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  1. Maskerade
    09-19-2019 06:22 PM
    Hey! TKF told me he didn't mind backing down on Munchlax. Would 5 candies for him be ok with you?
  2. CrazyCreeperKid
    09-03-2019 02:12 AM
    Well, fine sir/madame, I'd rather say I popped on here for the rather exquisite site known as Fizzy Bubbles. One's jolly colleague goaded me to make a rather fancy presence on this internet portal, for rather interesting benefits!

    (Translation: Well, I came here for Fizzy Bubbles. One of the Elites told me I should create an account here because some shops and other facilities are here!)
  3. kawaiiconcept
    10-16-2018 01:19 PM
    It's alright lol
  4. kawaiiconcept
    02-15-2018 05:57 PM
    is your beldum named fontaine after les miserbles
    (sorry i can't spell)
  5. kawaiiconcept
    02-07-2018 06:12 PM
    I mis youuuu
  6. OkikuMew
    12-06-2017 12:41 PM
    Hello from the Boutique~

    Ok, I can tell you that your recent request is approved, but I do want to verify on one thing: When you want to increase the size, do you mean both the weight and height, or just the weight? Because if it's just the weight, you're gonna need an extra $50 for the deformity (since the weight will be at x1.75 while the height will be at x1)
  7. lilboocorsola
    10-20-2017 09:55 PM
    I barely even remember how the Contests in RSE worked at this point lol. I always preferred the animé's interpretation.

    Oh? Who would that be? XP (As for me I need to now decide between my two Liltwick which one I want to dress up... And what to dress him/her as. ^^; )

    Meanwhile Detective Gumpy has yet to even leave the restroom lol. I want to know what the torn note says too...
  8. lilboocorsola
    10-08-2017 08:27 PM
    I played up to Black & White, but I never bothered with Contests beyond their introduction in RSE.

    Mmhm, although having a choice of props was kind of a fun challenge in and of itself. I just wish the judging standards didn't turn out to be so strict in that regard. >.> Now that you mention it though I kinda want to see a Nurse Lopunny now. XD *shot*

    Hopefully continuing the Casino event? *cough* XP
  9. lilboocorsola
    10-08-2017 07:54 PM
    I never played the dress-up/dance parts, I'm only familiar with the original RSE Contests. But making it a Halloween costume contest feels fitting. (Hopefully that'll allow more freedom than the CG event's Beauty Pageant anyway. *cough*)

    Indeed; if there's one thing we don't want it's to cause a breakdown of communication off the bat.
  10. lilboocorsola
    10-08-2017 07:45 PM
    Indeed, it'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Plus it does feel like a nice substitute for Contests right now.

    I should think it'd be a good idea to let the community see the answers as well. After all, it's good to keep open communication.

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