their first attacks, then use Destiny Bond on Claydol followed by Shadow Ball on Claydol.
Porygon2, be careful not to hit Elodin when you attack Claydol with Blizzard followed by Shadow Ball."

Possible three for Kirlia.
Apologies for the delay, family was visiting for the weekend.

KamenAeons 07-26-2015 11:37 PM

Round 2: Miserable Fate
Clearing his throat, Braveheart prepares to bellow a mighty roar in the cavern, while the beaten up Elodin tries to make his move! Attempting to curse the Claydol in the distance, her thoughts only on the Claydol as she starts the rites in her mind! And then a throaty roar echoes in the cavern, causing her curse to go off half baked! Seeing the Kirlia and Porygon2 freeze up in fear of the echoing call of nobles, Petra begins to channel the Power Cosmic into its many eyes, raising the Claydol's defensive stats a fair clip! Porygon2 musters up the shards of its courage to attack as Elodin sets up a sacrificial move, driven by his own fear to make sure that even if he were to fall, the one felling him shall stare down the blade of the reaper. Chilling winds brew as Porygon2 stirs up a blizzard aimed for Petra, the draydol begin to gyrate as chunks of ice and sleet batter its clay exterior! And then the clock strikes the end for Elodin, silver orbs glowing to life around Petra as it begins to force its way through the remains of the blizzard and towards the Kirlia at a rapid pace, slamming the ball bearings into his face and sending him crashing into a wall, Elodin letting loose one final ghastly wail before he collapses.

Elodin is unable to battle!

A surge of spectral energy collects beneath Petra before flaring up in a brilliant eruption of pitch black, causing the Claydol to take a huge strike of retribution from the fallen Kirlia. Braveheart remains out of the picture as Porygon2's depleted servers summon up the residue shadows left from the plume into an orb, a throbbing mass of spirits corkscrewing into Petra's body and exploding in spooky winds!

Petra didn't have a great round, crashing near critical health with the onslaught that it received. However, Porygon2 is very exhausted for the time being, while Braveheart himself feeling all the fresher. Petra should consider a lighter round in the future although the more pressing concern is its health. Ice and Ghost are low on Porygon2's end, while Petra's Steel is past half.

Lucario188 07-27-2015 10:36 PM

"Elodin, return! Thanks for your effort.

Sedge, let's go! Fire off a Water Gun at Claydol, then follow up with a Water Pulse.
Porygon2, attack Braveheart using Round.
Sedge, if Claydol isn't knocked out, finish him with a Water Pledge"

Connor 07-28-2015 04:06 AM

Braveheart, Seed Bomb Sedge while Petra Protects from that first attack

Braveheart, jump to intercept the second attack aimed at Petra while she uses Lich on Sedge.

Miror 08-13-2015 02:41 AM

With Kirlia fading from the field, he is quickly replaced by Sedge the Marshtomp, joining his floating partner as he eyes his two foes from the cavern floor. And then in quick fashion, the combat resumes once more. Right out of the gate is Sedge himself firing a jet of water up at the hovering Claydol, and a noise like a gunshot echoes through the complex as it erects a protective barrier just in time and it takes the bullet. Meanwhile Braveheart has been gathering his not so native grass energy in the form of seeds and sends the spherical bombs whistling back towards the Marshtomp, who being focused on Petra has little time to react as the projectiles rain down on him, causing him incredible pain. This is followed by Porygon2 sending a round of sound towards the Pyroar that likewise continues to echo, but the lion seems to be preoccupied with other things. Sedge has been gathering an orb of water energy, and he sends said sphere forward as it pulses through the air towards Petra. Being a good friend, Braveheart jumps between the orb and its intended target, the Claydol dodging a second bullet as the Pyroar lands, his mind addled by the blow. Petra's many eyes look on angrily, and the spirit of a lich travels down into the ground from her and races towards the Marshtomp, reaping him of quite a bit of his lifeforce and gives it back to its host, and just in time as Sedge continues with a three mover to send another blast of water its way, bound with a pledge to finish off the Claydol. It fails in this duty however, as Petra survives yet another round.

Sedge is already beneath the midpoint and will face a bit of immediate exhaustion from his three but is otherwise good for two. Porygon2 went untouched and is refreshed. Braveheart still is in his first third but is confused, and still good for two. Petra is quite tired and back into critical. Connor to order.

Connor 08-13-2015 02:50 AM

Braveheart, Hyper Voice when you can.

Petra send an Earth Power towards Sedge.

Lucario188 08-13-2015 10:05 PM

"Porygon2, use Hidden Power on Pyroar.

Sedge, attack Pyroar with Hydro Pump followed by Dynamic Punch.

Porygon2, finish with a Tri Attack to Claydol."

Miror 08-15-2015 12:29 PM

The round starts off with a bang, but a pretty one sided bang for the moment. Moving nearly simultaneously, both Porygon2 and Sedge lock onto the confused Pyroar, with a small orb of energy forming at the duck creature's nose, and the Marshtomp gathering massive amounts of water into his mouth. Porygon2 takes aim and fires, the hidden power that he has accumulated rippling through the air as the sphere of water splashes over Braveheart. Knocked to his senses, the Pyroar has clarity of mind just long enough to see a huge stream dihydrogen monoxide pumping towards him and into his face, fully dousing the lion. At the same time as Sedge begins to celebrate his succes is when a column of earth erupts from beneath his feet, as Petra rises out of the ground, having just slammed into it and channeling the remaining power that the Claydol has left at its disposal. Sedge, despite taking the blow, continues to focus his attention on the Pyroar and charges towards him, fist glowing with dynamic energy. Having come to his senses, Braveheart has been preparing and as the punch makes contact, he lets out a roar of hyper voice, and the Marshtomp (although not specifically aimed for) takes the full brunt of the attack and is bowled backwards. Meanwhile, Pyroar was also sent skidding by the small explosion, but is left lucid and still conscious. Petra is not quite as lucky, however, as Porygon2 turns its attention to the floating construct and sends a tri attack of blended fire, electric, and ice powers, and the three orbs hit the Claydol and its eyes wink out, the doll falling to the earth swiftly to rise no more.

Petra is unable to battle! Connor, please send out your next Pokemon choice!

Braveheart is nearing critical health, but is refreshed. Porygon2 is also refreshed, and still has yet to take damage, Water gone. Sedge is into his final third of health, and would definitely appreciate a break. Fighting has enough for another punch.

Connor 08-15-2015 03:45 PM

Rime, to the skies. Dart down to the waters and raise a Surf up over both of them, then target Sedge with a Hydro Pump.

Braveheart, hang back to ensure the Surf doesn't strike you too, then hurl a Hyper Voice at Sedge. Follow with a Quick Charge Hyper Beam to Sedge.

Lucario188 08-15-2015 11:24 PM

"Sedge, jump into the pool next to you and swim to the bottom to avoid as many attacks as possible.

Porygon2, quickly attack Pyroar using Natural Gift followed by a Tri Attack.
If he's not knocked out, finish him with a Round."

Possible three-mover.

Miror 08-17-2015 03:05 PM

Another burst of red light illuminates the cavern as Rime the Starmie arrives to the field of battle, floating gently in the air to start with as its ruby gem glints out of the darkness. The Starmie does not stay peaceful for long, as the starfish plummets into one of the nearby shallow pools before any of the others can react, the force of its impact sending a wave similar to that of the ocean's surf splashing over its two opponents. Braveheart knew what was about to occur and speedily backpedaled, but now takes aim at the Marshtomp who is just returning to his feet as he lets out another blast of hyper voice as the roar echoes through the cave once more. Sedge attempts to head into the nearby pool but is bowled over on the way by the somewhat solid sound. The Pyroar gives a purr of sorts, but is quickly struck himself by an eruption of rock energy from beneath, the Porygon2 having used his natural powers to send Braveheart a nice gift. The Pyroar teeters, but steadies himself as he perseveres through the blow. Rime has whirled into the air again to get a clear shot on Sedge, who has now sunk into the pool, and Bravheart moves forward to get that shot as well. They both fire off streams of respective energy, with the Pyroar sending a hyper beam rushing into the pool, while the Starmie's hydro pump does similarly. It's unclear which hits first, but either one would've done the job as the Marshtomp collapses. However, three orbs nearly simultaneously strike Braveheart as well, the tri attack finishing off the lion as he falls to his side, head resting on the cool cave floor.

Sedge and Braveheart are unable to battle!

Luka will send out her next Pokemon choice, then Connor will give his with orders, followed by Luka ordering. Woo.

Porygon2 took its first damage, and is still good for two. Rime took none, and will face a tiny bit of immediate exhaustion but is definitely still good for two afterwards.

Lucario188 08-19-2015 10:26 PM

"Sedge, return! Nice job out there.

Kilvin, let's finish this!"

Connor 08-20-2015 06:43 AM

Zagan, show them your might. Wait for Rime to use Gravity before pumping Kilvin full of Earth Power.

Rime, follow by remaining evasive, while Zagan breaks through the ground and strikes with Drill Run.

Amusingly I have been using sound based attacks a lot without realising the arena boosts them.

Lucario188 08-20-2015 10:03 PM

"Kilvin, use Metal Sound to prevent the Gravity and Earth Power, then attack Excadrill with Hidden Power as you ascend to the top of the cave.

Porygon2, close or cover your earholes if you can, then hit Starmie with a Thunderbolt when you're able."

Miror 08-22-2015 03:02 AM

The last of the competitors arrive into the cave, one from either side as an Excadrill named Zagan sinks his spiked hands into the ground and spins them similarly to drills, while on the other side Kilvin the Skarmory creaks slightly as he unfurls his metallic wings, the scythe-like feathers spreading slightly apart. The two Steel-types join their already on the field partners, and the battling resumes. The Starmie's jewel begins to glow as it charges psychic power, but Kilvin is having none of it as he lets out a screech like metal grating against itself mixed with the most high pitched and annoying of bird chirrups, and the sound blends over itself as it continues to echo throughout the area, deafening everyone outside of Skarmory. Rime finds itself interrupted out of its attempt to increase the levels of gravity, while Zagan kinda sits there as his exploitable orders were, well, exploited, as no extra gravity means no happy happy earth powers. Shucks. All of the Pokemon outside of Kilvin begin to regain their bearings, and the Skarmory has taken to the air. The starfish on the ground, with nothing better to do, attempts to prepare itself for anything that may come its way, and the Skarmoy sends the first assault. However, as this glowing orb of hidden ground power whisks towards the duo, it is not aimed at the Starmie but at Zagan, who takes the brunt of the blow full on and skids slightly on the wet, rocky floor. The mole looks up at his attacker angrily, frustrated as well that he can't carry out the second portion of his stratagem, being well out of reach of Kilvin (who I assume he was targeting because Connor apparently can't dictate who a Pokemon is aiming at more than once per order very often), and whilst this is occurring, the Porygon2 finally gets in on the action, sending a crackling thunderbolt arcing down onto its target, with Rime letting out a distressed cry as the electricity passes through its vulnerable body.

Not a great round for Rime and Zagan, both taking pretty decent blows and doing essentially nothing in return. They are both refreshed thanks to this, however. Kilvin remains good for two and untouched, similar to Porygon2 who is refreshed, Electric being below half. Luka to order.

Lucario188 08-23-2015 09:54 PM

"Porygon2, use Shock Wave on Starmie then Tri Attack on Excadrill.

Meanwhile Skarmory, target Starmie using Fly, dodging an attack if necessary. Follow up with an Air Slash to Starmie."

Connor 08-31-2015 09:31 AM

I thought I already used a three but it would seem not?

Rime, stop Kilvin in his tracks with a Gravity. When Kilvin comes down, Zagan, Earth Power him.

Rime, follow with a Thunder levied at Kilvin. Zagan, be super interesting and fire off another Earth Power at Kilvin. Followed by a third Earth Power.

Three confirmed!

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