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Connor 12-29-2013 11:04 AM

UPN PASBL: Lucario188 (C) vs. Apollo77 (A)

Lucario188 (c) vs. Apollo77 (a)
4 vs. 4
Return= KO
Eqilevel 1
72hr. DQ
Zero-Gravity chamber (Indoor. Advanced Arena for Indoor Battles): If you've ever read Ender's Game, then you'll probably have a good idea of what this arena looks like. It's a large transparent sphere floating in space (or a recreation, like X-Rok's Bolse Defense Satellite arena), with a diameter of the length of a football field (so in other words, about a few hundred feet/hundred meters). There is no gravity in the arena, so Newton's Third Law ("For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction") becomes very obvious over the course of the battle. Moving throughout the arena without gravity will make it slow going for most Pokémon, since moving for most will consist of flailing their limbs. To add to the fun, at the ref's discretion, there may be a number of Snorlax-sized asteroids in the arena, which Pokémon can use for defense or propulsion.
Special Rules: Zero gravity, Artificial Lighting
Optional Special Rules: Boulders (aka meteors)
Alright then, here we have a battle where, as a Physics student, I'm going to find reffing very fun. As a note, asteroids will be in play! So Luca, squad up please.

Lucario188 12-29-2013 11:43 AM

Thanks for reffing Connor, and as an fyi it's Luka with a k. This is finally happening Apollo! I'm excited. Good luck!

Keahi: Level 2 Female Quilava
Keahi was traded to Luka in return for her original starter pokémon. Luka therefore views Keahi as her starter, and the two are very close.
No Signature Move.

Ryder: Level 1 Male Buizel
Ryder is agressive and strong. He thinks that he is capable of anything, which can sometimes lead him to attempt actions that are beyond his ability. He loves training and battling.
No Signature Move.

Nico: Level 1 Male Shinx
Nico is a loner. He doesn't interact with the other pokémon very much and can come off as intimidating. He was abandoned by a different trainer, which resulted in his current personality and his idea that he looks out only for himself. He is slowly warming up to Luka, and is beginning to demonstrate a softer, loyal side.
No Signature Move.

Spring Gale (Gale) Level 1 Female Yanma
Gale is hyper and excitable. She loves flying around really fast and also teases the other pokémon sometimes.
No Signature Move.

Cassian: Level 1 Male Gible
Cassian was caught near Stark Mountain in Sinnoh, which may have affected him in some way. He is determined and proud.
No Signature Move.

Flint: Level 1 Male Charmander
Flint has a strong fighting spirt and never gives up. He was caught in the wild, which led Luka to think that he was possibly released by another trainer, though she has no proof of this.
No Signature Move

Apollo77 12-29-2013 12:09 PM

Wow, thanks for taking this so fast Connor! Good luck Luka! (It took us long enough to get this organized)

Bringing back the Original Squad:

Joker: Level 2 Male Gastly
Joker, as his name suggests, is a total prankster. He doesn't take much seriously and never passes up the opportunity for a laugh.
Hidden Power Type: Fire

Sparkplug: Level 1 Male Elekid
Sparkplug is a very aggressive Elekid, with tons of pent up energy just waiting to be released. He loves battling and hates to lose.
Hidden Power Type: Bug

Ruby: Level 1 Female Vulpix
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ruby is a proud Pokemon, set in her ways and very stubborn. However, she can also be fickle when it comes to making decisions. I knew there was something different about her from the moment I captured her. I could be staring at her in the distance one minute, then turn around to find that she was right behind me, then turn back around and still see her where I saw her to begin with. I soon learned that Ruby couldn't make up her mind about where she wanted to be, so she liked to be in more than one place at once, but, seeing as this is an impossibility, she decided to settle for creating the illusion that she could do this, using Double Team. I didn't think much of this at first, other than "Yay, she's good at using double team." Then, one day, I witnessed something that gave me an interesting idea. Ruby was using Ember on a nearby log while trying to maintain two Double Team Clones. Normally an impossible feat, Ruby couldn't do it either, but boy, was she close. I decided I would try to take advantage of this potential and perfect this skill. While its not yet complete, she's come a long way. Now, she can really fool someone into thinking she's in multiple places at once.

Signature Move: Special Technique- Bonfire
Ruby uses Double Team to create her normal amount of clones. At the end of the round, Ruby and all clones still remaining gather around the opponent and use Flamethrower, each one dealing 75% of its normal damage, due to the energy needed to make the clones use the move. Despite the multiple attacks, there is still only a 10% chance to burn the opponent, as per regular Flamethrower. All clones will disappear after this. This move cannot be used as part of a three mover, and Ruby's other moves that would normally cause the clones to disappear will still do so. This move uses the energy of a Double Team plus as many Flamethrowers used by the clones. This move can only be used once per battle. Due to her lack of evil intentions, Ruby cannot use the moves Curse, Grudge, or Spite.

Marilyn: Level 1 Female Gothita
Marilyn is a total girly-girl, constantly monitoring her looks. She will get flustered if something is out of line.
Hidden Power Type: Bug

Muddy: Level 1 Male Wooper
Muddy is a carefree Pokemon who loves to play in the water. He is a bit slow, and also rather lazy.
Hidden Power Type: Ice

Ippo: Level 1 Male Tyrogue
Ippo is a shy, timid, Pokemon outside of battle, but when it comes time to battle, he lets go of all inhibitions. His father was a Hitmonchan, therefore Ippo's fighting style leans more toward using his fists.
Hidden Power Type: Dark

Alright Joker, you're up!

Lucario188 12-29-2013 12:38 PM

"Cassian, let's go! Start with Dragonbreath, then use Mud Shot."

Apollo77 12-29-2013 12:53 PM

Oh God this should be fun.

Okay Joker, use Psychic on Cassian to pull him closer to you. Then land an Ice Punch right on him with your.. tongue I guess?

Connor 12-29-2013 02:35 PM

The arena stands before us, a colossal sphere eradicating the confines of gravity. Featureless, with the exception of a few huge asteroids littering the arena. The asteroids float in the arena, their direction following no rhyme nor reason, some of them brushing perilously close to one another. Our trainers enter the arena from either side, each of them having been provided smell jet packs to allow them to navigate properly. Their Pokemon will not be afforded such luxuries. Our first trainer, a young woman, reaches for her Pokeballs, pondering her choice briefly before pressing the small, round button at the front of the object. The small capsule splits open at the seam, a small burst of red energy escaping, which quickly takes the form of a Gible, called Cassian by his trainer. The Gible flails around briefly, trying to become accustomed to the sudden sense of weightlessness, clearly quite bothered by the conditions. Our second trainer reaches for his own Pokeball, having already decided on a good combatant given the arena conditions. His own Pokeball reveals a Gastly, which promptly begins to show of the ease with which it can navigate within the zero gravity by floating slowly in circles, sticking his tongue out at Cassian in a mocking show of arrogance.

Cassian is the first of the two combatants to make their move. The Gible exhales a powerful Breath, lacing it with Dragonic energy in the process. Like his ancestors of yore, the Gible suddenly exhales a powerful jet of flames, which hurtle towards Joker and engulf the Ghost- type Pokemon. However, the force generated by the flames has sent Cassian hurtling backwards, the Gible only coming to stop as he crashes into one of the surrounding asteroids. Joker, having not suffered any negative side effects from the attack, simply laughs at his opponent's predicament, slowly moving forward before adopting a more serious look. The Gastly's eyes begin to glow a luminous blue colour, Joker beginning to tap into his Psychic- potential in an attempt to bring his opponent closer to him. However, being unfamiliar with the Psychic- type energies he has access to, the Gastly barely manages to move Cassian at all, much less drag him back over to him. Now it's Cassian's turn to laugh, as the Gible uses the asteroid he crashed into as a balance. Opening his mouth wide, he sends forth a stream of mud at Joker ... however, being considered a physical projectile, the Mud Shot simply crashes through Joker, dealing minute amounts of damage to the gaseous entity. Joker, still making his way towards Cassian, slowly condenses part of his body while coating it in Ice type energy. Grinning to himself, he slams the small orb into Cassian in a mock attempt at a Punch, knocking the Gible from his perch and leaving him floating through the space, flailing his small limbs desperately in an attempt to kill his momentum. The small Dragon comes to a rest a good few feet away from Joker, clearly smarting quite a bit from that last attack.

Cassian now rests quite close to his second third following that super effective strike. Joker barely took any damage thanks to avoiding the Mud Shot. Both Pokemon remain rather fresh.

Apollo77 12-29-2013 07:32 PM

Great job Joker, let's keep up the pressure! Send out an Ominous Wind at him, then burn him with Will-O-Wisp.

Lucario188 12-30-2013 02:24 PM

"Dragon Pulse through the wind the counter the Will-O-Wisp with another Dragonbreath."

Connor 12-30-2013 04:51 PM

Joker begins the match by sending forth an Ominous Wind towards Cassian, the slight gust imbued with Ghost- type energies. The attack slowly creeps towards Cassian, who simply creates a small orb of Dragon- type energy in his mouth. Aiming his attack towards Joker, the Gible dissipates the orb of energy, sending forth a sudden Pulse. The pulse crashes through the wind, dissipating the majority of the attack, the rest of which washes over Cassian, causing the Gible to shudder. The Dragon Pulse attack charges towards Joker, crashing over the Gastly and assaulting his gaseous body. However, the recoil from the Dragon Pulse has once again knocked Cassian backwards, leaving a fair distance between the two combatants. In response to this, Joker sends forth a small blue flame, the iconic Will-o-Wisp slowly making it's way towards Cassian. However, the small Dragon- type sends forth a similarly intense flame, channeling his ancestors and creating Dragonic flame, borne of his energy infused Breath. The two attacks meet, the smaller Will-o-Wisp being consumed by the stream of fire. The remainder of the flame crashes over Joker, most of the flame leaving him undamaged but the Dragon- type energy within it surging through his system, evidently causing some pain.

Both Pokemon look about equal in health, resting just above their second third. Both look to be tiring somewhat, but neither require a break.

Lucario188 12-30-2013 10:06 PM

As much as I love that outcome, I actually ordered Dragonbreath, not Dragon Rage :/

Connor 12-31-2013 05:08 AM

It really changes very little, since the size of the Will-o-Wisp still ensures it'll be stopped by the bigger flames. Edited the reffing to reflect the move change though.

Lucario188 01-02-2014 10:44 PM

Oh cool. Thank you!

"Nice job Cassian. Now use Round then Hidden Power."

Apollo77 01-02-2014 11:01 PM

Hmm... Slowly make your way over to Cassian, using boulders as cover if possible, so you can hit him with an Ice Punch. Follow that up with a Toxic, which should have no trouble hitting with the close range.

Connor 01-03-2014 11:36 AM

Our round opens with Cassian having finally gotten to grips with moving somewhat effectively in his strange surroundings. The Gible bursts into song in response to this, sending forth a Round of energy imbued sound waves towards Joker. The sound waves wash over the Gastly, who cringes, evidently damaged by the attack. However, Joker perseveres, once again condensing a part of his gaseous body down and coating it in Ice- type energy. Moving towards Cassian, he enacts a Punching motion, causing the Gible to cry out in pain from the blow. Cassian shakes his head, only to be greeted by a sudden gob of Toxic, the Gible shaking as he feels the toxins begin to seep into his system. Irate by the recent actions, Cassian begins to draw upon his Hidden potential, exuding energy and creating small orbs around himself. The orbs spin, gathering some momentum, before blasting outwards with all their Power, slowly hovering around Joker before convalescing down onto the Gastly's gaseous body, dissipating their condensed energy throughout his system.

Cassian fell just below the halfway mark this round, while Joker sits just below the two thirds point. Energy wise, both are beginning to tire, but Joker looks to be more in need of a rest. Joker is also out of Ice- type energy.

Apollo77 01-03-2014 01:52 PM

Perfect Joker. Now hit him with a focused Confuse Ray and take a breather, you've earned it.

Lucario188 01-03-2014 03:26 PM

"Quickly close your eyes to block the Confuse Ray, then use Dragon Pulse."

Connor 01-05-2014 11:39 AM

Almost missed my bonus. God damn.


Joker begins the round panting, hoping to gain himself enough time for a breather. The Gastly locks eyes with his opponent and grins, confident in the strategy his trainer has hatched. Sending forth a sudden Ray of light, the Gastly hopes that his opponent will end up Confused as a consequence of the blast. However, Cassian simply exploits the biggest weakness of the move ... closing his eyes, he is left entirely unaffected by the strange flash of light. Cassian grins in light of his small victory, and simply floats over to one of the asteroids. Planting his feet firmly on the rocky surface, he once again uses it as leverage to blast forward a Dragon Pulse. The attack hurtles towards the enemy, the writhing energy quickly shooting through the mostly empty space towards it's quarry. The energy washes over Joker, his gaseous body assaulted by the waves of energy washing over him. Reeling backwards, Joker glares at his opponent, his entire plan foiled.

Joker now rests around the halfway mark in health, with Cassian resting a little closer to his final third following Toxic damage. Both Pokemon are roughly equal in energy however, resting just into their second third. Joker appreciated the break and looks fresh, while Cassian is now somewhat in need of a breather.

Lucario188 01-06-2014 11:25 AM

"Good going Cassian. Now base a Stealth Rock on the asteroid that you're braced against."

Apollo77 01-06-2014 02:59 PM

Offensive pressure time go!

Hex into Shadow Ball, don't let up!

Connor 01-07-2014 06:19 AM

Cassian begins the rock by slamming his feet into the asteroid behind him, causing multiple Rocks to suddenly fly outwards towards Joker. However, the Gastly's body allows the rock to simply pass through him, managing to sustain no damage as a consequence. The rocks quickly retreat however, once again, Stealthily hidden just beneath the surface. Joker grins in response to this, exuding a deep purple mist. This quickly forms into the striking image of an eye, and waves of ominous purple energy pump outwards towards Cassian. The Hex washes over him, and reacts to the toxins within his body, causing the energy to flare outwards and solicit a scream of pain from the Gible. Joker relishes in this and, not wanting to end his assault there, begins to create a compact Ball of energy before him, the Shadowy mass puling and writhing in protest to it's formation. Joker quickly launches the ball towards Cassian, who is struck head on, the sphere erupting outwards and once again sending waves of Ghost- type energy coursing through the Gible's body.

Cassian has fallen pretty close to Critical Health following this round. Joker is faring much better, remaining around the halfway mark. Energy wise, Joker rests just above the halfway mark, but doesn't require a breather just yet.

Apollo77 01-08-2014 05:30 PM

Very nice, very nice. See if we can't hurt finish him off here; use another Hex, then Ominous Wind!

Lucario188 01-08-2014 11:56 PM

"Hang in there Cassian! Protect yourself from the Hex, then use another Dragon Pulse."

Connor 01-09-2014 11:39 AM

Joker begins the round laughing manically, once again exuding a strange purple mist which begins to writhe in the space above him. The faint image of an eye once again slowly takes shape, opening suddenly and sending out waves of groaning purple energy. The Hex slowly makes it's way towards Cassian, but the Gible simply braces himself, summoning his energies and creating a green Protective barrier which encapsulates him. The deep purple energy creeps over the shimmering bubble, and quickly dissipates, leaving Cassian happily untouched. Frowning at this, Joker wastes no time in summoning his Ghostly powers once more, creating a slight Wind and infusing it with Ominous amounts of Ghost- type energy. The gust suddenly glows with a faint purple hue, wafting over Cassian and causing him to writhe in discomfort as the energies stream through his body. Gasping audibly, the Gible quickly chokes the cry of pain, gritting his teeth and gathering large amount of Dragon- type energy into his mouth, quickly ejecting the energy outwards in a Pulsing wave. The energy crashes down over the Gastly's gaseous body, causing him to writhe in pain and quickly replacing his grin with a grimace.

Cassian has dropped into Critical Health now, and isn't looking good at all. Joker has now dropped very close to his final third however, the gap between the two closing slightly. Cassian shouldn't be worrying about energy too much given his state, but Joker is beginning to look tired.

Lucario188 01-10-2014 12:57 AM

"Let's go out with a bang Cassian! Use Draco Meteor, and if you're still in it follow with Dragon Pulse."

Apollo77 01-10-2014 04:55 PM

As much as I'd like you not to take the Draco Meteor, it looks like we don't have a choice. Respond promptly after that with a Hex to finish him.

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