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  1. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 08:32 PM
    Well for those of us who don't want to turn their Secret Base into a battleground/want a different setting? *shrug* I still enjoy the idea of having more PvP options. Besides, since I'm not a member of ASB it's not like I get my fill there.

    I haven't, but I kinda feel a little burnt out on the whole "horror" genre that seems to pervade a lot of FB? ^^; Tbh I really would've preferred Lilt's "Telestic Spiral" Zone over another "Haunted Mansion"-esque area, but meh. Again, not like I have time to be Adventuring in a lot of different places anyway.
  2. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 07:55 PM
    Man, that reminds me of when I had a METRONOME Battle once with someone lol. (I was actually debating just teaching that to my Petilil and using it for all three games just to see what would happen. XD) I hope PvP Battles come back to FB too for more chaos funtimes.

    I'm still waiting for a good opportunity to Evolve my Ralts. I have plans for her to become an emo goth, I'm just not sure how that would happen. ^^; (She's the one I really want to teach VOODOO BUGGALOO to eventually.)
  3. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 07:27 PM
    Blowing stuff up is always fun a solution. *shot*

    Ah that is true. =/ I guess it would be easy to abuse in that case.
  4. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 07:08 PM
    Yeahhh which is why I left it as a last resort. ^^; Would prefer not to anger the Queen if possible.

    ? What's Eevee got to do with it?

    Except I did announce it. And no one paid attention. =x
  5. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 06:46 PM
    Yeah that's why I was hesitant on giving my second guess as well since I felt the answer was too obvious. (Q: “Where can you rest but aren’t allowed to sleep?” A: "A bench") But it turned out to be right so hey. I was willing to have my character search the gazebo and even Bellossom's throne though in case that didn't work. XP

    Oof, that is a predicament. I forget, is there currently a way in FB to learn an Evolution's Moves in its previous stage? I know there are some 'mon I don't intend on Evolving but probably learn better Moves in later stages as well...

    It just makes it easier for me as a judge to avoid bias. I don't want to assume and arbitrarily award points to one when someone else might say theirs is a combo too but I hadn't considered it. *shrug* Not that I'll likely be judging in the future since I just don't have the time anymore.
  6. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 05:41 PM
    Yeah I have no idea what the answer to that would be either. ^^; I wonder if we can ask for the correct solutions now that the round is over.

    Really? That's dumb. (Although that reminds me I always wanted to write a Majora's Mask-inspired Adventure where the Skull Kid was a Nuzleaf.)

    Erf. The last time I rebooted the Cute Contest in FB I really wanted to encourage creativity by adding bonuses for using "combos". They didn't have to be in-game combos, but scores were based on how well you used the Moves together as well as ingenuity. No one seemed to understand you needed to *specify* if you wanted a set of Attacks to be counted as a combo though. >.>;
  7. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 04:53 PM
    You know, I wonder if the reason my second riddle was so easy is because I ended up cheating on the first one. XD I'm just not great at riddles in the first place. ^^; (Although I still say "water" could work... *mumble*)

    Yeah I ended up using the opportunity to sort of explain/give an excuse why it happened. XP (Does Nuzleaf not learn GRASSWHISTLE naturally? Huh, that's weird.)

    Hey I failed spectacularly at a Smart Contest once (which for that reason I'm kinda glad seems to have been wiped from the records XP). I've had some... "interesting" Appeals submitted when I was judging as well, which were amusing to write the results of even if they didn't end up doing so well. ^^; But hey, I always say go for creativity. I think the more unique way you can conceive a Move to be used is more important than their "official" status in-game.
  8. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 04:18 PM
    Ahh yeah I saw some people got flower-related riddles and was hoping I wouldn't receive one since I know nothing about different types of flowers either. ^^;

    At least my "problems" were pretty simple: Calming down a crying Azurill and distracting a guard who kept talking about his TV shows. XP It's a good thing I taught my Petilil GRASSWHISTLE at least since that turned out to be pretty useful. (Although it was actually an accident in the first place since I forgot I had a rule about not giving her any outside training assistance aside from Zones. >.>; )

    Mm it's this kind of thing that makes me really miss Contests. I love seeing the innovative ways Moves can be used and combined to create a performance. I hope they do get brought back eventually.
  9. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 03:49 PM
    I was kinda lucky(?) since the first riddle I got I was able to easily Google. XP *shot* The second one turned out to be really simple too. ^^; Though I still ended up having to utilize the same Move to solve the "problem" for both, which I already felt weird about repeating. >.>;

    Considering the Skull of Forgotten Skulls technically isn't a Move, I wonder if I could combine the two, or if that would be considered cheating? XD
  10. lilbluecorsola
    09-06-2017 03:36 PM
    Lol the reason I chose Petilil for the riddle quest was in part because it didn't look like it would involve knowing any techniques. Oh how misleading...

    Mm unfortunately UNFINISHED SYMPHONY causes passive damage ŕ la NIGHTMARE. Another option is VOODOO BUGALOO, but I don't want to associate her with a gypsy "stereotype", so to speak. XP

    (Alternatively I could just swap her Hold Item to my Liltwick's Skull of the Forgotten Skulls temporarily. *shot*)

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