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  1. SpinyShell
    09-27-2020 03:48 PM
    Thank you.
  2. Missingno. Master
    08-25-2020 09:36 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Yeah, it's available on Pokémon TV right now.
  3. Missingno. Master
    08-25-2020 09:26 PM
    Missingno. Master
    I actually rewatched that episode the other day. It's gotta be one of Ash's best Gym battles yet. I love how he had Pikachu time the Future Sight for him.
  4. Missingno. Master
    08-25-2020 09:18 PM
    Missingno. Master
    I could see that, yeah. Reminds me of something similar Frogadier did with Water Pulse when Ash battled Olympia in the anime, honestly. I'll make a quick edit.
  5. Missingno. Master
    08-25-2020 08:39 PM
    Missingno. Master
    I did get that, but I figured that Buizel wouldn't have the time to charge up and launch an Aura Sphere in the time it took Thunder Wave to fly past the Sonic Boom and land. Start charging it, maybe, but I feel like it makes sense that the paralysis would slow things up, y'know? I'm cool with making changes if you disagree, honestly.
  6. Missingno. Master
    08-16-2020 03:22 PM
    Missingno. Master
  7. Missingno. Master
    07-26-2020 12:34 PM
    Missingno. Master
    It actually has a couple of times.
  8. Zelphon
    07-09-2020 12:52 PM
    I'm not terribly bothered by being optimal in a raid that can't be failed.
  9. Kadota
    07-07-2020 06:08 PM
    Finally replied. sorry for taking so long https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index...0/post-7069006
  10. Sneaze
    06-11-2020 07:16 PM
    It doesn't affect turns at all. I keep track because it can affect Electroball and Gyro Ball.

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