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  1. Naru
    02-16-2017 01:55 PM
    Not a problem! I'm glad you like it.

    Thanks, haha. I try and be funny most of the time.
  2. Naru
    02-16-2017 02:34 AM
    Hi! This is gonna sound really weird, but I was playing with some sprites and I noticed a while back you posted a need for blue headphones with a key stone set in them on Serebii for Fizzy Bubbles.

    Well, while making my character her own little charm for her Key Stone I played with an idea for yours and uh, well, here's a sprite.

    No humpy sprite, I can't exactly animate but I hope this is kind of alright for what you needed it for?
  3. kawaiiconcept
    02-07-2017 12:51 PM
    its fine ^.^
  4. kawaiiconcept
    02-07-2017 11:59 AM
    thats fine
  5. kawaiiconcept
    02-07-2017 01:35 AM
    send me your twitter so i can follow you
  6. OkikuMew
    02-06-2017 06:22 PM
    You're very welcome!
  7. OkikuMew
    02-05-2017 06:17 PM
    Well in short in terms of sprites for the Boutique, if I can make them I do so and give them asap, if I can't you still get the item (if I approve it) and the sprite can be made by someone else

    You're welcome! ^^
  8. OkikuMew
    02-05-2017 03:09 PM
    Hello there! ^^ I think you had a misunderstanding of what I meant in the Pokémon Boutique ^^;

    You see, I have no problems whatsoever that your key stone is placed in your headphones The problem is I can't make a sprite out of that, as although I'm pretty good at editing sprites that are already there/made, I suck at making completely new sprites, like the headphones ^^; Therefore, you can have your key stone headphones, but if you want to have a sprite of it, just ask around in the Time Out chat - I'm sure someone will lend a hand

    I also realized that the Pokédex is the same thing - Unfortunately we do not have a small, 8-bit sprite of the ORAS Pokédex (nor I can find one; the Googles has failed me again), but you can still have it with the requested recolor Unless you don't mind that I just recolor the image you gave in your post?
  9. kawaiiconcept
    02-05-2017 10:46 AM
    *vibrates excitedly*
  10. kawaiiconcept
    02-05-2017 12:44 AM
    *squueals loudly at entry #3*


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