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  1. TheKnightsFury
    10-01-2017 12:33 AM
    Actually it looks like Marion is in charge of the registrations, she isn't around much anymore so maybe PM her letting her know you registered so she doesn't miss you if she pops in
  2. TheKnightsFury
    10-01-2017 12:31 AM
    Emi is around a bit so hopefully she gets it to you sooner rather than later
  3. Trot Away
    10-01-2017 12:07 AM
    Trot Away
    Hey, thanks! I do have a few queries but i'll save those for after (and if) my registation is looked at.
  4. TheKnightsFury
    09-30-2017 08:42 PM
    Welcome to FB, if you need anything or have any questions let me know
  5. TheKnightsFury
    04-09-2017 11:03 PM
    Yeah, sure, go for it lol. ASB is pretty dead at the moment but I have no other GT and no real prospects so through up your stuff.
  6. Trot Away
    04-06-2017 06:46 PM
    Trot Away
    Heya! It's been a while hasn't it? If you're wondering about my Gym Trainer position (If that still exists...) I can have things set up by tomorrow. Sorry for not being around, my weeks have not been the most allowing...
  7. TheKnightsFury
    09-19-2016 02:50 AM
    Hey if you cancel me vs Extroph we can use your free slot for that Scenario Match if you would like
  8. TheKnightsFury
    09-08-2016 03:57 PM
    Oh yeah sorry Vern is his IRL nickname lol
  9. Trot Away
    09-08-2016 11:40 AM
    Trot Away
    Oh no, don't tell me i've forgotten about it AGAIN! That's it, I need to make a list of sorts of whose matches need reffing or something...

    Don't worry, i'll see to your matchup today if I am able. But, Vern? You mean Extroph?
  10. TheKnightsFury
    09-08-2016 11:12 AM
    Ummmm my Scenario against Vern?

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