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  1. Sandaa
    04-06-2018 11:11 PM
    XD yeah, Extremespeed is a move that would fit Hermes really well too
  2. lilbluecorsola
    04-06-2018 10:31 PM
    Mm Hermesiel is apparently a leader of one of the heavenly choirs, which I think fits too. I also wanted him to be sort of a speedster pilot, hence "Hermes".

    You're right about the fire/sunlight, although I also specifically taught him Electric Attacks so he could SMITE things. XP *shot*[//S]
  3. Sandaa
    04-06-2018 10:21 PM
    Yeah, that's a cute name for a Togekiss. xD I like Uriel because it associates with fire/sunlight, and the Togepi line has a lot of moves that deal with fire or light, like Morning Sun, Flamethrower, etc
  4. lilbluecorsola
    04-06-2018 08:53 PM
    Hehe I had a hard time deciding too but I eventually found "Hermesiel" which I figured I could also shorten to "Hermes" for fun. (I mean it's derived from the same name but shh. XP)
  5. Sandaa
    04-06-2018 08:46 PM
    XD yes totally! I was trying to decide what angel to name him after since I normally name female toges 'Seraphim' but I eventually decided on Uriel
  6. lilbluecorsola
    04-06-2018 07:16 PM
    >Togepi named Uriel

    He should meet my Togekiss Hermesiel. ;O
  7. lilbluecorsola
    03-27-2018 10:41 AM
    Ahh I feel ya. Things have been crazy here with all the snowstorms/power outages this month as well, but hopefully things have settled now and I can try to get caught up with FB stuff. ^^;
  8. Sandaa
    03-27-2018 10:31 AM
    Nah, don't worry about it lol. It's my fault for taking on such a project :P I just wish I had time to finish it all before the Serebii forum update... work was a killer the last 2 weeks
  9. lilbluecorsola
    03-26-2018 10:06 PM
    Ahaha sorry for the dump/lots of unnecessary misc items. ^^; Feels weird looking back at how much junk I've collected over the years as a Serebii homeboarder...
  10. Sandaa
    03-26-2018 09:35 PM
    Okay, that's what I figured... Just felt I should check first XD

    I'll probably have your post done tomorrow or the day after or something... they are quite time consuming lol

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