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  1. Meetan
    09-08-2017 09:22 PM
    Sounds perfect! Start that trade!
  2. myahoo
    09-08-2017 09:12 PM
    Lilbluecorsola is LBC and she's got like 700 candies still.

    At $200, you'd be getting 30 candies. And, while Luxury Balls are being sold at the Department Store, I'll prolly never buy them for myself, so...how does this sound: 41 candies for $6000 and the Luxury Ball?
  3. Meetan
    09-08-2017 08:50 PM
    I'd like to get as many as I can, honestly, if that's okay? I also have a Luxury Ball I don't want that I can throw in if you'd like. And I messaged Schala as well (LBC??? orz Idk everyone by abbreviations) just incase you didn't want to trade or trade many. But I'll take as many as you're comfortable letting go of!
  4. myahoo
    09-08-2017 07:08 PM
    Sounds good to me, though...you do know LBC still has lots, too, right? Are you looking to get as many as you can with $6000 or did you have a specific number of Candies you were hoping to get?
  5. Meetan
    09-08-2017 12:51 PM
    Hey, I see you've got a lot of rare candies, and I'm looking to buy a bunch. I've got $6000 at least to spend, and I was hoping to pay around $200 per candy. If you'd be willing to, please let me know? Thanks!

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