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  1. Missingno. Master
    08-13-2018 01:41 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Got it. Appreciate the clarification.
  2. Nerd Violence
    08-13-2018 01:41 PM
    Nerd Violence
    Reset level and moveset. Bond (and ball) should be kept, my last Bond post is only a page or two back in the Candy Store thread so you should be able to find that.
  3. Missingno. Master
    08-13-2018 01:29 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Hey, so, I was looking back through some of your posts to see what ball you have the Murkrow in (in hindsight, it's fairly obvious that she's in a Luxury Ball, but I wanted to make sure), and from the looks of things, you've leveled her up somewhat and taught her a few moves. Near as I can tell, she's level 14, knows Perish Song and Nightmare in addition to Snatch and Thief, has 18 Bond, and is in a Luxury Ball. Did I get everything or did I miss something? Or is your post in the reset thread meant to just reset it to level 1 with Snatch and Thief? Just want to make sure I'm getting everything right here. (Oh- and I take it she's still in a Luxury Ball so she still has the increased Bond?)
  4. Missingno. Master
    06-10-2018 12:05 AM
    Missingno. Master
    I smiled when I saw you'd turned her Shiny. Dunsparce is honestly my favorite Normal-type.
  5. Nerd Violence
    06-09-2018 11:47 PM
    Nerd Violence
    It's exciting to thing Makamae has come home, though. And now she's pink!
  6. Missingno. Master
    06-09-2018 11:43 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Ah, OK. I don't think you owned the Dunsparce for very long, though, in all fairness, so even without the accident, wouldn't have blamed you for not really remembering.
  7. Nerd Violence
    06-09-2018 11:36 PM
    Nerd Violence
    Is it? That's very cool. Truth be told I had an accident a few years back so my memory isn't what it used to be; I don't remember owning a Dunsparce but I don't remember owning a Flaafy either and -- as I discovered in my rummaging last night -- I most definitely did at one point.
  8. Missingno. Master
    06-09-2018 10:27 PM
    Missingno. Master
    Ooh, I do remember, yeah! In fact... your Dunsparce is the same one you traded me years ago.
  9. Nerd Violence
    06-09-2018 10:21 PM
    Nerd Violence
    You probably knew me as Ushi.
  10. Missingno. Master
    06-09-2018 09:25 PM
    Missingno. Master
    That's pretty cool. I gotta ask, though- what was your original account?

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