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Conversation Between DracosWulfgar and Gemini Spark
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  1. DracosWulfgar
    02-21-2017 09:10 PM
    Fixed sir, sorry will try not to let that happen again
  2. DracosWulfgar
    02-21-2017 09:06 PM
    Ack, Sorry i'll go fix it.
    Sorry sometimes I forget, and don't catch myself
  3. Gemini Spark
    02-21-2017 08:58 PM
    Gemini Spark
    You forgot to turn off your signature. That thread counts as a shop, so you need to turn sigs off in any post you make there.
  4. DracosWulfgar
    02-21-2017 07:34 PM
    Um I am sorry but what did I miss?
  5. Gemini Spark
    02-21-2017 03:29 PM
    Gemini Spark
    I see a little problem underneath what you wrote in your IQ post...

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