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  1. OkikuMew
    10-24-2018 07:01 PM
    You're welcome! :3
  2. lilbluecorsola
    10-22-2018 11:39 PM
    Thank you!
  3. OkikuMew
    10-22-2018 09:49 PM
    Aw, darn! Well you fixed it, and I edited my post; it's now confirmed ^^
  4. lilbluecorsola
    10-22-2018 01:04 AM
    Fixed the Bond for Detective Gumpy. XP Forgot copying my post from last year wouldn't work since that was before I even started sorting out Bond to begin with, and didn't bother to double-check the numbers. ^^;
  5. OkikuMew
    04-04-2018 10:18 PM
    Hey Lilblue! ^^ Just a little heads up that unfortunately you won't be able to do placeholder posts like you sometimes do for the FB birthdays Deh mods kinda caught wind of it and even though I thought it was ok, they didn't since it kinda goes over the exception of the 3 days of grace that we added ^^; (Well you still can do placeholder posts, but you have to post and edit within the time frame of the birthday+3 days, or it'll be invalid. That, or if you know in advance you can't post for X days, let me know and have someone else pick the presents for you.)

    No worries though, the birthdays which you have used the placeholder thing and that I have confirmed them are still safe I'm just saying that I can't let it pass again ^^;
  6. OkikuMew
    03-24-2018 03:33 PM
    Aw man sorry to hear that I have overheard from Deh that the Boston region is going pretty crazy with power outages! But I can relate with the snowstorm part ^^; Crossing fingers that there's no more!

    Hehe you're welcome It won't have every single humpy sprites (the source Skunky gave is missing quite a few megas, and doesn't have alternate forms like Vivilion's) but at least we'll get the basics
  7. lilbluecorsola
    03-24-2018 03:23 PM
    Mm things have been crazy with all the power outages but hopefully things have settled now and I can get caught up with stuff. XP (Seriously what's with all these snowstorms in March. OTL)

    Hooray humpy sprites~ \o/ Thanks for helping out with those, looking forward to them. X3
  8. OkikuMew
    03-24-2018 03:06 PM
    It's alright ^^ I'll get right to it after I take care of those Gen 6 humpy sprites! ...And also for Hyrem to fix his birthday post :P
  9. lilbluecorsola
    03-24-2018 01:46 PM
    Hey, finally got around to editing my Birthday posts for Azumarill and Zigzagoonx2. Sorry for the delay.
  10. OkikuMew
    10-29-2017 03:36 PM
    All good! ^^

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