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  1. Connor
    11-13-2016 06:37 AM
    I'd recommend you talk to Chiko about that.
  2. Coolz8
    11-12-2016 08:05 PM
    Unless he might be willing to wait longer than usual, I might be really busy for the next four weeks, ordering once every one or two weeks. I might be able to return to ASB in December.
  3. Connor
    11-10-2016 08:27 AM
    Hi! When you say you wish to forfeit against Chiko, do you mean things haven't been going well in that specific match, or is it a wider/personal issue? The former you can definitely fix with a little clever ordering, but the latter sucks and I do hope things resolve for you. Just wanted to ask because forfeiting early without good cause is generally frowned upon since it denies the opponent/referee possible extra points.
  4. Connor
    06-22-2016 02:34 AM
    Try this. I am totally new to Discord so I had no idea what I was doing.
  5. Coolz8
    06-22-2016 02:26 AM
    You might need to send an invite link
  6. Coolz8
    06-22-2016 02:26 AM
    weird for some reason it doesn't open up the group...
  7. Connor
    06-21-2016 06:18 AM
    Sure thing! Right here.
  8. Coolz8
    06-21-2016 06:09 AM
    Does UPN have Discord?

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