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  1. AshsBabyLapras
    08-24-2011 10:02 AM
    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be of much help these days, haha. It's been a longgg time since I reffed. :x But I'd be happy to look over any reffings you write and let you know what I think. :3
  2. Shadowshocker
    08-22-2011 06:00 AM
    Referring to what others have done in the ref school as examples should help out, but generally you'll want to have initial posts where each involved Trainer posts their squad, sends out their first 'mon and issues orders (all in the right sequence, of course). Then, ref the resulting round based on your best understanding of the scenario. Some suggestions: use a singles match (one 'mon a side), and incorporate several types of moves like offensive and non-offensive. Generally, though, make things straightforward and non-complicated.
  3. AshsBabyLapras
    08-22-2011 05:20 AM
    How could I forget my favourite newcomer to UPN? :3
  4. Muyotwo
    08-22-2011 05:18 AM
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes and praise, Pingu. I deserve all of it, I'm sure.
  5. Shadowshocker
    08-22-2011 03:40 AM
    Thanks, good fellow. Unfortunately I can't really advise anything reffing related lately; I've retired indefinitely from reffing due to a presently pressing university course since the days before the reffing vocabulary overhaul.
  6. DaisyInari
    08-20-2011 10:58 AM
    Hee hee, you do em like this, except without the spaces inside the brackets~

    [ spoiler]*Text*[ /spoiler]

    Try it out in TO~
  7. Jerichi
    08-20-2011 12:33 AM
    Read the first post of squads.
  8. Emi
    08-19-2011 07:44 PM
    Eh......sure, I'll think of one.
  9. DaisyInari
    08-19-2011 07:42 PM
    Haha, you're very welcome~ Enthusiastic refs are always appreciated!
  10. DaisyInari
    08-19-2011 07:36 PM
    :O You're that eager, eh? I guess I could PM you a scenario, but I'm not the best person to go to~ ^_^; Either way, I can't PM you one right this moment, but feel free to ask anyone better for one~ Hee hee, I hope you finish those matches soon so you can send in your ref app~


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