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  1. aksawy
    06-27-2016 09:52 PM
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  2. Kindrindra
    10-18-2014 04:06 AM
    >Just a Self-Destruct

    Just to let you know, in the PASBL Explosion deals insane damage to the user, but it won't automatically knock them out. Self-Destruct, however, will. That is to say, Explosion deals a set amount of damage to the user in exchange for what it does to the opponent, while Self-Destruct will always use up all of the user's health and energy, and the damage it deals to the opponent is proportionate to how much of each they had left.

    Or, in simpler terms, a Pokemon at full health and a Pokemon at half health are going to deal the same amount of damage both to the foe and to themselves when using Explosion. Meanwhile, both a Pokemon at full health and a Pokemon at half health are going to KO themselves when using Self-Destruct, but the one with full health will also potentially deal more damage to the opponent with it.

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