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  1. Missingno. Master
    05-25-2020 12:59 PM
    Missingno. Master
    No, I know, I saw it. Just had a buttload of things distracting me, between Animal Crossing, writing my latest Visionary Glade post (I've had that bit of backstory brewing in my mind for a while now!), and various things around the house. I've been working on a reply, I'm hoping to have that posted before the day is done. Appreciate you trying to help, though.
  2. TheKnightsFury
    05-17-2020 02:57 PM
    Deleted by accident when I status shockwaved
  3. TheKnightsFury
    05-16-2020 08:15 PM
    Spinda was already on 19HP, half power was factored in but it was KO'd regardless.
  4. Lil'twick
    05-15-2020 07:39 PM
    Nah. It's not closing.
  5. CrazyCreeperKid
    05-13-2020 09:33 AM
    I'll go ahead and give him a Flash Cannon.
  6. Connor
    05-05-2020 10:21 AM
    I was thinking of waiting until the shields are thrown up, though I imagine that would be pretty soon anyway. Asked on the Discord and I'll see what others think, I may well change my orders.
  7. Missingno. Master
    05-04-2020 09:07 PM
    Missingno. Master
    No problem. Definitely worth your while to look into some of these movepools. You'd be surprised at what some Pokémon can get early on in some generations. It's why Willa's Gyarados had stuff like Dragon Rage and Hydro Pump immediately after evolving- Gyarados gets those at level 1 in Red and Blue only..
  8. Missingno. Master
    05-04-2020 05:48 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Alright, so, as much as I like the Move Tutor being busy, I'm gonna save you your money here and tell you that your Lucario already has Bone Rush. See, it's a level 36 move in SwSh, but FB doesn't go solely by the latest generation's levels. A Pokémon gets a move at the earliest possible level that it can learn it. In this case, Lucario gets Bone Rush at level 19 in FB, since that was when it learns it in Gen 4 and in B/W. And with yours being level 22, it's already got access to the move.
  9. TheKnightsFury
    04-23-2020 03:22 PM
    Oh right, I did get Dynamic Punch in before the raid started. Either way don’t get too caught up trying to work out the multipliers. It’s not the same as in game, it wouldn’t have been balanced that way.
  10. TheKnightsFury
    04-23-2020 02:44 PM
    I can’t use Dynamic Punch, I added it to my moveset after the raid started. Plus, the stat drop is cancelled out by my expert belt. Dazzling Gleam is by far my best option.

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