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  1. Aposteriori
    04-07-2015 02:10 PM
    Pool [with Pontoons]: One of the more simplistic battling arenas. The primary focus of this arena is the large pool situated at the center. The pool is comfortably wide, unable to be crossed within a round. Likewise, the pool has a fairly deep base, able to accommodate even the largest of Pokemon, although their movements will be restricted somewhat. The water is clear and has a high degree of visibility, meaning Pokemon situated within the water can be easily located and targeted from outside. The outside of the pool itself is simple terrain, open to standard manipulation. Optionally battlers can include pontoons within the water, which will float on the surface and provide a fairly sturdy foothold for the majority of Pokemon, within reason.
  2. Aposteriori
    04-07-2015 01:47 PM
    Pool arena. It says it can be indoors or outdoors. The trainers did not specify. Which one is it by default?
  3. Aposteriori
    04-06-2015 07:36 PM
    Can I attach a mega stone and opt not to bring it to the match? I want an Altarianite, but I also do not want to bring the stone to matches where she is not needed.
  4. Aposteriori
    04-06-2015 03:46 PM
    Death squad.
  5. Kuvario
    04-06-2015 02:20 PM
    How much of a boost do you ref Charge giving to Electric Attacks? I'm assuming it's 5%, because anything more might be pushing it.
  6. captainmisato
    04-05-2015 05:11 PM
    No problem at all!
  7. captainmisato
    04-05-2015 04:56 PM
    Do you have enough slots and/or time to consider taking me and Sneaze's rental exhibition match in the queue?
  8. Aposteriori
    04-05-2015 02:20 PM
    Rest of what now?
  9. Aposteriori
    04-04-2015 05:04 PM
    Didn't get a S/I answer. How many moves would it take for Smeargle to become familiar or at the very least fauxfamiliar?
  10. Aposteriori
    04-04-2015 04:37 PM
    It is, I couldn't fit everything I wanted just yet. I still need to pick up Icicle Crash, Lava Plume, Fiery Dance, Dragon Dance or Dragon Breath, Stone Edge, Water Shuriken or Bubble Beam if it doesn't shift to a lower power level, and maybe X-Scissor. Crap, wait. We have to sketch Hidden Power before it can use it, right?

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