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KamenAeons 10-22-2014 11:43 PM

UPN PASBL [EXHIBITION]: Kindrindra and rotomotorz in "An Abnormal World"!

Single Battle
Equiall Highest TL
Switch = OK
Joyous Replay Arena

Description: The Joyous Replay arena is dedicated to the deep bond between Pokemon and trainer. It is about half the size of your typical soccer arena, with a very similar shape. The arena is walled on all four sides by a continuous circular wall about 5m (~16.5 feet) tall, but the top of the arena is left open to the sky, covered only by a tightly stretched iron mesh. The floor is mostly covered by a field of uniform, ankle-high grass atop loamy soil, with rocks not readily available but present far below the surface at the cost of a bit more effort than usual. The center of the arena is occupied by a three-tiered circular marble stage, with the center (and highest) tier about 3m (10 feet) in diameter and the lower two tiers extending outwards about 1m (~3 feet) further than the tier above it.
Special Exhibition rules: Non-Normal-types have limited Normal-type energy, Normal-type energy being treated the same way as any other offtype. XX moves and energy are exempt from this.
*was trying to think up a song to match this, but I'm terrible for that stuff.*

Let's get Kraken! I mean, cracking. Kin-senpai!

Kindrindra 10-23-2014 12:27 AM

Well, let's see how this goes! I believe this is our third match? Let's see how our dance ends this time!


Yang: Level 4 Male Umbreon
Spoiler: show
"Kin, is this really the best idea?"
Yang, my very first partner. That little pest would some day become one of my closest friends. Who knew? I think back to how we met, when I caught him stealing my stuff and booking it. When I discovered where he was running off too. The first time I gave food to him, rather than having it taken. The first time he let cuddle him. When I set out on my journey, and he followed. When he cleared Yin's name. When he sniffed out Lily. Our first battle. Our enthusiastic attempts to develop his own 'Special Move'. One day, it occurred to me. Where had he even come from? Surely he hadn't always been living under my mailbox. I'm fairly certain that we'd have known if there was a family there, too. And the place was hardly fit to be called a 'den'. And so I asked him. He didn't know. I was shocked. Hastily, I charted out a trip back to our home town, and began gathering information immediately. As I searched, the answer became apparent. A smuggler's band, long thought to have been disbanded, had in fact been working in the era up until very recently. I pressed as hard as I could, but could find nothing about where they smuggled from or to. The only thing anyone seemed to know was the base ruthlessness of the bandits. I could find nothing else, and solemnly apologized to Yang for getting his hopes up. He scolded me for worrying about it, and told me with a smile that he didn't care about his past. The memories that had shaped who he was and what he wanted were what were important, and he wanted to strive forwards on our own merits, not based on some mysterious past which had nothing to do with him.
...I lied.
Once, there was a girl who's life had been torn apart by a group known only as The Collect. She set out to bring them down. She was a genius of the field of battle, and one foe after the next fell to her intellect and her partner's might. They destroyed those that had preyed upon them, and cornered them to one final destination. The group's headquarters, hidden away in a town no one would give a second look. She declared her intent to the townsfolk, then strode into the belly of the beast. The group's domination of the streets ended, and most all thought they were gone for good. But the girl and her partner were never seen again.
Her partner was a Flareon.
...But I'll never tell Yang this. The truth might break him.
(On a completely unrelated tangent, hilariously enough pretty much every sig Yang's ever tried to develop is a variation on one of two themes and that's hilarious. They all have to do with creating darkness, inverting the type chart, or both. Suppose it's suiting for his name, but still.)

Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Negative Ion Sphere [Dark]
Yang constantly emits a sphere of energy which moves around with him. Three meters (~10 feet) in diameter, the sphere inverses any type matchups of those inside it's influence, obviously including Yang. Weaknesses will become resistances, resistances will become weaknesses, and immunities will also become weaknesses. In exchange, Yang's total general energy reserve is smaller than typical to his species, the difference equivalent to a fully charged Hyper Beam. It should be noted that the sphere also totally negates any other bonuses granted with immunity- For example, Yang can be detected by psychic-types while under this training's influence. The sphere is a constant, subconcious effect and as such Yang cannot be ordered to turn it off.

Krystal: Level 4 Female Sableye
"Ah, welcome to my shop! What would you like?"
Spoiler: show
Krystal the soulsmith. Renowned for her amazing technique, warriors would come from all over in the hopes of a blade custom made by her expert eye. She took payments all kinds of denominations, from gold, to silver, to gemstones, or even rights to your soul. She quite liked that last one, and even offered to forge souls into weapons, for a particularly hefty price. Warriors meeting her in person for the first time where often thrown off by the cheerful worker at seeming odds with her reputation, but were impressed all the same by her craftsmanship. When I heard of her, I was fairly apprehensive, but decided to visit all the same, as I have a strange interest in metalwork. She was fairly surprised when I told her that I hadn't come for a weapon, just to look around. And so I simply camped out around there for a while, watching her work when possible. I asked her a lot off things, not all of them related to her craft. When I asked her about her hungering for souls, she impishly told me that she was 'working on something'. Shrugging, I decided to leave it at that. I was fairly surprised when she approached me and told me that she'd like to go to the customers which couldn't come to her, and that she believed that traveling with me would be a good way to do that. It's not like I had a reason to deny her request, right?

Hidden Power - Steel
Token - Reaper's Token

Signature Move: Mist of Souls [Dark]
Krystal expends significant energy to exhales a thick cloud of dark energy particles, similar to Smog. Aside from obstructing vision (although the particles simply absorb light, and don't act as visual impediments themselves, so Pokemon with lowlight vision should be fine), the particles greatly increase the energy usage of Pokemon breathing them in (1.3x), like a Super Poison Gas. Being an ethereal construct, the cloud is extremely resistant to being cleared, although after five rounds it starts to lose its potency, eventually fading away altogether. This attack requires considerable energy to perform. Dark-types are immune to the effects of this cloud because no duh their bodies take no objection to the particles. This technique can be used only once per battle.

Spike: Level 4 Male Mawile
"...Why are you still here?"
Spike is a rock star. That's why is name is so... Spike-ish. He's actually a bit of a loner, though that somehow makes girls want him all the more. Relax, I don't understand either. You'd wonder how I'd get along with him, but the truth is he actually has another side to him I can relate to. Sometimes he just wants everyone to shut up, leave him alone, and let him read a good book. Our experiences together are mostly comprised of us sitting back to back in some unnoticeable place reading after escaping from everyone. Of course, when you're a star, getting some quiet can be a little difficult, so...
Hidden Power - Psychic

Signature Training: Tactical Analysis (XX)
When Spike uses an attack which boosts his physical attack, he receives an additional special attack boost equivalent to that of Growth. When he uses an attack which boosts his special attack, he receives an additional physical attack boost equivalent to that of Meditate. All of Spike's boosting attacks require 30% more energy.

Clocks: Level 4 Bronzong
"69... 35... 39... 1."
I actually found Clocks embedded in a wall deep inside some ruins. Noting where he was situated, his name seemed pretty obvious. I'm just going to overlook the fact I thought he was an actual clock until I accidentally bumped him. Him/her. It. Whatever. I don't know how long he had lived in there, but... I don't think he had ever seen the sun before. He was absolutely enthralled by it. Oftentimes I would walk outside to see him just staring at it, slowly drifting upwards, before bobbing back down as he reached his flight ceiling. It was a little disconcerting to watch, but as he was an inorganic being, I was a little less concerned with the possibility of addiction. Besides, he couldn't exactly sear his eyes out or anything. That was, until the day I walked outside and was unable to find him. We searched everywhere until I finally managed to notice the faint shadow where he usually floated. I turned to the sky and let out a surprised gasp as I glimpsed him floating high above, seemingly in a state of excitement. It seemed that he had managed to surpass his limitations, somehow. He's still addicted to light, though.
Hidden Power - Flying

Signature Training: To Touch the Sky (Flying)
Clocks now has an extremely high flight ceiling, a tad higher than your average bird pokemon. In addition, he moves as fast in the air as your average Spearow.

Jordan: Level 4 Shiny Male Audino
"Smiths are praised for lending their skill to their creations. Weapons are praised for lending their skill to their bearers. Then, are not Warriors praised for lending their skill to their Tacticians?"
Once, a legendary tactician roamed a world. He lead legions, yet was known as a friend to all he lead. So great was his devotion, that he had only a single wish when he died. To help his friends still more.
So yeah he was reborn as an Audino no duh.
An Audino which hatched from an egg I haggled off the market for way too high a price Audino is the best thing it was money well spent. His first official battle was an interesting one, but he found himself hindered by his opponent's control of the arena and immunity to tactics he himself was susceptible to. Confronted with an impasse, he focused his efforts on developing a way around the elemental nature of the world. His research touched on the Colorblind ability of his foe's teammate. Seeking his own special touch, he decided to approach the problem from the other direction- Rather than robbing attributed attacks of their elements, why not imbue unelemented attacks with attributes?
Hidden Power - Dark

Signature Training: Adaptability [NO]
Jordan may adapt any of his normal-type moves to adopt the secondary effects of another one of his moves, ordered in the form of "Move[Move with secondary effect of choice]". This includes any physical effect characteristics, but doesn't include element or anything else. For example, "Secret Power[Water Pulse]" would have a chance of confusion, would drench the opponent in water, but would still deal only Normal-type damage. Conversely, "Secret Power[Flamethrower]" would have a chance to burn and be physically hot, but would, again, deal only Normal-type damage. Obviously this overrides any secondary effects the move would already have: An adapted Secret Power would not have Secret Power's usual secondary effects, but would still be a physical attack with a pink glow to it. There are, of course, some restrictions- He can only pair a move with the secondary effect of a move within two 'clicks' of it. For example, Hyper Voice, being of Significant power, could only be given the secondary effect of a move with Solid to High power. Notably, this means that I can't simply imbue everything with Thunder Wave because that would be utterly daft. Finally, effects which are considered drawbacks cannot be overwritten- For example, an adapted Double-Edge would retain its recoil.

Viixae: Level 3 Male Noibat
"There's but one thing stronger than a Dragon: Love."
Some sort of Mage-Scientist, Viixae has spent many a day studying Life. Despite his bookworm-i-ness, his charisma is something quite impressive. Nor is it a product of his studies- At least, not in the way one would assume. His dedication to his studies is such that he's always filled with energy and wonder, like he's seeing everything for the first time. Yet also with a sureness as though he's done it a million times. It's something to behold. There's but one thing he's certain is truth- The 'heart' is the most powerful part of any being. Although it's technically part of the brain, when it comes down to it. On the other hand, considering the body is one inter-connected program designed to support itself, does it really matter which part is directly responsible? Or is that like asking what part of a video game makes it enjoyable?
Hidden Power - Ground

Signature Move: Compassion Call [Fairy]
Expending significant energy, Viixae creates a burst of sound. While the attack deals only good damage to those caught within it (before modifiers), it has a peculiar effect due to the mixture of fairy energy and wavelength. Any who hear this attack will find themselves unwilling to exploit their target's weaknesses- They will refuse to use an attack if there's even a chance the attack would deal Super Effective damage. While Viixae doesn't take damage from this attack, he is in fact affected by this secondary effect as much as any other. The effects last for three full rounds before wearing off. Viixae has gained the elemental energy to use this move twice per battle.

Reaper's Token:
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.

rotomotorz 10-23-2014 07:38 PM

Lets have another good match Kin, it'll be fun! Thanks Kamen!
Spoiler: show

Isometric-Level 4 Genderless Porygon2
Bio: As most Porygon are, Isometric(Iso for short) was made by humans. Who or where they made him, not even Iso knows. Their goal was to study a Porygon's ability to change its type nearly flawlessly, albeit for a limited time. Day in and day out, multiple programmers and scientists alike worked on Porygon, inspecting what it was about him that allowed such useful changes. One day, however, one lone programmer took Iso for himself, bringing him into his own basement. This man wasn't just out to research Iso, he wanted to improve upon his conversion abilities. Using the research from the lab he worked in, he took apart Iso's programming, remaking his entire conversion attack so that it was more useful and more varied. He had almost successfully finished his upgraded Conversion and was ironing out the bugs when hr was discovered to have taken Iso. He was arrested, and Iso was taken back to the lab, which was destroyed a few days later due to limited funding and Iso was left to roam the world, where he ended up in Roto's care, who had found him on his travels, and warmly welcomed Iso to his team.
Hidden Power: Default
Signature Move: Conversion-Z
For heavy energy, Isometric transforms into a type of choice from all the types his opponent has a damaging attack of(except typeless), and obtains all the weaknesses and resistances of that type. Due to multiple unfixed bugs in the code, however, Conversion Z has a 10% of failing completely while still consuming the necessary energy. This change lasts for five turns. Isometric can no longer use Conversion or Conversion 2, as that section of his code was wiped when he was reprogrammed.

Dim-Level 4 Female Chandelure
Hidden Power: Water
Signature: None
Attached Token: Firebreather's Token

Security-Level 4 Male Klefki
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Move: Elemental Key(Varies)
Using significant energy, Security creates a key made of either Fire, Grass, or Water type energy and fires it at the opponent, dealing considerable damage. This key can become either Fire, Grass, or Water type, as long as it is stated what type it should be(Ex. Fire Elemental Key, Grass Elemental Key, etc.). Security can only use two Elemental Keys per type per battle and only three Elemental Keys total per battle, and using Elemental key should drain half of the type energy of the type of Elemental Key it used. Consecutive uses of this move will also cause it to rise in energy cost(Significant->Heavy->High). Security can no longer use Play Rough, Foul Play, Psyshock, Imprison, or Thunder Wave.

Placeholder-Level 4 Female Weezing
Hidden Power: Default
Signature: None

Karma-Level 4 Female Modern Vivillon
Bio: Karma was born is a bustling big city, and from birth she's been taught that what goes around come around. Throughout her life, she lived in the city watching people come and go. She's a rough and tough city girl, and faces any challenge with a smile. But throughout it all, she still believes that what goes around will always come around.
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: What goes around comes around
Karma can use Bide and Payback. Karma can no longer use Calm Mind or Quiver Dance because she never bothered to learn such things in the city.

Ion-Level 5 Uplevel Genderless Rotom
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature: None


The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Ion, begin!

Kindrindra 10-25-2014 06:31 PM

What, this is waiting on me?

"Clever choice. Jordan, to the field! Let's test out your new toys, why don't we?

Lead with Trick Room, then follow it up with Round[Water Pulse]!"

rotomotorz 10-26-2014 12:25 PM

Addle him first with a Confuse Ray, then abuse the confusion with Hex

KamenAeons 11-03-2014 08:35 AM

Round 1: A Light Opening Act
The referee finally appears at the podium, with one of his current opponents now battling a foe for the third time! Both being good friends of the ref, the masked man gives the go-ahead for their Pokemon to be summoned to the field of Joyous Replays! Rotomotorz's star Pokemon and easily his mascot is his first choice, Ion whizzing about gleefully as it watches Kindrindra draw out a Poke Ball! With a swing, the capsule flies skyward to reveal not a pink Audino, but a sparkling violet one named Jordan! Quite the tactician, he seems as though he has already prepared himself for this scenario! How will this waltz play out between the self-proclaimed lord of the inorganics and the overseer with the dice controlling fate in another universe?

Audino (Normal): Audino have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. They are skilled healers and their healing moves are slightly more effective than normal. They are also skilled at hiding and will be able to conceal themselves more easily than normal.

Rotom (Electric/Ghost): Rotom are considered permanently in 'plasma' state, which counts as the ethereal state, and cannot achieve the solid, ethereal or invisible states. However, they can pass through walls in this 'plasma' state and are able to occupy objects for a much longer time than other Ghosts. While occupying an object on the battlefield, they will take full damage from attacks if that object is hit with attacks. Despite these abilities, Rotom cannot stay in walls, floors, or other significant surfaces for any longer than the typical ghost. Despite being locked out of the physical state, they take only 10% extra damage from special moves. Rotom are very fast and able to turn corners sharply and instantly. Rotom levitate by default in their natural forme. Rotom may change 'formes' and bond itself more permanently with an object, thus changing its moves, abilities, typing and appearance (see Ghost Information for more details). Regardless of forme, Rotom are inorganic and fight most enthusiastically in urban environments. Regardless of forme, Rotom are inorganic and fight most enthusiastically in urban environments.
Already attempting to turn the tables, Jordan concentrates on warping the world around him, a faint glow of light emanating from his feelers as he does so! The referee chuckles at the nostalgia of this, having used a similar strategy in one of his own matches against a Rotom. The more you learn, the better you are, eh? Anyhoo, the Rotom snickers, with its phantasmic body beginning to glow brightly! From Ion's tiny body radiates a ray of confounding light, searing itself into the Audino's retinas, the Normal Type forgetting what he was planning to do! The room does look mildly tricky already after all! With its speed still assured for the time being, the electric phantom zips about as a fearsome eye looks down upon the befuddled Jordan! His body seizing up in an instant, the violet Audino yelps as his confusion is quickly replaced with terror, his body washed over with a torrent of spectral waves! His mind shaken, but not stirred, Jordan glares at Ion for being made a fool of, humming an aquatic verse that ripples in the air! Bracing himself, Ion's plasma frame is washed out by the wave of sound, an odd splashing sensation coursing through him as he maintains his focus for the next round!

With Jordan's Trick Room preparations messed with, the Audino is fortunate enough to have a lot of Psychic left in him. He's got a bit of health to catch up on if you compare his condition with Ion's. Funnily enough, they've used reasonably similar amounts of energy, Jordan leading the way there.

rotomotorz 11-03-2014 05:35 PM

All-around Discharge, then yell out an Uproar

Kindrindra 11-03-2014 05:54 PM

"Deploy, Cubic Light Screen! Then let's abuse that time-tested combo- Hyper Voice[Ice Beam]!"

I feel intelligent

KamenAeons 11-04-2014 01:55 AM

Round 2: A chilling song~!
Hearing Roto's orders to initiate Protocol EG, Ion jitters mischievously, yellow bolts of lightning crackling from his tiny frame towards his opponent! Jordan immediately recognises the threat and throws up his arms in a bid to mitigate the damage, a field of translucent light surrounding the Audino within moments! The electricity pushes through, with some of it dissipating into the force field, but regardless the sound of Jordan yelping in pain is music to Ion's, er…, whatever-it-uses-as-sound-sensors! Speaking of music, Ion has zero intention of keeping the peace, making a racket with white noise to have Jordan go nuts from the sound! Unfortunately, even with his enhanced hearing, it's not a Screech attack, and the tactician times a chilling reverberation in return, completely overwhelming the rings of sound and causing Ion to chatter in cold, being encased in a block of ice from the watery song earlier! Which is what I would say if it weren't for the fact that Ion is made of plasma and trapping it in ice isn't really something you can do to something without a physical form. Still hurts like the dickens though.

In other news, Kin did something that was incredibly intelligent! ;o

Jordan's fresh out of Psychic now, having eaten through his once plentiful reserves in one fell swoop. Light Screen is up for a while, much to Ion's ire, but Ion's still in the lead for both spectra, if only by a small fraction or so.

Kindrindra 11-04-2014 02:40 AM

"Ghosts. Ah well, chilling was my goal, anyways~

Lead off with a strong Hyper Voice[Drain Punch], then dazzle them with Dazzling Gleam~"

rotomotorz 11-04-2014 07:40 AM

Use your own Light Screen. More Uproar screaming

Kindrindra 11-04-2014 01:27 PM

Someone remind me why I didn't put in that conditional branch? I had it all planned and everything!

KamenAeons 11-04-2014 03:23 PM

Round 3: *earplugs*
After his brilliant moment of success in the previous round, Jordan recklessly lets out another shout of triumph, only to have the sound waves laced with draining essences be blocked off by a more focused application of Light Screen, Ion cackling at the tactician's blind acceptance of his trainer's tactics! As Kindrindra applies palm to forehead repeatedly, the Unovan at least enjoys the benefits of infusing a healing factor into his last attack, recovering a small fraction of his health in the process. He then analyses the pane of glass that separates the Rotom from him. A few dents here and there, shouldn't be too hard to crack. Stretching out his arms, Jordan allows a glow of pink surround him, before it condenses into a small ball of light. Within moments, the orb explodes, a dazzling display of light blinding both trainers while the referee hides behind his mask, but Ion remains unfazed. The majority of the shining lights refracted by the screen in front of him, Ion only frowns as he sees the pane give way, a small portion of the energy rippling through his being as a result. So the best course of action? To give Jordan a huge headache with another onslaught of screaming. Did Ion learn death metal or something? It's not too unlikely given the shouting.

The defensive measures made by both sides have essentially reduced damage taken a fair bit, with not much changing in the last round. The peculiar characteristics of the field have left Ion with very little Normal energy now, but just enough to dish out another racket, while Psychic can generate another screen. Fairy is at half for Jordan, and his draining attacks aren't going to be as effective as earlier now that he's used one already. The two battlers would be happy to have their breathers right about now.

rotomotorz 11-04-2014 04:04 PM

Oh right, limited Normal energy.

Charge up, then Discharge all around

Kindrindra 11-04-2014 08:49 PM

"Breathers? Maybe next round. We're dropping the hammer!

Shadow Ball, Shadow Ball! Drill himmmmmm~"

KamenAeons 11-20-2014 07:10 AM

Round 4: Drop the hammer!
Breathers? Who needs breathers? They need breathers! But hammers are gonna be dropped first! This is not a drill! *swatted by Houshou*

Houshou: "Get on with it, you're dragging this out too much. >_>; "

Fine. Ion lets his plasma build up into overdrive, electricity crackling as he glows brighter than earlier, a sign that future lightning strikes won't be so easy to dodge! Given the dangers right now, Kin commands his tactician to throw caution to the wind and go all out! Acknowledging his trainer's request, a blob of shadows coalesces in front of Jordan, growing rapidly in size as he sends it flying forward towards Ion! The Rotom desperately tries to zip out of the way, but the projectile explodes as a stray bolt of lightning pops it, the spooky winds causing Ion to screech in pain! The only way out of this would be to return fire, but with that golden field weakening Ion's attacks, the pain most definitely not going to be as much as what he had just received. Regardless, Ion begins to crackle with more electricity, bolts of yellow and blue light raining forth and giving Jordan a good shock!

The tactician falls to one knee, his muscles seizing up as he finds himself paralysed from the technique that a young man in the past used to apply on a daily basis. Try as he might, only Ion's jeers can be heard as Jordan can't manage to conjure up a second orb of typespam, leaving Ion spared for this turn. Can Ion prepare for future assaults?

Ion didn't enjoy this round, his health lead lost within moments. He is fairly refreshed now, and still charged up unlike his opponent. Jordan's been forced to take a breather as well, this round taking a bit longer than usual due to the Audino trying to carry out his orders in vain. Watch out for energy regardless, since it's approaching the midpoint.

Kindrindra 11-28-2014 03:59 PM


"Round[Charge Beam] followed by Hyper Voice[Dazzling Gleam]. If nothing else, we can still abuse his ghostliness! Also passively move towards the stage (if you're not already on it). I would also like to point out that those moves rhyme."

What's the positioning like, out of curiosity?

KamenAeons 11-28-2014 06:08 PM

You guys have been on the highest stage, with Jordan not really moving from his position much due to turreting. Ion's been zipping about though, some distance off the edge of the topmost tier.

Kindrindra 11-28-2014 07:05 PM

Brilliance, thanks! ^_^

rotomotorz 11-28-2014 10:46 PM

HexaThunder (Don't actually use six Thunders pls)

KamenAeons 11-30-2014 10:38 PM

Ion charges up electricity violently as it rises into the sky, Jordan too helplessly paralysed to move his lips to stop him! Bolts rain down continuously as Jordan screams out in pain, electricity releasing him from his paralysis before locking him up again in repeated assaults! Each successive strike becomes weaker as Ion begins to wane in his assaults, but Jordan continues to stand defiantly, only for both Pokemon to collapse from the absurdity of all this.

Rotomotorz has been arrested for cruelty to Pokemon! There are no victors here today!

A rift in the time-space continuum rips through the arena as all three of the Creation Trio emerge, tearing up the dimension in their cataclysmic battle with all traces of this world lost!


Meanwhile, in another dimension...

Jordan grits his teeth as he struggles to attack, only to see Ion project a fearsome eye glaring upon him! Freezing up despite his locked up status, his mouth finally curls up in a scream, the pain barely mitigated by the slowly collapsing shield keeping him safe! The sound waves, although not a particularly pleasing song, rattle Ion to his core, the energy leaving Jordan a bit more juiced up for battle. As Jordan primes himself for another shout, Ion quickly crackles with more electricity, super quickly too due to charging earlier as a bolt reaches towards the sky! It arcs down, course set for Jordan as it crashes down upon the Audino, thunder booming across the field!

Jordan staggers to his feet, residue electricity leaving him as the walls of light shielding him shatter from their job done.

The Audino did not enjoy this round, his second attack interrupted by the juiced up Thunder strike. He's fallen below the midpoint, now losing to Ion as a result. Meanwhle, Ion is pretty worn out now, the Thunder taking more of his strength away for the time being. Jordan has a boost to his Special Attack at least, and isn't paralysed either.

rotomotorz 12-04-2014 08:40 PM

Charge Beam and Ominous Wind

Kindrindra 12-05-2014 03:04 AM

"You've declared your own defeat! We'll take full advantage of your tiredness!

Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Hidden Power. Time them so as not to be interrupted by his attacks."

That's three!

KamenAeons 12-10-2014 07:46 AM

Round 6: Clinging by a thread
Jordan shakes off the pain lingering on his body, seizing his chance to overcome Ion by conjuring a second orb of spooky death in his palms, unleashing it unto the plasma spectre as it tries to escape, only to be struck by the swirling winds of ghost energies that cause Ion to screech madly. Buzzing with less zip than earlier, Ion glows with another sparkling shine, a beam of electricity streaming forth and blasting Jordan square in his torso! While the violet tactician steadies himself from the blow, Ion cackles weakly as it is left both with a power up to its special attacks as well as more electricity to quick-charge some lightning strikes! Gritting his teeth, Jordan follows up his assault by letting pitch black globules surround him, the Rotom's response being to shoot forth a harrowing gale, not compressed into a ball form in hopes to obtain a boost! The winds churn about and batter Jordan as he releases the dark potential of his might, trying not to let the black miasma of the attack cloud his judgment, and is rewarded by Ion causing more of a racket with his pain. Unknown to Jordan however, Ion has managed to gain another boost in this round, this time to all of his stats sans speed, which could mean life and death for the spritely Rotom! Seeing the success of his power so far, Jordan goes for an encore performance, allowing more orbs to surround him before sending them flying forward, each projectile whizzing through and permeating Ion's plasma frame! The Sinnoh spectre glows faintly, its strength waning until everyone realises that the last series of boosts has managed to spare him defeat by only the slimmest of margins!

Ion's pretty much going down from a rock phasing throw it, but the Rotom had a mildly light round in comparison to his opponent. Jordan is feeling rather winded for now, but could do with another series of two movers if light, while Ion can barely manage a two mover in its condition. Jordan's out of Dark and Ghost now, but he only needs to make one hit.

Kindrindra has one three mover remaining.

Kindrindra 12-10-2014 01:37 PM

"Round twice, replace the latter with magic~Surf if he tosses up a Light Screen pane."

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