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LM4 evolved into Clefairy

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  1. Zorchic
    03-26-2020 09:39 AM
    No problem, I understand. (Sorry for the late reply.) Thanks for doing this Colosseum Challenge!
  2. Zorchic
    03-24-2020 10:45 AM
    Hey MM, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I see that all of Terri's Pokémon that she named are named after verbs, with the exception of XXXXX.
  3. Zorchic
    03-21-2020 09:17 PM
    Sorry I can’t continue posting in your Secret Base until tomorrow, just letting you know. I hope you’re okay with that.
  4. Zorchic
    02-27-2020 07:07 PM
    Ah, okay. Glad you like the sprites!
  5. Zorchic
    02-27-2020 06:45 PM
    Happy birthday to your Shiny Toxapex, Aster! I noticed that you don't have the moving humpy sprites for her, so I made some sprites to give for her birthday, too!
    Shiny Mareanie Humpy Sprite
    Shiny Toxapex Humpy Sprite

    Hope you like them!

    (By the way, don't forget that you have Pomona, Dennis, Charlie, and Chance who can all celebrate Kanto Starter Day!)
  6. Zorchic
    02-19-2020 09:00 PM
    No problem.
  7. Zorchic
    02-19-2020 02:10 PM
    Happy (belated) birthday to your Basculin, Pisces, and (a not belated birthday to) your Tentacruel, Aquarius!
  8. Zorchic
    02-18-2020 06:32 PM
    Hey there! I looked at your Memakyu and saw that you wanted a Drowzee. Just so you know, there's one available in the Adoption Center!
  9. Zorchic
    02-17-2020 11:18 AM
    Want me to put up the trade now?
  10. Zorchic
    02-17-2020 11:17 AM
    Wait, if Starly isn't able to use Heat Wave, then how come sixdragons could have his Gible use Earth Power? It didn't know the move when they signed up, because Gible's birthday comes on February 6, not February 5.

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    I am a dedicated trainer of the Poison-type.
    Virbank City
    Shiny hunting
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    My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.


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