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  1. Missingno. Master
    07-15-2018 01:32 PM
    Missingno. Master
    What background color would you like for Honedge, and which of your characters has it?

    Also, as I've made the decision to trade away my Darumaka and completely redo my Voltorb's character, would you be OK if we kinda retconned that part out of the storyline in my Secret Base? I could make a new response to an earlier set of posts from you and kawaii, and in the process I could also respond to Raves's post, introduce his character into the storyline as well. What do you think?
  2. Missingno. Master
    06-16-2018 06:41 PM
    Missingno. Master
    It's fine. Like I said, there's no rush.
  3. EpicSquirtle
    06-16-2018 06:18 PM
    Sometime early next week hopefully. Sorry for the wait, I've been rather busy for the past couple weeks :/
  4. Missingno. Master
    06-16-2018 10:34 AM
    Missingno. Master
    Hey, any idea when you might make your next post in my Secret Base? No rush, just thought I'd ask.
  5. EpicSquirtle
    06-05-2018 03:06 PM
  6. Missingno. Master
    06-05-2018 03:00 PM
    Missingno. Master
  7. EpicSquirtle
    06-05-2018 02:14 PM
    Purple please.
  8. Missingno. Master
    06-03-2018 10:26 PM
    Missingno. Master
    ...I can't believe it took me over a month to realize you caught a Pansage. Congrats! What background color would you like for him?
  9. Missingno. Master
    03-03-2018 02:57 PM
    Missingno. Master
    You've definitely improved since then, very true.
  10. EpicSquirtle
    03-03-2018 02:05 PM
    If you still wanted to read the part where Pom evolved, I have it here now.

    I forgot just how bad I was at writing at first until I had to skim through that. xD

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