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  1. Balmund
    07-21-2017 02:10 AM
    Hey, just to let ya know, the trade is open at the GTS! Go claim your candies whenever you want!

    Also, got a hold of my sister's Mac and got some edits and shading done on my own, so I can say the drawing is more or less complete now. Dang, I had forgotten how tiresome it is to do this kinda stuff without a proper tablet...
  2. neverthrive
    07-18-2017 07:15 PM
  3. Balmund
    07-18-2017 05:47 PM
    Looks good! If it's not too much of a hassle, care to give it a go with this color scheme for the gear? Most of those colors are already part of Seviper's base colors, more or less, so I was thinking of using mostly only complementary colors for the outfit, namely playing with brown/red (fabric) & green/yellow (feathers) for sort of a jungle mayan feel... or used in whatever arrangement you feel works best with that.

    A minor detail, the yellow of Seviper's jaw should go just a bit further, essentially filling the two small black "boxes" left right below the 4th feather.
  4. neverthrive
    07-18-2017 01:26 PM
    Let's try this again. Also, it's fine, it's just flat colors, it wouldn't take long to recolor.
  5. Balmund
    07-18-2017 12:46 PM
    Oh! I'm afraid Photobucket is not being nice... I can't see a thing! (May I suggest an Imgur link instead?)

    I did have a specific color palette in mind for the lucha gear, I was just waiting on confirmation on whether or not you'd be taking it. That said, I'd really rather not make you work twice. I'm eager to see what's your take on it first. How can I repay you btw?
  6. neverthrive
    07-18-2017 11:56 AM
    Here you go, I didn't know exactly what colors you wanted the lucha gear, so I guessed, but it can be recolored if needed.
  7. Balmund
    07-17-2017 07:17 PM
    Hey! Got word from Tate that you're taking commissions? There's a masked Seviper drawing I made that I would like traced and colored, yet I can't since my laptop died, costing me access to PS. I'm willing to offer FB cash, candies, or both. You interested?

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