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  1. Missingno. Master
    07-20-2020 06:05 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Ah, OK.
  2. Missingno. Master
    07-20-2020 05:35 PM
    Missingno. Master
    No? I picked him up, you confirmed he grew from level 11 to level 12, those are the numbers I had in my post. I'm not seeing where the issue is?
  3. Prof.Enigma
    05-16-2020 10:07 AM
    No worries, it was my fault, I believe I just missed/mixed it with another total, I was using a google doc because my computer has been giving me issues. Should be fixed now
  4. Naru
    03-18-2020 01:59 AM
    Thank you! I hope everything goes well on your end as well. <3
  5. Lanturn
    02-19-2020 08:50 AM
    I'm still sad they did my boi Seto dirty in the anime :c
  6. Lanturn
    02-19-2020 08:49 AM
    The humour is amazing. Or idk maybe my bar for humour is just really, really low. Ahaha.

    Wakamatsu gets some really nice moments though, so!

    Ughhh lmao. I think that what makes Kagepro so intriguing - never being conclusive lmao. I still remember some theory awhile back about how the boys in Souzou Forest were related to Seto or something.

    No actually! Is it good? Is it like another route?
  7. Lanturn
    02-19-2020 12:29 AM
    OH lmao. If you were thinking his bro then I think you might be really quite behind. The anime covered chapters after he was introduced (they just skipped over the chapters he was in :c). Since then the author has introduced a few sibling characters and they were all pretty hilarious. And the shiptease... oh man. Don't really know if I can call it "development" (HoriKashi is getting a lot of chapters to it actually). If you're free you should definitely go check it out xd

    Ohh I didn't know the pair was disproven. Wait MCA is the "middle"? Nani. I thought MCA was the conclusive good end. Now I'm confused even more lmao. I really wish there was like a 2-cour Kagepro anime that's comprehensive and explored like the manga/LN/anime routes. Then again I guess the speculation is Kagepro's charm point as well.

    Good ol' Kagepro crack and SHAFT headtilts.
  8. Lanturn
    02-19-2020 12:00 AM
    Wait lemme guess, is it a prim and proper young lady related to the main cast? :p

    There's two different Ayano(s) right - turned into snake!Ayano and yeet off the roof!Ayano. Did the second Ayano actually managed to enter the Haze? Cus from what I know you have to do so in a pair, and she was alone. My current understanding is that Ayano that committed suicide on the rooftop didn't manage to enter the haze and died normally - BUT typing this I suddenly remember Kano had to play as her dead body or something which would mean she did go into the Haze.

    Makes sense that manga-route-Ayano did actually disappear after having granted her wish, and the Ayano that returned at the end of MCA is the Ayano inside the loops. Riiiiight.
  9. Lanturn
    02-18-2020 09:44 PM
    Yeah the anime channel is basically gacha. And I don't really watch anime nowadays. I'm only watching Railgun and that's like the first anime I'm following on a weekly basis in like... what? 2-3 years?

    (will change if new Kagepro anime comes out and/or Gekkan Shoujo Season 2. Still following the Gekkan Shoujo manga which has AMAZING developments tbh)

    YES. And she sees herself in the loop so many times. But I have some questions though. At the "Good End" (anime route), is it snake!Ayano that comes back or time-loop!Ayano that comes back? And does that means time-loop Ayano just died normally (ie without entering the haze)? I'm so confused (as per Kagepro traditions lmao).
  10. Lanturn
    02-18-2020 01:21 PM
    Doing great. Entering university September this year after two years of conscription lmao. Just chilling until it starts.

    Yeah I really can't believe it's been years since we all did that Skype live-viewing for the anime lmao (and that confusing week where we tuned into Ayano's Theory of Horror). Really was peak Skype experience for me lmao.

    Just caught up (finished) with the manga. Gotta say I was surprise that my boi was able to outlive the others lmao. Usually poor deer boy goes first.

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