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Conversation Between KratosAurion and DaveTheFishGuy
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  1. DaveTheFishGuy
    05-17-2016 05:53 PM
    Sorry man, still trying to get that drive back, heh. I've got my days off coming up (Thursday/Friday) so I can crack one out then!
  2. KratosAurion
    05-16-2016 11:53 PM
    It seems like you're rather busy. Want me to toss my WF thing to the hungry sharks of the Signal Boost thingie?
  3. KratosAurion
    05-10-2016 10:58 AM
    I'm down for picking up WF as soon as you're ready, bud.
  4. KratosAurion
    05-05-2016 09:53 PM
    I'm down. We can get back on track where we left off as soon as you're able. I'm gonna stick around. I'm almost done with college on my end, and life has definitely been good. That aside, I'm back to my usual Squad-planning shenanigans. Y'know, deciding on a squad isn't my forte. I dunno, I'm looking for some cool theme to stick to, so I may build a nice ASB-character to go along with it and some nice flavour. That'll definitely make it worth the second reset.
  5. DaveTheFishGuy
    05-05-2016 09:19 PM
    Lots. Too much for me to think about really. I wouldn't mind picking you back up for WF! I've been meaning to get back into updating it, only reason I hadn't was because you vanished, heh. Hope you've been doing well, bud.
  6. KratosAurion
    05-05-2016 05:11 PM
    So, what happened 'round here? Also, you up for getting back on track with WF? Or should I try to find someone else to help revive that?
  7. DaveTheFishGuy
    04-30-2015 11:27 PM
    Looks all good to me man, just updated for whenever you're ready.
  8. KratosAurion
    04-27-2015 01:21 AM
    So, we're back on track. If I am doing it wrong, please let me know. I'm kinda rusty at this kind o' thing, so let me know early if there's any mistakes. Cheers, Dave-O.
  9. DaveTheFishGuy
    04-25-2015 08:52 PM
    I said I would :p No worries man.
  10. KratosAurion
    04-25-2015 08:37 PM
    That's actually pretty awesome. I'll reply tomorrow, or later tonight. Many thanks, 'mah Dave.

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