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Joshua 09-25-2009 10:47 PM

UPN PASBL: Yougirasu vs. mewmaster007
The sun is just coming up to start the new day, the beautiful sunrise born sky lighting up the Lawn Arena quite nicely. Here today we'll be seeing two trainers face off, Yougirasu and mewmaster007, neither of which I've seen much of that I can make an (unbiased) opinion of, so...

Both trainers will be using three Pokemon in this battle, and Slapstick will be in effect. A 72 hour DQ time will be in effect, and Switching is considered a Knock Out in this battle.

So, the battle order is as follows:
mewmaster007 posts his squad
Yougirasu posts his squad and sends out his first 'Mon
mewmaster007 sends out and attack
Yougirasu attacks
I ref, etc.

Squad from mewmaster007 please.


M. M. 09-26-2009 08:38 AM

Thanks for taking the match, here's my squad:

Download Level 1 Porygon
Download was found causing trouble at a Pokemon Center. Many people tried to get him to stop downloading viruses to the PC's in the Pokemon Center. Download was eventually came out of the system after finding a friend in me. He is a mischievous and often gets himself in trouble.
Special Attack: Virus (psychic)
Download has a lot of experience with causing trouble and learned the attack Virus. It is a psychic variation of Shadow Ball. It has a 10% chance of causing disorientation. Virus is a black and red ball that is held in front of Download's face. It can be blown up like a regular Shadow Ball too. This move takes 15% more energy than a Shadow Ball. This attack is charged like a Shadow Ball and takes just as much time to charge. This move can only be used three times QC'd and two times FC'd in a battle. It also does the same exact amount of damage as a Shadow Ball. This move takes up a very good amount of psychic energy.

Fundido Level 2 Male Quilava.
Fundido was found by a lake. He was severely wounded and urgently required medical attention. After he was saved from his injuries he was let on his way but came back to me because of his gratitude. Fundido is a very loyal and hardworking Quilava. He's brave and heroic however he can't stand the thought of water and cringes when he is near any body of water.
Special Training: Electrical Current (electric)
Fundido needed a way to help get over his extreme fear of water and after vigorous training, he was able to become Fire/Electric with all advantages and disadvantages of the typing. Because of his change in typing he can use Thunderwave, Thunderbolt, and Thunderpunch, these attacks require 15% more energy. He also loses Dig and Mud-slap.

Draco Level 1 Male Bagon
No Signature Move

Glutton Level 1 Male Swinub
No Signature Move

Suidae Level 1 Female Phanpy
No Signature Move

Garnet Level 1 Male Kabuto
No Signature Move

And good luck Yougirasu.

Yougirasu 09-26-2009 10:12 AM

'Net, the Female Nosepass. Level 2
'Net is believed to be one of the few poekmon in the world who has a name starting with an apostrophe at the start of her name. 'Net is highly magnetised, which is how she got her name, and has a lot of potential. She dearly dreams of one day making it to Mount Coronet so she may evolve.

Rich, the Male Kabuto. Level 1
Rich is a smart kabuto with such an urge for speed but unfortunatly lacks it. He was released by one trainer for his apparent speed issues, after which rich spent his time searching the ocean and caves for ways to make himself as fast as possible.

Level 1 Male Scyther
My noteworthy and dependable starter who was always different and distant from other scythers. A diligent creature with a flair for creativity he likes to try new things no matter how foolhardy they seem. He's a real fan of the red but does have a dislike for blue.
No Signature Move

Level 1 Male Ralts
As a first capture, an adamant ralts is very questionable. It's direct decisivness can cause problems within battle but it will use all of its attacks with a passion.
No Signature Move

Level 1 Female Togepi
A calm, charming pokemon that is often referred to as being 'enchanting'. It still sees itself as a child and likes to be babied often, which leads it to surprise it's opponents within battle.
No Signature Move

Level 1 Female Growlithe
A jolly little Growlithe, despite being abandoned at an early age. It's often eager to prove itself and doesn't overthink things which can be a help or a hindrance depending on the situation or move.
No Signature Move

Tough choice as to who to start with but I'm going to choose Ralts to start.

M. M. 09-26-2009 10:20 AM

Then we'll start with Garnet. It's time for your first battle. Start off with a Metal Sound and then end with a nice Water Gun.

Yougirasu 09-26-2009 10:43 AM

Okay Ralts, start off by using Shadow Sneak to damage and try to disrupt it using Metal Sound and then follow it up with Thunderpunch.

Joshua 09-26-2009 10:24 PM

Both trainers jump into the fray, carefully choosing their opening Pokemon. For Yougirasu, a male Ralts without a nickname will be the first combatant, whereas mewmaster007 has chosen to begin with a Kabuto named Garnet. Will the mental masteries of the emotion Pokemon be enough to achieve victory, or will the fossil snatch the win away in its claws?

Both Pokemon begin at roughly the same time, Ralts focusing its ghostly energies whereas Garnet simply takes a deep breath. Ralts is almost ready to launch the Shadow Sneak attack when Garnet makes a really irritating screeching noise, akin to the Sound of Metal scrapping against metal, causing both Ralts and the referee to flinch and quiver, the referee holding his head as Ralts loses concentration, the Shadow Sneak fading away.

Distracted, Ralts shakes his head to clear his thoughts a bit. After a few moments, he returns his attention to Garnet, only to be blasted by a Water Gun, knocking the small psychic Pokemon over. The now wet Ralts rises unhappily to his feet, and races across the arena, crackling electricity in his fist. He winces as the water dripping off him conducts some of the electricity, but Garnet screams as the electrical assault slams into him, sliding him backwards along the grass. Garnet opens his eyes, glaring angrily (seems he didn't suffer any paralysis).

Ralts took some good damage this round, used a large amount of energy on that failed Shadow Sneak. She's still a tad wet, but should dry off in a round or so baring any interference to that thanks to the rising sun.

Kabuto took a large blow this round, used a good amount of energy.

Attacks from Yougirasu please.

Yougirasu 09-27-2009 05:13 AM

Okay Ralts let's set some foundations for an easier round. Start off with Grass Knot to entangle the kabuto and follow it up with Magical Leaf. We should be in for an easier round soon if we can pull these off.

M. M. 09-27-2009 09:54 AM

Rapid Spin to shake free of the roots and then go out from underneath it with a Dig.

Joshua 09-28-2009 08:45 PM

My apologies on the delay, had some connection issues.

Ralts begins by drawing on her grassy powers, channelling her power into the lawn arena below her. The grass around Garnet begins to twitch and shiver, and the Kabuto chooses this moment to Spin Rapidly on the spot. The Grass Knot, however, has other ideas, ensnaring the fossil Pokemon's claws and slamming it promptly onto his face for some minor damage.

Continuing to call upon powers of grass, Ralts begins to create grassy leaves of energy, the air shimmering as they wink into existence. Garnet, however, has other ideas, wiggling his claws somewhat to attempt to Dig away. His stubby little claws, however, aren't exactly designed for digging, and combined with the Grass Knot he doesn't exactly make a lot of headway, and the Magical Leaves tear across his back for some major hurt. Luckily for him, the attempt at Digging and resulting momentum from the leaves dislodged him from the Grass Knot, so he has freedom of movement back.

Ralts took no damage this round, used a lot of energy, is starting to run low on grass energies (has about one more move at most). She's dried off now.

Garnet took some serious damage, knocking him a long ways towards the half line but still a ways to go. He used a large amount of energy with his moves this round, has the lead over Ralts in that respect.

Attacks from mewmaster007 please.

M. M. 09-29-2009 05:30 AM

Hit it with a Water Gun and then an Icy Wind.

Yougirasu 09-29-2009 12:36 PM

Okay Ralts, lets get to it, use Safeguard first to protect yourself from it's watery gun and follow it up with a good Hypnosis to finish.

Joshua 09-30-2009 08:31 PM

Garnet, happy to try and get some revenge in after the pain from last round, launches off a Water Gun, the blast of water flying across the arena towards Ralts. Disliking the idea of being soaked, Ralts shimmers with white light, her Safeguard arriving in time to absorb the oncoming assault with ease.

Garnet, not to be denied, takes a deep breath and draws on his ice energies, the Icy Wind blowing across the arena. Ralts shivers slightly as the chilling winds whip around her for some damage, but she dilligantly makes her way over to Garnet, waves of Hypnotic energy billowing from her eyes. Garnet is soon zonked, snoozing peacefully on the lawn.

Ralts took some damage this round, used a large amount of energy. She's still a ways from half though. Having used a successful sleep inducing move, she cannot use any more moves that directly result in sleep for her opponent (Hypnosis, etc.).

Garnet took no damage this round, used a good amount of energy. He's currently sleeping heavily on the lawn.

Attacks from Yougirasu please.

Yougirasu 10-01-2009 09:19 AM

Hmm, I took a day off from looking at my battles to collect my thoughts and stratagies and they're both waiting for me now. Okay then Ralts, lets recover somewhat by using Dream Eater and then follow that up with a Magical Leaf barrage. You should be able to edge a nice lead from it, hopefully.

M. M. 10-01-2009 03:19 PM

boring round XD

Sleep Talk to fend off the Dream Eater and if you are woken up hit it with a Toxic.

Joshua 10-02-2009 08:10 AM

Ralts starts this round by choosing to take advantage of her opponent's slumbering state, closing her eyes and beginning a succulent feast on her opponent's dreams, health and energy flowing from the fossil into the psychic.

Garnet attempts to Talk in his Sleep to aid himself, but unfortunately the move fails, and he is jerked awake as the Dream Eater is completed, depleted somewhat more than when he fell asleep.

Ralts calls on the last of her grass energies, the Leaves of Magical origin again shimmering into existence. Garnet, however, seems to be making some strange hacking cough noises, and both Pokemon launch their attacks respectively, a glob of Toxic passing the leaves in mid-air.

Ralts looks in disgust as the Toxic gunk smacks into her chest, whereas Garnet screams as the Magical Leaf tears into him again, dealing him some heavy hurting once again.

Ralts took no damage this round and regained a moderate amount of health, restoring her to almost full health. Her energy use almost broke even, decreasing slightly, although she is now exhausted of grass energies. The Toxic in her chest has started to sink in, should kick in in a few rounds time.

Garnet took some heavy damage again this round, dropping him very close to the halfway line. His energy use was good, but combined with the drain from the Dream Eater, he suffered a lot this round, but still a ways from half.

Attacks from mewmaster007 please.

M. M. 10-02-2009 01:44 PM

Show him that he's not the only one that can drain energy! Confuse Ray and then hit him with a Giga Drain.

Yougirasu 10-02-2009 02:38 PM

Okay Ralts, good work so far. We're going to take it easy now, we've got a round or two before the toxic is absorbed so we're going low energy. Simply use a Calm Mind to bolster your special attack and if it hits first, aid you in the battle against confusion.

Joshua 10-04-2009 05:36 AM

Garnet chooses a different style of approach this round, calling on ghostly energies this round to fire a Confuse Ray at Ralts. The psychic type is currently Calming her Mind as the Ray strikes her, her Calm Mind finished but not enough to save her from the confusion.

Garnet moves closer to the confused psychic Pokemon, calling on grassy energies this time to Giga Drain away at his foe. Ralts is snapped out of confusion as a large amount of her energy is stolen, Garnet recovering a good amount of energy and a decent bit of health.

Ralts took no damage, but her energies have had a large decrease this round, bringing her a few good moves away from the half line. She's not confused anoymore though, and retains a Calm Mind boost.

Kabuto regained a moderate amount of health, moving away from the half line a little. His energy use was a slight regain in total.

Attacks from Yougirasu please.

Yougirasu 10-04-2009 09:14 AM

Okay Ralts, I was under the impression that you learnt at least one move that could heal you of that toxic before it seeps in but I was wrong. Anyway, start off with a Facade, your confused state should boost its effectiveness, after that follow it up with Future Sight. If however you fail to use facade use Facade again instead of future sight

M. M. 10-04-2009 05:44 PM

Garnet Dig underground for both of Ralt's attacks.

Joshua 10-06-2009 05:00 AM

Ralts hears and harkens to her trainer's commands, despite her lack of mental affliction she charges at Garnet, ready to Facade him silly. The Kabuto, however, has other ideas, scuffling his claws into the grassy soil, having just dug beneath the surface by the time Ralts crosses the distance.

Ralts, undisturbed by this turn of events, turns her attention to the Future, Sighting something that has yet to occur. However, as her attention returns to the present, the ground beneath her sinks somewhat, as Garnet emerges several feet behind her. A grassy ditch now exists in the field, Ralts in it at one end, Garnet out of it at the other end (caused by the ground collapsing under Garnet's dig).

Ralts took no damage, has dropped to very close to the halfway line in energy.

Garnet also took no damage, used a large amount of energy, still maintains a decent lead there though.

Attacks from mewmaster007 please.

M. M. 10-07-2009 01:32 PM

Start off with a Hydro Pump and then a nice cold Icy Wind.

Yougirasu 10-07-2009 03:52 PM

Okay Ralts, let's use the arena to our advantage. As quickly as you can move the short distance into that ditch and fire a Hidden Power, if we're lucky it'll catch the underside of the Kabuto and knock it backwards to reduce the damage. Then, so long as it wouldn't count as a 3 mover use Confuse Ray.

Joshua 10-09-2009 10:09 AM

Garnet begins the round by taking a deep breath, a sure sign he's going to use some form of projectile. Ralts attempts to run forward and take cover in the trench, but unfortunately for the psychic she isn't quite able to get there in time and the Hydro Pump slams into the top of her head, knocking her backwards into the soft and moist earth, Ralts taking very good damage in the meantime.

From her position in the mud, Ralts can see Garnet showing signs of attacking again, and fires off her Hidden Power. Due to the strain of the high-powered Hydro Pump, Garnet's reactions are slowed just enough so that Hidden Power connects just before he releases his Icy Wind. The energy disrupts his aim slightly, the air above the trench chilling slightly. Fortunately for Ralts, she's still lying in the mud, and the Icy Wind blows harmlessly over top of her.

Rising out of the mud, Ralts simply fires off a Confuse Ray, the pretty lights throwing Garnet for a loop. He proceeds to make some sounds that seem to be attempts at quacking... Oh dear, he thinks he's a Psyduck. This could be fun. Ralts, however, winces as the Toxic finally kicks in, dealing her a minor amount of damage.

Ralts took very good damage this round, finally starting to plunge her into the first half of her health. Her energy use was very good, dropping her a largish amount under the half line.

Garnet took a good amount of damage this round, causing him to nudge the half line again (he's just above it). His energy use was large this round, but he still maintains a moderate lead there.

Attacks from Yougirasu please.

Yougirasu 10-09-2009 10:39 AM

Okay Ralts, we're going to go for light energy useage these next few rounds so use a mild, Mud Slap since we're already in the mud and follow it up with your own Toxic. We're fighting status problems with status problems lol.

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