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Lil'twick 10-24-2021 11:14 AM

Free Role Play Forum Rules and Guidelines
Free Role Play Forum Rules and Guidelines

-PokeDollars will be earned at a half rate from zones. This means you will get $25 for every 50 words written. There is still the minimum requirement of 150 words, and it caps at a total of $250 from 500 Words.
-Levels can be gained through these Free RP areas. If you feel your Pokemon have performed a feat worthy of levels, please post in this thread and we will review.
-Make sure you keep to the specific rules of the thread
-Make sure you don't do anything permanent to another member's trainer and/or Pokemon without their consent
-Please keep content to a PG-13 at best. Mature/Adult themes are fine but must be agreed on by all participating in that storyline.
-Take the R-18 stuff to PM, please.
Free RP Zones may be created by any member of the community. Please make sure that the zone is unique from what is currently standing, and designate that if it is Trainer or Pokemon Only RP if that applies. If you do wish to create one, please post it in the Dev Forum for community review.

*Note, this also applies to everything done in Secret Bases. Well, besides the last one, you can already make your own Secret Base.

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